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Dolphins dump Carpenter, keeping Sturgis

It raised eyebrows when Dan Carpenter struggled last season. Then the Dolphins drafted kicker Caleb Sturgis out of the University of Florida in the fifth round and that led to whispers. And those whispers got louder when Sturgis went nuts the other night in the preseason game against Jacksonville, connecting on a 58-yard field goal and booming all six of his kickoffs into the end zone.

Well, today the move that has been coming for months happened as the Dolphins terminated the contract of Carpenter and, in so doing, awarded the kicking job to Sturgis.

"On behalf of the Miami Dolphins, I would like to thank Dan for his contributions he has made as a member of the organization," GM Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"For the past five years seasons Dan has been a tireless worker on the field while devoting countless hours of his time off the field to the beterment of the South Florida community. He has been a productive player and an outstanding citizen and we wish him and his wife Kaela all the best."

All the service Carpenter gave the Dolphins ultimately was overshadowed by two factors:

1. Sturgis was simply better this preseason, connecting on a higher percentage of long field goals than Carpenter.

2. Cutting Carpenter means a significant cap savings. The Dolphins save $2.675 million by cutting Carpenter in the final year of his contract although they will carry $337,500 in dead money as a result.

Sturgis will cost the Dolphins $441,140 against the cap.

So the actual cap savings of keeping Sturgis over Carpenter is $1,896,360.

Carpenter connected on 22 of 27 kicks in 2012 for a success percentage of 81.5, which is the second-lowest mark of his career and marked his second disappointing season since 2010.

It's unclear if Carpenter requested his release but the Dolphins apparently did right by letting him go this early. It gives the five-year veteran a better chance to get picked up by another team. On the other hand, Carpenter's wife is expected to give birth today or tomorrow. So that timing is interesting.

Among the team looking for kickers?

The Cleveland Browns ... Miami's opponent in the regular-season opener.



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Part of the problemmay be that they're about to close practices to the media and the public and start working on the rest of the playbook. I've heard that they've only installed 40-60% so far. So, from here on out, the team won't look quite as vanilla on the field. Still, they don't want to show too much and save some for the regular season. Bringing guys in, then trying to get them up to speed, while installing the best parts of the playbook, isn't too wise if you intend on then cutting those players and letting them take what they know to other teams. The Pats are notorious for picking up players that Miami has cut just to bring them in for a little while and picking their brains about what's going on with the Fins.

Who cares?

Isn't it passed your bedtime?

Are odor and dashe posting pics of their honeymoon on Facebook?

I hope they're having a great time but they left the trailer wide open and their stupid cats are running wild everywhere.




Greetings from Scotland guys....

I know the easy thing will be for guys to rip into Carpenter for his crucial misses last year but Carpenter was a good Dolphin and consistent for the most part. However, this was the right move for a number of reasons. I don't believe Carpenter will be out of work long. Good luck to him in his next spot.

I surely hope that Dion Jordan ends up performing to all the hype and warrants himself of being picked third overall in the draft. I sure hope that Iggy Anzah doesn't become the better pass rusher because if this happens, then we'll know Jeff Ireland did it once again- screwed yet another draft and he will have to go quickly.

He's on his last legs. Shame.

That's another unreal athlete. I liked Ziggy more over DJ. I might have my acumen but who am I to challenge Ireland on Football matters? DJ might still turn out ok.

Don't worry about Jeff Ireland just because Dion Jordan looks like a bust. It wasn't his first bust and won't be his last. Steven Ross is "committed" to Jeff Ireland. Rumor around Dolphins headquarters is that Ireland is wearing a commitment ring, so don't look for the relationship to end anytime soon.

Hope you're enjoying your vacation Craig. And you're right, Carpenter is a good kicker. But I agree this was the right move (actually, Odin and I foreshadowed this at the beginning of the week) solely based off of Sturgis' ability to kick the ball out of the endzone on kickoffs. That's HUGE. We shouldn't overlook how important that will be to the team.

Now it's time for Fields and Denney to stop treating Sturgis like the odd man out and welcome him with open arms.

Well, no twitting today from practice.

Tomorrow, I work, have a party after that, will go to the recently opened Casino at Hialeah Park and finish the Day with the Dolphins Game, if I make it.

Well, it's true. We never questioned Don Shula and his decisions. Until this Administration earns our confidence, we have a right to question their decisions. Why bring in a D end?

Miami signed former undrafted, veteran DE Antwan Applewhite because of Jordan's injury & his inability to get on the field.

Sounds like a good day oscar, i have to attend the blue jay game tonight for professional purposes. I love the history of the team but can't stand the current product. the things we do to earna pay cheque ...


Thanks man....having a great time but the weather is lousy! My new lady friend is joining me here Sunday. She's in for an adventure.


I'm completely disgusted by the Blue Jays this year. I'm glad to be away from it. I hope that AA and Gibby both lose their jobs. Like you, I've loved this team for years but enough is enough.

This season rests soley on Tannehill, gust give me 25 TD and 10 or less picks.

Glad to hear you're having a good time. Sounds like you missed the good weather by a few weeks Craig. When I was away I ran into some Irishmen and they told me the weather was solid in the low 30s centigrade for a few weeks in July which I hear is unusual for the Isles. I'd love to get over to Scotland and Ireland in the next couple of years, sleep in one of those small inns in the countryside - sounds awesome. I've been to London but wasn't exactly blown away and almost got killed crossing the road in my first five mins there. Dang reverse traffic.

As far as the blue jays, they only have a few pros on that team - i.e. guys who play to their potential - Reyes, Bautista (altho the gimp manager should never had hitting in the 2 hole), Encarnacion, Rasmus, and Larwrie shows potential. The rest fo the offense is spare parts if you ask me.

The starting pitchers should all provide a rebate on their pay this year - is there a word worse than disgusting and atrocious to describe them? fukk Morrow, Romero. Dickey is the most expensive middle of the rotation guy and Buehrle is a decent #5. Like the Blue Jay Wrs last year, they have some good 3s 4s and 5s but wheres the 1s and 2s...

No season ever relies SOLEY on one player...it is a team game...does RT need to play well??? Absolutely...

Truth, that would be a pro bowl season if he does that. I'd settle for 20 and 10, give or take a few picks if they are offset by as man Tds.

Truth, agreed. However, there's one thing that might trump that, and that's the health of Tom Brady. If he goes down (like he did yesterday), then our chances of winning the division greatly improves (as long as Tannehill at least plays moderately better than last year).

I dont need to see RT carrying the O around on his shoulders...I need to see a balanced attack...

But, why not bring in an O Tackle, Guard?

I think the next game against the Texans will show you if Tannehill has improved or not... Im talking only the first quarter since thats how long the starters will be in. I just want to him to somewhat effectivley move the ball, if we see a bunch of 3 and outs, the Dolphins most likely isnt ready to be playoff contenders, but if he can string some decent drives together, AFC East crown is possibility.

Because they have confidence in JMart oscar...even if the fan base does not...Also...they did bring in an OG...who could be starting before its time to kick off...

Im saying this only because the Texans will be the best team the Dolphins face this preseason.. Is the next preseason game the one where the starters play well into the 3rd quarter??

Craig M.....

Didn't know you were on vaction....good to hear it tho...

but isn't to soon t be vactioning with the "new" girlfriend....I thought you guys just met a few weeks back...Meg ryan look alike right?

If I were you...I would take in all the local sights and cuisine solo...

but thats just me...

Tanne need to improve his accuracy (football talk)....

JMart is not made of iron. Who's going to take his place if he goes down? Yeatman, Jeff Adams?


Good P.R. by Ireland to relase Carp so soon...instead of playing this out until the final pre-season game....

I think he is getting the hang of this thing....

Carpenter will sign elsewhere and play for another 8 - 10 more years. He'll be fine. Thanks Dan, and good luck! Sturgis is a stud! (If you can say that about a kicker)

IF IF IF Oscar...can't live a life of "ifs"...what happens if one of their planes goes down??? What happens is no one goes down??? What happens IF...fill in the blank...it doesn't matter...until it happens...

Can we please stop posting about a Kicker!

oscar, apparently yeatman has done quite well in camp. I wouldn't know first hand but the reviews have been positive ... take it for what it's worth

Seems Will Davis has earned a chance with the starters as nickelb.

lol @ 10:02...

perhaps you didn't read the title of this particular blog....

or perhaps you didn't understand what you read....

in either case...kickers deserve some love too....

I was watching Yeatman in teh last game...for what its worth...and I thought he played very well...

Not looking good for this Aaron Corp guy. Probably just a body to put in instead of Tanny and Moore at the end of the game Saturday.

Is that right, oscar? Can't bode well for Richard Marshall. They're not going to keep him on the team as the 4th CB if Davis is up to the task which he looks like his is. Guy is special. One of those guys who just attracts the ball.

Sign up for the preseason package on NFL.com for 15 bucks...watch any of the games live...or go back and watch any of them again...pretty good deal I think...

And will davis intercepts Matt Moore. I mean intercepting Moore is like scoring with a prostitute but still ...

The Dolphins are a minor league franchise. Ross and Ireland have totally drstroyed the once proud team.

Hope Houston plays all it's starters on D at least for a little while. We need a good Test and none better than them.

Sign up for the preseason package on NFL.com for 15 bucks...watch any of the games live...or go back and watch any of them again...pretty good deal I think...
Posted by: Jack! | August 15, 2013 at 10:10 AM

what a waste of time lol preseason?

watt is increasing.

I agree, I won't give the NFL that money. I watch for free on pirated tv or in passing on NFL network.

Is it just me or do we never hear Ellerbe's name much? Is that a good or bad thing?

BTW, game airs on Sunday at 1 for us out of towners ...

I miss the old 2 watt

I don't know, but he was deadly in this past Game.

Agree Mark....

but I do think i'm going to sign up for the NFL package that NFL dot com is offering...

30 bucks to watch EVERY FINS game....

or 60 bucks to watch ALL the games....not bad...but I think they don't release them till after the game is played....

goig to Germany...and with the games being played @ night...or early morning...that works for me...

According to OK, Yeatman is killing it as backup LT. A good thing to have.

That's a different animal Kris. real games vs practice.

Dan missed two (2) doable FG attempts last year that were GAME WINNERS...that would have assured our beloved franchise a spot in the PLAYOFFS.

That's why Ireland picked Sturgis in the draft and that's why he's out of a job today.

More than any other position than QB...kickers performance is the most visible and scrutinized in the NFL. Games are won/lost on the legs of kickers so you better have the best in the business.

Sturgis appears to be young, strong and confident on those critical 45+ yard attempts.

Sounds like Daniel thomas is having a really good practice today, We could have something nice at RB. With wallace, that could be a killer combo. Safties have to stay back. Miller and Thomas could be eally strong.

Just pray for new ownership.

Whatever you do dont put Tannehill on your fantasy team. LOL

If you look at Carpenter’s misses last year, they’re extremely frustrating b/c he would always just barely miss to the right or left uprights. I almost felt as if he as jinxed or snake-bitten.

In fact, the entire season felt a little snake-bitten. As a Phins fan I’m used to losing (hahaha…doh), but I can’t remember a season where I got into more shouting matches with my television set. We managed to clinch defeat from the jaws of victory so many different times.

Carpenter blew atleast two games for us last year...Best wishes Carp, but I'm ready to surge with Sturge!

How many TVs did Odin shoot up last year you think? He used to have a habit of firing at his TV when the Dolphins frustrated him ...

I'm happy about the RBs and the WRs however I think Mando is over selling this 'blowing the top off of the defense' with Wallace.

Last year Wallace caught 64 balls for 836 yds, with a long of 82. That means he averaged 12 yds/rec on 63 of the catches he made.

To me that indicates that he is catching mostly short yardage stuff and when he gets in space he can outrun the D but 63/64 times he gets tackled with 12 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Mando needs to stop writing checks that Wallace cannot cash.

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