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Dolphins cut CB Richard Marshall

Richard Marshall's days with the Miami Dolphins came to an end this evening, a league source has confirmed.

Profootballtalk.com was the first to report the news.

Marshall, locked in a competition for a starting cornerback job, apparently didn't fit the team's plans because he wasn't going to win the competition and the club decided to go a different direction with its slot corner situation as well.

Today in practice the club used Jimmy Wilson as a first-team player on nickel situations ahead of Marshall. Marshall was curiously used as a safety in that situation.

Interestingly, coach Joe Philbin told the media not to read too much into that.

 “It’s just a preparation type of thing covering different potential things that may happen from a depth standpoint," he said.

Hours later, Marshall was gone.

Marshall, by the way, was not having a great preseason. Although he was working hard in practice, he gave up a handful of catches in the last three games. It seemed, frankly, no better than last preseason when Marshall was beaten numerous times but eventually the team found it was perhaps because he was nursing a bad back.

Marshall had surgery on that back and said he was 100 percent this training camp. But the results on the field were no better.

The Dolphins were scheduled to pay Marshall $4.55 million in base salary this year. It's clear the team was going to pay that only if Marshall won the starting job. By cutting Marshall the team saves $4.6 million against the cap.

But Marshall will nonetheless cost the Dolphins $1,166,667 in dead money this year and another $1,166,667 next year. That's a total of $2.333 million in dead money for this player through 2014.

Marshall, who signed a three-year $16 million deal in the spring of 2012, played four games for Miami. He had 17 total tackles and one interception.

This moves strongly suggests Dimitri Patterson has won the starting cornerback job opposite Brent Grimes. At least for now.


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Didn't see it coming. Guess Patterson convincingly won the competition and they are comfortable with Davis at CB.

Authorities have not recovered the gun used in the Lloyd shooting. However, video cameras in Hernandez's home appear to show him carrying a gun in the hours after the shooting.

No Evidence

Good post for so many of you fools believing what the coaches/GM's tell you.

I'm guessing Richard Marshall was not one of the players with an int today.

Probably means the 2 CBs drafted are hot stuff.

I wonder how much shht a person could get away with if they were willing to testify against AH.

Davis has played in 3 preseason games:
1. Call for PI in end zone
2. Int
3. Gets beat for TD

Sounds like feast or famine to me.
Feast or famine = big plays for us and big plays against us.

Fans know better than the coaches because they have time to read PFT and watch ESPN and Chris Berman.

No doubt the coaching staff has no way to tell which are the better cb's.

The cut saves $4,000,000.00 I think.
Looks like our Rooks will be getting a shot.

The cut saves $4,000,000.00 I think.
Looks like our Rooks will be getting a shot.

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | August 20, 2013 at 09:04 PM

Ross is a cheap SOB. Thats just part of the reason we stink.

Ross is not an idiot fan. He is a highly successful businessman. He'll sell the team at a nice profit in 2 or 3 years no matter what, just like Wayne did. Winning and losing is not part of the picture for him, only for dumb fans that don't realize the game means nothing. It's just a game.

Hey exposing, have you McNutted recently?

The only purpose of the SB is to sell higher priced TV ads and to give the local businesses two weeks of pumped up action.

Nothing more.

The trophy is only a dumb piece of metal.

Hopefully a Brent Grimes Contract Extension is right around the corner. Dude is a stud

In the grand scheme of things, pro sports serves no more purpose than sitcoms and talk shows. Just another way for advertisers to reach the dumb, programmable population.

Smart Fan,

Huizenga made a huge profit because he owned the team for 20 years before he decided to sell it. Considering Ross overpaid for the team originally, the team needs a new/remodeled stadium, fans don't show up for the games, and the team has been in the red the last 2 seasons, How would he possibly make a profit on selling the team?

Some rich Arab will buy the team for a lofty price. Ross knows this. Winning and losing really has no relevance. Unless of course you are a dumb fan. Most fans are very dumb.

Didn't really see this one coming...can't have too many solid DBs...he must not be right from the back injury...or they at least think that he's not...

"In the grand scheme of things, pro sports serves no more purpose than sitcoms and talk shows. Just another way for advertisers to reach the dumb, programmable population."

Smart fan,

98% of everything in this country is just that. Literally. Do you have a greater point or just enjoy trolling?

Hey Jon,

How is your blog going? Still the same five jack offs or did did you build a quality following?


Get your facts straight. A recent report from just a couple of weeks ago showed that the only franchise to lose money last year was Cleveland.


You have to realize there are many stinking rich people out there. If Ross overpaid, so will the next guy. He knows this. This is why he is rich and you are not.

For Marshall, he just got caught up in the numbers game. You have Grimes, Patterson, Carroll, Jimmy Wilson along with the rookies Taylor and Will Davis. It doesn't make too much sense to keep around a 3rd or 4th CB making 5 Mil a year.

But, this is yet another poor FA signing by Ireland. Hopefully Wallace, Gibson, Ellerbe, Wheeler, and Grimes work out much better.

The Dolphins will be co-owned by Circle K, Food Spot and the Quicky Mart?


Wrong Jon. Sorry...

So the dolphins will be co-owned by Circle K, Food Spot, and the Quicky Mart?

98% of the country doesn't realize just how stupid and naive they are. Waving the red white and blue won't make them smarter than the 16 countries that have long surpassed us in education, particularly math and sciences. That was by design of course. Successful government project.

Americans are proud to be dumb and drink Coors lite.

Marshall got caught up in the salary game. He wasn't 4 million better than his competition here.

I realize there are plenty of rich people out there, however they are rich for a reason. They're smart and can read trends. There's lots of information out there to suggest that teams and the leauge won't be as profitable in the future as it is today. There was a story a few weeks ago discussing the new TV rights contracts that are coming out and how the leauge only expects the price to go up marginally compared to the last contracts signed.

Also, attendance is a league wide problem. More and more fans are staying home. It's not the best time to be buying an NFL team.

Trust me, I would love nothing more than to see Ross sell the team. The reality is, considering he's 70 the team most likely won't change ownership until he passes.

I hope I'm wrong, but this past draft is turning out to be a total disaster for the dolphins and getting injured players the most idiotic idea. I supported Ireland in the past, but instead of getting J. Cooper as OG and a TE high, we got 3 injured players on Taylor, Thomas and Jordan. What a WASTE

Its a good thing the NFL is a great product. As a small business owner, this sort of accounting would result in BK. Thats why Billionaires buy teams and I pay a couple hun per year to watch.

Why are coca cola and sodas and all sugary drinks disguised as thirst quenchers and designer teas the most dominant beverages? Because 1. they are cheap to produce and yield high profit. 2. they kill you quicker.

All processed meats, preservative laden frozen foods, gmo vegetables are designed for corporate profit, and to kill you faster. This benefits the insurance companies. They want you to smoke and eat junk food as much as the big corporations that charge you 3 bucks for what costs them 7 cents.

This may be news to most sports fans because they are generally among the more ignorant of the population.

Ross spent more money on this team in guaranteed contracts this year then any owner.
Yet jack nuts who make minimum wage like HARMEL continues with some of the most
Ignorant posts ever. HARMEL really is a douche.

I, sorry to rain on everybody's parade but we are looking at 6 and 10 team and Jeff fired after the season, drafting injured players and them signing FA with injury issues is not the way to build a program

HARMEL makes minimum wage yet he worries about Ross.

Many of you want Ross to sell the team. But why? Do you think Kraft is such a great owner? Why? Where would his team be if they didn't luck out with Brady?

Do you ever stop to think that anyone you regard as a great owner has lucked out with a top QB? Nobody ever calls an owner great if the team doesn't have a top QB. Getting a top QB is often luck of the draw. More 1st round picks are busts than stars.

A new owner changes nothing. Ross doesn't play or coach.

Mando when are you going to call this a 6 and 10 team

No one cares what you think. You can eat healthy, make money, think you are smarter then everyone else but in the end you will be worm food. You ain't that smart.

Now I will leave you dumb fans alone to pontificate on how dumb you are.

You can thank me later.

Drafting 3 injured players and signing more handicap players a total bust and the team regressing more

tony is a real expert on how to build a program. did you see his resume? It looks like this:

I'm guessing the Patriots get Bteve Breaston, while Ireland signs another "prospect" or no talent.
Past our first 3 receivers, there's really not much experience, with Binns and a weak TE group.
If either Gibson or hartline goes down, and no Keller, Tanny will again be a deer in the headlights.

Meant STEVE Breaston the Saints released earlier today.

why are my pots removed, i speak the true , Mando

Dont they to be an expert just get healthy players, to start my boy, and by the way REAL fan knows the good and the bad on a objective way

tony's resume:

Correction Dont have to be a expert, just get healthy players

My resume....Pulmonary Medicine in Orlando..your let me see.. oh food stamps dependent, living at home with parents and waiting for the next welfare check to arrive.

to be competitive in todays game, you have to have the ability to score 30 points a game...we seem to manage 19-22 points on good days.

having a great defense...overrated today

A smart owner would realize the key to a winning franchise is the proper evaluation of talent.
No smart owner would have Jeff Ireland in charge of evaluating talent.

Whats up "PHINLAND"?????

Danfan is correct, Until the Offense proves hat I can score more then 20 points a game it's gonna be another 7 and 9 season...

Etf"s baby daddy not so smart.

Why would anyone drive around with a murder weapon in the trunk after all this time
beats me?

This team is WAY overrated because the media is pimping this team all year long when in reality is below average with 2 maybe 3 solid players and a bunch of scrubs

We knew this!

Yeah, even Sun Life Company gave notice they're quitting the Dolphins haha.

Good move by Ireland and the Coaching staff.

The secondary is one of the strengths of the team this year. Marshall was just holding back the position.

No more Sun Life? YES!!! Thanks for update Montego.

The team has no president.......

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