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Dolphins (finally) announce cuts

The Dolphins were the last NFL team to announce their roster cuts. They did so three hours after the NFL's 6 p.m. deadline for making those cuts.

Here they are:


G Chris Barker 

C Sam Brenner

WR Chad Bumphis

WR Keenan Davis

DT A.J. Francis

RB Jonas Gray

S Keelan Johnson

S Jordan Kovacs

T Andrew McDonald

WR Marvin McNutt

TE Kyle Miller

DE Tristin Okpalaugo

CB Julian Posey

CB De’Andre Presley

DT Kheeston Randall

DT Tracey Robertson

LB Lee Robinson

LB Austin Spitler

WR Brian Tyms



T Jeff Adams

QB Aaron Corp


Terminated Contracts

LB Antwan Applewhite



The team kept three quarterbacks which means Joe Philbin favorite Pat Devlin is on board -- at least for now.

Devlin made a key 56-yard pass to Marvin McNutt late Saturday night to seal a preseason victory over New Orleans. But the Dolphins kept only four wide receivers today and McNutt was one of the casualties.

I do not expect the Dolphins to go with four wide receivers (Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and Rishard Matthews) into the season. They will add another, that is practically certain.

The team kept 11 defensive backs -- representing six cornerbacks and five safeties. That, my friends, is a lot of defensive backs. I expect one of those safeties to go when another wide receiver is added. But the fact cornerback Will Davis has been hobbled might be one reason for at least one extra player back there.

By the way, if the Dolphins find a tight end available, I wouldn't be surprised if another DB goes.

The Dolphins kept veteran linebacker Jason Trusnik, mostly for his special teams acumen. But Austin Spitler, a three-year veteran, did not survive despite his good special teams play. 

The team kept more productive (on defense, anyway) linebackers Josh Kaddu and Jonathan Freeny.

The Dolphins kept one fullback -- Evan Rodriguez.

And three tight ends -- Charles Clay, Dion Sims and Michael Egnew. 

It is clear the Dolphins felt they brought more defensive talent than offensive talent to training camp. At least, they found that out once the players got on the field and started playing.

They're going to try to even that out a little bit in the coming couple of days by picking up a couple or of offensive players that can be added as wide receivers or tight ends or offensive linemen.

Also, don't be surprised if the Dolphins add a defensive tackle in the coming days. GM Jeff Ireland loves defensive tackles.


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I would suggest chaning your name to Hyundai, or maybe KMart.

still up bmw, havent gone to bed.....have you, genius, after that brilliant comparison?

bmw--so you're comparing Peterson with Gray?

Posted by: benz | August 31, 2013 at 10:33 PM

ROTFLMFAO - Nuff Said(snicker, snick.....)....

hilarious.....but what about my point?--the ACL injury is the common denominator so you're essentially comparing Peterson to Gray.....who again is clueless?

.I imagine Sims will be the starting TE in a month...and we will like him...

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | August 31, 2013 at 10:27 PM

Depth with the mass of humanity up front is a must! Very important, just ask Carson Palmer who was all happy with his new look OL in Arz. then got the news that Jonathan Cooper's broken leg ends the rookie Guards season.

Clay will be the FB and Sims the starting TE...Clay as 2nd TE in said sets...Try to find another one next year...

Yeatman has about a year at his current position. And even less time at his current weight(+30 lbs). Considering, I think he is doing pretty well playing the toughest position on the Ol.

Stupid to cut Marvin McNutt. The guy ran like the wind. Only 4 receivers? Crazy!

odin, saturday night on a holiday weekend, no hottie? i guess they all had better options. no doubt. unless of course they are figments of your imagination ;)

I see your point. I think John Jerry could be a good backup LT. I think he has even practiced there this preseason.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 31, 2013 at 10:00 PM

He closed the 2011 Season as the LT on this team.

Sims SHOULD be the starting TE......its not even close--Clay is skilled but mediocre at the end of the day because he just cant catch (and undersized).....start Sims, who has looked solid with some upside, and let it ride.....pass protection is his strength so Tannehill should be protected--work on his pass catching skills......TE wont be as dynamic as hoped (ie. Keller) but it is what it is--start Sims.

Maybe they only kept 4 WR's because they liked what they saw in Da'Rick Rogers.

The only thing you can count on is more moves definitely coming. How interesting(sigh....).

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2013 at 10:10 PM

My initial thought on the news as well! Look very unconventional but I didn't see anything after the top-4 to write home about really, could you?

Maybe they can pick up the Saints backup O-line and running backs. They looked unstoppable.

benz, ok, i misunderstood your name. it means bends got it now. hahahaa

Jerry is no LT...maybe a RT but we got a RT...Clabo would be a better option at LT than Jerry IMO...Nobody talks about cogs but that guy started playing somewhat like shyt 1/2 way through the year...One play I read folks ripping Martin for was totally Cogs fault...We need another G...sorely...Cogs doesn't have a ton left...

Mabye we can sign the trash we cut 5 years ago? They should be off the radar and could prove to be a great surprise.

right bmw......when humiliated because of your lack of knowledge and stupid comments, deflect with more stupid comments--very impressive.....now YOU should go to bed.


Let me guess. Your experience scouting and coaching NFL players is NIL, yet you know better than those with decades of experience.

Ok. Got it.

I don't know if I'd start Sims right away...live with Clay for a little bit...Sims is still rather green...Clay hasn't inspired any confidence so far but Sims will need a little more time...

Not often you get such an incredible College match up and game to start Season. Georgia-n-Clemson are really playing a whale of a game!

Nope...just like...uhhh...my opinion man...


benz wouldn't even hire you to clean their toilets, even though you have extensive experience.

Jack.....I could live with that, starting Clay for awhile and letting Sims develop.....and thats probably what will happen, and should happen--would be tough to throw a rookie in there right away, agree--just saying that I think Sims has shown some poise/ability, looks pretty good.....and I'm so unimpressed with Clay (actually, very impressed at times with his skill level.....but the guy has awful hands, and none of it matters if he cant catch the ball, cant finish).

Jerry is no LT...maybe a RT but we got a RT...Clabo would be a better option at LT than Jerry IMO...Nobody talks about cogs but that guy started playing somewhat like shyt 1/2 way through the year...One play I read folks ripping Martin for was totally Cogs fault...We need another G...sorely...Cogs doesn't have a ton left...

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | August 31, 2013 at 10:46 PM

I'm a BIG COLLEGE Football fan and Jerry played Vs. some serious speed rushers at Tackle in SEC! No he isn't a GREAT one but no slouch either. In 2011 when Long went down it was Jerry moving over to LT Vs. the Pats, Bills and Jets respectively were we went 2-1 (and should have gone 3-0 after great 1st half in N.E. were we forgot there was a 2nd) There are a couple of regulars on here that will tell you I've been talking Jerry's ability Vs. his perennial slacker for a while really he and Bro Peria were monsters in College who've just slacked it in Pro's but when they're on they're above average talents.

I think Ireland will put in a claim for Ramses Bardin, cut by the Giants. That would give us the tall receiver to use in the red zone. Ireland scouted him back in 2009 and liked him a lot.

Clay just looks completely uninspired...lackluster route running...he can catch it if he pays attention...just no awareness...he looks lost...

also agree that Jerry would be serviceable as a LT if needed......Jerry is decent to better when he's in shape--only issue is his weight/conditioning (not a small issue)--but he's not a bad player when his weight is under control

Todd Gurley is NO GIRLY MAN! Heck of a RB in Georgia folks!

I would start Sims for the simple fact that he's simply better than anything else we have at the position.

It would be asking alot of the Kid, but we're way over-due for a Puppy that Bites!

benz | August 31, 2013 at 11:00 PM

It's the conditioning as well! You can crash diet then cramp with hamstring and groin trouble (an issue with him ) He always seems to get in gear by late Oct. with everybody talking about him only to get into the following camp with the issues again if he ever committed he could be a solid player across the OL.

Go miami one question 4 wr on roster what is up with that


Do you enjoy Cream Puffs?

It would be asking alot of the Kid, but we're way over-due for a Puppy that Bites!

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2013 at 11:02 PM

You got him on my radar and your still batting well over 50%! I like the fact he took 15 pds off before reporting to Camp were he surprised with his speed.

Dallas Thomas is big and athletic. Maybe he can be our short yardage back?

Rodriguez and Daniel Thomas do not instill a lot of confidence in that dept.

What about Dwyer? Is Dwyer a Power Back?

Oh well......Dallas Thomas is already on the Roster.

Go Phins!!!!

agree Odin, and thats ultimately what I'm saying.....Sims is a green rookie, so you may have to live with that for awhile, but he's better than Clay--might not know the offense as well, so thats an issue, and that might keep Clay ahead of him for now......Clay was a 6th round pick after all, and we can see why--agree Jack, he looks lost at times, awareness is not great

maybe start Sims and keep what you're asking from the TE position simple for awhile, a few games


Dallas Thomas is not a RB. You don't learn a new position in two weeks. Maybe you do with Moe and Shemp, but not so much in the NFL.

Fin 4,

The announcer just said, "We're back for the Money Quarter" -LOL!

This is a Good One. I missed most of it. I have it recording automatically under Prime Time. But anyways, Thanks for the Heads Up!

These two are ranked 5th and 8th for a reason.

BTW - What do you think about Brady Hoke and Michigan starting the season Ranked 17th?

no issue with Dallas Thomas......just an overmatched rookie at this point, but he was pretty highly regarded coming out of college, and played against big time competition--he should be a Guard......hopefully just needs time to pick things up

maybe start Sims and keep what you're asking from the TE position simple for awhile, a few games

Posted by: benz | August 31, 2013 at 11:10 PM

Call me CRAZY but I swear I thought it while Keller was getting carted in Houston! If we go with the roster Sims was the next man up.

Anyone up for toasting some marshmallows opening day at the beach before the game?

I would of kept Mcnutt instead of Mathews
But that's Ross lap dog JI and Philbin the clown, engew made the team! No depth in receivers. No depth at OL, no depth on RB
While I could understand keeping three QB because they going to need them all with that horrible OL except for Richy Pouncy. The rest garbage. IMO. but we see good T-Hill I hope you survive at least 6 games. But again how many more draft picks have been let go since JI been here? Love my PHINS good luck JI sucks balls!! Always

Patriots will pick up Spitler. They love our veteran ST guys, and they will have Tanny's EXACT snap count..GO GO...wait, EVERYONE knows that by now.

The Titans cut a center guy named Fernando Velasco. He got caught up in #'s and salary, and the Titans drafted that big bellied Chance Warmack. Velasco plays both guard and center and started over 30 games.
Best player they released.

Anyone see any tackles of note. So far, looks like a lot of teams are keeping a LOT of those guys around. Except Jeff Ireland.

BTW - What do you think about Brady Hoke and Michigan starting the season Ranked 17th?

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2013 at 11:12 PM

Next Saturday they get the Irish and they're #14 ranking. I'l say it now GO WOLVERINES!!!


This ones been a barn burner! Both scored 21 in the 1st Qrt. since then typical SEC-ACC D-Ball!


Dallas Thomas is not a RB. You don't learn a new position in two weeks. Maybe you do with Moe and Shemp, but not so much in the NFL.

Posted by: WVW | August 31, 2013 at 11:10 PM

Not tonight Sweet Cheeks, I have a Headache.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ROTFLMAO - Is this Troll lost or WHAT - LOL?

Seems like too much about a 5 string receiver, when we have serious issues at O-Line and TE, no matter what you hear out the Dolphin brass.
We need to protect our young QB, or we'll have a David Carr on our hands.

Egnew and Thomas are still on my team? YUCK!

I looked over the waiver wire and notice that Rodney Smith got cut. it would have been a feat for him to make the cut with them adding Harvin and Patterson. I am sure the Viks are relishing the thought of stashing him on the PS while he gets his mind right and puts on a few pounds.
I would at least like to see Philbin work him out. This is a big kid with good hands, and he catches the high ball very well.

alot of discussion over a 5th WR.....Matthews or McNutt, etc--a 5th WR wont (shouldnt, hopefully) be much of a factor over the course of the year--McNutt was also cut by the Eagles and was a late round pick to begin with--they'll pick up another comparable WR--minor issue.

Clemson is trying to put this one away!

I'm kind of stunned by this. I thought Georgia was going to "Handle" them.

Clemson is good....

Georgia sucks.

I said way back that Egnew should be used in the slot. Maybe we will see this.

Great game! Still 7:40 left for Georgia!

Any plans for the holday weekend?

I've got some left over morphine from my treatment so I will catch a buzz with that and maybe take my kids out hunting.

Remind me next off-season when the Dolphins are negotiating contracts why putting Francis (a Defensive Tackle by the way) and Okpalaugo on the practice squad this year would be a waste of time....
Posted by: Tracyh474 | August 31, 2013 at 10:16 PM

You're such a poor poster. WTH when someone poaches these guys off of ps? If they are worth their weight on the ps, it's guaranteed they are poached.

Cant keep them on the 53 when it's been determined by coaches they already kept the better players. Cant keep everybody. All 32 teams are in the same dilemma.

Im sure they also have knucklehead fans who think the same as you.

Egnew's future is flippin burgers.


Seems we've spent a couple of Seasons both mystified with Trusnik's roster spot? Terrible in base D whether inside or out and not terribly great (Pro Bowl) ST'er either! I figured one would go given Kaddu flashes and is a better athlete but thought Trusnik 1st given Spitler is a pretty solid ST's player. Your thoughts?? Also how you like McCray?

agree Good......thought the same thing last year--be creative with Egnew at this point, what have you got to lose?--he's contributing nothing.....dude is big, fast and has some skill--line him up as a big WR, in the slot or wide (I like the slot) and see how it plays out

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