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Dolphins lose, say they're ready

So the Dolphins lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 17-16. They're 1-3 this preseason.

So, of course, they believe they're ready for the regular season.

"Yeah, I'm ready," running back Lamar Miller said. "I just feel like I'm ready. I can help this team win. I'm ready."

He should feel ready because Miller thinks he won the starting running back job Saturday night.

"I do feel like I won the job," he said.

Miller gained 35 yards on eight carries. That's a 4.4 average. It included a 20-yard run. With Daniel Thomas gaining 3 yards on seven carries -- a 0.4 yard per carry average -- I do not disagree.

Lamar Miller is your starting running back.

WR Mike Wallace, who had three catches but dropped on pass, also thinks he's ready to go for the 2013 season.

"I hope so, it's two weeks away, so I hope I'm ready," Wallace said. "Yeah, I think I'm ready. I'm pretty sure. I'll be ready to make some plays when my number's called."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played well and delivered a 90 QB rating, believes the offense is "just a hair off."

"I think we're close," Tannehill said. "We've progessed each week and now it's exciting. Now it's time to buckle it up and play for real."

As for himself, Tannehill thinks it's coming.

"I'm progressing," he said. "I'm moving in the right direction."

Coach Joe Philbin wasn't quite as certain things are all set to go as the Dolphins have one preseason game left -- a game in which the starters aren't likely to play very long.

"We didn't play well enough in any phase of the game to win the game," Philbin said.

How about the red zone offense, Joe?

"Not good enough," he said.

Third down offense?

"I didn't think we were very good there. We have a lot of work to do."

The starting offense overall?

"I guess we were okay as an offense," Philbin said. "It wasn't great."

Michael Egnew didn't catch a pass nor was he targetted. Charles Clay had one catch on six targets. Dion Sims had one catch off his only target.

John Jerry started at right guard. Josh Samuda played with starters and on second team after Jerry left the game with approximately 16 snaps. Lance Louis played in the second half.

And then this:

For whatever struggle the Dolphins offense is having I refer you to the fact the Jets and Bills are a disaster offensively.

In Buffalo, neither E.J. Manuel nor Kevin Kolb can stay healthy. It is to the point the team will be working out multiple QBs on Sunday and one of those is former Dolphins draft pick bust John Beck.

In New York, Rex Ryan is seemingly trying to get fired. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith three three interceptions and actually stepped out of the end zone on a quarterback scramble for a safety. Bad night.

Mark Sanchez had a worse night. Ryan actually inserted the veteran into the game in the fourth quarter behind the reserve offensive line. And Sanchez injured his right (throwing) shoulder.

No words. 


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Oh yeah one other thing Armando pre season records don't mean anything, anybody knows if Michael Turner is still available, we should have kept Bush

If Tannehill throws more int's than td's again this year. Won't that just tickle everyone's pickle ? No Keller is a killer. I hope Bess has one hundred and fifty yards and three td's on opening day.

Neg neg neg cry baby losers on this blog marcs a fruitcake, expose the fraud is hung up on Ireland so bad he dreams about him in his sleep ans there r others that r just waiting for the fins to lose so they can brag about fuc this blog will not b back u can Hav this bs site.

I'm sorry. I must interject again. Go re-watch the game. AT LEAST THREE INT's bounced off of Tampa's defenders hands. His stat line SHOULD OF been 2TD's, (I'll give him the drop even if he stared Gibson down and threw into double coverage) 3 INT's. That's NOT ACCURATE, and NOT IMPRESSIVE! He stared receivers down. Threw several passes high and behind receivers. He is NOT a franchise QB. Sorry guys.

I hope Bess has one hundred and fifty yards and three td's on opening day.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | August 25, 2013 at 09:13 PM

So you hope the players on other teams have more success than ours. So your purpose here on the blog is???

If you look over the schedule for the season there are 7 games we're supposed to win.
There are 6 games we are supposed to lose.
There are 3 games that could go either way and will decide whether or not we have a winning season: Indy, SD, Pitt

Of course, because anytime someone criticizes the Dolphins they must be a Jets fan. Hoe fallacious, how ignorant. I hate the Dolphins because I hate Ross/Dee/Ireland and I have no allegiance to this team of mercenaries. I'm also a realist. Two years ago the fans were booing Henne (how classy). One first round quarterback and free agent binge and the team is playoff bound huh ? People are on crack, I'm here to sober people up. It's better for the Phins over the long term anyway...if they blow right now...as Ireland needs to get fired and Ross needs to either sell the team or just curl up and croak already. The Dolphins will never be relevant again as long as those two imbeciles are steering the ship.

Supposed to win? According to who? Julia Childs?

Las Vegas.

How to be an asswipe? Respond to ETF, the blogs biggest joker sicko.

Why you fools feed this slime scum of a being day in and day out is a testament to how utterly stupid and unobservant you all are.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your parents have failed.

It's that bad.

It's kind of funny that the same guy keeps creating new names to insult the fins. Grow a sack.

Cribbs as a returner?

Kris Kry, please read the post @ 9:33 PM many, many times.

Kris Kry, please read the post @ 9:33 PM many, many times.

I was swallowing a load and I started to laugh and it came out of my nose.

Between Marc, Fire Ross and Monte, you have the three biggest loser on this blog.
They are obviously JETS Fans who are upset about Sanchez.
3 worthless fools and ignorant Trolls

Red Flag @ 9:47

Ha ha ha ha ha

Red Flag @ 9:47

Ha ha ha ha ha

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 25, 2013 at 09:48 PM

He shows his true colors by faking me and then responding to himself.

Thanks for confirming my point.

I really get sick of all the whiners. The AFC East is wide open. Not only are the Jests and Bills totally without a QB. The Patsies are depending on Rookie wide receivers and tight ends. They were totally exposed against Detroit.
The Fins didn't look great, but they did look good. The defense is definitely top 5. The offense is much better than some people want to admit. The first part of the schedule is going to be tough. Losing Keller is huge. Coaching is my biggest question mark.
It could be a good season. Stop complaining!!!

Red Flag,

It's no use. 95% of the bloggers here are so fking clueless its unreal. They are desparate, unobservant lonely fools with no attention span whatsover.

Those that are even aware of ETF still engage him becuase they have absolutely nothing else in life worthwhile.

It's really sad.

The Bills and Jets are both starting QBs that we could have drafted: EJ Manuel & Geno Smith

You guys think Tannehill is a franchise QB and I'm ignorant, HHAHA

Marc, ETF has room in his bed for you and Michael Jackson.

Armando shows up at his own blog less than Haley's comet. No wonder it is a trash pond.

This offense could be the worst in football....

The Bills and Jets are both starting QBs that we should have drafted: EJ Manuel & Geno Smith

So they lose a home game to Tampa minus Darrel Revis, and they say they're ready?? LMAO!

Watch Kaepernick espn highlights tonight. The difference between a future elite and Tannehill is evident.

Watch how Kaep percieves the pocket will breakdown before hand and creates time moving outside and finding the open receiver. Tanne doesn't have that presence. He perceives the pocket has broken down when its too late to escape.

Those are the little things I hope it doesn't take Tanne years to figure out. What I'll never figure out is why developing qb's never watch great qb's tape to pick up little nuances such as these that figure great in the big picture of success.

Just so sick of Tanne holding the football until the pocket crumbles or escape is too late. Tanne's overall pocket presence leaves great room for improvement. Havent seen anything change in this area the entire preseason. Neither is throwing behind his receivers.

I also believe Tanne's throwing behind his receivers and the ball placement being a little off, could be due to being a tad late on his throws. Bob Griese even stated on occasion Tanne's holding the ball too long.

This I chalk up to Tannehill not being quite up to the speed of the game. If the mental clock is a little off, what he's seeing is happening a little fast for him too.

He's gotta catch up fully to the speed of the game. He doesn't seem quite there yet in this regard.

Just stop YG you sound like an idiot...

Cap 53% 1td
RT 63% 1td

Was that Home posting? Or, another Troll drive-by?

Anyways, I look for Miami to start releasing some players Monday morning to get down towards that 75 number as early as they can. I think they're at 84 or 83 already. So, we'll know a little more about the roster by the end of the day I believe.

Learned a long time ago that preseason don't mean much...even the vaunted 3rd game reg season tune-up.

Teams run vanilla plays and defenses. The stars have varying degrees of effort to their play. The games are decided by back-ups or soon to be released players.

General things I saw...

The team will hopefully get a tougher mentality regarding turnovers. They still seems to have too many brain farts that lead to turnovers. It will lose games come regular season if they don't change it.

Tannehill has a strong enough arm but the better teams will pick him off if he doesn't go through progressions. The Bucs missed a few. He has to learn to look off safeties, keep his eyes all over down field and make second and third reads if he wants to take a big leap.

TE and OL will be hold your breath type depth all year.

The Defense does seem quicker. When Davis gets more experience he should be able to get INTs in real games.

It seems that when Taylor and Jordan finally round into shape they will be icing on an already good DEF.

Lamar Miller has won the RB contest. Thomas will spell him. Feel bad for RB J. Gray...terribad game for a bubble guy.


Catch up with ya later peeps. Cheers,

Rob in OC. You can't point out the flaws of our "franchise QB"

Very few RBs can run if there are no holes opened by the line, only one I remember was Jim Brown who created his own hole through the congested lines pushing People aside and running over them. It seems we don't have another Jim Brown here, therefore, the O line has to open holes if we are going to have a successful running Game.

PS. Lamar Miller and Gillislee sound like babbling idiots

Ok, we asked to see Dion Jordan and our wish was granted. We saw he will be a great Player a la Kuechly. You can shelve him now and let him heal thoroughly. Thank you.

Devlin is small in stature and has a mediocre arm. Not too many NFL teams looking for that model. Put him on the Practice Squad as he will be safe.

We should have taken Eifert in the draft and kept our second round pick. Poor pass protection and run blocking are serious issues that have not been resolved. TY Hilton and Tyler Eifert should be on this team. Not Eggnew and Jordan.

Ricki Stanzi, another guy highly touted by YG as being 'the best in his class', cut by the Chiefs.

What else you got man?

But, but, Devlin is 6'4".

Sick of the homers here who say the Fins drafted Dion Jordan for the future. You don't trade up and give away a valuable pick to get a guy you want for the future. Last I checked, guys come out every year that can rush the passer.

Lots of pathetic excuses around here. Meanwhile, Jarvis Jones, the pick Miami could have waited for, is making plays all of the field in Pittsburgh this preseason. Typical Ireland miscue. Falls in love with a guy and that's it (ala Daniel Thomas)

tvegas, I disagree with your assessment (even if people are saying it). We didn't draft Jordan fro the future, Ireland drafted him because he believes he'll follow in the mold of a DeMarcus Ware or Jason Taylor. And Kevin Croyle's defenses are extremely aggressive, lots of blitzing and pressures on the QB. He wants a stout front 7. Check the Giants and their winning teams, they had MANY pass-rushers. That's what I believe Ireland was thinking. Now, the question is still out there if he's right about Jordan's talents, but I don't think he was thinking of the distant future when he was drafting him.

Red zone woes can be overcome by good playcalling. Pre-Season is for base plays, very little trickery. Sherman just needs to understand during the Season he needs deception when the ball is inside the 10. How about a roll-out? Or a QB keeper? Or Michael Egnew (who is taller than Clay)? I really hope scoring isn't as big of a problem this year as it has been in the past.


I really hope scoring isn't as big of a problem this year as it has been in the past.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 26, 2013 at 08:31 AM

It will be a bigger problem than last year without Jake Long,Reggie Bush, Anthony Fasano or Dustin Keller.

Scotty - are you saying we had Dustin Keller last year?

Yes Scotty, they helped us to an awesome 7-9 record.

No. I'm saying we HAD a viable replacement for Fasano that we no longer have.

Yes Scotty, they helped us to an awesome 7-9 record.

Posted by: Hmmmm.... | August 26, 2013 at 08:55 AM

That could look awesome compared to this season! LMAO!

Why do I get the impression Cellar Fins is a Jets fan?

Craig M, thanks for bad mothing me when I wasnt even on the blog, I swear you have some sort of issues you've have yet to deal with.

Anyways, Im predicting a 9 and 7 season for the DOlphins. No playoffs. Same medoicare team..

Tannehill needs to improve pocket awarness and goes through progressions quicker, it seems as if he locks on to his WR as soon as the ball is snaps and thats who he usually throws too, also there isnt a TE who canstart on a NFL on this team on this roster, can we please just cut Egnew already he's just garbage what a waste of a draft pick, coulda had TY Hilton..

Good game. Should've won it but it was preseason. Still have the Dolphins going 11-5.

Couple things still hold true.

Devlin is better than Moore. And L.Miller is the starting RB.

D.Jordan was drafted for the future.

Dashi, have you looked at the schedule? NO WAY the Dolphins go 11 and 5 dude, jeez I wish I can be as optimistic as you, just dont see it unless there are some major injuries to the opponents key players.

I would like to see Egnew and Sims at TE with Clay at FB.

And when they go 4-5 wide. Instead of Clay I would like to see Egnew or Matthews.

Hopefully these moves are made when the roster is cut down.

We play the Bucs again during the Season.

The Fins won that game except for the last 3:00 Minutes. Even with the Backups and 4 Turnovers, 3 by the Special Teams.

Devlin is better than Moore.

Devlin is better than Moore BWHAHAHAH, I can take anything Dashi write seriously. How many games have Devlin won in the NFL. I know a back fat ZERO!

I would say 12-4 or 13-3.

11-5 is hedging my bet. At worst I expect the Fins to go 9-7. And that is even with Matt Moore at Qb.

Alright Lamar Odom.

If you can't see P.Devlin is a better QB than M.Moore I don't know what I can tell you. You don't know what a football player looks like.

The Fins still have 3 of the Top 4 QBs in the AFC East. Devlin and M.Moore are better than anyone else not named Tom Brady in our Division.

Fact: Devlin has beat as many winning teams as Matt Moore ... ZERO!

Forget this Matt Moore savious business. Only one Qb has the ability and has beat a winning team on the roster .. Tannehill.

He's our only chance, had a great pre season compared to his level of play last year and yet some (not including the usual losers who post nonsense) just want to point out his flaws. Guess what, he's progressing just fine, will be here a while, get used to him.

Dolphins offense will not be great but will be miles better than last year. Scoring 20 points a game will not be a problem. If our defense is dominant, then we can be one of the better teams in the league.

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