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Dolphins dump Carpenter, keeping Sturgis

It raised eyebrows when Dan Carpenter struggled last season. Then the Dolphins drafted kicker Caleb Sturgis out of the University of Florida in the fifth round and that led to whispers. And those whispers got louder when Sturgis went nuts the other night in the preseason game against Jacksonville, connecting on a 58-yard field goal and booming all six of his kickoffs into the end zone.

Well, today the move that has been coming for months happened as the Dolphins terminated the contract of Carpenter and, in so doing, awarded the kicking job to Sturgis.

"On behalf of the Miami Dolphins, I would like to thank Dan for his contributions he has made as a member of the organization," GM Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"For the past five years seasons Dan has been a tireless worker on the field while devoting countless hours of his time off the field to the beterment of the South Florida community. He has been a productive player and an outstanding citizen and we wish him and his wife Kaela all the best."

All the service Carpenter gave the Dolphins ultimately was overshadowed by two factors:

1. Sturgis was simply better this preseason, connecting on a higher percentage of long field goals than Carpenter.

2. Cutting Carpenter means a significant cap savings. The Dolphins save $2.675 million by cutting Carpenter in the final year of his contract although they will carry $337,500 in dead money as a result.

Sturgis will cost the Dolphins $441,140 against the cap.

So the actual cap savings of keeping Sturgis over Carpenter is $1,896,360.

Carpenter connected on 22 of 27 kicks in 2012 for a success percentage of 81.5, which is the second-lowest mark of his career and marked his second disappointing season since 2010.

It's unclear if Carpenter requested his release but the Dolphins apparently did right by letting him go this early. It gives the five-year veteran a better chance to get picked up by another team. On the other hand, Carpenter's wife is expected to give birth today or tomorrow. So that timing is interesting.

Among the team looking for kickers?

The Cleveland Browns ... Miami's opponent in the regular-season opener.



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I think was cooz is saying is that by the time we get to the third series the game is not fun anymore.
By the third series we are either losing or have given up a turnover or a huge play on ST or D.
From the third series on it is like a job that you have to sweat out.

If you cant execute your base packages, it will greatly diminish the effects of your attempts at "trickery and deceit". Far more games are won and lost on ability or inability to successfully execute your "BASE PACKAGES". Both offensively and defensively.

This blog has been very civilized today - evidently somebody is back to the beginning of thier meds cycle.

Bread and Butter plays.

If the Texans win m not going to bash the team neither will I try and paint a homerotic picture of the event.

There's difference between bashing and being objective. Just that homeortics favor neither...

fins game gonna be so tough at cleveland, place will be rocking. weeden is getting better and better

dashi is a simple broth or fish stock made by heating water containing edible kelp and shavings of preserved, fermented bonito) to near-boiling, then straining the resultant liquid.

ExposingTheFraud 7:33PM

Kris, the king crybaby of trollism here did try and troll me today. I just decided to take the high road and continue past his ailed attempt as if he were never here. Im sure that probably pissed the crybaby off even more.

Actually, I didn't stick around long enough to see if he made anymore ill-fated attempts....

Alright Black

....let's see now....50 to 65 % of the playbook......(aha)....35 runs and 35 passes....(got it)..some guy in a red honda....deceit and trickery.(so far I'm with it)....Brady's ol' lady gonna give up a leg for his torn ACL...that isn't until tomorrow's MRI that already was evaluate this afternoon..(amazing)..Philbin, Sherman and Tanny..3 hours of interesting charades....the Houston game means nothing...but it actually means a lot....and a hot girl in reality dresses like a cheap hooker..(very interesting)...

..WOW..it's unbelievable the stuff you learn here !!!!!!!

Do the hookers in Miami wear white cigarette pants that are a size too small, white tank top, white pumps, red lipstick and gold hoop earings in Miami?

If so then I'm taking a trip to Miami.

Why not ask Marv Levy how "important" preseason is. He was so famously disdainful of the process that the Bills would almost always lose them all--often by comically lopsided scores--and then somehow, magically the team would be just fine.

Then again, he's just a Hall of Famer so I'll defer to the experts here.

On closer inspection you didn't say 'hooker' you said 'cheap hooker'.
If it is cheap enough then I can go to her and still have enough money for the 5-Star whe my raft lands in Cuba.


Some teams play more of their Base Packages than others.

Base Package performance is the best indicator of how GOOD a team really is.

So while the preseason is boring, at least it's sometimes possible to get some small clues from the starters.

I'll be mildly concerned if the Dolphins come out flat this weekend.

Why not ask Marv Levy how "important" preseason is. He was so famously disdainful of the process that the Bills would almost always lose them all--often by comically lopsided scores--and then somehow, magically the team would be just fine.

Then again, he's just a Hall of Famer so I'll defer to the experts here.

Posted by: Preseason Is Bullsh*t | August 14, 2013 at 07:53 PM

Maybe Marv Levy thought that the Super Bowl was a preseason game as well! That would explain a lot.

cooz did u eat paint chips as a kid

Empty backfield with a 5 receiver set, Wallace said this will help Tannehill see the field better. Philbin said the formation will be used occasionally as needed and not necessarily only inside the red zone.

cbs sports predicted us to go 5-11 but finsih second, hilarious

Woodshed Gang 7:57 PM

Couldn't have been better said, LOL....

Too easy...falls for it every time......so predictble....like pushing buttons....

dusty bottoms,

I meant no disrespect. I actually was complimenting you for noticing my sarcasm.

Damn this jock itch...

hilarious, cbs predicting us to go 5-11 but finish second. no team has ever finished second in nfl history going 5-11. who are these idiots

Schiano from tampa will be calling Carpenter Lawrence Tyne is not working out for them after Conner Barth got hurt. Xrays or MRI results for Brady Negative i am not a brady fan but I am not ready to hear the media with Tebow saying he would be the new QB. Carpenter knew his day were numbered when they drafted a Kicker in the fifth round, has there ever been a trade for a kicker

You never want to play 2nd stringers, you want to beat the Best available.

course salvaje we traded stoyanovich to kc for a 5th rd pick

Ireland says all his Draft picks this year will contribute during this Season except for Don Jones who might be placed on the PS. Lots of depth in the D backfield he said.

I can't wait til Brady goes down. The way they rolled him over. Didn't look nice.

How happy will the Rain Man be when Tebow is declared the Starter.

Anything to save a buck. Who cares if we win or lose.

Best to Montana Dan Carpenter. He was so close to being a great kicker.

Hopefully we have one now.

Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs and a playoff win. Thats more than any QB on our roster has done!

5-11 sounds about right for the 1st year of the massive rebuild.

This decision was made in April when Sturgis was drafted

i see 7-9. 2014 will be our year though. give us a year to gel and get thill into 3rd year

It would be a blessing in disquise if Tannehill gets injured and Matt Moore takes over just like 2 years ago.



mirama dave u cant be that dumb, really?

This is Ireland's 6th season so isn't this the 6th year of the massive rebuild?

nobody has a massive rebuild in the nfl

17 asspumper wants us to believe he doesn't read back the posts while he is gone, yet he always seems to know everything that transpired.

Only an idiot would think we don't realize this.

its even worse fuzz that it bothers u

dusty what bothers me is how many here are total idiots like yourself, not any single individual loser.

nobody has a massive rebuild in the nfl

Posted by: dusty bottoms | 09:29 PM

I agree... Looking at most NFL rosters teams have between 20 to 30 players that will last longer then 3 years on a club. That leaves a huge percentage of player shuffling all over the NFL. The days of teams keeping the same players around, just adding a few every draft to replace cuts and injuries are long gone. Fans cheer for logo's and colors now... If you get too caught up with players it will end up breaking your heart when they leave for FA or are replaced for less $$$....

dusty it took you many months to figure out ETF was just here yankin chains, and you still keep commenting on his posts. That is dumb, keeps him coming back. But then again, your are dumb to, so whatever.

then why be here fuzz, all u do is complain. never talk football

breeze welcome to 2013, not rebuilding just how the league is now. any team can win any year. nfl loves how mediocre it is now

I talk football all the time. You are just too stupid to realize it. You are so far gone you chat with a guy who names himself after sodomy. You have serious problems.

wrong again, another post from u with nothing about football. broken record bro

Evading reality won't help you. You are just too dumb to recognize who I am. Just like you had no idea ETF has 7 other names where he preaches swallowing his load. Maybe deep down that is your fantasy.

At least I have the dignity not to respond with a blogger who names himself after sodomy. That is really sick, as are the people that need his attention.

yeah or maybe i just dont care to guess which idiot u are that changes his name constantly in here. true sign of complete idiot. maybe the normal guys in here who actually talk football would give ya a little respect if u kept the same name. bet u been hiding your entire life, fail here ill just go someplace else change my name

yeah or maybe i just dont care to guess which idiot u are that changes his name constantly in here. true sign of complete idiot.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 14, 2013 at 09:50 PM

ok bill conners. don't think we are all so dumb as to not know YOUR other names. I guess by your own statement you are an idiot, which is what I've been telling you bill.

are we the only 2 in here right not arguing about nothing??lol wow im out man, peace

Bye bill conners and your other names.

Ireland also said that we are set at some positions for quite a long time while at others we are not, yet. He didn't say what positions those are.

Just trying to get you bloggers to realize that 95% of the regulars are trolls too. It is too obvious to those that pay attention and don't suffer from ADD like most of you do.

Why would anyone believe what any GM or HC says during preseason? Haven't they all insulted you enough? They tell you they love a guy and the next day cut him.

Who cares what Irescum says? This is his last year with the Fins.

Sorry the Brady ACL injury trumps a kicker battle that we already knew the outcome of. Where's that Vegas guy I want to hear the new line!

If carpenter signs elsewhere we probably would get compensation. A low round pick. But it's something.

Posted by: Dashi | August 14, 2013 at 05:25 PM

Incorrect Bro!!!

He was cut/termination of contract and by new 2012 CBA any player with 4 Yrs. of service is officially an UFA upon his release. If less than 4 Yrs. he must go through the Waiver Wire were team claiming him must assume/absorb his contract in other words this move leaves ZERO COMPENSATION for Miami! I don't believe there would have been any takers either via trade when his days were pretty much numbered the minute we drafted Sturgis.


Isn't Olindo Mare still kicking? If he can still kick, then surely Carpenter will find a spot.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 14, 2013 at 04:25 PM

Mare signed a 3 Yr. deal with Car. a couple of months ago and happen to agree with your take on Carpenter.

Mando mentions Cleveland but feel there's a strong chance Carpenter could land with either N.Y. team given Jets have Nick Folk and Billy Kundiff in their Camp and Giants lost Tynes to Tampa and have Jouneyman Josh Brown in their Camp, I happen to feel on his game Carpenter is better than all mentioned all will of course hinge on his asking price but with a kid due any day I'll bet he wants to keep earning NFL 7 figure Pay checks for kicking a ball before just about anything else.

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