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Dolphins cut CB Richard Marshall

Richard Marshall's days with the Miami Dolphins came to an end this evening, a league source has confirmed.

Profootballtalk.com was the first to report the news.

Marshall, locked in a competition for a starting cornerback job, apparently didn't fit the team's plans because he wasn't going to win the competition and the club decided to go a different direction with its slot corner situation as well.

Today in practice the club used Jimmy Wilson as a first-team player on nickel situations ahead of Marshall. Marshall was curiously used as a safety in that situation.

Interestingly, coach Joe Philbin told the media not to read too much into that.

 “It’s just a preparation type of thing covering different potential things that may happen from a depth standpoint," he said.

Hours later, Marshall was gone.

Marshall, by the way, was not having a great preseason. Although he was working hard in practice, he gave up a handful of catches in the last three games. It seemed, frankly, no better than last preseason when Marshall was beaten numerous times but eventually the team found it was perhaps because he was nursing a bad back.

Marshall had surgery on that back and said he was 100 percent this training camp. But the results on the field were no better.

The Dolphins were scheduled to pay Marshall $4.55 million in base salary this year. It's clear the team was going to pay that only if Marshall won the starting job. By cutting Marshall the team saves $4.6 million against the cap.

But Marshall will nonetheless cost the Dolphins $1,166,667 in dead money this year and another $1,166,667 next year. That's a total of $2.333 million in dead money for this player through 2014.

Marshall, who signed a three-year $16 million deal in the spring of 2012, played four games for Miami. He had 17 total tackles and one interception.

This moves strongly suggests Dimitri Patterson has won the starting cornerback job opposite Brent Grimes. At least for now.


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Its crazy, the Dolphins season is such a mystery. I have NO idea how good or bad we will be this year. The preseason has given me so few answers. But I am still excite, cant wait till September!! Neither can MOOSEHEAD, My intake increase about 500% during the Dolphins season LOL

Keller's career stats are 3-4 rec/game for 40-50 yds/game.

Personally I would have Egnew starting because he has several receptions this preseason.

I have not heard Clay's number called once this preseason.

Good Canadian beer! I can't stand beer myself but good for you, rdubs!

Cuban, your right, a dynamic tight end would do Tannehill so many favours but for whatever eason, it just doesn't seem to be for this guy yet.

Feeling optimistic about this season. Keller on IR is a bummer but I still think there are plenty of threats that THILL can maximize. I think the OLINE will be solid but not great. THILL will have to face pressure each game but his mobility is decent and he just has to avoid throwing INT's. Sacks hurt but INT's kill.

It's going to come down to THILL in the end.

Also Aaron hernandez will be released from jail tomorrow and he is an unrestricted free agent.

I like our RB's this year. I always prefer 2 RB's vs. 1 RB. The duo of Miller and Thomas can be effective for this team. I think Gray has shown enough to remain a legit backup. Gillislee looks raw to me but I see him as a special team contributer this year. Keeping Thigpen for one more year as a returner makes sense to me. If someone can displace him fine but I like him split out in a 4 receiver set as well or aa a change of pace back on third downs.

Also Aaron hernandez will be released from jail tomorrow and he is an unrestricted free agent.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 21, 2013 at 10:10 AM

ETF. Will you be picking Mr.Fernandez for your F.F team?????

Thomas is a solid back, and shows flashes of being very good, then frustrates by fumbling. I don't think it matters who starts - they both will get carries the way Philben runs things. Either way, my concern is Thomas is prone to concussions, which means he's likely to miss time this year.

I actually like the backups based on what I've seen, but it's been against second tier talent, which can be deceiving. I really liked that back we traded to Philly a few years back and was disappointed we traded him at the time, but he has done nothing since, so again, pre-season can be deceptive.

Armando = Negative Nancy.

ETF, He wont ever see a free day for the rest of his life.........


great positivity...your glass half full perspective gives me hope....

Hey Folks,

Seeing the '72 Dolphins at the White House yesterday was AMAZING!!! They were all (the players at least) extremely nice and generous with their time. I got some bum info (that I couldn't bring anything like a jersey), but come to find out people brought jerseys, hats, all kinds of things for autographs. I snapped a few photos and talked to a bunch of the players (though the HOF'ers for the most part and Shula were not available during the autograph session).

I also spoke (briefly) to Mr. Ross. He was not very personable, but we had a quick exchange. I lamented Keller's injury, and you could see in his face (and words) he was worried.

Got some good photos of the Lombardi Trophy (figured I needed to, might be the only one I ever see with the Miami Dolphins name on it).

ETF, cops just found a gun as your date deadline approaches

LOL @ DC....

glad you had a great time...

were you wearing a white shirt with blue pinstropes (horizontally).....

Sounds like a blast....The Herald played the presediatial part on here live (very cool)....

Shula made me prud when he struggled out of that chair for the photo...that is what life is about...over-coming hardships....

Funny thing is....

I think most of us are just as worried as Mr. Ross about the Keller injury...

the only difference....we don't have a BILION dollars riding on it....

somebody had to go... I'm guessing Taylor Davis and Carroll will be the next three after Patterson. But if Taylor or Davis comes on strong I wouldn't be surprised if Patterson was cut as well...

DC, glad u got the chance to enjoy it


did yu tell Mr.Ross to "fire himself"....

ore @ least fire Ireland...

kinda excited to see the younger players step up... Our TE group may find a gem in there this season.

They found a gun that supposedly was used in a 2012 murder.
AH is not charged with that crime because they have no evidence against him for that either.

I personally do not believe that he murdered anyone. People who are HS grads/College grads/millionaires/that pass all of thier drug tests/own investm,ents and real estate/file 100 page tax returns that are prepared by a team of CPA's do not murder people.

If the cops had investigated the gangsters from the club BEFORE they announced that AH did this then he would still be on the Pats and not a free agent.

Today is the last day for either the grand jury to indict AH or he'll be released tomorrow.

That is where you are mistaken.
As I've said hundreds of times before Ross NEEDS this team to lose so that he can extort the new stadium out of the legislature. He needs an empty stadium to do that.

DC gave me the Heisman stiff arm....

I guess his new blo buddies are the "perfect" 72 FINS team (non HOF inducted).....

I got some running around to do....

check in later...


I will be honest with you. I only watch Dolphins then NFL. I actually dont care for sports that much.

But I F'N love my Phins.
For me this is a year round hobby and nothing gets me going like a Sunday morning before a Dolphins gameits like Christmas (same magic doesnt apply to MNF lol)

Sunday mornings before a Dolphins game:

The grass is always greener

The sky is bluer

My pen1s is larger

My thoughts are, if you love watching or rooting for your Dolphins, what does it hurt to look at in a positive light, even if you know in the back of your mind, it might be ugly!!
If we lose and look like crap, I am mad as heck for 3 days then I am over it and get excited for the next game.

I have no problem with having concerns or opinions about what the team is doing etc. But to just feel doom and gloom without looking for the silver lining, why even care at all!!!

I care and always will, Cuz Dats my team son!


he HAS an empty stadium....MISSION ACCOMPISHED....

they are still here...

ETF... I have no idea if he did what thye say he did nor do I care.

However I do take offense that you say it would take a team of CPA's to compile his tax return. As a CPA, I take offense. Only take one of us to do the job, haha!

jokes ...

Kris/Mark, I was in a blue pinstripe suit with a blue checkered shirt and yellow tie (you probably couldn't see me, I was like in the middle of the 3rd row).

I was thinking about some Ross detractors here when I went up to speak to him, but figured it wasn't the time or place. However, out of everyone I met, he was the least likable (looked like he had somewhere to go or something, very rushed). The players were all classy. Nat Moore looks about 1/2 the age of everyone else on that team.

Kuechenberg and the other guys who didn't go because they don't like this President were just idiots. You don't go to talk politics, the President is just acting on behalf of the Country to honor you. Doesn't matter if he's a R or a D, it's an honor either way. That was just stupid (for any athlete who does that).

... lobstertube gets more hits ...


great post....

we are the same in that respect....I watch the FINS first...and the NFL in general...if I have nothing else to do (unless the outcome of a game can affect my FINS)....

I usually sleep thru the sunday night game (if the FINS aren't on)...and only watch the MEGA match-ups on MNF...BTW...hate the ide of Thursday night football...enough already....football is for SUNDAYS...and monday nights...we LOVE it because we have to wait for it....over-saturate us...and this sport will go the way of Baseballl

back on topic....

I don't watch other sports...to boring...maybe razz a friends team...thats about it...

Give me FINS...or give me nothing....

Hey Armanda, how does it feel to constantly get scooped by other outlets on the team that you apparently follow? Loser.


I think we saw you from the back on the blog....

we never saw your face...lucky for you...the wierdo on here would have a frame of reference by which to track you down...


really got to hit the road...

It is so hard to judge the talent of tight ends. I guess it is a combination of strength, speed and toughness, duh. I am encouraged that Clay and Egnew have grown in character and the coaches are pleased with them.

Simms seems to be the wild card here. If he plays like he practices, he may be better than Keller.

Has anyone noticed how much Simms looks like Dallas Thomas?

kris,become a heat fan,it soothes being a phns phans 'cuz they've suxxed the last decade +.

Agree with the Thursday night game. Doesn't even seem like a fair match up. Road teams had a horrible record last year... fug those games..

Realistically I don't see the Phins's being a SB contender this year but from the first 3 preseason games so far I think they (and Tannehill) look way better than they did at this time last year. Last year we were 2 missed FG's away from being in the playoffs so this year I expect them to be a playoff team with a good chance of at least winning a wildcard game. A lot of people on this forum keep saying we are at best only going to be 1-4 after the first five games but I can realistically (barring more major injuries) see us being 3-2 after the first five games. I see Tannehill having about 22 TD's 10 INT's and 3500 YD's this year and 1600+ YD's combined from the RB positon. Yes I have my concerns especially at TE and to a lesser degree the O-line, and yes I usually look at the glass being half full as opposed to the glass being half empty but from what I have seen so far this year I don't think this is an unrealistic expectation for this season. If this plays out the way I think it will and the way it should considering the talent we have, then next year with a few tweaks in the offseason we should be a serious contender. If we don't have a reasonable amount of success this year then (as much as I hate the the thought of doing this again) I think we definitely need to fire Ireland and the whole coaching staff and start over again, because that means they failed big time given the amount of talent they had this year. This is just my thoughts and opinion.

Mark, wonder if the guys will make a RB or QB there first pick in the draft

Seattle traded a starting OG twice this week:
First to Cleveland who backed out and then to Denver right after Cleveland backed out.
Why were we not in the trade mix?



Cool experience. Actually surprised Mr Ross would even know who Keller is. Does he even know he plays offence?

Guy's the only way to get rid of Ireland is to get rid of Ross, I've got $ 345.00 in my checking account, That leaves about 900 million to go, Hey Mark, Being from Canada you got t have a few Million just laying around...
Pleas feel free to chip in...

Marshall was not very good prior to his injury last season. Now coming back from his issues he really sucked, so why should this surprise anyone except those who thought Marshall was a good CB last season.

What happened to the FB from the Ravens that Philbin wanted to sign so bad? Anybody?

Mondo, how does the eternal, "un-named source with knowledge of situation" scoop you on anything Dolphin? PFT received a "release" in Dolphin-land before the Herald!! You guys are losing a step, but not to worry no longer read that web page.
Is there any news in Dolphin Town besides bad news? Does Ireland have any idea on hows he going to replace the one legged TE? Didn't think so. ;-(

Another example of Jeff Fireland's buffoonery as an NFL GM. On another note can anybody explain how a team can misspend so much time and energy and still see the OL regressing? We have no clear starter at RG. We have no LG or RT signed beyond this year that can actually start an NFL game (pray that Incognito and Clabo can stay healthy for 16 games or this year will be U-G-L-Y). Martin doesn't look like an NFL LT and they have ZERO depth. The only spot that's solid is C with Pouncey. Oh, but we did save $2mil on our kicker, so we've got that going for us. Which is nice.

Marshall: Another Ireland bust

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