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Dolphins dump Carpenter, keeping Sturgis

It raised eyebrows when Dan Carpenter struggled last season. Then the Dolphins drafted kicker Caleb Sturgis out of the University of Florida in the fifth round and that led to whispers. And those whispers got louder when Sturgis went nuts the other night in the preseason game against Jacksonville, connecting on a 58-yard field goal and booming all six of his kickoffs into the end zone.

Well, today the move that has been coming for months happened as the Dolphins terminated the contract of Carpenter and, in so doing, awarded the kicking job to Sturgis.

"On behalf of the Miami Dolphins, I would like to thank Dan for his contributions he has made as a member of the organization," GM Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"For the past five years seasons Dan has been a tireless worker on the field while devoting countless hours of his time off the field to the beterment of the South Florida community. He has been a productive player and an outstanding citizen and we wish him and his wife Kaela all the best."

All the service Carpenter gave the Dolphins ultimately was overshadowed by two factors:

1. Sturgis was simply better this preseason, connecting on a higher percentage of long field goals than Carpenter.

2. Cutting Carpenter means a significant cap savings. The Dolphins save $2.675 million by cutting Carpenter in the final year of his contract although they will carry $337,500 in dead money as a result.

Sturgis will cost the Dolphins $441,140 against the cap.

So the actual cap savings of keeping Sturgis over Carpenter is $1,896,360.

Carpenter connected on 22 of 27 kicks in 2012 for a success percentage of 81.5, which is the second-lowest mark of his career and marked his second disappointing season since 2010.

It's unclear if Carpenter requested his release but the Dolphins apparently did right by letting him go this early. It gives the five-year veteran a better chance to get picked up by another team. On the other hand, Carpenter's wife is expected to give birth today or tomorrow. So that timing is interesting.

Among the team looking for kickers?

The Cleveland Browns ... Miami's opponent in the regular-season opener.



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..Dashi.a big reason why we were 50/50 last year is that we had to play from behind so much. We were forced to throw some games more then we probably wanted. I think that in a perfect world. If Philbin had his way. It would be closer to 60-40 run to pass, especially early. The point that was driven home today was that the Phins are only about 40 percent into the playbook. The offense will be totally different say week 9, then opening day. Tons of evolution yet. Philbin so much said Tannehill has work to do before they can move forward with the offense. I expect a conservative approach early.

holly cow I thought you guys were kidding just saw on espn brady out for the season blew up his knee

When you pick a kicker in round 5, you are telling the whole league your incumbent will be cut if the new guy does as expected.

Nobody would give a dime either way, they'd look at the kicker Miami let go, because they aren't keeping both of them.

Brady will have half his leg amputaded tomorrow. Career in jeaopardy.

This is a good move a kicker struggles & does not come out of it usually!!! GO FINS!!!

Brady's wife will donate her left leg so that Brady can come back after 4-6 weeks rehab.


I believe you. Heck, you don't even hear about Brady ever getting a Concussion.

Some of it is Protection the rest is just luck.

This can only mean 1 thing. The Next QB for the Pats is going to suck. And he is going to get hurt a lot. I don't see the Pats pulling a Indy and throw a Season to get the 2nd Coming.

Also, I believe once Brady retires, BB Retires. He knows he had it good. He wouldn't want to be exposed as Brady carrying him for all these years.

there is no second coming of tom brady.....he is the best qb of our generation

Why would Belichek retire when Brady is finished?.....Coaching is his entire life...in his blood...would be very surprised if he exits frrom fear of losing once Brady hangs 'em up....he is of tougher metal than that.....

For injury sakes, I would have held on to Carpenter at least until final cuts. Some team out there has a worse kicker than Carpenter. He should be snapped up pretty soon.

o if Sturgis is injured after Carpenter lands on another team. Letting Carp go so soon could come back and bite Ireland's ass....

...For 1..There is no report that says Brady is done for the year. 2 They have Ryan Mallet, and Tim Tebow..They should be just fine right??????????

I've yet to hear 1 official report saying Brady's out for the year with torn acl.

However, I have seen the left knee is the same one surgically repaired in 2008. Also, it probably isn't until TOMORROW that he sees the doctor to get an official prognosis of the injury and it's severity.

You never find out about acl's until the next day.....


I know what you are trying to say.


I made this point last year when Armando and his gang were complaining that we were only practicing the pass and not the run last TC and Preseason.

Sherman calls it 50/50. Everywhere he has been.

Sherman has led a Top 5 rushing attack and a Top 5 Passing attack in the NFL. While calling it 50-50 each of those seasons.

T-Hill's last season at A&M. The play calling was 50-50.

Last season should've been more Passing than Running, by what you stated. The Fins playing from Behind most of the Season. You pass more when you are losing than when you are winning. And we still kept a 50-50 standard.

I said all that to say this. If Sherman has Called plays for the last 10 seasons and almost all those seasons were called 50-50. What do you think the Play calling will be this Season?

With that said, 1 thing we didn't do last season that is a Sherman Must. SCREENS!! Sherman loves Screens. But he couldn't run any because of our 2 Fat OGs. That can't pull.

L.Miller was excellent in the Screen game at The U. One of the Reasons they drafted L.Miller.

Look at Thigpen, even Gillislee. These are RBs that excel in the Screen game. But Sherman knows you need mobile OGs to throw Screens in the NFL.


I was writing my post while you were posting yours. LOL....


It happens.

Not to kick a dead hunter but three Phins vs Jets games in NJ and all three years the guy didn't even look in anyone's direction to sign autographs...rooting for Sturgis from the get go.

Where the hell do you come up with this stuff on % of run vs pass?

It was the same kind of posts by the same posters when the previous to OC's were here.

It almost always boils down to what you do best as an offense vs what your upcoming defenses defends least. Why do you guys think OC's come in with "generic play calling scripts" where:

"ONE SIZE FITS ALL"...........................

That's just utterly ridiculous....

P.Manning is the Best QB of my generation.

Brady played on a better team with a better Coach. (Brady won 3 SBs, By cheating, a great defense that knew what the other team was doing, and Most clutch Kicker ever. Brady would have ZERO Super bowls if Carpenter was his Kicker and Spo was his coach)

But there is a Reason Manning was #1 Overall, and Brady dropped to the 6th rd.

Pure Talent.

P.Manning is the Prototype.

Thanks to Phins fans for all your wishes.

..Dashi.. My point was really to those who expect to see an aerial assault type of offense. That they should maybe re-evaluate their expectation. Perhaps one day, even at some point this season. This offense will get to the point we can put it on Tannehills shoulders every week, and let it fly. Philbin is an ex offensive line coach..Sherman likes to run the ball..Tannehill is still not ready to be a quarterback we can consistently ask to put it up 35-40 times a game(by design)..

These guys today were really stressing the importance of the run. Check it out if you can. I'm sure there is a podcast of it.. 3 hours all Dolphins. It was great.

Bye Bye Mr. Carpenter. It was fun right up until you started to cost us games. This in turn negatively affected the way the Game planning and play calls had to go(IMO).

Ultimately though, as I posted early yesterday, I think the **DECIDING FACTOR** was the Booming Kickoffs and the consistenly deep kick offs.

Unlike the Hippie Throwback(Carpenter), Field Position NEVER goes out of Style.

dashi do you ever have your own opinion or does it always have to be which media opinion you are going to adopt as your own?

belichek's retirement will have nothing to do with brady.

Where the hell do you come up with this stuff on % of run vs pass?


I don't come up with stuff, like some people. My Opinion is based off Facts. (Not saying I'm never wrong. Just that I do my research before I open my mouth.)

Go to pro football reference and look it up. They keep stats into how many plays a team runs a season. Coaching stats.

I think the **DECIDING FACTOR** was the Booming Kickoffs and the consistenly deep kick offs.

Posted by: odinseye | August 14, 2013 at 06:02 PM

I think the deciding factor was the 5th round pick.

They probably already tried to trade Carp but nobody would bit knowing he'd be let go. So the team did Carp a favor and let him go early so he could find something else.

..YG..Actually it isn't that outrageous. Philbin talked about it today. Of course the game flow dictates the playcalling. The team is going to gameplan for say 35 runs before it will gameplan for 35 passes. How it playsout is dependant on the game. But no way are we going into game 1 with the gameplan that sayd Tannehill is going to drop back and pass it 40 times(by design)..It may happen, but not by original gameplan. My point..and it was echoed all day by Irealand, Tannehill, Philbin..we want to run the ball.

Carpenter cost the phins 2 games last year and possibly a playoff position. You can't miss clutch FG's. Sturgis was drafted to replace him and barring a complete collapse this was an obvious move. The fact that his wife is in Labor while appears uncaring means nothing. In fact, releasing him now give Carpenter a chance to compete for a position during preseason. Quit making it an issue Ireland Haters.


Mike Sherman Stats.

Better winning Pct. And more Winning seasons than Jeff Fisher.

Multiple Top 5 Rushing and Passing Attacks.

Is ANYONE ELSE worried about the upcoming Texans game.

They're one of the better teams in Football

It's just Preseason...but It should be a good test. I hope I'm wrong, but the first half may expose some weaknesses.

Part of the Houston game and most of the Tampa game will give us a rough idea what to expect this year.

...Odin..IMO punters are much more important of a factor when it comes to field position. How many times do punters have the opportunity to flip FP? Also. Sometimes the kickoffs are short by design. Anyway. Nobody is shocked that Carp was released. I am a bit by the timing. Perhaps they needed to clear cap space for something they have brewing? Who knows.

Anyway...Keep your head up Carp. Don't be afraid to yank one wide if it comes down to it V your old team.
Go Griz!!!!!!!

why would anyone ever worry about a preseason game

We also acquired a bunch for free cocoa. Trades are more rare in football than other sports. Oh well win some lose some

Is ANYONE ELSE worried about the upcoming Texans game.

Posted by: Cooz | August 14, 2013 at 06:13 PM

No. It's preseason.

Bradys MRI is negative...status is day to day...

I think that the Dolphins are at risk of having a chemistry problem. The little know fact is that the CBA limits NFL teams
from spending nearly as much time together as they in past years.

It really hurts the teams who have large groups of new players.

Dear Mr. Ireland,

Thank you for drafting the best college kicker available to avenge the loses last year. Touch backs and long distance FG's are a major part of the game and we needed it.

5th round pick or not, means little when it comes to solid results.

No brainer with Carpenter because of the contract and drafting Sturgis was an intelligent, proactive move.

And enough with the Brady stuff. According to every report he's absolutely fine and only had a VERY minor injury.


I totally agree with you. And you did hear the Coaches and QB talk.

I'm just reaffirming what you were saying with Stats I put up last season. The Fins will be a well balanced attack.

Even when I was saying the Fins will go 4 wide. I kept preaching that they will still run.
Now people are realizing that we can run out of 4 wide with L.Miller in the Backfield.

*** Personal Ad ***

Seeking a chat buddy on a football blog. Prefer boy from the islands with no education and brillo type hair. Bonus if you don't have a car so you can be online more often. Extra points if you have a feminine, squishy sounding name.

I may know someone.


Call me, I will put it IN-YUR-ASS any day you want. I might not be as big as the other islanders. But it is the effort that counts.

Dear Get a life... (@ 6:16PM)

I know what the word
' P r e s e a s o n ' means....
but let's see how you feel Monday Morning....after reviewing each play from the First Quarter.

It's a preview of how the Dolphins TALENT stacks up to
JJ Watts, Brian Cushing , Antonio Smith, and Ed Reed.

Don't know about you.... but I'm curious to see the results of this preseason test -- even if for just one series.

Call my contact in Hialeah.

I miss 'Soiled Bottom'

You know the one. With the little red honda that goes voom voom.

I just hope the Team is better than the Uniforms.

It is true. Us Cubans are the best at everything. We even have the Best Gays in the World. Just look at the gay bloggers on this blog. Oscar and YG. These 2 make me proud to be a Habana Bugaarron.

Say it Loud!!

I'm Gay and I'm Proud!!


Preseason is never an indicator of regular season. Too much experimentation and nobody is going all out or calling their real game plan.

Means less than a rerun of Gilligans Island.

"Worried" about a freaking PRESEASON game??

Uh, no. I'm only worried about injuries and/or falling asleep by the 2nd quarter.

Brady is fine evidently.

Did anyone else notice that EJ manuel won Bills starting job?


Earlier in the day someone mentioned that for $500 you could fly round trip to Havana AND spend 4 nights in a 5-Star hotel.

If I provide my own transportation (raft) then how much will the trip cost me?

Also if I give the bell hop $10 to get me some cheeba is the guy going to come back with a nickel and tell me it is a dime?

MRI is negative on Brady...

manuel actually looked like an nfl qb bills on the rise with spiller and company. but that defense is awful


I realize there are no schemes or game planning involved.

But Houston is considered a good team.

I still want to see how they stack up during the first quarter, Man on Man, against the Texans Talent.

I'll be watching the first two series.

Someone said there was, "...cheap liquor, great cigars and hot Cuban women...".

Well in order for a women to qualify as 'hot' she needs to be wearing white cigarette pants that a size too small, white tank top, white pumps, redlipstick and gold hoop earrings.

guessing cooz is someone being sarcastic about garbage preseason

dusty bottoms...

I Q's

R O C K !!!!



Great post @ 7:19. Seems some here are oblivious to the FACT that even though its PRESEASON, teams are still running 50-65% of their REGULAR SEASON offensive and defensive BASE PACKAGES.

During REGULAR SEASON this will still be 50-65% of what we'll see.

So, it is VERY IMPORTANT to see how our starters excute their BASE OFFENSE AND DEFENSE against our opponent starters.

this cooz dude is very odd


I agree with you. This game will be great to watch. We get to gauge our team against a real good team.

I want to see what people are going to say afterwards. If the Fins suck, I bet this blog will be Bombarded by a select few that are going to rag the team. And if the Fins win people will say the game means nothing.

Watching NFL Kickoff, and Mark Schlerth explained it perfectly. The Games might not mean anything, but the performances matter.

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