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Dolphins dump Carpenter, keeping Sturgis

It raised eyebrows when Dan Carpenter struggled last season. Then the Dolphins drafted kicker Caleb Sturgis out of the University of Florida in the fifth round and that led to whispers. And those whispers got louder when Sturgis went nuts the other night in the preseason game against Jacksonville, connecting on a 58-yard field goal and booming all six of his kickoffs into the end zone.

Well, today the move that has been coming for months happened as the Dolphins terminated the contract of Carpenter and, in so doing, awarded the kicking job to Sturgis.

"On behalf of the Miami Dolphins, I would like to thank Dan for his contributions he has made as a member of the organization," GM Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"For the past five years seasons Dan has been a tireless worker on the field while devoting countless hours of his time off the field to the beterment of the South Florida community. He has been a productive player and an outstanding citizen and we wish him and his wife Kaela all the best."

All the service Carpenter gave the Dolphins ultimately was overshadowed by two factors:

1. Sturgis was simply better this preseason, connecting on a higher percentage of long field goals than Carpenter.

2. Cutting Carpenter means a significant cap savings. The Dolphins save $2.675 million by cutting Carpenter in the final year of his contract although they will carry $337,500 in dead money as a result.

Sturgis will cost the Dolphins $441,140 against the cap.

So the actual cap savings of keeping Sturgis over Carpenter is $1,896,360.

Carpenter connected on 22 of 27 kicks in 2012 for a success percentage of 81.5, which is the second-lowest mark of his career and marked his second disappointing season since 2010.

It's unclear if Carpenter requested his release but the Dolphins apparently did right by letting him go this early. It gives the five-year veteran a better chance to get picked up by another team. On the other hand, Carpenter's wife is expected to give birth today or tomorrow. So that timing is interesting.

Among the team looking for kickers?

The Cleveland Browns ... Miami's opponent in the regular-season opener.



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Carpenter officially cut. Guess that happened when Sturgis nailed a 58 yarder on Friday. Just checked to see it wasn't a fluke and now Carpenter can enjoy retirement with a few mill in the bank. Not bad for four years of kicking a football..

He won't be out of football long. His contract was a big part of what got him cut. He should fire his agent for thinking he could keep such a high contract for a kicker. Especially one who had a rough year.

I wonder who boo-hooing more Denney or Fields?? LMAO

Carpenter will kick for many more years. His time was up in Miami due to high salary and 45+ FG's being a crapshoot. He was a good dude, at all the charity evens, so good luck to him !

I bet he gets a job somewhere else. It was good while it lasted Dan. Looking forward to seeing Sturgis perform.

Read that Carpenter's wife is in labour. Nice move by ireland - soften the blow on Carpenter - he would probably feel it less today than any other day. You think he cares right now??

He will get a job somewhere else as soon as some kicker elsewhere gets the yips. he's a solid kicker, just not dynamic. Can't count on him 45+

Isn't Olindo Mare still kicking? If he can still kick, then surely Carpenter will find a spot.

decision was made when he hit a 57 yarder today.

"thats it!I'll go make the call now".- Jeff Ireland

another great draft pick by the most hated one.(not me anyways)

Armando, did they try to trade him first?

Trade??? Not exactly a huge market for PK who can't connect from 45+ making $2.5m a year who came off his worst pro season

I think you should throw in there that the Phins used a 5th rounder on this kid too... Hard to spend a 5th rd draft pick on a kicker and then let him walk...

Trade a Kicker BWHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. You guys are ridiculous


I saw where you predicted the Pats to go 11-5 this year with Miami going 8-8. How would you like your crow prepared?

We may see Carpenter when we play Tampa Bay. I heard they're in need of a kicker.


Was it the amount of money in contract that prevented a trade? All I know is we never get anything out of players we lose. Why is that?

Not to mention...who is the dumb shyt GM that will go through with that trade when the other team has a drafted kicker already on their team...yeah...pretty sure they'd say no thanks and sign him after he got cut...at half the price...AT LEAST...

We knew this was going to happen. At least they didn't string carpenter along.

cocoa, that contract was untradeable. Bad move by Carp's crew to get him that kind of cntract. Would've been better to get more up front money and a lower cap hit. PKs are disposeable..

We can all erase the Memory of Spo fist pumping after a FG now. The better half just got cut.

Again, Philbin and Ireland relocating Salary to positions of need. No way in hell should a Kicker get paid more than a QB.

Did Brady actually tear the knee?...is that confirmed...story on MSNBC says he left practice....

Brady has torn his ACL. Check it out.

But, wait a minute. Some blogger proclaimed Carpenter was winning the kicking competition last week!


Considering Sturgis wasn't kicking for awhile due to injury, I sure hope Carpenter was winning the kicking competition. He was competing against himself!

I mean we all knew that when Miami spent a 5th rounder on him that Carpenter was gone but Sturgis has a leg on him...

Mando.....I told you that money was the primary factor here, not performance......if it was the latter then they wouldve given Carpenter more looks/time in the preseason, instead of cutting him so early (and did so after a solid showing in the HOF game, actually)--so he's performed pretty well, yet still gone--$$$$$

Brady needs an ACL as much as Marino needed an Achilles.

Suck it up Tom. You only have 2-3 more seasons left.

brady tweaked something in his knee, left for a play then came back & finished the drill before jogging off.

He didn't tear his acl...that we know of but, he felt something wrong in there. Same surgically repaired one from 2008.

Maybe it's just me but, I want to see him in there. Beating them with him in there is much sweeter than beating him when he's not.

Kickers today have to reach the end zone with the kickoff on a consistent basis.....carpenter couldn't...Sturgis can...and he has the leg for the longer FG's that Carpenter was missing..end of story...

A Beasley.....c'mon....."stunning" that they released Carpenter at this point.....seriously?--in fact its not surprising at all, let alone stunning--yes, his wife is due so welcome to the callous world of the NFL......although, a positive spin could look at it like he now has some time to spend with his wife and baby in the near term (seriously......good thing), plus he'll also have time to catch on with another team, so they can move on without any distractions--its clean, he's released, looking forward to being a papa.....and can now focus on catching on with another team.....and has been well paid too--aint so shabby.

Posted by: benz | August 14, 2013 at 04:45 PM

I agree. It was a no brainer. They waited to cut him so they could see Sturgis in practice long enough to be sure he was competent enough.

So long as Sturgis showed anything Carpenter was a goner.

Could we not have traded Carpenter? Another player that will end up starting that Ireland donated to the NFL.

Brady has been absurdely durable.....historically really, as he's played in 16 games in just about every season he's been in the league (outside of the one he missed with the injury)--thats almost hard to believe, exremely hard to duplicate, especially at 36.....probably wishful thinking (it is) but its really only a matter of time until he gets injured.....and if he doesnt, then he'll literally go down as about the most durable QB to ever play (throw Manning and Favre in the conversation.....but its those 3 by themselves).

Fraud, no one would trade for him I imagine. A kicker coming off not a great year, with a 2.675 mil salary. I can't remember the last time a kicker was traded. I'm sure he tried, but got no offers.

I agree with you LOL, I want Brady in and healthy and for us to just be better..

pretty clueless comment there, ETF.....dont know much, do you?.....zero trade value......big salary, mediocre year last year......plus, everyone knew he was going to get cut, or most likely was.....why would someone trade for him under those circumstances?--would you, if you were another teams GM?--and if so.....why???

Letting him go before his wife pops was a good thing.

The $1.9 saving also helps. Remember we can Carryover our Cap space to the next season.

Sturgis doesn't count against the 53 man roster limit either.......because kickers aren't real football players!!!

and ETF.....if you think he actually did have trade value.....then you're the fraud from a knowledge standpoint--gotta be kidding me

Capenter has more money then any of us on this blog you some of you are crying that he got cut and his wife in labor. GTFOH

A black helicopter just landed on the Patriots practice field. This can't be good.

Why didn't we land one when John Jerry got injured?

Would need a Mohawk though

I wish was Vernon instead Solder on Brady's hit.

Brady new is torn, IM not sure why you guys dont believe me

Yeah, Truth, posted that above. If he lives a normal life, he never has to work hard again ... pure coasting from here on in...

Oops I mean Knee

Posted by: Dashi | August 14, 2013 at 04:59 PM

This is true. Now he does not have to hand out 100 cigars at the Phins phacility.

Mark....thats Matt Damon flying in, as Jason Bourne.....you know, to save the day--every cool action hero flys in a black helicopter......I think

You don't trade for Backups or Special Team Players.

Just some advice for those who also think teams will want to trade for Turnover Moore. Not Happening.

Heck, it is the NFL. The only time teams make trades is in the Off season. Rarely does a team trade once training camp starts.

I admit I was wrong and when I am wrong I act like a man and admit it.

Releasing Carpe was the right thing to do.

Haha. benz... he's a brady lookalike anyway.

I think I meant Blackhawk above ... excuse the ignorance, we don't have military helicopters here.

Re: Tom Brady

I personally don't care about Tom Brady one way or another.

Eventually Mallet will take over and Belichick will make sure that he has 6 seconds to throw every play also so that he can stand flat footed in the pocket until a receiver eventually comes open.

Then Jordan spears him in the ribs....

take that Vanilla Ice!


Agree. That and them first couple of days. I know football isn't as stressful as a real job. But taking some time off to rotate shifts while the baby gets acclimated helps.


Agreed, Brady has been healthy for way to long. Heck, he doesn't even look like he has been an NFL QB for 14 Years. Guys look broken down at that age in the NFL.

..Did anyone hear NFL radio today? They were at Dolphins camp. Some interesting interviews. Philbin, Tanny, Ireland, Wake. And a lot of Bill Polian with some Dolphins nuts in his mouth. He LOVES!! this team. Nothing but great things to say..So much for that media bias so many are always crying about.

What I thought was most interesting was Philbin, and Irelands take on different players. Especially Martin and Miller. Now I think that eventually Miller will be the starter. But something is happening in camp that has elevated Thomas. Don't be surprised if Thomas get more carries early this year. Also..This is going to be a run first team. Philbin said it, Polian reverberated it. Anyone that expects Tannehill to throw it 35-40 times a game by design is kidding themselves.


This team will be a well balanced team.

Look at last year stats. Almost 50/50.

Sherman has a history of being a 50/50 play caller.

Now T-Hill will still get his 30 passes. This team runs a fast pace offense. So expect 70-75 plays a game. Meaning the Fins will Pass 35 times and Run 35 times, most games.

cocoa, that contract was untradeable. Bad move by Carp's crew to get him that kind of cntract. Would've been better to get more up front money and a lower cap hit. PKs are disposeable..

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 14, 2013 at 04:40


Of course you're right in this case Mark but I can't help remembering all the players we've lost with little or no compensation.

its the same knee that was surgically repaired....not good for tom....

Belichik retires when Brady retires.....book it--dude knows when his run is over, and it can only go downhill once Brady is gone--yeah Dashi, check out Brady's career stats.....when you look at all of the seasons listed together, its absurd......16 games in nearly every one--seriously, crazy--then add in all of the postseason games he's played.....and he's been about the best in the league the entire time.

if its an acl we are a lock for the division

..Irelands comments about Martin sounded like a GM defending his guy. I'll take his word for it, and hope he isn't just protecting his guy..But it went like this

Polian asked about Martin, and his development. Ireland made the point that martin has struggled a bit, that we are counting on him, and the team believes from what they have seen so far. That he will be just fine. Irelands point. Martin goes against fierce competition daily. Sure there have been example of him losing to a De..But nobody talks about the more times then not where he wins. These are the best in our division. And he more then holds his own.

If carpenter signs elsewhere we probably would get compensation. A low round pick. But it's something.

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