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Dolphins lose, say they're ready

So the Dolphins lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 17-16. They're 1-3 this preseason.

So, of course, they believe they're ready for the regular season.

"Yeah, I'm ready," running back Lamar Miller said. "I just feel like I'm ready. I can help this team win. I'm ready."

He should feel ready because Miller thinks he won the starting running back job Saturday night.

"I do feel like I won the job," he said.

Miller gained 35 yards on eight carries. That's a 4.4 average. It included a 20-yard run. With Daniel Thomas gaining 3 yards on seven carries -- a 0.4 yard per carry average -- I do not disagree.

Lamar Miller is your starting running back.

WR Mike Wallace, who had three catches but dropped on pass, also thinks he's ready to go for the 2013 season.

"I hope so, it's two weeks away, so I hope I'm ready," Wallace said. "Yeah, I think I'm ready. I'm pretty sure. I'll be ready to make some plays when my number's called."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played well and delivered a 90 QB rating, believes the offense is "just a hair off."

"I think we're close," Tannehill said. "We've progessed each week and now it's exciting. Now it's time to buckle it up and play for real."

As for himself, Tannehill thinks it's coming.

"I'm progressing," he said. "I'm moving in the right direction."

Coach Joe Philbin wasn't quite as certain things are all set to go as the Dolphins have one preseason game left -- a game in which the starters aren't likely to play very long.

"We didn't play well enough in any phase of the game to win the game," Philbin said.

How about the red zone offense, Joe?

"Not good enough," he said.

Third down offense?

"I didn't think we were very good there. We have a lot of work to do."

The starting offense overall?

"I guess we were okay as an offense," Philbin said. "It wasn't great."

Michael Egnew didn't catch a pass nor was he targetted. Charles Clay had one catch on six targets. Dion Sims had one catch off his only target.

John Jerry started at right guard. Josh Samuda played with starters and on second team after Jerry left the game with approximately 16 snaps. Lance Louis played in the second half.

And then this:

For whatever struggle the Dolphins offense is having I refer you to the fact the Jets and Bills are a disaster offensively.

In Buffalo, neither E.J. Manuel nor Kevin Kolb can stay healthy. It is to the point the team will be working out multiple QBs on Sunday and one of those is former Dolphins draft pick bust John Beck.

In New York, Rex Ryan is seemingly trying to get fired. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith three three interceptions and actually stepped out of the end zone on a quarterback scramble for a safety. Bad night.

Mark Sanchez had a worse night. Ryan actually inserted the veteran into the game in the fourth quarter behind the reserve offensive line. And Sanchez injured his right (throwing) shoulder.

No words. 


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thill looked great. hilarious to say anything different. love those 3 wrs. we would of been dangerous if we didnt lose keller. but losing him kills us in red zone

..@ 9:28..If you read the nonsense written here on gamedays(let alone believe any of it) It would seem that Tannehill, the offense were a remedial junior varsity squad that couldn't do anything right. I think it is a case of people being overly critical in the moment.

Tannehill is going to make mistakes. Hopefully these mistakes aren't of the crucial game changing variety. He is also going to make some plays. He isn't an elite even top tier quarterback yet. So I think until he gets to this level of play. We have to accept him for what he is. Realize that some times it may not be pretty. Tannehill isn't ready to be a guy that the pressure of the entire offense can be rested on his shoulders. We should stop the expectation that is, and see him for what is best for this team to have a realistic chance to be competitive...

and Jonas Gray that fumble was the worst. That's why he gets cut. Welcome to practice squad.

Regarding the schedule Dusty they pay six games against teams with winning records last year. ATL, CIN, BAL, IND and NE twice. That's it. Why is this considered so "tough"?

The reading is truly remarkable. The same old crap. This very well may be the most negative blog I've ever seen.
Posted by: Progolf667 | August 25, 2013 at 09:35 AM

Look Progolf, here's the skinny. Everyone of us wants the Dolphins to do well. Here's the reality check. The team was leading 13-10 with the first string offense mainly due to the first string defense. Are you happy with FG's in the red zone? Because if so, you've got the right team. The real fans demand better. Can the Offensive be tweaked? Sure? But if you take a closer look at the depth on this team, the OL is shaky at best, Gillepsee looks like a wasted draft pick and the running game is going to be an issue with lousy depth and where is the TE to stretch the middle of the field? The team we are chasing every year on the ohter hand WILL continue to put up big numbers with Brady at the helm. They are a fine tuned machine that continues to find new wideouts and RB's that ring the bell every year. They have depth and a front office and coaching staff that is second to none.

That's what we want for the Dolphins. Get it?

If, and it's a big if, we start 3-2 we have 4 games remaining with Buffalo and NYJ and that's certainly a promising prospect. That leaves us 6 games in which we can split and still win 10 games.

We can certainly pick apart the game last night and we have that right as fans but we also have to see the sum of the whole which from my viewpoint doesn't look that bad. And if I close one eye on only a couple of plays it looks pretty dam good!!!

Look at the bright side. At least our QB is not Josh Freeman.

11-5-10-6 are you freakin delusional Deltonafinsfan ? It's fans like yourself why nobody takes the Miami sports fan seriously. This team will struggle to score points period !! You Dolphinsfans really let yourselves down for big disappointments every fall for the last 40 years !! You wonder why the stadium was more than haif empty for a reason. Mediocrity=Your Miami Dolphins a 40 year tradition !!

...garywv.. I agree that we have to be better in the turnover category. But to me. I want to see improvements is areas we can control. Every team preaches turnovers, and sure it seems like some have players that do things that help certain teams create more then others. So for me things like Red zone efficiency, 3rd down conversions, picking up blocks(something that the backs did very well last night) are areas of improvement that we can control.

I'm only speaking offensively. I could be over-rating the defense. But I think that this unit is going to be outstanding. The turnovers a lot of people talk about should come just because we have the ability to pressure without blitzing. It should create chaos, and help the secondary be in better positions to not only defend but to be aggressive in situations to perhaps create some turnovers, where in the past we were on our heels.

nice try gary. sure ur gonna say at saints on a monday night is easy also since last year they sucked right. get real

7 of first 8 games are brutal. just doesnt set up well for us with a bunch of new guys learning each other. 2014 is the target. should finish strong this year

tvegas....you make some good points but every team in the NFL are looking for answers at a couple of positions today. And we're one of them. So that makes us no different then anyone else. Look at the Pats 40 to 9 or there about. Talk about searching for answers. Every year the team is expecting to win 12 or 13 games and they come through more times then not. But this year? They've never been that good on defense and now their offense is in a big transition.

To my way of thinking it comes down to whichever coaching staff does the better job as to who wins the AFC East. Granted I give the nod to Belichek and his staff because they haven't proven they can't. But with our D we have a punchers chance.

The schedule looks brutal. And we play a lot of tough games on the road. So let's forget about the schedule and concentrate on the team.

nice try gary. sure ur gonna say at saints on a monday night is easy also since last year they sucked right. get real

No NFL game is easy but the Saints were 7-9 with by fa the worst defense in the league. Why is that not a winnable game? BTW, 4 of the fins games against winning teams are at home.

Disagree not every poster on here want the Phins to do well. Nothing is going to make the Jets fans on here happy and if they can get a few of us upset with their BS that's what they'll do.

I'm happy the first teams played good enough to win... Except the ST. I do think they make a move or something to happen at TE. Maybe it's a little too soon to expect Clay to click with T-hill in his first game as a TE.

..OL shaky at best????? People have to remember. There is another team playing out there. The line played fine. There are going to be pressures, there are going to be plays the other side wins. It is just the way it goes. The offensive line wasn't the problem last night. Tannehill wasn't the problem last night..

There was much more to be excited about, then there is to critique about last nights game. Some act as if this team is the defending Super Bowl champion, and is immune to making mistakes or take a breath...allowed to get better. If you want to be critical. Do so of the turnovers, and mistakes in the redzone...The second a mark of a young team...

This isn't homer talk, this isn't seeing something through rose colored glasses. But if one side of the ball is an elite group(which I think the defense can be) It will put the offense in a position that we can win a lot of games by just being efficient..I think that is the obvious.

yes gary cause homefield has meant so much to us lately. much better team on road

Daryl....I think takeaways are something you can control by having faster, more athletically gifted defenders on your team. I think the Dolphins recognized that by changing close to half of their starting defense in the offseason and by trading up to third for a pass rusher and drafting two corners with high picks. This defense will create more pressure and more turnovers. New England (ist in AFC) had 41 takeaways compared to 16 for our defense. That's 25 times more an offense gets a chance to score. It makes a huge difference which is why the top teams in this category are usually the top teams in the league.

If there are any Jets' fans on this blog, if I were them I wouldn't own up to it. What a performance last night. And I won't even mention the Sanchez incident. Talk of the prospect of 'no hope'!!!

Well I see Armando Salnegative is inciting another riot today. This after a reasonably positive article from the day before. Must not have gotten him enough clicks.....

..I think the schedule seems so difficult because the first 5 games are brutal. Tough for any team. I know everyone will assume the Browns game is a win...And we should. This is a game that if this team is a good as I think it will be, we should win. The next 4...We won't be favored in any of those games(barring an inury to a quarterback)..

This doesn't mean we can't or won't win any of those contests. Just pointing out the obvious. A difficult task to say the least

Dusty....so Cleveland, Buffalo and New Orleaons are "brutal"?

Tannehill didn't look bad at all. Seems to be getting a little better every game. Still throwing behind sometimes but catchable. Actually saw him look off secondary (safety?) on one play.

Philbin gave Clay every chance in the world to step up in this game but he failed. Ditto Thomas. Need TE help big time.

Still having red zone problems. Have to get TDs. Run game not impressive.

D looks good

gary read, said 7 of 8. bills blow. at cle and at saints will be 2 of the toughest games in that stretch. monday night at saints?? forget about it

I want to agree with you, I really do. While I am not sold on Tanny yet, I do still believe in the promise he offers. No doubt he is the single one biggest factor on whether the team will take a step forward and, if nothing else, I hope he shows that promise this year.

However, the facts are the facts. The team still struggles in the red zone and that doesn't translate to winning on a consistent basis in the NFL.

The OL is shaky... ask anybody really watching the games. And, for all the garbage that gets spewed about RB's being expendable and guys coming out of nowhere, why does it look like we will have trouble replacing one Reggie Bush?
Let's not sugarcoat it. Our RB's look like a real issue. Miller can be the guy if he stays healthy but I have seen ZERO out of the other guys, and you need at least a pair of good RB's in todays league. Why do the Patriots have 4 good guys on the depth chart and we potentialy have one?

That's bad scouting, bad planning... whatever you want to call it. That's on the coaching staff and Ireland for being such a dweeb.

You HAVE to run the ball... especially when you're young QB is still learning. I am really worried about our ability to do that this year, especially if Miller gets dinged.

yes gary cause homefield has meant so much to us lately. much better team on road

Wrong again....they were 5-3 at home last year, only 2-6 on the road.

...garywv..Good post, and I'm with you. The turnovers for NE were huge because they probably turned those into td's at a higher percentage then most. We can create all the turnovers in the world it won't matter if the offense squanders the opportunities.

This is the major concern for me...The one thing that I am most worried about is scoring more TD's.. It has been this teams Achilles heel for to long.

monday night at saints?? forget about it

You count a game against a 7-9 team as a sure loss. Yeah, that's smart.

gary u havent been right about anything yet. so i dont expect u to ever be. but get real, our first half schedule toughest in nfl. if u cant see that nobody can help u.

It's not the negativity by fans is the problem, it's the organizational actions and lack of talent and lack of winning through the years=smart fans negatively period !! Championships=happy positive fan base you suck=negative fan base period !!

Dusty, the Dolphins schedule is so tough that any record better than 3-13 would be a huge vindication of Jeff Ireland's personnel moves and would merit a long term extension of his contract.

gary u havent been right about anything yet

So I wasn't right that the Dolphin were a better team at ome last year then on the road???

Vegas - the Patriots have been using washed up backs for several years now, and they look great because of Brady. Give RT a chance, it's preseason.

I don't have an expectation of this team vying for a Superbowl berth this year. What I do hope for is a solid showing - maybe 9-7 and marked improvement from last year.

IF RT connects with Wallace, which I have no reason to think otherwise, the running game will look a lot better. Thomas is capable, but he's definitely not a superstar. Miller could be.

Gillislee sucks. Thomas inconsistent, Miller is only good when there is a hole, otherwise he goes down easy and besides he won't last a full season.

Niiiice meltdown by Ryan. That is hilarious. Nothing better than watching him lose it. I guess he forgot to read his little card they handed out to the players for talking to the media. Classic.

dusty bottoms, weren't you watching the game Tany threw a red zone TD yesterday. Amazing.....

ireland should be fired for the jordan trade

And another thing, when is Jeff Ireland going to get a little help from the scouting staff on the tight end position? How can Jeff Ireland be expected to draft talented tight ends without good input? The guy can't be expected to do it all himself.

Ireland's Republican Army, really you don't expect the Phins to sweep the Jets and Bills and beat TD, then you're a fool.

Excuse me ignorant Dolphinsfans, unless I'm mistaken didn't the browns beat the dolphins 2 or 3 times in a row head2head so what makes this game in Cleveland such a gimme ignorant Dolphinsfans ?

jmike at buffalo never easy for us

yes jmike and on another drive they had a thousand plays to get it in and couldnt. keller is the biggest loss we could of had.

If this was last year's schedule, I would say 9-7, 10-6, but it's this Year. If you think we are going to hold, Indy, Atlanta, NO and Baltimore under 17 points/Game you are not seeing things clearly. Those Teams can put 30 on anybody.

game at cleve very tough, not sure where anyone called it a gimme game. browns are now favored in the game even. tough opening day place to play

I'm not a coach by any means but why is it that the O-line, when the ball is snapped, they all short step it backwards? Why not instead, attack at the point FORWARD? Is it that short stepping backwards is the text book, traditional way to play O-line? Seems like the pocket collapses with almost every play, which explains why Tannehill is always rushed. ATTACK FORWARD WHEN THE BALL IS SNAPPED! Maurice Jones Drew to Miami any way possible. Do it Ireland! Your ass is on the line. All I know is, with this team, I'm gonna keep a huge bottle of caffeine pills next to me when I watch them play. Oh, and Tight End? Clay is history-yet another draft bust of the great Ireland's ruling. Find one ASAP or we're looking at 5-11. 6-10 at best!

...tvvegas..I thought that last night the line play was pretty good. I thought we ran it pretty well against a very good run defense. Everything bogged down in the redzone. I agree..My posts have reflected this. We couldn't run it in the redzone, we couldn't catch it in the redzone..It is a problem.

As far as committing to the run, and the importance of it..You are preaching to the choir. I agree 100 percent. In the larger scale, the bigger scheme. We have to be able to run it. I think it is fine to be hesitant about this group of backs. An unproven starter, and 3rd year guy that hasn't stayed healthy, and then the rest of the group who did nothing to impress last night. I get it IMO we have to let these guys prove themselves. Individually, and as a group.

With Miller, we have a chance to be much more dynamic then we did with Bush. If Thomas can stay healthy, I think he is a fine complimentary back. I still think Gilislee is going to have a say in the rotation before the season is over as well. So while there are question marks..There is also some positives about this group that should they gel. Make us a better running team then last year.

About the line...They are going to be under fire all year. I think overall last night I would guess that the grade for the group would have been a solid b.. Yes there were some breakdowns. But we don't know who was at fault. It could be a recognition thing from the quarterback, from the running back. It could have be a lot of factors. But I didn't think the line was even an issue until I read some of the comments from last night.

Can't fault the 'fan base' for being negative. It seems every year there is a build up and then a let down. This year I see a team that in the past might win 8 has progressed to the point of, right now, being a 'playoff bubble team'. As the season progresses we may become a legitimate playoff team or the one we are used to in trying to win 8. But right now it looks like the former to me. After all I did put my money on it and, it seems, my mouth.

This team goes 9-7, 10-6 with a break. This defense wins us 7 games right off the top. This offense is better then last year. A lot of you are going to look like fools, which isn't hard to do by looking at your posts.

mace taggart, look fool we're talking about what they're going to do on the field this year, and how they looked in the game last night. Don't give me history. They dominated TB last night like it or not. Star power Wallace, Wake, Jones, Tanny could be with a good year. If you want to live in the past go ahead and wallow.

plenty of the same old short sighted observations......Jordan wasnt just drafted for this year, or next......he was drafted for the next 5-10--so our needs THIS year are obviously a factor but a small one, as he'll bolster a Dline that will likely lose Soliai and/or Starks after this season--both contracts are up.....so Dline might not be a big need this year, but it could/will be next year and beyond--think bigger picture, folks......reality is that everybody considered Jordan a top tier/unique talent.....was mocked as a top 10 (and top 5 in alot of cases) pick, almost universally.

hope your right troll. be pumped up if they did. once they gel they will hit their stride and carry it into 2014

You guys that whine about the schedule are sissies. Really. If the schedule is hard that just means the team sucks. If a team thinks they have a tough schedule than that just means they are not confident in themselves. Whining about a tough schedule, whether player or fan is a loser's mentality.

Do you want to win a championship against the best or by lucking out with a wimpy schedule? Do you want to feel the pride of beating a GB with Rodgers in the SB or do you want to luck out with a Rodgers injury and beat GB with their backup in the SB? If you think the team is better but only against pansy teams, then you don't really think the team is better.

i was happy with the first half overall. The starters played well overall and would have beaten Tampa last night. They probably wouldn't beat playoff caliber teams because they didnt score TD's in the red zone. That is something they need to improve upon and I think they will in the next few games.

In the red zone their biggest issues were:

1) Dropped passes by Clay and Gibson - two missed TD's
2) Run BLOCKING was horrible in the red zone with too many negative yards. Everyone is dumping on the RB's but th reality is the OLINE failed to consistently get a push forward. When RB's are constantly hit in the backfield that is on the OLINE....Simple....The end.
3) I didn't like Sherman's schemes in the red zone. They ran multiple receivers but they were all bunched between the hash marks. That allows the Defense to more eaasily guard the run (see point 2 above). If you go with multiple receivers you need to SPREAD the defense across the entire width of the field.

dusty, and others.....every game in the NFL is tough......I dont consider any a gimme (we split with the mediocre Bills & Jets many years)--Jimmy Johnson said the biggest difference between college and the pros is parity.....the better college teams have to play poorly to get upset, and are almost guaranteed to win 8-9 games at least--not so in the pros, where the talent/team difference is minimal in most cases.....Fins were certainly not great last year but were 2 Carpenter kicks away from 9-7, and technically in the playoff picture until the last week or two of the season.....difference between 90% of the teams in the league is razor thin.


Every single season good teams from the year before falter and poor teams from the year before rise. There is no way to predict preseason what is a tough schedule or not.

Two years ago the DAAAFINS were in the Suck for Luck contest. With a few games to go they won meaninglessly. Indianapolis was leading in the 4th quarters in some games and obviously laid down to win the lottery. RG3 or Luck.
Nearly forgot. FIRELAND would have traded down to acquire a punter.

I see Tannehill has improved, making mostly quicker decisions, fewer blocked passes, a bit more comfortable in the pocket. Still, I don't see him going thru the entire progression of his receivers and the location of his throws leaves something to be desired. This Year will be great for him in terms of experience so he can turn into what he is, a much smarter Joe Flacco.

Armando sucks man boobs.

I don't expect you to lie or just focus on the good but why do you just focus on the bad.

The Pats were god awful but they get a pass?

This team is on the rise and the Pats are declining.

I can't say I saw any of the Pats game but the stats and score speaks for its self.

But Armando can't even be true to himself.

Look at the picture he has up.

That's from the 80s.

Things that seemed to go well last night:

1) THILL - no turnovers. Moved the ball down the field several times. He SHOULD have had 3 TD's but Clay and GIbson dropped balls that hit them in their hands. THILL's only real problem was holding it too long and that lead to 1-2 sacks that he should have avoided. He looked good though.

2) Sims looks really solid at TE last night with the 2nd team. Solid blocking and a great over the shoulder catch. I think he starts by midseason. Jim Miller is on the NFL network since the draft praising this kid and the Fin's pick of him. I am starting to see why.

3) Martin is really holding down the LT position. What an improvement over last year.

4) Samuda played much better last night with the first team. Jerry's return? Horrible!!! He looked slow and sloppy. I'd rather go with a young Samuda than watching Jerry lumbering around all season.

5) Vernon looked good at DE with a nice sack and solid play against the run.

6) Solai and Odrick looked tight in the middle. Oddrick has anotther sack.

7) Gibson, dropped the TD but he did make some nice first down conversions. I have been a big Bess fan but I think Gibson is going to be just as reliable for THILL.

8) Miller had a few nice runs when the OLINE actually opened holes. He will do well as the starter.

9) Sturgis continues to prove solid.

10) Ellerbe looked good making a few nice plays. Glad to have him this year.

I'm going to take this game for what is was (mostly positive and promising)and worry about the first five games down the road one game at a time. Ready or not this is the team we are heading into the season with an added TE possibly. If you don't like these guys or believe in them you are free to find another team.

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