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Dolphins dump Carpenter, keeping Sturgis

It raised eyebrows when Dan Carpenter struggled last season. Then the Dolphins drafted kicker Caleb Sturgis out of the University of Florida in the fifth round and that led to whispers. And those whispers got louder when Sturgis went nuts the other night in the preseason game against Jacksonville, connecting on a 58-yard field goal and booming all six of his kickoffs into the end zone.

Well, today the move that has been coming for months happened as the Dolphins terminated the contract of Carpenter and, in so doing, awarded the kicking job to Sturgis.

"On behalf of the Miami Dolphins, I would like to thank Dan for his contributions he has made as a member of the organization," GM Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"For the past five years seasons Dan has been a tireless worker on the field while devoting countless hours of his time off the field to the beterment of the South Florida community. He has been a productive player and an outstanding citizen and we wish him and his wife Kaela all the best."

All the service Carpenter gave the Dolphins ultimately was overshadowed by two factors:

1. Sturgis was simply better this preseason, connecting on a higher percentage of long field goals than Carpenter.

2. Cutting Carpenter means a significant cap savings. The Dolphins save $2.675 million by cutting Carpenter in the final year of his contract although they will carry $337,500 in dead money as a result.

Sturgis will cost the Dolphins $441,140 against the cap.

So the actual cap savings of keeping Sturgis over Carpenter is $1,896,360.

Carpenter connected on 22 of 27 kicks in 2012 for a success percentage of 81.5, which is the second-lowest mark of his career and marked his second disappointing season since 2010.

It's unclear if Carpenter requested his release but the Dolphins apparently did right by letting him go this early. It gives the five-year veteran a better chance to get picked up by another team. On the other hand, Carpenter's wife is expected to give birth today or tomorrow. So that timing is interesting.

Among the team looking for kickers?

The Cleveland Browns ... Miami's opponent in the regular-season opener.



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The last of the UofM grizzlies left on the roster is cut :( It was fun while it lasted. Good Luck Dan...wish you the best.

The New CBA has caused significantly more injuries this year.

The Dolphins seem to be getting hit as hard as everyone else.

Sound like Jeff Ireland found a true acorn with Applewhite. Given his ability to find talented players, don't be surprised if he proves to be a better player than Dion Jordan. Jeff Ireland, well done, sir!

ETF, Thanks for the stats, I am excited for the fact that safties and corners can not chance inching up. We will not see many "8 in the box" when he is out there. That could pay dividends by itself. Not his salary. :) So we do need better prodction than the numbers you gave us. :)

Oh and by the way....

Ireland thought that Jordan's Shoulder injury was not chronic.

So far it appears like it might be.

They expected him to be healthy enough to play by now...it will be on them if he can't get on the field soon.

Just sayin...

Oh come on guys dont be such a bunch of stingy arse pootnannies!!!

We all better hope that Jordan's shoulder is
able to COMPLETELY HEAL at some point.

Somebodies new medication is working very well evidently based on the civility in here the past couple of days.

@ 11:09, I thought Jimmy Wilson was from Montana too??

You cling to 15 bucks like a flirty school girl clings to here virginity...it aint that big of a deal beetch!!! Now give it up!!!


Guy has shoulder surgery, comes back, works in limited basis, gets a few days off, is not on the IR and all of a sudden he has a chronic shoulder injury?

Wow, a lot of graduates from the Univeristy of Guadalajara Medical School in here the last few days.

$15 bucks gets me 4 mins in the VIP room with double d's .. sorry NFl preseason ... you lose!

Irescum loves injured players in the 1st rd. Odrick and Jordan.

Poizen @ 11:13, I'm hoping he has closer to the stats of 2010 and 2011 than last year.

2010 he had 1257 yards and 10 TD's
2012 he had 1193 yards and 8 TD's

Personally I'm hoping for 1000 + yards 8+ TD's

Brady hurt knee bad. Bellicheat is lying about the severity. Brady hurt.

We win division. '

Thanks Bucs!!

So, Obviously Jordan is a big tpic today. Possible scenerio:

Dion tweaked the shoulder a bit, so they do not want to chance anything. OV is playing etremly well, as is Wake. Why don't we get him some more rest and time to watch the guys ahead of him. Bulk up even more and bring him for a little later when he is more polished.

Possible scenerio?


If there had been a good, uninjured player left on the board when the Dolphins picked third, I am sure Jeff Ireland would have selected him.

Is Ireland the WORST drafter in history?

15 BUCKS?? 4 MIN!

$15 bucks in the VIP room Mark??? Holy moley what hole in the wall backwoods club are you visiting??? What is that 5 billz a tooth???

VIP Room...$15...
Lava Soap...$5...

Some things you just cant wash off or extinguish from your mind...priceless...

Posted by: A.J.Duhe | August 15, 2013 at 11:32 AM

What am I actually smoking...DJ??? The Shoulder??? or the Health??? I just need to know the side affects...

Ok, it's 20 not 15. Hey, you get good bargains up here in Toronto, check it out. Doubt it? If anyone remembers the boat girl, where do you think I met her??? And unlike most places I've been to in the USA, they get fully nekked here and full contact. None of this table dance nonsense or bottoms staying on ... pfff

Jeffy Ireland loves hooka moms.

Mark, for a lil extra money will they rub one out for ya?

Most girls will do more that. All depends on what you offer.

Yesterday the cheap thrills were in Cuba; now they're in Toronto also?

Yeah, I liked the bay us too in DR.

Here in MA, it is illegal, however, since people are going to do it anyway, they gave the ladies a tax id number just in case so they can tax us on it.

Same thing for the Texans. Kubiak said he needs to test his O so, whom better than our starters on D to help him out. For a little while of course.

No, cheap ones are in Cuba, more moderately priced ones are in Toronto... I have a vice, ETF, cheap women ...

There was a bay u in San Pedro also but I avoided it. I preferred to go to the Casa Amarilla in the Capital where they greeted you with a photo album of the girls then they would call them from upstairs or on the phone when you chose.

Last year Wallace caught 64 balls for 836 yds, with a long of 82. That means he averaged 12 yds/rec on 63 of the catches he made.

To me that indicates that he is catching mostly short yardage stuff and when he gets in space he can outrun the D but 63/64 times he gets tackled with 12 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Mando needs to stop writing checks that Wallace cannot cash.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 15, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Don't forget, last season Wallace played 4-5gms with Charlie Batch, that's the Steelers equivalency of "CLEO LEMON".

Big Ben is the epitome of extending a play to make big plays happen for Wallace. You may also find the 82yds bomb to Wallace was with Big Ben as starting qb.

With Big ben as starting qb, Wallace's YPC for those years are:

2009-- 19.4
2010-- 21.0
2011-- 16.6

Even with the 2012 13.1 YPC, Wallace still avgs 17.2ypc in his brief 4yr career. That's still pretty damn amazing. Still, he also had 8 pass catching tds in 2012 with Cleo Lemon, oops, Charlie Batch as starting qb 4-5gms.

It's difficult for a wr like Wallace to put up amazing numbers when Cleo Lemon, oops, didit again. I mean Charlie Batch is his starting qb. Capiche?


Also, with only 1 2012 Wallace td catch going "long distance", and 12ypc there after. 12ypc and 7tds also proves Wallace just may be more than a "one trick pony" as some may errantly claim he is.

17-0 = DB = YG = Blog Assshole

2011, 16.6ypc, also proves after 3yrs of game planning to stop him, DC's still haven't quite figured how to eliminate his explosiveness. He had a 95td catch that same season.

Philbin has said that Egnew, Martin, Miller, Carroll , Vernon have been the most improved in Camp.


What has happened to odin. Is he working overtime shoveling snow?

Philbin has said that Egnew, Martin, Miller, Carroll , Vernon have been the most improved in Camp.
Posted by: oscar canosa | August 15, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Well, if TanneBust isnt the most improved we'll stink AGAIN!


Sorry man...I' m without WIFI most of the time here just picking up your earlier message to me now, very different culture over here than North America. Enjoying it but wouldn't want this all the time. An you're probably right about vacationing too early but it'll be good to have her here. We'll make it up as we go.


I think it's rained every day i've been hear. Walking a ton and checking out a lot of the sights. I was in Edinburgh earlier this week and back again there next week. I have a good friend who lives there so looking forward to spending some time there with him and his wife. Going to end up going up the Castle, as I know Meg Ryan wants to see a castle.

My family came over a week early, Mark and they said the weather was great!

Dolphins dump Carpenter, keeping Sturgis | Miami Dolphins In Depth

LMAO! Today'sa rticle in the Herald: "Miami's offense not finishing." No SChitt!!! Ya think?? This is somethin entirely new, huh! All that YAPPING about New England going down! All that $$ spent on receivers, all $$ spent on that skinny second-coming of jason taylor (who's been nothing but INJURED)! Absoluely NO NFL calibur running back, and yet......everyone's surprised that the offense still, magically SUCKS.

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