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Dolphins (finally) announce cuts

The Dolphins were the last NFL team to announce their roster cuts. They did so three hours after the NFL's 6 p.m. deadline for making those cuts.

Here they are:


G Chris Barker 

C Sam Brenner

WR Chad Bumphis

WR Keenan Davis

DT A.J. Francis

RB Jonas Gray

S Keelan Johnson

S Jordan Kovacs

T Andrew McDonald

WR Marvin McNutt

TE Kyle Miller

DE Tristin Okpalaugo

CB Julian Posey

CB De’Andre Presley

DT Kheeston Randall

DT Tracey Robertson

LB Lee Robinson

LB Austin Spitler

WR Brian Tyms



T Jeff Adams

QB Aaron Corp


Terminated Contracts

LB Antwan Applewhite



The team kept three quarterbacks which means Joe Philbin favorite Pat Devlin is on board -- at least for now.

Devlin made a key 56-yard pass to Marvin McNutt late Saturday night to seal a preseason victory over New Orleans. But the Dolphins kept only four wide receivers today and McNutt was one of the casualties.

I do not expect the Dolphins to go with four wide receivers (Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and Rishard Matthews) into the season. They will add another, that is practically certain.

The team kept 11 defensive backs -- representing six cornerbacks and five safeties. That, my friends, is a lot of defensive backs. I expect one of those safeties to go when another wide receiver is added. But the fact cornerback Will Davis has been hobbled might be one reason for at least one extra player back there.

By the way, if the Dolphins find a tight end available, I wouldn't be surprised if another DB goes.

The Dolphins kept veteran linebacker Jason Trusnik, mostly for his special teams acumen. But Austin Spitler, a three-year veteran, did not survive despite his good special teams play. 

The team kept more productive (on defense, anyway) linebackers Josh Kaddu and Jonathan Freeny.

The Dolphins kept one fullback -- Evan Rodriguez.

And three tight ends -- Charles Clay, Dion Sims and Michael Egnew. 

It is clear the Dolphins felt they brought more defensive talent than offensive talent to training camp. At least, they found that out once the players got on the field and started playing.

They're going to try to even that out a little bit in the coming couple of days by picking up a couple or of offensive players that can be added as wide receivers or tight ends or offensive linemen.

Also, don't be surprised if the Dolphins add a defensive tackle in the coming days. GM Jeff Ireland loves defensive tackles.


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Seems like too much about a 5 string receiver, when we have serious issues at O-Line and TE, no matter what you hear out the Dolphin brass.
We need to protect our young QB, or we'll have a David Carr on our hands.
Posted by: IMAWriter | August 31, 2013 at 11:20 PM

Im 100% with you on this even if we didn't have other slightly more urgent concerns.

2012, we didn't even have a legit #3 wr, our #1 and #2 weren't legit 1 and 2. Now we hae a legit 1, 2, 3, and 4 wr. Yet some crying we didn't keep 5 wrs.

With Jonathon Martin apparently getting it, I think our starting 5 can be pretty Freaking Good. But that's just me.

Pouncey and Cogs are Good and Great. Clabo is a Baller. The Best of the Rest at Right Guard and we can be very good.

The problem, The Main Problem in my opinion is Depth.

Thomas can't be stashed, he'll get poached for sure. But we could upgrade our Depth by replacing Yeatman with somebody that got the ax today.

BTW - Garner just befuddles me. I thought this was going to be the year he put it all together and cemented his spot on the roster.

Egnew has no awareness, no improvisation ability. He is a dumb cluck. I'd rather use a cheerleader as a distraction at TE than field that miserable wasted pick that will never play anywhere again after this year.

IMO, Bumphis is the guy the Fins would like to keep most. Basically played him none at all the final 2-3 preseason games.

I believe the motive is to eliminate game tape so the other 31 teams don't poach him off of PS. Bumphis is probably the guy they would most like to have available if one of our wr's goes down. Or would most love to develop.

That also would appear to be a possibility.

I would not be surprised in the least if Dion Sims moves ahead of Charles Clay as day starter at te. Espcially if he builds on Thursday nights final preseason performance with a vey good practice next week.

Clay's too inconsistent. A great practice week could nudge Sims ahead as day 1 starter in gm 1 against Cleve.

Nobody is hiding anybody. These GM's and there scout teams know very well who is on everyone's roster.

Bumphis was not a football player. He shied away from returning punts when there was room to go. Philbin asked if Gates was a football player...what happened? Same thing here.

Bumphis bye bye.

Nobody is hiding anybody. These GM's and there scout teams know very well who is on everyone's roster.

Bumphis was not a football player. He shied away from returning punts when there was room to go. Philbin asked if Gates was a football player...what happened? Same thing here.

Bumphis bye bye.


I like McCray a lot. I agree with your earlier post on Jimmy Wilson. I'll take McCray over Wilson all day.

Wilson seemed unable to push Clemons, but that all changes with McCray. I like the position were in with all of the safties contracts too. It opens it up and lets the "Music Do The Talking"(so to speak).

Trusnik and Spitler were basically a toss up for me. Like you said though, Spitler because of the Special Teams play. Apparently the Coaches have a plan here.

I do like Kaddu and Jelani Jenkins as well. And ultimately, I was hoping we could upgrade and do away with both Spitler and Trusnik.

I think this Defense is going to be Fantastic either way though. So I'm sure how much any of it really matters-LOL.

Clemson making an early statement here in the ACC to early to know about Georgia with so many Fr. on D but Conf. Title game could be for spot in BCS Title game. Go Canes!

Right now, I would rank Sims and Clay neck and neck as starter. I say this simply because Clay seems to have not shake his inconsistent ways after now his 3rd season.

So I'm **NOT** sure how much any of it matters.......

(That's better...)

Bumphis is probably the guy they would most like to have available if one of our wr's goes down. Or would most love to develop.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 31, 2013 at 11:41 PM

Could very well be the case but like Bess and others before him slated in the slot needed to show more as punt returned and feel he hurt his cause with all the open space fair catches plus one he muffed that he was lucky to get back!


In what order would you rank the following, or would you say a tie?

1. kris
2. shiittt
3. odin


Hate to burst your Clemons bashing bubble. But Clemons Jones has been preseason ranked as one of the best safeties combos in the league. They're saying Clemons isn't flashy, but he's as solid as they come.

If it aint broken why fix it. I love Kelcie McCray too. He and Jimmy Wilson probably gives us the best 4 safeties in the league.

Wow! That was a Good One!

I just Love It when an 8th ranked team upsets a 5th ranked team.

Clemson has to be Pumped, they should have some momentum going for them now.

Sims and clay both sucks. They're be backups at any other teams. Inconsistent and no experience from Sims. Plus Egnew just a waste of a roster spot! You see when the real season begins. I love my team but offensively they don't scare me. Just average at best. Y'all will see. And JI finally gets fired. I hope anyways!

How did Irescum make the cut?

Our safeties were pretty damn solid last season. It was the cb's that many times weren't up to snuff. Both Clemons and Jones had pretty good ranking with pff in 2012.

Just average at best.

Posted by: Dolphin RAY | August 31, 2013 at 11:57 PM

We WISH the offense was average. It sucks.

No Clemons bashing in any of my posts tonight.

Where you getting that(hopefully it's not some secret signals only picked up by Tin Foil Helmets-LOL)?

All I said is the Truth. I actually compliment him in a way. Wilson hasn't been able to push Clemons at all.

Competition is good. McCray ups that level when compared to Wilson.

Ron Son

If you and Zonk blew each other, you would complain less and maybe never even come back here.

Give it a try.

Michael Robinson cut by seahags for salary cap reasons. Pro Bowl FB in 2011 and led Marshawm Lynch through holes for 2/1000 yd seasons. We chased Leach for weeks and now Robinson can be ours for the taking. Our running game in the pre season was weak to say the least. Maybe Robinson could open some holes for us.

Both Clemons and Jones had pretty good ranking with pff in 2012.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 31, 2013 at 11:59 PM

Clemons gets caught out of Pos. to much for my liking, just MO! I know you understand and watch the replays as well and your giving him a pass here! He isn't terrible but can be pushed and J.Wilson in any conversation of best in the NFL is a GIANT stretch, common now Breed!


Salary cap reasons means he wasn't worth his salary. Other teams garbage won't turn to gold here.

Maybe you don't watch Football....watch some tape of him before you comment. He was a all pro in 2011.


it's 2013.

As the season goes by more people will realize that Tannehill is Henne 2.0. 5th year of crushed hopes for the kool aid homers.

FYI......The Seattle Seahawks have released veteran fullback Michael Robinson. Robinson, 30, has been sidelined recently with an illness but the news is a bit surprising considering Robinson has been one of the NFL’s better lead blockers in recent years. Been real #12thMan will always have love for ya — Michael Robinson (@RealMikeRob) August 31, 2013 The $2.5 million owed to Robinson may have played a factor in the Seahawks decision to cut Marshawn Lynch’s lead blocker. Rookie Spencer Ware will now occupy that role. Once Robinson gets over his illness he figures to get a look or two and sign elsewhere.

The one thing that looks good is the punting/kicking game.

Odinseye... I agree with your statement about O-line depth, not the starting 5 being an issue.

I don't see any way Miami doesn't go sign another OT/OG hybrid type similar to Garner. In honesty, I'd rather see Miami get EITHER a guard or a Tackle. Hybrids often times are jacks of all O-line trades and masters of none. (See Garner).....

Only one player on the cut list really surprised me. I honestly thought Marvin McNutt had done what he needed to do. Tyms has had PS development written all over him. Bumphis will get poached IMO. Gray is a toss up. Teams like The Giants & Green Bay lost RB's to long term injury. But there are 1 or 2 RB's who have been cut who are much better then Gray. If not picked up I see Gray, Tyms, McNutt, and AJ Francis all heading to PS. They may not survive as the roster churns (it always does in Miami early in the season)... But those would be my bets.

Carat stop showing your football ignorance. You state absolutely no facts and probably don't even know who Robinson is. Anyway for you Dolphins fans out there Robinson was also a Pro Bowler in 2011 and 2012. He was the lead blocker for a 1000 yard running back in Seattle for 3 years.

Let's sign an ill FB who was cut because of an 'illness'. LOL. Hey why not sign Bo Jackson. LMFAO!

carat once again you show you know nothing.....Robinson had a stomach Virus!! I purposely cut that out to show the blog you know nothing!! Trapped like a wet RAT!!

Pete Carrol has become a great coach.

Here is a fact, Robinson was cut, let go for DIDDLY SQUAT!

There was a reason for this, he is ILL. Yet you homers want to believe every teams discarded spent trash will be great here. Gotcha.

Why don't you tell me the last time a discarded roster casualty made a difference here. I'll tell ya, Never. Yet you fools are banking on something that has NEVER happened. Gotcha. LOL.

Pete Carrol was always a good coach....he also still an imbecile at sportsmanship! Never forget the motion to his throat when Stoyanovich missed a FG. Stay classless Mr. Carrol

If you had 1/10 of a brain you would realize he was cut because NO TEAM would offer a penny for him. Duh. That's a fact too,

Good night dumb farts.

Carat, thats how desperate Fin fans are. Other teams crap is considered an upgrade lol

Great Free agent Signings that NEVER work according to that idiot Carat:

Jay Feidler
Garo Yepremium
Earl Morral
Chad Pennington
Randy Starks
Manny Fernandez
Cameron Wake
Bob Kuchenberg

Now you can go to bed little boy!! You are definitely out of your league with this big boy. Im 53 years old and have followed the Dolphins since 1968. Try to debate with a 6th grader...that seems to be your level!

How does signing a FB too ill to play one week before opening day help get us over the hump?

Oh yeah big Jim Langer also....gee HOF??? But cutplayer have NEVER worked according to that idiot Carat/Huh?/Ron Son....such a punk he uses 3 personas to get agreement.
So I have proved my point and IM done with this Sybil fool.....where is Dr Canosa when you need him?

Ron Son, how is Sanchez's shoulder doing? I put Revis interceptions against the Jets at 1.5 and I'm taking the over.

Greg they weren't injured or sick final day roster cuts to get to the minimum. They were healthy, ready to play, established pro's with starter experience signing as FA's.

Big difference,


Its a passing league now. True fullbacks telegraph running play 10 miles away. Even if its a pass play, that blocking fb on the field, means one less wr you can play.

At most, fb's in the passing game are a last option checkdown read.

BTW Robinson is over his ailment......a stomach virus....and will start for a team week 1! This is straight from the wire!

If they wanted a FB they'd have signed Leach. If they didn't sign a healthy Leach, they sure as hell aren't going to sing a player too ill to play.

Huh? Carat or whoever you are. You are wrong again. They were CUT players!! There was no free agency in the 70's....in fact Wake had to play in Canada!! and Robinson was not waived injured. He was cut due to cap reason. They went younger and cheaper. Please get facts before you try to talk on here. You are a cesspool of misinformation. For what reason I cannot fathom.

There is only one word to describe making all other teams wait past the deadline:


Tebow loves you, even if you are a dumb idiot. LOL.

I much rather have 2 wr's, 2 te's and run/pass catching rb on the field than a fb. Youre not telegraphing to the defense what the next play is most likely to be.

The most wins henne guided us to was 7. So if tanne is henne 2.0 miami should win 14 games this year?

Wrong again on Leach. He used Miami to get more from Baltimore....which is where he always wanted to play. You can say that Robinson is ill a million times and it still will not be true!


You fail to read and comprehend.FA wasn't the issue. Those you mentioned were healthy players ready to play, not suffering from illnesses cut on the final trim down day.

Just so that we are clear: Henne gave us 7 wins in 2009 AND 2010. Henne did it twicw. Moore never did it. Tanne did it once, so far, in 2012.

You know nothing about Miami FB here are the facts cut and paste......
1. Jim Langer (1970): Yet another Shula find, Langer was initially signed by the Cleveland Browns as an undrafted free agent, but was cut during training camp. The Dolphins signed him, and he sat on the bench for most of the 1970 and 1971 seasons. Once he established himself as the started in 1972, Langer did not return to the bench for eight seasons, starting 141 straight games before a knee injury sidelined him in 1979. He would earn six straight Pro Bowl appearances from 1973 to 1978, as well as being named a First Team All Pro Selection in four of those years. The Dolphins would trade Langer to Minnesota in 1980, where he would retire after the 1981 season. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987.

f course I have more to prove what I say but you know what you go do some research and comeback and apologize to everybody on this blog for your lies and misrepresentations. You are a waste of time troll that is most likely a sad and lonely jet fan!


Plus signing Robinson you have to pay him vet minimum salary, which for him is close to $1,000,000. We're talking a position now being sparingly used.

Langer's story is a man's story.
Much like Henne's story is a man's story.

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