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Dolphins (finally) announce cuts

The Dolphins were the last NFL team to announce their roster cuts. They did so three hours after the NFL's 6 p.m. deadline for making those cuts.

Here they are:


G Chris Barker 

C Sam Brenner

WR Chad Bumphis

WR Keenan Davis

DT A.J. Francis

RB Jonas Gray

S Keelan Johnson

S Jordan Kovacs

T Andrew McDonald

WR Marvin McNutt

TE Kyle Miller

DE Tristin Okpalaugo

CB Julian Posey

CB De’Andre Presley

DT Kheeston Randall

DT Tracey Robertson

LB Lee Robinson

LB Austin Spitler

WR Brian Tyms



T Jeff Adams

QB Aaron Corp


Terminated Contracts

LB Antwan Applewhite



The team kept three quarterbacks which means Joe Philbin favorite Pat Devlin is on board -- at least for now.

Devlin made a key 56-yard pass to Marvin McNutt late Saturday night to seal a preseason victory over New Orleans. But the Dolphins kept only four wide receivers today and McNutt was one of the casualties.

I do not expect the Dolphins to go with four wide receivers (Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and Rishard Matthews) into the season. They will add another, that is practically certain.

The team kept 11 defensive backs -- representing six cornerbacks and five safeties. That, my friends, is a lot of defensive backs. I expect one of those safeties to go when another wide receiver is added. But the fact cornerback Will Davis has been hobbled might be one reason for at least one extra player back there.

By the way, if the Dolphins find a tight end available, I wouldn't be surprised if another DB goes.

The Dolphins kept veteran linebacker Jason Trusnik, mostly for his special teams acumen. But Austin Spitler, a three-year veteran, did not survive despite his good special teams play. 

The team kept more productive (on defense, anyway) linebackers Josh Kaddu and Jonathan Freeny.

The Dolphins kept one fullback -- Evan Rodriguez.

And three tight ends -- Charles Clay, Dion Sims and Michael Egnew. 

It is clear the Dolphins felt they brought more defensive talent than offensive talent to training camp. At least, they found that out once the players got on the field and started playing.

They're going to try to even that out a little bit in the coming couple of days by picking up a couple or of offensive players that can be added as wide receivers or tight ends or offensive linemen.

Also, don't be surprised if the Dolphins add a defensive tackle in the coming days. GM Jeff Ireland loves defensive tackles.


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YG at least you talk some real issues not like this other fake fans on here.
To me $1million for a better shot at Miller having a 1000 yard season is worth the money. If the run game is strong then it must be respected. Hence the passing game becomes more dangerous.


You are really dense bro. Or really stupid. Langer was ready to play, not too ill to play. That is the difference. I've spelled it out for you three times now and you keep confusing the issue.

Nobody said FA's don't contribute. The issue was players injured or too sick to play on the final cut down day making an impact somewhere else. Not any old FA. Wake the fk up and learn how to read or stop fingering yourself so you can pay attention.

Any moment my 2 delicious 2 topping medium pizzas will be delivered by Dominoes. Including tax and tip it will cost $19.

Grag & Huh?,
WTF yo?

Why are you bungholes fighting? Over.

WTF man?
Where do my pizzas be at?

HUH? you truly need to learn to read...but I will place another cut and paste here for you with the REAL facts...after you read go away cuz you have been shut up like a little whiny girl!!
Robinson was the lead blocker for All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch, who has rushed for 2,794 yards and 23 touchdowns the past two seasons. But Robinson missed the final two preseason games because of a virus, which allowed second-year back Derrick Coleman and sixth-round draft choice Spencer Ware to show they could play the fullback position.
From Seahawks.com


Robinson was the lead blocker for All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch, who has rushed for 2,794 yards and 23 touchdowns the past two seasons. But Robinson missed the final two preseason games because of a virus, which allowed second-year back Derrick Coleman and sixth-round draft choice Spencer Ware to show they could play the fullback position.

Now shut up and go to bed little girl!!


I see. So we need to sign a FB that was easily replaced by a late round rookie. LOL.

Dude glad you are a fan and not a decsion maker.

Well I guess it's too late for the few cognizant bloggers.

Until next time all...

Just so that we are clear: Henne gave us 7 wins in 2009 AND 2010. Henne did it twicw. Moore never did it. Tanne did it once, so far, in 2012.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 01, 2013 at 12:45 AM

Moore is 8-2 as a Dolphin.


Oh so now he suddenly wasn't released cuz he was injured??? Now you come up with another lame argument?
Here are the facts in case you cannot read....

2011 and 2012 Pro Bowl

Lynch ran for almost 2800 yds in 2 seasons behind Robinson

We Don't have a true FB

We can have Robinson for nothing...although other teams will be after him too.

So far I have answered all your falsehoods with facts....maybe you should put that little thing away you call a D *ck and go to bed...alone again as usual!!

Moore took over for Henne after surgery in 2011, he won 6 games in 13 starts.

Well Now that I have exposed the fraud that Huh?, Ron Son and Carat are I am out of here. Hopefully the true Dolphin fans will know that this was the same idiot that has no facts and spreads lies and false information to disparage the Mighty Dolphins...he is probably a lonely sad loser of a Jet fan!
Good Night


You were probably right about Robinson bro. I was just playing with you.

Wait Im not a Jets fan tho. I like the Patriots.

Roster seems fine and all, I'm sure Ireland and Philbin picked the best 53 Players. But there must be some illness in the Miami Dolphins PR dept. I thought it was Mike Dee but no, as evidenced by today's agonizingly late publication of the cuts list. Once in a while, but consistently, the Dolphins organization commits major fukkkups that manage to piss off and eventually alienate Fans, Media and Players alike. Is this being done on purpose? A show of force? What is it? Please find out and correct it because if you don't, you might be run out of Town.

no surprises here, I'm sure couple of those receivers will land on practice squad. I would look in to adding a veteran T.E like a J.Ballard etc. Gonna need as season progresses.

The only guys I might have kept is Francis and McNutt but the cut is done. Now we need a WR, TE and possibly an OL. Can't go 4 deep at WR into the season. What's next Philbin/Ireland?

Uff, what a deal to keep Devlin on the Team! It is a certainty that if he had been cut and tried to place him in the PS, one of our Division rivals would have poached him. But now, there is a valuable space occupied by one too many a QB, Moore and Devlin. I expect them to claim a QB to be placed on the PS and a decision to be made to trade either one of them. Unless they want to go with 3 QBs which makes little sense to me.

Armando wrote ANOTHER apologetic suck piece giving FIRELAND an out. You don't trade up to the third pick to get an injured player who may not make an impact this year. If anyone needs more proof than that, that FIRELAND is clueless, well then you just can't be helped.

The practice squad has to be announced before we can really reeact to all of this. I see no problem with not being in a rush to announce cuts. Not l like a fast announcement adds any real value to the team or the players cut.

If McNutt and Francis are available after the waivers they will likely get ont to PS for the Fins. That will be fine.

Remember they have a lot of $'s invested in Solai, Starks, Odrick and Martin. Not sure they can afford any more DT's on the active roster. So, if they can stash Francis on the PS they will have a less costly development player for next year to work with when Starks or Solai are gone.

Armando theres a typo on your list, I did not see Irelands name on it.

Did the Dolphins get fined for being 3 hours late? They should be fined. What a crap franchise.

Who the hell cares if cuts where not announced you idiot ,the league was submitted our cots on time.You dumb ass

You people are Whinny little school girls ,please get a life

Back to the Ireland non sense over and over again with each time having less of an effect. If you could at least come from a fresh angle or something worth debating.

The reality is this is the team we are taking in 2013 give or take a few guys. Happy with the team overall. Let's face it if we have to use any of these late pickups then we are in trouble. But that makes us no different than all the other teams in the league.








The only thing destructive to the Phins is only in the mind of the pretend fans that think their narrow minded lowly opinions matter to real fans. So there's always that.


I have no problem with any of the cuts the dolphins made yesterday. None. I do predict a few moves before Thursday and maybe even a trade involving the DL or DB with all the depth we have at both positions. To be honest, I'm most worried about TE. Dustin Keller is a huge loss. There really is no one out there to sign off the FA market. It's time for Dion Simms to shine.

Man I hope we go after that Center the Titans released, I heard he can play guard and the Titans usually have a kick butt offensive line.

I thunk Ireland released more talent then he kept. Ireland loves DT, we dont need a DT we need a RG, TE, WR. What was wrong with McNutt, except his name,,,,? Well at least theres still NASCAR for a few months.


I see your boy McNutt took it in the neck yesterday. I take back my accolades to you on Friday. Not sure I agree with this move but if they can stash a couple of these guys on the practice squad then all good. I also see they work out WR Rodgers. Be good if they could add this guy to the PS too. WR position should be fine. Injuries happen to every team. If we get caught we'll have to add guys.

Not sure about the logic of adding. Guys that have been dropped. For example, is D J Williams better than what we have? If so, why did GB drop him? So a new guy is going to come in. And contribute right away? Not sure I buy that. Similarly,is Danny Wadkins or Dwyer better than what we have? If they are so good then why are teams releasing them? Pittsburgh's run game was awful last year and they let Mendenhall go and draft Bell and STILL Release Dwyer. That make any sense to anyone? Where does Dwyer fit? Who are you then going to release? Giliislee? I' m not a fan of this kid buti think he deserves a chance. I just see him as a younger and cheaper Dwyer at this point. Neither one is going to start.

Sometimes other teams players look better than ours from afar. The reality is in most cases they're not.

Two guys that interest me somewhat are Moekai (sp) from KC and D J Williams. From GB. Not saying they are the answer but still interesting options.

Frank from PA...Welcome back. Haven't seen you in a while. The loss of Keller is my main concern too. But the good options just aren't there for the team. I guess we're going to find out how fast Clay, Egnew and Dion Jordan can grow up and contribute. It's really on them they have to do it.


Enjoy your NASCAR. you won't be missed on here.

Craig M,

No one would miss you either.

The loss of Keller is my main concern too. But the good options just aren't there for the team. I guess we're going to find out how fast Clay, Egnew and Dion Jordan can grow up and contribute. It's really on them they have to do it.

Posted by: dadsmithwest | September 01, 2013 at 10:07 AM
Not going with positions of dire need in the draft may come back to hurt Ireland and this team. It's to early to tell but OG and TE were dire needs that could have been taken care of in the draft but they were not. I understand the upside of going with Dion at # 3 but only time will tell if the Dolphins should have done things differently and gone with an OG and TE; two positions that seem to be currently hurting the offense.

promichael, Ireland's already drafted 3 TE's....

Do you really want Ireland to draft a 4th TE?

What's Up PHINLAND??????????????/
Atlfin, LOL great Question...

Do you really want Ireland to draft a 4th TE?

Posted by: AtlFin | September 01, 2013 at 10:34 AM



And autocorrect don't try to change my name again beeach. Dis be da one and only legendary Bo Jackson beeeatch.

That all depends on how you look at it Craig. Players get caught it a numbers game. Perhaps those teams have more depth at those positions. Pittsburgh has a bunch of good backs. With Felix Jones now in the mix, and with Bell coming back in 4-6 weeks, they had a lot of guys competing for roster spots. Not saying Dwyer is worth bringing in, but let's not assume other released players are not better than the guys we have.

Standing pat is never the best option if you have weak spots that could use improving. RB is arguably a week spot. So is TE and OL. I loved DJ Williams in college and I would argue that he could be better than Clay or Egnew in the long run

promichael, Ireland's already drafted 3 TE's....

Posted by: AtlFin | September 01, 2013 at 10:33 AM
Really; I'm referring to a TE that can really HELP THE OFFENSE. There were two possible candidates in the draft. Now Sims may work out to be the Dolphins best option but that remains to be seen with pass catching production.

Surprised to see McKnutt go. And why on earth keep 11 DB's? Are we moving from a 4-3 to a 0-0?
If we sign another team's DL or DB in the next few days, that really shows the team has issues.

Buffalo is desperate for DBs. Maybe we don't want them to poach ours that are going to be cut. Might, and this one is a big might, be the same case as why we kept Devlin.

Pollster, I vote YOU as biggest anus on the blog.

All the craziness here about signing other team's scrubs. Why?

At best, they all need further developing and maybe 2-3yrs away to being legit 3rd team depth. Highly unlikely any out there are half as good as our 2nd team depth chart.

Some of you complain about Ireland and the acorns. Now you want them by the bushel.

Buffalo could have a couple of our crappy DB's. Why is Nolan Carrol still hanging around? Would have rather kept McNutt and released one of them.

Seems like a trend that the current regime never wants to develop any of the young WR's. But they love keeping the dead weight DB's and TE's around!


What were you on during the game Keller got injured?

You came here and absolutely reemed us whom after seeing the replay of his injury wrote him off for the season. Im sure you felt silly about this after finding he was really out for the season.

Some replays are more vicious than others. It doesn't take Dr. Andrews Monday morning analysis to know its bad. Real bad.......

Glad they kept Kelcie McKray. This guy is a always around the ball. I hope he develops into a beast. Hope they can replace Clay with a better, hopefully a veteran tight end. Also they MUST keep a look out at LT and RG.


Could be that Nolan Carroll's still in his rookie contract and Ireland still enjoys feeding peanuts to the monkies? And I don't mean this racially.

lol. Agree on Carroll. Don't necessarily agree with you on not making roster tweaks though. Most teams make a tweak or two to improve their teams. Why shouldn't the Fins? One mans trash could be another's treasure... typically, it doesn't go terribly wrong in the other direction if they guy that is being replaced is already trash!


PLEASE SIGN CHRIS HARPER, the guy can be a Dez Bryant, just needs coaching up.

After Buffalo acquires some DBs from other Teams, they we will feel free to release some of ours, if so inclined. You don't help a Division rival in any way.

not sure why 58 Robinson was cut. he was the only LB that flashed on film every game.

Dear Mr. Faking It,

Please enlighten us with your superior intellect...
Tell us what the Dolphins should do now! Do you have any original thoughts on the subject? Or, do you just prefer to tell others how wrong they are all the time? Your name alone shows us you're anally retentive. Be a fan! Tell us your superior methods to turn the Dolphins into a winning team! Tell us!!! Or, STFU...

I can't believe Francis was picked up by NE. Ireland should of known that was going to happen. Watch, he will be starting there when we can use him next year. What an awful move that was. Ridiculous.

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