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Dolphins lose, say they're ready

So the Dolphins lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 17-16. They're 1-3 this preseason.

So, of course, they believe they're ready for the regular season.

"Yeah, I'm ready," running back Lamar Miller said. "I just feel like I'm ready. I can help this team win. I'm ready."

He should feel ready because Miller thinks he won the starting running back job Saturday night.

"I do feel like I won the job," he said.

Miller gained 35 yards on eight carries. That's a 4.4 average. It included a 20-yard run. With Daniel Thomas gaining 3 yards on seven carries -- a 0.4 yard per carry average -- I do not disagree.

Lamar Miller is your starting running back.

WR Mike Wallace, who had three catches but dropped on pass, also thinks he's ready to go for the 2013 season.

"I hope so, it's two weeks away, so I hope I'm ready," Wallace said. "Yeah, I think I'm ready. I'm pretty sure. I'll be ready to make some plays when my number's called."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played well and delivered a 90 QB rating, believes the offense is "just a hair off."

"I think we're close," Tannehill said. "We've progessed each week and now it's exciting. Now it's time to buckle it up and play for real."

As for himself, Tannehill thinks it's coming.

"I'm progressing," he said. "I'm moving in the right direction."

Coach Joe Philbin wasn't quite as certain things are all set to go as the Dolphins have one preseason game left -- a game in which the starters aren't likely to play very long.

"We didn't play well enough in any phase of the game to win the game," Philbin said.

How about the red zone offense, Joe?

"Not good enough," he said.

Third down offense?

"I didn't think we were very good there. We have a lot of work to do."

The starting offense overall?

"I guess we were okay as an offense," Philbin said. "It wasn't great."

Michael Egnew didn't catch a pass nor was he targetted. Charles Clay had one catch on six targets. Dion Sims had one catch off his only target.

John Jerry started at right guard. Josh Samuda played with starters and on second team after Jerry left the game with approximately 16 snaps. Lance Louis played in the second half.

And then this:

For whatever struggle the Dolphins offense is having I refer you to the fact the Jets and Bills are a disaster offensively.

In Buffalo, neither E.J. Manuel nor Kevin Kolb can stay healthy. It is to the point the team will be working out multiple QBs on Sunday and one of those is former Dolphins draft pick bust John Beck.

In New York, Rex Ryan is seemingly trying to get fired. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith three three interceptions and actually stepped out of the end zone on a quarterback scramble for a safety. Bad night.

Mark Sanchez had a worse night. Ryan actually inserted the veteran into the game in the fourth quarter behind the reserve offensive line. And Sanchez injured his right (throwing) shoulder.

No words. 


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We will miss Reggie Bush.

Thomas is flat out terrible.

Dion Jordan was injured in college and had surgery 6 freakin months ago in FEB
Dion jordan since came back for 7 plays in a preseason game, got injured on same shoulder again and is OUT!
Jordan cannot practice or play and his rehabbing his chronically injured shoulder
This will is an will be a chronic injury for Jordan
A DE def needs his shoulder healthy to perform his job successfully

This is a prob being masked by Miami coaches and soon the Sheeple will hear more about it as info is slowly released to the suckers, er i mean paying fans

Dion Jordan = Chronically Injured and u heard it here first, … on the PBP

have a HAARPy day !

A lot of Dolfans happy w another loss and crying over their dream, Tannehill. lol

Tannehill threw a pass way behind Hartline (four receptions, 40 yards) in the end zone on third down on the game’s opening drive. Cornerback Johnthan Banks might have got a hand on the ball. But the Dolphins, who are in desperate need of red zone touchdowns, need to capitalize on such opportunities. They ended up settling for a field goal after 16 plays and over 8 minutes of possession.
Last week they moved backwards on the opening drive and the week before on the very firsy play of the opening drive, TanneFAIL/Lame Miller fumbled inside their own twenty, turning the ball over to the opponent.

Tannehill also overthrew a wide-open Wallace once on first down from the Dolphins’ 35-yard line late in the first quarter. Wallace would have had first-down yardage. The Dolphins punted two plays later.

Tannehill seems on target for less than 18 points a game and still has inaccuracy, third down and red zone struggles.

Nothing new here.

Go fish!

Fact is Tannehill had 3 WR TDs in 16 games last season

Of course Tannehill lappers have all kinds of excuses for his dismal play and not scoring

What was the excuse last night? or all of preseason?

Where are the TDs?

TanneFAIL sucks

Jesus...you ppl want some cheese with that wine?


If Ireland were smart, he would order Jordan redshirted his entire rookie season, then take his lumps from media and fans for drafting damaged goods so highly.

My fear is playing Jordan anytime this year risks reinjury and can turn the shoulder chronic. Once it becomes chronic it will linger his entire career, even threatning to force Jordan to call it an early career.

Just can't risk that with a #3 overall pick.

17-0 is not faking when it comes to him having his head up his asss.

Tannehill is a huge disappointment as ushe.We need playmakers, not shoe makers.I might be drunk,but i know something when i see it.By the way,where are my kids?I have to grill soon.Dalton has an appetite like John Jerry.

I like Tanne, he is a cool guy.

But when was the last time that Tanne played great against a great team?

That is what is lacking. In big games either you have it or you don't.
-A college freshman that sets the record for TD passes in the annual Rose Bowl game gets it.
-A heroic bomb TD to win the game as time expires on MNF to beat the Jets gets it.
-Throwing more than 50 passes in a ame to beat the Pats while Lloyd Carr is in attendance is getting it
-Breaking the record formost passing yards in a game combined on MNF is getting it.
-Coming off the bench and throwing 4TDs becoming the only QB besides Steve Young to ever do that is getting it.

When an athlete 'gets it' there are indications all though his ife that show that he 'gets it'. When a player does not 'get it' then there are no records being broken, no heroic wins on national TV. There are only excuses.

As long as Vernon plays well, why not give Jordan's shoulder a full season to completely mend? With Vernon playing well why risk irreparable damage?

Plus we need Jordan to bookend with Vernon in 3-4yrs. By then Wake will be starring at the exit doors to the Davey facility. If not redshirting him, Jordan could be too.

Tannehill being the worst NFL quarterback on third down gets it.I'm gonna call Mike E from NJ and start crying in happiness over the Tannehill pick instead of Luke Kuechly who himself was responsible for four turnovers against the Ravens last night on QB,WR,TE and RB.Four turnovers and the NFL world is in awe.Okay,back to crying over that great Tannehill pick.smh

The human anatomy is funny. When one thing isn't given enough haling time, it leads to another part breaking down. Then another leads to another, then another.

Kind of sounds like Jake Long doesn't it? One injury can domino into multiple related and unrelated injuries down the road if not allowed to 100% completely heal from start.

Home, moron Tanny was 17-27 for 150 and a touch, want to replay every completion. He has a 105.3 QB rating through all the preseason games. Talk something the make sense ok.

Chiefen Little Walker,

Downside to your Kuechley argument is offensively we would still be worse off with Matt Moore as starting qb. Certainly don't see Tanne as elite qb material. But overall he's light years better than Moore.

However, if Ireland had taken Kuechley, then been clever enough to take Russell Wilson 3rd rd. Now, that would have been a real coup.

The human anatomy is funny.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 25, 2013 at 08:02 PM

Except of coarse when 17-0 has his head up his asss.

Home, You still wearing a tin foil hat???????

Dion Jordan = Damaged goods

Jesus...you ppl want some cheese with that wine?

Posted by: Incognito1948 | August 25, 2013 at 07:44 PM

Well, hope you dont expect us to cheer 4 consecutive losing seasons.

hat's not the first time Ireland drafted damaged goods, Lets not forget 2011 draft pic Jared Odrick, I think he has Chronic knee injurys ....

Im not a Tanne basher, but I put no credence on huge qbr's in preseason with qb's playing a couple series and only 1 half at most. Too much can happen during those 2-3qtrs he doesn't play that can push a qbr up higher or much lower.

But, if that qb's qbr is 50 or lower in preseason, its a pretty good indicator he's total garbage. At worst, Tanne is "quality trash", not total stinky garbage.

Didnt Odrick miss an entire season? YIKES!

ExposingTheFraud, don't be so sure Frank Reich did it, and I'm sure other have. Don Strock did it in the 1981 San Diego playoff loss as well. And there may be others. So 4 TD after coming in in relief, you might want to look that up again.

So I see that you're a fraud yourself LMAO..

We wouldnt be complaining about Tannehill if he was drafted in the 6th rd.

I can see us eventually going to a N.E. type of offense. Short passes make up for NO running game. Of course this will be done out of desperation not choice. Not sure if I should be upset over the blocking or our running backs. I can see us getting less then 1000 yds. total this season. My guess is that doesn't happen to a team very often. So whomever gets out of the backfield and can catch, will start.

After saying that I can still see 9 or 10 wins!

I would however place a lot of value of zero INT's in 56 attempts in 4 preseason games. Damn facts.

Luckily Tanny not a sub 50% passer he's at 59% with a 105.3 QB rating. Not garbage, not even is he quality garbage. 105.3 would put him near the top of the NFL.

I think he was also Diagnosed with osteoporosis if I'am not mistaken...

After dumping Marshall and Carpenter we would've had enough cap space for both Jake Long and Reggie Bush with money left over.

New England has no running game? Best myth I've heard yet.

Last season the Pats finished #1 passing and #7 rushing. Which also assures you of finishing #1 in scoring.

The myth, Pats are just a passing team, is just that, full blown myth. NFL.com doesn't lie. Look it up, 2012 season.

Last season as Tannehill went 7 games with 0 TD passes i was ashamed to be a Dolfan,despite the good cry i had with Mike E from NJ.When Moore came in for the pathetic misfiring scared Tannehill in the first quarter to play stellar football against the Jets,i knew right away that Moore is the real gamer and Tannehill was a fraud.Losing the last game of the season with Tannehill not even getting our team in on a FG drive in 4 quarters,was enough for me to throw the towel on the goofball Tannehill.Tannehill cannot close games,score in the red zone or convert third downs,cleary the kid was a terrible pick.Kuechly meanwhile is rewriting the NFL.Amazing!

I think alot of folks on here expect the fins to look like sportcenter highlights of other teams (or 80's Marino) all game long. They don't see the other teams' stalled drives, mistakes, etc, only the highlights, and freak when we don't get a TD every drive. Tannehill has been damn good this preseason. The offense seems to be coming together, (lets give the TE position more than a week to come together) and the defense is top notch. Special teams, well lets hope they fix those mistakes - that's what the preseason is for. Can't wait until opening day!

Phinmanski, Yes he did...
Guy's you all are ragging on Tennehill, I'll bet he wont last past the 5th week with that O-line he has, His first 3 passes last nite He was under some intense pressure from the T.B Front line, he looked like he was getting mugged...

I got the info from the set that Steve Young was on when they pointed out that someone had tied his record.

The point was not so much the record. The point was that people who are predisposed to play big in big games show it over and over again. Flacco shows it/Matty Ice does not. Neither does Tanne.

ETf, what about coming back to beat the Seahawks last year with a late drive?

Doesn't count I guess.

Not accurate, near 100 Qbr says otherwise.

Your Tannehill excuses are fading. Use em while they last..

Miss that Home Brew !

Tannehill looks great, receivers are so much better. Martin is solid. Defense is even stronger, with grimes, jones is elite safety, fast linebackers, and vernon looking tough. Division champs is real. Just have to cut down mistakes. Pete S.

Yeah, the Arizona Cardinals GM shoud resign too. Couldn't he have seen Cooper would break his lg and now he's chronicallt injured. Career is over, we be in a wheelchair his whole life.


All these idiot GMs. If only we could have the troll posters running franchises ... if only

Think of the children!!!

Tannehill is horrid, God awful.Why are we wasting time with this banana brain.He reminds me of Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies.


56 pass attempts is roughly a game and a half worth attempts in full games. A qb not throwing a pick in 1 game and half will hardly have anyone doing cartwheels.

If a qb throws a pick every game and half he on target to throw 12 tds for a season. Which is good.

However, Tanne did have a sure pick dropped by a db last night. Also, the bad with Tanne is when he does throw picks, they come in bunches. He can go 3-4 games with no picks, then throw 5 picks over a span of 3gms.

That's what alarms me about when Tanne does throws picks. They usually come in bunches.

None of us really know the extent of Dion's injury. It could have been a minor tweak. It is possible that they are just taking extra precautions with him. So maybe he misses a couple of games, gets more practice, then comes back full strength.

Even if he misses half a season, so what if he becomes what most people thought when they rated him the top defensive player in the draft. Vernon is doing well, it only gives him more experience. We can afford to let Dion take his time.

Was that a nationally televised game? I'm talking about coming up big while EVERYBODY in the world is watching.

LF.....I didn't know. Interesting. Regrettably it won't happen here. If you have a young QB you need that running game, if for no other reason it keeps the defense honest. If seven can drop into coverage most every play it makes it very hard on finding someone open. But with our OL I see a lot of blitzes coming.

Probably the first time I've posted without, at least once, in saying something positive. When you think of our OL and running backs they make it hard on me.





Like I said ETF, save teh ammunition on Tannehill, he's going to be plucking them off one by one!!

Will guy's, At least we're not the New York Jets..
Gotta go boys, Landing In Miami Friday AM,Fising in the keys Sat. And back to Mama's Casa in Westchester for will deserved Cuban Food then The Draft sunday nite.....

Actually, Tannehill's int rate didn't concern me at all last season. 13 picks is very good and any nfl qb would take that number. Tannehill's 12 tds were the problem last year.

Partially due to being a rookie and partially to one of the league's least productive receiving corps.

If you have a young QB you need that running game, if for no other reason it keeps the defense honest. If seven can drop into coverage most every play it makes it very hard on finding someone open.

Posted by: Progolf667 | August 25, 2013 at 08:33 PM

This is exactly what I posted about earlier. Made Marino look close to mortal. So, Tanne may not have a chance. When 7-8 aren't in coverage, as you said, the blitz will be coming.

It's crucial we have some semblance of a running game or 6 wins will be the max.

YG's projected super star of his draft has been cut:

Ricky Stanzi among 14 cut by Chiefs

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 25, 2013 at 08:40 pm

Agreed. Also consider if you take away 3 of those games, it was like 5 or 6 picks for the other 12 games (can't count the 2nd Jets game).

The fact that he had only 3 TD passes to his WR's was the big problem. He already has 2 WR TDs in 56 attempts so I no longer see that being an issue.

I would be very pleased to see a 2 to 1 ratio, TDs to Ints. But it will have to be 26 and 13. At least we would be scoring a few TDs.

Can't be sure how many we will run for. I'm almost of the opinion that we look hard for someone that's becoming a free agent in the not to distant future.

Gotta wonder are the Dolphin brass ok with the 29th ranked QB or are they already eyeing Johnny Manziel?

I'll meet you anytime anywhere and put my money by my convictions. Meet me at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. Phins go 3-13. I'll even bet that Grimes doesn't make it though the season. Jut be ready to pay up when you lose, loser chump.

Lmao, at people making a big deal out of Tannehill's QB rating. Does the guy get the team in the end zone...ummm no. Can he bring a team from behind ? 1-4 last year...no. He sucks.

TanneBust led the league in 3 n outs. He's WORSE than Henne!

I watched the first half and the offense looked pretty good to me they should have scored a couple of touchdowns instead of one the Gibson drop should have been a score. Armando i think is being too critical of the Dolphins but then again he did have some quotes from Philin in the article.It is hard to say how they will do they have a tough schedule to start the season thank you schedule makers. I would say 10-6 but that is best case scenario if no major injuries to Wallace and Hartline, I am not so sure about the running back position though.

Did Tannebust miss another wide open receiver yesterday ? Yep. Does he leave yardage on the field when he does complete passes bc his accuracy is a question ? Yep. Does he have balls sail on him, does he throw behind receivers...yep. Did he have three int's dropped yesterday and a sure pick 6 the week before...he sure did. Are Dolphins fans clinging to hope like a desperate person rubbing rosary beads...they sure are. Did Ireland have tons of cap room because he has never really drafted anyone worth giving a big contract too. Yes, he's an idiot. Is he trying to make up for his draft screw ups by going big on free agents...correct. Has any worth while team ever been built through free agency ? Nope, not even one time since FA began in 1995. Did Shula try to load up on free agents in 1995. He sure did. What do Shula and Ireland have in common ? Not much, but a year from now both people will be able to say that their free agent adventures were a part of getting them both fired. Enjoy 6-10.

The Jet's blog has more fin fans and the Fin's blog has more Jet fans.

Crazy world.

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