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Dolphins making moves in advance of roster cuts

The Dolphins, and all other NFL teams, have until 4 p.m. on Tuesday to trim their roster to 75 players. This team isn't waiting.

Already this morning multiple back-of-the-roster players have been cut.

Two such players -- offensive lineman Jeff Braun and defensive tackle Chris Burnette -- already announced they've been cut on their twitter accounts.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins announced G Jeff Braun, G Chandler Burden, DT Chris Burnette, LB Alonzo Highsmith, and WR Kenny Stafford have been cut. More coming, folks.]

This was expected. Last year, for example, the Dolphins released nine players two days prior to the first NFL cutdown date. This is how they do business.

The Dolphins will have interesting decisions this year because the team has plenty of good players. Unfortunately for Miami, it has many more good defensive players than offensive players. So the truth is the Dolphins may keep some offensive players that are necessary to fill spots while cutting a couple of better defensive players who have earned a spot but got caught in a numbers game.

Having said all that, allow me to project your 2013 Miami Dolphins 53-man roster. This is simply a projection. It is based on opinion. Mine.

Quarterbacks (2): Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore.

Analysis: And now you're freaking because Pat Devlin is not on the team. Well, I'm sorry, but he's not on my projection. He's done nothing wrong. He's had a solid preseason. But I think some of the sheen is coming off because he's had trouble staying healthy this preseason, his improvement is hardly eye-popping and if the Dolphins are down to their third starting QB this year, I simply don't see that person being Pat Devlin. They would bring in a veteran.

Running backs (4): Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Mike Gillislee, KR Marcus Thigpen.

Analysis: Well, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said this week the team is searching for a third running back. He didn't say a third and a fourth. But as Thigpen, who is working as a third-down back recently, is also the KR you can add him to this group. The third spot is up for grabs between Gillislee and Jonas Gray. The better player the next two weeks probably takes the spot. The loser? Dolphins will try to stash him on practice squad.

Fullback (1): Jorvorskie Lane.

Analysis: The club has sent Lane multiple messages this year. They flirted with Vonta Leach. They actually demoted Lane once in training camp. And they have given Evan Rodriguez plenty of opportunity to win the spot. Rodriguez is probably a better special teams player. Lane is a better blocker. Both need to be better pass-catchers. It's a toss-up but I'm going with the better blocker to help the running game. 

Receivers (5): Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, Rishard Matthews, Chad Bumphis

Analysis: Marvin McNutt might still bump Bumphis. Saturday night truly matters for these guys. But I simply don't trust his inconsistent hands. I do trust Bumphis more. He cannot let up, however.

Tight ends (4): Charles Clay, Dion Sims, Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller. 

Analysis: Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman loves tight ends. At one point in 2012, there were five tight ends on the Miami roster. Miller is a bubble guy and has to perform well Saturday to have a prayer, but if he's not on, I see the Dolphins searching the waiver wires or trying to make a trade to add a guy.

Offensive line (10): Jonathan Martin, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito, Tyson Clabo, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Joshn Samuda, Lance Louis, Dallas Thomas.

Analysis: The fact John Jerry had the knee injury will help Lance Louis because it is clear he's getting better as he himself recovers from knee surgery. Louis is going to be better in October and better still in December. And he's already better than Josh Samuda at the position. You keep him. The backup tackle situation is worrisome.

Defensive line (10): Cameron Wake, Olivier Vernon, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Jared Odrick, Derrick Shelby, Vaughn Martin, Dion Jordan, Tristan Okpalaugo, Kheeston Randall.

Analysis: Ten defensive linemen is too many, but the fact is Dion Jordan's shoulder injury makes for much uncertainty and that's why Okpalaugo is here. Antwan Applewhite might also be an option but he's a more expensive option because if you keep him, his salary is guaranteed. Maybe Miami cuts him and re-signs after the first week. Hate to cut A.J. Francis, but he's probably one of those good defensive players caught in bad numbers I talked about earlier.

Linebackers (6): Dannell Ellerbe, Koa Misi, Phillip Wheeler, Jason Trusnik, Austin Spitler, Jonathan Freeny.

Analysis: And you're freaking again because Jelani Jenkins isn't on the team. He might be, but the truth is I haven't seen him do much of anything. He has three tackles this preseason. I'd love to find a way to get Josh Kaddu on the team as well. Trusnik is on solely because he's a good special teams guy. Kaddu is better on defense, in my humble opinion.

Defensive backs (8): Brent Grimes, Will Davis, Dimitri Patterson, Nolan Carroll, Jimmy Wilson, Reshad Jones, Chris Clemons, Jamar Taylor. 

Analysis:  Wilson can back up at safety and help in the nickel. I'd like to have another safety, however. I believe Kelcie McCray is pushing for a spot as well. Hate to lose R.J. Stanford. 

Specialists (3): Punter Brandon Fields, K Caleb Sturgis, LS John Denney.

Analysis: Speaks for itself.


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Is Lobstertubez a real thing?

Including preseason Philbin is now 8-15.

Mark if Ross or Ireland read these comments and we found out for sure I would laugh my a## off. If I were an owner or GM I wouldn't come anywhere near fan blogs. There are 12 year olds that post in here. Are they really reading a twelve year olds thoughts and taking them to heart? Are they going to continue to go to a blog where people fight all night long about who is smart and who is dumb, who does drugs, who sleeps with men, and all of the other pre-pubescent BS that gets talked about in here? I have to think not because I know I wouldn't. If they do I agree with the one guy who says we need a new owner.

Then isn't Tanne also 8-15?
Last time I checked when the team loses it is the QBs fault.

if they cut jonas gray, he will come back top haunt us

ETF at 4:47, good post.

keep four tail backs and no full backs, who needs one anyway

Serge just look at what offensive players around the league said about the hit. They all agree it was dirty. Tony Gonzalez was visibly upset when he was talking about it. He said he would rather be hit in the head. Other players called him a punk and said the words is out now. He's going to have a target on his back. So you're not alone, if the people in the business think it was dirty, especially vets, than it was dirty.

So if the Phins hire you to be GM you'll not spend 10-14 hours a day in here anymore?

How else will you know what you should've done?

saturday's game will decide the final roster for sure.

i would keep Jenkins for his potential.

Thanks i'm out

Fundamentals of tackling went out the window long ago, if they can't run into them at full speed without making a head shot then they just fall down in front of them taking the knees out.....The Dustin Keller signing was my favorite of all this off season, but since they quit coaching proper tackling he is lost for the season........sucks

Serge just look at what offensive players around the league said about the hit. They all agree it was dirty. Tony Gonzalez was visibly upset when he was talking about it. He said he would rather be hit in the head. Other players called him a punk and said the words is out now. He's going to have a target on his back. So you're not alone, if the people in the business think it was dirty, especially vets, than it was dirty.
Posted by: Phins78 | August 23, 2013 at 04:55 PM

Sour Grapes stop your cryin

Yes lobstertube is real, your johnson will be satisfied

@Everybody Knows

If we're going to trade for a tight end, the only two that are upgrades over what's on the roster now are Brent Celek and Jermaine Gresham. Both can prolly be had for trading some d-line depth. Some people are advocating for getting DJ Williams from the Packers either in a trade or if he's cut, but he's too much like Clay. I don't really see the point.

I saw on Miamidolhpins.com they said that PFF had Martin ranked as the #2 OT so far this pre-season...I searched the site but couldn't find that assessment...then again it also said some RT that might not have a job in a month is listed as 3rd...so it doesn't really mean much but all signs that Martin will more than hold is own at LT are good...really good run blocker can't be questioned...get the pass pro locked down and we are set!!!

Where is ALoco?

Mando don't know football, he just writes for a paycheck. Totally disagree with this. Jonas Gray will make the team and Evan Rodriguez will make the team over J. Lane. Rodriguez can play TE and FB, which makes him more valuable than J.Lane. Lane is only a FB, so I think he will get cut. Vaughn Martin makes the team based on experience and has played well through the pre-season. I'm not sure what Mando is smoking, but I think he's wrong on several areas, except for the kickers, those are already set in stone. I like Omar's (from Sun-Sentinels) final 53 than Mando's, Omar makes more sense than this hater.


ETF, you have to admit that Keller and Tanne looked good together. I had high hopes anyway.

As far as trades go, who has enough depth at tight end to trade away a good one? D-linemen are more available than TEs. Tackles anyway.

I really don't think it's too big of a deal the final 53. I mostly care about the first 35 or so. Used to drive me crazy how Sparano was so fixated on the final couple of spots.

I agree that Tanne and Keller did look good together.

Also I don't hate the way that Tanne & Egnew look together.

What I don't get is how Clay is the starting TE because he is supposed to be a hybrid TE/FB which means that he is not a starter at either position. And I've not heard his name called at all this summer and very little last season.


This is a big Yr. for Clay IMO, I'm done with the honeymoon as well. I thought he looked good at Sr. Bowl were he was spotlighted plenty as more athletic Chris Cooley type who could offer more in pass protect/run blocking but haven't seen it yet consistently. He flashes and teases with potential but here and there. At this stage moving into Yr. 3 Cooley was a 70 Catch 700 yards a Yr. player with sporadic QB play plaguing career really. No doubt he has the talent!

I agree on Clay. I keep hearing good things but my lying eyes keep telling me he ain't all that.

If he was all we had left I would feel bad. Fortunatly we have Eggy and Simms.

I am anxious to see Green Bay play. Dashi and I wanted to draft Lacey. I want to see how he does.


Any compliments for ETF ear-grabber tonight?


I want to see the Hawks as well Vs. G.B. good match-up!

I enjoy watching the little QB from Seattle. Forgot his name now.

Ya know we stink when Egnew makes the roster HAHA


If so when they show a group of guys in a pickup truck that is us, the people in this blog.

See , Russell Wilson doesnt need a good OL

Doesn't Egnew hold all of the Big-12 Receiving records fo a TE?

Playoff Winning Percentages

Dam Marino .444
Mark Sanchez .667
Rex Grossoman .500
Tim Tebo .500
Daunte Culpepper .500
David Woodley .600

Percentage of times QB cried on camera after losing super bowl:

Marino: 100%
All other QB's: 0%

Playoff Winning Percentages
Dam Marino .444
Mark Sanchez .667
Rex Grossoman .500
Tim Tebo .500
Daunte Culpepper .500
David Woodley .600
Posted by: Factoiid | August 23, 2013 at 08:40 PM

That shows you what a choker Marino was.

I saw District 9, it's better than Elysium

Off topic,

Anyone here play Last of us on Ps3?


3 for 6, 2.0 avg


5 for 6, 1.2 avg


Game sukkks, everybody in it sukked in the 1st half except Golden Tate.

Ross was too cheap to sign Vonta Leach. And after dumbing Carpenter and Marshall the payroll is now LESS than last years.

Fukkkig nerd, Adam Sh

We heard them say GB hasn't had a 100 yard rusher in 40+ games.

Maybe some of you need to check yourself before proclaiming you know what kind of oline Philbin wants. All finesse and pulling we can see doesn't produce a good running game. You still need some beasts like Cogs and Jerry to help you plow through people.

Philbin knows this. That is why Cogs and Jerry are still with us. That is why we will have a better running game than GB.

Might just be that those great rookie QBs last year might not be so this year. D might be deciphering them.

Why the emphasis by the League in protecting the head of players? Mostly fear of lawsuits.


7 for 1, 0.1 avg

Pathetic really.


7 for 1, 0.1 avg

Pathetic really.

Posted by: Bust | August 23, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Dashi WRONG again!

Nahh, Young sukkks too. How bout trading Moore or Devlin to GB for Jarmichael?

Phins 78.....

In not sure where you are getting your info...but almost everybody I ave heard (pro wise) belive the hit on Keller was LEGAL....and terribly unfortunate....

Guys is have heard on the subject....

Mark sclereth

Lavar Arrington

Big mike (mike and mike)

Cris carter (HOF)

Marsal Faulk (HOF)

Chris colinsworth

those guys think it sucks...but it wasn't dirty...

Of course we fin fans feel different....but if you put Keller in a different uniform....you will be able to more clearly what happened on that play...

Devlin is getting cut.

Young > Moore > Devlin

Young has more experience and two probowls. GB isn't stupid to give up an elite TE for a bum QB.

Philbin knows this. That is why Cogs and Jerry are still with us. That is why we will have a better running game than GB.

Posted by: Bodine | August 23, 2013 at 09:42 PM

You surprised by that stat?? The last perennial 1,000 Yd. rusher in G.B. was Ryan Grant (FA find) who was hurt week-1 in 2010 SB Season they came with a RB named Brandon Jackson who goes and gets hurt right before the Playoffs when they went with that kid from Buffalo St Starks. Since Starks blew up that post Season (not hard the way Rodgers was flinging the rock those playoffs which outside of Chicago left monster run lanes) he's disappeared, Grant came back but got hurt again and Pack G.M. Ted Thompson refused the Lynch trade who Rodgers desperately wanted. If you add up week-1 of 2010 through last Yr. you have 48 games.

I think we should have drafted Jarmichael. What you guys think?

Y E A H.....BIG night on the Blog !!!

Everybody is here !

Wow, this team is definitely getting better... This year's cuts are harder.

I would for AJ Francis to make the team. I was rooting for McCray, but he hasn't done anything.

That GB starting D looks tough as hell.

Talking Tex A&M on TV and there's something regarding the Aggies RB's! Seems Hawks 3rd RB Christine Micheal came from Texas A&M were he was shelved due to injury and having our College Station pipeline nobody bothered to give this kid a better look. We took the QB converted to WR then back to QB in RD-1 (If he was such a heavily recruited QB why was the switch even considered keeping a middle of the pack BIG-12 QB like McGee ahead) We also picked up their former RB who ate himself off the team but didn't see this kid??


Yes they do but more impressive is the play of Wilson in the face of that rush moving his team and throwing some nice passes all over the field. We better hope Tannehill looks somewhat ready with a game plan tomorrow.

Jermaine, come back to Miami, please!

Hopefully, f4l.

Why didn't we draft Kaep o Russell? We had our chances.

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