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Dolphins lose, say they're ready

So the Dolphins lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 17-16. They're 1-3 this preseason.

So, of course, they believe they're ready for the regular season.

"Yeah, I'm ready," running back Lamar Miller said. "I just feel like I'm ready. I can help this team win. I'm ready."

He should feel ready because Miller thinks he won the starting running back job Saturday night.

"I do feel like I won the job," he said.

Miller gained 35 yards on eight carries. That's a 4.4 average. It included a 20-yard run. With Daniel Thomas gaining 3 yards on seven carries -- a 0.4 yard per carry average -- I do not disagree.

Lamar Miller is your starting running back.

WR Mike Wallace, who had three catches but dropped on pass, also thinks he's ready to go for the 2013 season.

"I hope so, it's two weeks away, so I hope I'm ready," Wallace said. "Yeah, I think I'm ready. I'm pretty sure. I'll be ready to make some plays when my number's called."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played well and delivered a 90 QB rating, believes the offense is "just a hair off."

"I think we're close," Tannehill said. "We've progessed each week and now it's exciting. Now it's time to buckle it up and play for real."

As for himself, Tannehill thinks it's coming.

"I'm progressing," he said. "I'm moving in the right direction."

Coach Joe Philbin wasn't quite as certain things are all set to go as the Dolphins have one preseason game left -- a game in which the starters aren't likely to play very long.

"We didn't play well enough in any phase of the game to win the game," Philbin said.

How about the red zone offense, Joe?

"Not good enough," he said.

Third down offense?

"I didn't think we were very good there. We have a lot of work to do."

The starting offense overall?

"I guess we were okay as an offense," Philbin said. "It wasn't great."

Michael Egnew didn't catch a pass nor was he targetted. Charles Clay had one catch on six targets. Dion Sims had one catch off his only target.

John Jerry started at right guard. Josh Samuda played with starters and on second team after Jerry left the game with approximately 16 snaps. Lance Louis played in the second half.

And then this:

For whatever struggle the Dolphins offense is having I refer you to the fact the Jets and Bills are a disaster offensively.

In Buffalo, neither E.J. Manuel nor Kevin Kolb can stay healthy. It is to the point the team will be working out multiple QBs on Sunday and one of those is former Dolphins draft pick bust John Beck.

In New York, Rex Ryan is seemingly trying to get fired. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith three three interceptions and actually stepped out of the end zone on a quarterback scramble for a safety. Bad night.

Mark Sanchez had a worse night. Ryan actually inserted the veteran into the game in the fourth quarter behind the reserve offensive line. And Sanchez injured his right (throwing) shoulder.

No words. 


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Preseason Stats:

Tyler Eiffert 3 rec 32yds 0 tds
Dion Sims 3 rec 33yds 0 tds

Hmmm............ so we should have drafted Eifert @ #12 when thus far 5th rd pick Dion Sims has equal stats? Very interesting.


Tavon Austin has 0 tds thus far in preseason.

Look on the bright side fellas, Tannehill in his second year looks to be much better than Sanchez in his 6th year. But will he continue to get better is the question?

I'd bet on him getting better. He's young, bright, athletic. He doesn't have any mental or physical limitations .. or at least he still has more room to gorw.

2 Major Tannehill Concerns:

1. Getting his receivers killed.

Throwing behind them on the slant throws. Dustin Keller, enough said.

2. Getting himself killed.

a. Holding the ball too long.
b. Pocket awareness, especially the pass rush. Seems to wait too long to escape.


If this trend continues, either he'll go out for the year, or another one of his receivers will be lost for the year.

for all the well deserved hype, miami now only appears to be on track to have a someewhat slightly better season then last year...yes, KELLER was that important to this offesnse, the surprise #3 pick that ignored the left tackle position that threatened the continuity of the offense may be ok with martin, the head scratching pass on alabama's runningback in the draft leaves our running game in the current state that is in, so after watching the preseason, this is my take....put some titanium splints on keller and let him play and he would still be better then what we have available, clay is and always will be inconsistant, the best hope here(outside of making a trade) is dion sims, it would have been nice to see him and keller in a 2 tightend set...nobody wants the starting runningback position so JONUS GRAY wins by default as he is the only back big enough to get tough yards and requires more effort to bring down, he is the only back that actually can take some pressure away from the passing game and in addition can block bigger bodies...my final thought is that tannehill is NOW missing his(run home to mama big play target) which would have allowed him to make a quick and desisive decision if in a jam or not, and that means untill a comparable replacement for keller is found, we the fans are going to be subject to seeing a very indecisive tannehill holding the ball even longer, taking more sacks, and throwing picks as he tries to force the ball to other targets....philbin should focus heavily on getting the best available replacement for KELLER as this piece is EXTREMLEY critical to the success of this years team, which he is ultimately responsible for....GO FINS!

Look on the bright side fellas, Tannehill in his second year looks to be much better than Sanchez in his 6th year. But will he continue to get better is the question?

Posted by: Truth | August 26, 2013 at 01:17 PM

Well, if we're going to look at it like this, then every fan from the 31 other teams should be doing cartwheels too. Sanchez is fast proving he isn't a nfl starting qb period.

As a finfan, I would like to have far more to rate Ryan Tannehill's play than the current Mark Sanchez. Was Ryan Leaf unavailable?


Did someone abduct the paragraph separation mascot? Just wondering.....

YG, how about Tannehill being the second best QB in the division does that tickle your fancy?


2nd best by default? Winning because your opposition no show is hardly a worthy feat. Still the gap between 1st(Brady) and 2nd(Tanne) best qb in the division may as well be attempting to jump the Grand Canyon in a pedal car.

The Jets don't have a true nfl starting qb and the Bills may have the #32 qb in the league even when they get a starter healthy.

I wonder how my picks in the Draft have done? I know DeAndre Hopkins, who I liked best among the receivers, has shown he is going to be a star in the League. I liked Fisher over the other LTs available, I liked Ertz over Eiffert and Ziggy over any other DEs there. 2 years ago, odin and I were jumping up and down trying to attract Irelands attention to pick Kuechly but he had to draft a QB, and we knew. Just because you're a Fan does not mean you can't have an eye for prospects.

99% of all nfl teams would probably have the 2nd best qb in the division if they were in the afc east in place of the Dolphins. How the heck is that a noteworthy feat?

ROSS'S best decision by far and away was bringing in philbin and sherman, these two guys WILL get it right, and in that i have NO doubt, we are definately headed in the right direction and things will only get better but...we all know everything starts with the quarterback and that is why i think philbin may have neglected to notify TANNEHILL that he wnated to start FAST, seriously(and no disrespect meant here) but..why is it that almost every other team that i have watched this preseason offensively, look to be in mid season form, why is it that every other QB seems to drop back with frantic speed and then get rid of the ball even faster? if tannehill compares his film to just about any other QB he won't be able to deny this discrepiency.. and if he knows this offense as well as he should, he should not have this problem,,,we have fast targets who can get open quickly, pick up the pace, put some exceleration into your footwork and look for those fast targets who will get open in a hurry...if tanny can do this, we might actually be able to START FAST!

How about that S from Texas, whatyoumacallin, is he doing good.

Some People develop later than others. It's acceleration

dear ODIN EYE,

love your comment on the DION JORDAN selection...i'm glad that other people feel the same way, i can only explain irelands desicion to trade picks to move up to address an area of least importance while ignoring critical ones by selecting the aforementioned injured defensive end who can't even compare to ANSAH as simply...MADNESS...and a few picks after the best runningback in the draft is selected(who slid to the fifth round) we waiste a pick on a runningback...GILLISLIE????? we could've easily had the best left tackle in the draft(lane johnson), the best runningback(eddie lacey), a QB who at the very least who would command a first round pick via trade or challange tannehill(barkley)....i can't believe we actually drafted the way we did, we had a stock pile of GOOD picks, the best we've had in along, long time...this front office really drives me NUTS!

From the SS

3.The Dolphins have been struggling to assemble a decent offensive line since the 2009 season. Since Ireland arrived this franchise has acquired Justin Smiley, Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Ryan Cook, Pat McQuistan, Nate Garner, Richie Incognito, Lance Louis and Tyson Clabo, and drafted Jake Long, Shawn Murphy, Donald, Thomas, Andrew Gardner, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey, Jonathan Martin and Dallas Thomas. Yet, the offensive line remains unsettled, and depth continues to be an issue.
O-line should be easy to find compared to other units. But year after year, after.....

Mace.. the 72 dolphins were just "a group of guys" too... look what happened there. Just saying its about chem not high played players

Fins stink.

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