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Dolphins cut CB Richard Marshall

Richard Marshall's days with the Miami Dolphins came to an end this evening, a league source has confirmed.

Profootballtalk.com was the first to report the news.

Marshall, locked in a competition for a starting cornerback job, apparently didn't fit the team's plans because he wasn't going to win the competition and the club decided to go a different direction with its slot corner situation as well.

Today in practice the club used Jimmy Wilson as a first-team player on nickel situations ahead of Marshall. Marshall was curiously used as a safety in that situation.

Interestingly, coach Joe Philbin told the media not to read too much into that.

 “It’s just a preparation type of thing covering different potential things that may happen from a depth standpoint," he said.

Hours later, Marshall was gone.

Marshall, by the way, was not having a great preseason. Although he was working hard in practice, he gave up a handful of catches in the last three games. It seemed, frankly, no better than last preseason when Marshall was beaten numerous times but eventually the team found it was perhaps because he was nursing a bad back.

Marshall had surgery on that back and said he was 100 percent this training camp. But the results on the field were no better.

The Dolphins were scheduled to pay Marshall $4.55 million in base salary this year. It's clear the team was going to pay that only if Marshall won the starting job. By cutting Marshall the team saves $4.6 million against the cap.

But Marshall will nonetheless cost the Dolphins $1,166,667 in dead money this year and another $1,166,667 next year. That's a total of $2.333 million in dead money for this player through 2014.

Marshall, who signed a three-year $16 million deal in the spring of 2012, played four games for Miami. He had 17 total tackles and one interception.

This moves strongly suggests Dimitri Patterson has won the starting cornerback job opposite Brent Grimes. At least for now.


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Hi Dashitty,

Back to give more smelly opinion?


Since everything the Dolphins do is so wonderful how come they lose every year? El Nino'?

Still a bunch of bitching females on this site, how about serving up a beer for your man, or better yet, let him post on this site. Bill

S Smith and Vontae started as rookies, and played well......Taylor is as highly regarded as either of those guys when they were drafted, just needs to get healthy--Grimes is good, Patterson average and Davis is raw but has potential--we were jammed with CBs and everyone knew either Marshall or Patterson had to go.....cant have 2 average CBs make 4-5 mill, so whats so surprising?

Yeah this definitely a 7-9-6-10 team but the Miami knows already this is a mediocre team at best. Why cause the QB has no "wow" factor about him.Tannehill is a young M.Schaub good but not great. Wake Pouncey and Grimes are good the rest of this team seriously blows !!

We can easily see that Jon is not welcome around here. Just as easily I can go join his Blog and make it six jacks. Jon, I changed computers and don't have the address of your Blog. Could you please provide it for me? Thank you.

Patterson get out Marshall and Marshall isnt 4 mill better than wilson, Davis Taylor or Carroll in the slot. Patterson or Marshall had To go, people just thought it would be Marshall who won the job.... No surprise at all with this move

small number of games for both, but I thought Patterson played better than Marshall in those games anyway--we have 2 good/solid vet CBs starting, 2 promising rookies (assuming Taylor is just that), and cheap experienced depth with Carroll......Wilson can spell as/if needed.....and what should be a better pass rush, or no worse at least--that all works.

Did they also miss out on Brandon Weedon? Tannehill was supposed to be the third best QB according to draft analysts during the combine. I'm thinking, maybe its not the players why this team sucks but the coaching staff. Who is the QB coach? This team has sucked for too many seasons now but when you look at the coaching, makes you kind wonder ( all except maybe Mike Nolan in charge of the Defense).

most were very mixed on Weedon......and I think he's already 57

Hows Taylor on the hernia injury. He was a 2nd rd. pick and expected to start. I think the kid can play, yeah i watched some Boise St. games and he was great but he has to make the transition to the NFL cb or course.

all so short-sighted, re: Taylor and Jordan......yeah, their injuries are not ideal but they're not major at this point either.....just take time to heal--we didnt draft these guys for only the impact they'll make in the first few games of the year......hopefully they're around and good/contributing for awhile, so let them get healthy first.....I dont care where they were picked, they're rookies--relax.

Weeden looks a lot better than Tannehill this preseason. We'll know who is better after game 1.

not saying Weedon isnt talented, he is.....but so is Tannehill, and one game wont determine much as far as a comparison--for other handwringing naysayers above, remember we were winless last year in preseason and ended up a couple of Carpenter misses from 9-7.....hardly great, but hardly terrible either.

Weeden is good in the preseason. Tanne was way better than weeden last season. And to assume that weeden has passed him based on two preseason games is beyond stupid

Weird cut, I guess he just wasn't panning out. Strange as he was brought in specifically to be a nickle corner. I guess they must figure Wilson gives them more there. He is a solid tackler as he has played safety, will be a stout run defender in the slot.

So, Marshall got paid $6.1 million for playing in 4 games last year? (Nice work if you can get it). And, I saw on one site, they said his exit will charge $1.16 million to the salary cap for 2013 & 2014. I'm not sure if they meant total for both years or what.

I think this move is in preparation to extending a contract before the regular season begins. Anyone want to make a guess who?

Why some of you think Ross is cheap is beyond me. He spent more this offseason than just about any other owner! The team HAS to operate within the SALARY CAP set by the NFL and the Collective Bargaining Agreement! Continuing to say that Ross is cheap makes you look ignorant...

Tracy, the Ross is cheap people are trolls. I think the 1.16 mil charge is EACH year.

Not sure about the extension. They had to cut Marshall before the first game or his salary would be guaranteed. If I had to guess an extension maybe Grimes if they can get him semi cheap before he starts tearing it up this season.

Marshall's contract hi jacked by Brent Grimes?
Say it ain't so, lol


I don't love this move. We'll be down to Wilson and Davis at some point this season. I realize Marshall wasn't worth the money but who cares. Are we trying to be a playoff team or cut costs? I don't like this move. While Marshall isn't great, I believe we'll regret this move by mid-season.


Not sure when you'll get this but I'm looking for info on the fantasy football pool. I'm back on the 26th. Think you'd said in or around September 1st. Is there a link to get in. Don't want o miss it.

Also hoping I can have dibs on the team name 'Canadien Bacon'....lol.

Weeden has a cannon of an arm a "wow" factor, Tannehill is M.Schaub a good decent nfl qb. Not bad but no Super Bowls in his future, his supporting cast is mediocre at best. No super or mega star since Marino 83-93 !! And nationally everybody knows this team is 8-8 at best no playoffs for the dolphins=new regime in 2014 !!


Why do you take the troll bait about Ross being cheap. Are you really that freaking stupid you can't see the same few bloggers posting nonsense just to get fools like you to respond?

Craig M,

Just maybe the coaches like their two new rookies and didn't see an advantage to keep Marshall? Patterson beat him out, maybe the other rookies were on par or rising fast? Just maybe it wasn't simply a cut to whack the most expensive player.

How some of you draw conclusions from witnessing no practices whatsoever is beyond me. If you didn't like the move, then it is because you let some media nonsense influence your mind.

Harmel, really after all the guaranteed money he gave out this year and after flying the 72 team to Washington and putting them up in hotels. Righttttt, and you're stupid.

tony, the smart money says we are an 8-8 9-7 team, far from 6-10. The team is not worse than last year and if think so you're stupid.

tony, right TONY the media is pumping up the team because they're better than last year. If you don't see it you don't know football.

Kinda sad when a "Rumor" site posts news before the team reporter does.

Wow,Jon and smart fan must be lonely up there on their perch looking down on all of us dumb fans/Americans! Must be nice to be a legend in your own mind?
Cutting Carpenter and Marshall saves us 6mil in cap space. For those Ireland haters out there,how would you like to be the Redskins who signed FA Albert Haynesworth to 100mil and then cut him or the Bills who signed Williams as a FA from Houston two years ago for 100mil,and he has not produced anything for them? The list goes on throughout the NFL. Free agency is much like the draft,it's a crap shoot at best!

About time, he was on of the worst CB's in 2011 and was playing like it the first few games last season. Time to see if Taylor was worth a second rd pick.

Hey GMO,

First of all you know NOTHING about me, so on't assume I let the media influence me. bIG assumption on you part, pal. I don't like the move. Can you show me where it says I can't express an opinion.

Exactly!.....now go f$ck yoursel!.......

Dont look now but there is a big void at the RB position. We are gonna miss Reggie Bush.... a lot.

Tannehill was no better than Weeden last year either.

Dont look now but there is a big void at the RB position. We are gonna miss Reggie Bush.... a lot.
Posted by: Nat Moore | August 21, 2013 at 08:19 AM

This season is basically over. Letting top players leave every year makes losing a given. Then Keller goes down and there's a huge dropoff to 3 Ireland bust TE's. The franchise is really a mess. Lots more questions than answers.


So why did Mando tell everyone that Miller was the starter when Miller never passed Thomas on depth chart last season?

The starting RB is Thomas. Beast year coming.

Confirms what I said last week when Patterson had been unmoved at starter for weeks and Will Davis was getting first team work - that the guy on the bubble was indeed Marshall. Oh well, that's another $4.6M available to spend next year ... so much for that Ireland mortgaged the future to spend in free agency business. $20M in cap space this year still. dawn Aponte and Ireland deserve a medal for how they rebuilt the team. All these acquisitions and still a tonne of cap room with an owner that loves to spend .. nice being a Dolphins fan these days...

Good riddance to Marshall he constatley got burnt and wasnt worth the money...Lamar Miller looks like a poor man Reggie Bush without the elusiveness, Ive yet to seen anything from him this preaseason and can only hope he performs better during the regular season. Thomas should start, he's running with more authority and decisiveness.. Lets hope he wont be concussed the second game of the season.

Mark, honestly who cares if the Dolphins are under the cap 20 million, this doesnt translate to winning games. I rather be at the top of the cap and pushing for playoffs spots every year, than being bottom feeders with lots to spend.

I dont know if I should be happy or sad, Marshall got cut. I do know I am very surprised, especially with Jamar Taylor's nagging injury.

Is it possible they cut a CB so they could keep an extra DT. I really like what my uneducated eyes see with AJ Francis, at least from the Texans game. I thought he might be on the bubble, but who knows....

Well, what can I say surprised I am not, I could have told you all -in fact I did if I recall correctly- that Marshall was an awful, mediocre signing. I lived in Charlotte and folks there did not shed a tear when he went to AZ, where he kept getting torched.

And I will keep saying it, Ireland is not a good GM, he is a mediocre one, he is a good scout, a very good one you can argue, but not someone who needs to be in charge of executive decisions. This draft class now strictly lingers in yet another injured rookie, a disturbing trend that dates back a while now (along with FAs). If Jordan spends more time in the sidelines then all the hard earned ammo from the offseason will be effectively wasted.

Tannehill is still a huge question mark and at this point Ireland must be counting on him to come up big or else. The latter is however; encouraging, if this team does not deliver playoffs or at least hope then Ireland must go.

Lamar Miller has only 9 rushes in preseason over 3 games, how can anyone gauge? Mind you he's aveeraged 4 yards per rush which is respectable against other teams first team defenses, same as Daniel Thomas who has played primarily against 2nd team defenses.

Truth, can we wait until the team has played some meaningful games with a developing QB until we say whether this translates to winning or losing??

Rdubs, both Francis and Kheston Randall were very impressive against Houston. That dline is mighty deep...

Yes Tannehill is a question mark but isn't the preseason performance reason to be cautiously optimistic?

Guy has a QB rating of 107 and put up 140 points and our only TDs of the game in one half. Say what you will about Qb rting but when a guy is at 107, he's playing well.

And he better because Moore looked awful the other night against scrubs. Sure he got hit a few times but he had wide open guy and made poor pass after poor pass. Just brutal.

Mark, I'll be somewhat optimistic

Fair, same here. Not going to crap on anything now. I actually agree with the direction the team took in free agency and drafting the last two years...

To Tom Hartman: I actually disagree, Ireland is a decent, above average evaluator, his track record dating back from Dallas is a good one but he is not one who needs to be trusted with executive decisions. Let's remember who gave him the keys to the car: Parcells. That alone should raise a red flag to Mr. Ross but somehow he still blindly trust this guy.

Ireland is the scout who evaluated talent and has more hits than misses and someone the team should hear advice from when requested but nothing else. This executive blunders date back from the Dez' momma incident. I mean seriously wtf. The same with the free agent signings and worst yet his draft selections.

Has it been all bad? No, but we are not winning any SBs with him at the helm, the longer Ross waits the more this sad state of this once proud franchise will continue.

mark, just stop it,stop it.
it's f'ing p/s.

I think Daniel Thomas and Miller will split carries. I think Thomas is playing his butt off and have you noticed how Thomas has been holding the ball a little more securely, before he makes contact, it looks like he is wrapping his arms around the ball.

I find it funny, how some people want to see Thomas fail. He's a little butter fingery , but I think he is very good in in goalline situations and is capable of big plays (look at that dink pass he turned into a first down in the Texans game) that was some good running!

My thoughts are as follows

"2 back playing well, is better than 1 playing well" I know thats deep LOL

Mark,WELCOME to Fantasy Island.


good point rdubs. And Thomas is a HUGE back. 235lbs.. run him at the defense a few times and they won't like it after a while..

2 watt, 3 games, no picks, 3 tds, 107 qb rating

eat a fat one


nice reply to Truth....but I have to admit...the Keller injury has me feeling VERY cautious....according to reports (which I usually never put much faith in)....Tanne's only consistent target was Kellar...which makes sense for a young QB with accuracy issues....

Its not throw the season away...but I was feeling better about the team about 3 weeks ago...

It seems like this team is @ its best 3-5 days after the FA opens up....

after that...its all down hill.....

OFF SEASON SB CHAMPS.....2 of the last 3 years...YEAH!

Armando, can you please tell us how it wasn't you who broke the story? I thought the dolphins told you everything 😁

Kris, yeah the Keller injury is massive. Broke my heart actually.

However, coaches have two weeks to find a way to distrbute the 80 receptions they lost. Will one guy do it? Nope. I think Gibson may end up witha lot of catches as he provides a nice target in the middle of the field. Egnew and Clay just saw their roles increase too.

"PHINLAND". A little worried that the Keller injury will cause a big VOID in the mighty air-breathers offense......

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