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Dolphins lose, say they're ready

So the Dolphins lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 17-16. They're 1-3 this preseason.

So, of course, they believe they're ready for the regular season.

"Yeah, I'm ready," running back Lamar Miller said. "I just feel like I'm ready. I can help this team win. I'm ready."

He should feel ready because Miller thinks he won the starting running back job Saturday night.

"I do feel like I won the job," he said.

Miller gained 35 yards on eight carries. That's a 4.4 average. It included a 20-yard run. With Daniel Thomas gaining 3 yards on seven carries -- a 0.4 yard per carry average -- I do not disagree.

Lamar Miller is your starting running back.

WR Mike Wallace, who had three catches but dropped on pass, also thinks he's ready to go for the 2013 season.

"I hope so, it's two weeks away, so I hope I'm ready," Wallace said. "Yeah, I think I'm ready. I'm pretty sure. I'll be ready to make some plays when my number's called."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played well and delivered a 90 QB rating, believes the offense is "just a hair off."

"I think we're close," Tannehill said. "We've progessed each week and now it's exciting. Now it's time to buckle it up and play for real."

As for himself, Tannehill thinks it's coming.

"I'm progressing," he said. "I'm moving in the right direction."

Coach Joe Philbin wasn't quite as certain things are all set to go as the Dolphins have one preseason game left -- a game in which the starters aren't likely to play very long.

"We didn't play well enough in any phase of the game to win the game," Philbin said.

How about the red zone offense, Joe?

"Not good enough," he said.

Third down offense?

"I didn't think we were very good there. We have a lot of work to do."

The starting offense overall?

"I guess we were okay as an offense," Philbin said. "It wasn't great."

Michael Egnew didn't catch a pass nor was he targetted. Charles Clay had one catch on six targets. Dion Sims had one catch off his only target.

John Jerry started at right guard. Josh Samuda played with starters and on second team after Jerry left the game with approximately 16 snaps. Lance Louis played in the second half.

And then this:

For whatever struggle the Dolphins offense is having I refer you to the fact the Jets and Bills are a disaster offensively.

In Buffalo, neither E.J. Manuel nor Kevin Kolb can stay healthy. It is to the point the team will be working out multiple QBs on Sunday and one of those is former Dolphins draft pick bust John Beck.

In New York, Rex Ryan is seemingly trying to get fired. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith three three interceptions and actually stepped out of the end zone on a quarterback scramble for a safety. Bad night.

Mark Sanchez had a worse night. Ryan actually inserted the veteran into the game in the fourth quarter behind the reserve offensive line. And Sanchez injured his right (throwing) shoulder.

No words. 


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I guarantee the Fins will still split with the Jets and Bills this season, no matter how bad those teams are.

This is not a good team. 5-11

Ireland drafted 3 TE's and they're ALL BUSTS!

Dolphins will win one of thei first five games. Maybe.

Tannehill might become the biggest problem for us.
He is looking at his targeted receiver all the way, he doesnt og through hes reads and he doesnt get rid og the football.
The sack he took was unnessesary.
Get rid of the football!

This team does not seem to have the IT factor. There are some talented individuals but the team does not appear to play with a killer mindset. It's a mediocre bunch. 8-8

Mediocre is being very kind. Clay, Egnew, egghead, OL, look terrible no other word for it.


Funny how the negative, childish writer attracts the negative, childish fans. You fegs deserve each other.

Armando with another solid piece of negative press written for one reason, to attract bloggers.....hey Mando you want bad football....see NE V Detroit. Let me enlighten you....everyone is still working things out....its called preseason. Only in this blog could the defense have 6 sacks and the starting QB has a strong night and the sky is falling....I give up on the Herald

Game was crap. Tannehill is Henne2. Gonna be another long year

Am I the only person that saw RT throw 3 picks that were dropped?

We love each other more than we love the team!!!!

BlackMan for real...

The offense is starting to get it when it does we will be 8-8 if it doesn't we are 6-10. This will not change until Jeff goes away. The team just can't put points on the board. It looks like Rex Ryan and Jeff are going to be looking for work soon the way things are going.The Pats are not looking to good either looks like a race to the bottom.

Worthless, boring, inconsequential blog filled with the same tedious idiots day after day after day.

Good riddance!!

How the heck can we sneak Devlin and Gray into the PS without them being poached?

This doesn't look like a playoff-bound Team if they keep on playing like they did tonight. They are improving but they need to do much more.

We are a freshly rebuilt Team with very little depth overall. J Mart goes down, Tannehill is in big trouble. Same with our top 3 Wrs. We have no effective TE, We are going with 2 rookie corners who, although talented, will surely make mistakes. Not this year, I'm afraid.


There should be pretty good Players throughout the League available at final cuts. Expect Ireland to grab a few of those.

You ready for Church, Gentile?

The D looks great and much improved over last year. The O is a work in progress but clearly better than last year as well. The O averaged 18 points a game last year and has scored 13 and 14 pts in the first half of the last 2 games. Yes we need a tight end and there isn't much depth at several offensive positions. Some of the depth might get addressed once cuts are made but we need to find a starting tight end and there isn't one on the roster.

I'm going to look at this team as the glass being half full. I see a top 5 defense. I see the opposition scoring less than 17 points on average. Their biggest opposition will be the turnovers the offense faces them with. Hopefully They will be able to create a few turnovers of there own. On offense I still see a tattered offensive line, a weak core of Tight Ends, much improved WR's position, and a diamond in the rough QB in his sophomore season.

I still have faith Tannehill will grow into a high caliber QB. I look at his biggest detractors being experience(remember hasn't played QB his whole life) and the offensive line that needs to give him more time.

If the o-line gets better, so will Tannehill. I'm going to predict a 10-6 season, maybe even 11-5. We split the series with the Patriots and sweep the rest of the AFC East. Go Dolphins!

The first team defense was very very good and at times dominate like they were part of the huddle. Josh Freeman 59 yards passing on the night. B. Leonard had 38 yds rushing.

T-hill was 17 of 27 for 150 with a TD...should have been 2 with a lot of dropped passes. The facts always elude the pretend fans on here. The inaccurate talk is utter non sense (nothing new).

In the face of the nattering nabobs of negativity, I propose a rational thought. I know, an unheard of concept around here.

If this team can come out of the first five games with at least a 3-2 record, and barring more injury, there is no reason the playoffs are not possible. (Notice I threw in a couple of negatives there to keep you happy.) Or miserable. Geez.

Looks like same team to me. O.L is going to be a problem this season. Tannehill I'm afraid is never gonna be much more than just O.K. As for T.E, well we blew our chance in draft. Should have went for Eifert. Jordan is an unnecessary piece to this teams troubles.
.500 ...Again

Clay cant catch, period (well/consistently anyway).....we saw the same thing last year and again last night--Sims probably isnt ready (and is not that type of player for the most part).....how bad could Egnew really be? (dont answer that)--and Lamar Miller goes down easier than alot of RBs Ive seen in the past......dude rarely breaks a tackle, gets tripped up all the time......we need to package a player and pick for a mid-tier TE

I'll tell ya who is inaccurate and that is Josh Freeman. The T-hill opinions here are just unsupported by film and facts. You wouldn't think people could spew non sense with neither to support their claims but they do ALL the time.

The guy is a young QB behind an inconsistent line that's had to deal w/injuries, no TE and WR's dropping passes. Not saying the guy doesn't throw some bad passes but even the best do. Fact is he's putting this team on his shoulders and still doing well.

and for the Jordan/Eifert second guessers, including those that feel (for some reason) that all rookies have to contribute/dominate/conquer the world immediately or they're a bust, Eifert aint exactly tearing it up in Cincy.......missed their recent game with an injury and has a few catches for a few yards in their other games--might be good and contribute down the road (uh, like Jordan maybe?), but he's been a non-factor to this point--and dont assume he's gonna be all-world anyway.

-Miller looked great on picking up blitzes. The 20 yard run showed his speed in turning the corner. Just remember that TB had the #1 rated run defense last year
-I love Ellerbe. Fast and active.
-Sims will be the starter at TE at some point, maybe soon. He's already the best bocker of the three and he looks fluid as a reciever.
-Davis is extremely athletic and will be a starter at some point.
-I didn't see Jamar Taylor but for a cornerback that's not always a bad thing.
-Thigpen didn't have problems catching punts last season. I woudn't worry about him.
-T-Hill is making steady progress
-Martin had another solid game at LT. That doesn't seem to be such a problem area any more.

As I write this it becomes apparent that some of the people who post on this board have not been paying attention. First, what is the difference between this team and last years on offense? The O line is decimated, receivers drop balls and we cannot score in the red zone. In last nights game we were in the red zone three times and what did we do? (granted we did score a TD, why not two or three TD's that's what an elite team does) If I sound like I am badgering the Dolphins I really don't mean to, but as the years pass and we continue to loose regardless of the reason why it is us the fans that in the end are the ones that really suffer. I'll back this team as long as I continue to breath and with that I'll also call it like it is. You saw what we did against the Bucs last night do you think we would have a chance against a high caliber team? Past history shows us again that this team will start out 1-4 (if we are luck and our defense can keep us close) then it gets really hard after that, but I'll tell you this...God I hope I am wrong.

Benz, you made the BEST observation so far, Eifert has done nothing so far for the Bengals. "All World" in college does not necessarly translate to that in the NFL. So to say Jordan was a bad pick relative to us picking Eifert is a mistake. Jordan when he gets healthy will only make a very good defense better. I see him chasing down Tom Brady in critcal 3rd down situations.

Run Ricky Run

This team really really blows PERIOD !! Some clown actually posted a headline qoute dolphins starters dominate is he delusional like 85% of this ignorant fan base !! No tight end the offensive line blows the only good thing is the pass rush and Sturgis !! The death march for J.Ireland is now, a new regime starts by new years another 6-10 -7-9 season equals the traditional Mel Kiper blue book draft propects by thanksgiving !!

Ireland can not put a proper team together!!!! I will be rooting for as many losses as possible as soon as possible.

Dion was a mistake, we are hurting at soo many places and he uses 2 draft high draft picks on D-Line, our only strong area with an injured player.

to u......the dolphins were 11th in the league in red zone effeciency. That is not the problem. The problem is that they didn't get there enough. Tannehill is cearly better this year as are his recievers. There wil be improvement and coupled with what looks to be a very good defense this Dolphin team will be improved over an average team last year.

Bottom line Dolphinsfans, this team has no players that makes you say "WOW" they're all just a group of guys !! The faces of this organization are all just average joes. Tannehill Incognito Hartline again with the end zone blues no Brady's Manning's No Wilson No Luck No RG3 just a bunch of guys=mediocrity again 6-10 7-9 at best=Jeffrey Ireland is adios amigos=a new regime in 2014 !!

thill and wrs look good. defense solid. 7-9 team id say

I see a very young team that is progressing.
Jordan will be find & I will predict that once healthy that he'll be on of Armando's favorites. He will had a edge to the defense that we've been missing.
Alot of the young pieces are still learning, but i see big potential as they grow, this year may still be a learning year, but the future looks brighter than it has in a long time.

And Taggert.....when you get a new regime you will show no patience either. You just enjoy whining.

very depressing watching them play at home with no crowd or energy in stadium

T-hill has been so inaccurate that he's thrown zero int's in 4 preseason games in 56 attempts. He's been so awful that he's only got a 106.5 QB rating.

For the imbeciles on the site Friday night (yeah Truth I'm looking at you and whatever other names you and your band of merry men are going by these days),we don't need to be making trades for Felix Jones or anybody else like him. This team has done this for years. No more dumb trades.

Mask Of Winter, that's a bet I would take, only a fool would predict that.

thill and wrs look good. defense solid. 7-9 team id say

So T-Hill and the recievers are better but you still see the same record? Why?

taggart, some fool said that the Phins dominated the game, well they did. 322 yard to 160, 25 1st downs to 14, 26 minutes time of possession to 15. Tanny was 17-27 150 and 1-0. That's domination.

...So I think that what is going to make or break this team is going to be how we execute in the redzone. It looks like the defense may be good enough to keep us in most games. Can the offense score td's?

Tannehill looked real good last night. Sure he has his moments where it looks like he hangs onto the ball, sure he misses some throws. But overall..Last night was his best preseason performance. Some nice throws.

Interesting observation by the TV crew breaking down Clay's poor route running. Spot on. Just from last nights observation...The TE spot is in a bit of bother.

I can't believe you people root against the team from your hometown.

"I guess we were okay as an offense," Philbin said. "It wasn't great."

Thanks for being honest Joe. Prepare for more of the same this year boys and girls. The defense will keep us in a lot of games. Offense?- we will be taking good notes from Brady & company again this year.

This will be a bottom tier offense. Depressing that nobody is close to stepping up and filling Keller's role. Any morons still want to defend the Daniel Thomas pick? The guy is garbage. Actually the RB's are garbage unless Miller lives up to the hype.

I miss Reggie Bush already

I listened to the game on a Tampa Bay station and It must have been a different game than you guys saw.

The TB announcers were very impressed with Tannehills Accuracy and kept talking about him carrying the team with the passing game. Terms like "flinging it all over the field" and "getting rid of the ball quickly" were being used. They were overwhelmed by our defense.

I agree with the TB announcers.

Kris, is that you?

Tanne had a good game and looks ready for the season.

Yeah some guys just like to come here and whine. I guess they are just extra bitter that the Jets are lousy again. Really ST cost us the game. Those turnovers were killers and lead to 10 pts.

The defense was stellar and the offense moved the ball just fine consistently. Need to get a little more creative in play calling in the red zone. Some misdirection or play action might help. The way Sherman bunched up the offense and tried to punch it in against the #1 defense against the run last year was a bit vanilla and predictable.

Darryl. Where the Dolphins need to make an improvement is in takeaways. They were near the bottom of the league in that category, That's why Jordan and Vernon and Ellerbe and Grimes and the rookie corners are so important. More speed, more pressure on the QB and more athleticism on defense. That's why I think Davis will be starting very soon. His ability to make the big play. That and some modest improvement by T-Hill and we have a winning team.

The reading is truly remarkable. The same old crap. This very well may be the most negative blog I've ever seen.

I may be wrong on this but Tampa's offense did not cross the 50 on our defense! At the half time the yardage was roughly 180 to 63 in our favor. First downs were 15 to 7. This was first team against first team. If the pass wasn't dropped by Gibson in the end zone we are up 17-10. They only got the 10 points due to two turnovers. Granted they are bad plays that will get us beat but one was Thigpen and the others were by players that either won't play the position in the regular season (Carrol) or will be cut (Gray).

Except for the final score we played pretty dam good!!!

gary take a look at the schedule

Yes they do jmike 40 years of no s.bowl titles last s.bowl appearance 29 years ago last afc title game appearance 21 years ago last playoff win 13 years ago 1 playoff appearance in the last 12years and the only reason why that happened was because T.Brady got hurt. This franchise has no star power whatsoever, their faces of their franchise is a bunch of average joes. Their drafts before and after J.Johnson have mostly been bust. Thier PR department have a day honoring their in-state college rival and the star of that team on the opposing team. And you wonder why jmike people are down on this franchise are you serious dude ?

Everyone said that we needed to see Tannehill play well and he did. Those drops will improve and Simms "gets it".

You negativity trolls better find some new names if you are going to continue to spew forth your bile.

gary take a look at the schedule

Basically the same schedule the rest of our division is playng.

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