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Dolphins making moves in advance of roster cuts

The Dolphins, and all other NFL teams, have until 4 p.m. on Tuesday to trim their roster to 75 players. This team isn't waiting.

Already this morning multiple back-of-the-roster players have been cut.

Two such players -- offensive lineman Jeff Braun and defensive tackle Chris Burnette -- already announced they've been cut on their twitter accounts.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins announced G Jeff Braun, G Chandler Burden, DT Chris Burnette, LB Alonzo Highsmith, and WR Kenny Stafford have been cut. More coming, folks.]

This was expected. Last year, for example, the Dolphins released nine players two days prior to the first NFL cutdown date. This is how they do business.

The Dolphins will have interesting decisions this year because the team has plenty of good players. Unfortunately for Miami, it has many more good defensive players than offensive players. So the truth is the Dolphins may keep some offensive players that are necessary to fill spots while cutting a couple of better defensive players who have earned a spot but got caught in a numbers game.

Having said all that, allow me to project your 2013 Miami Dolphins 53-man roster. This is simply a projection. It is based on opinion. Mine.

Quarterbacks (2): Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore.

Analysis: And now you're freaking because Pat Devlin is not on the team. Well, I'm sorry, but he's not on my projection. He's done nothing wrong. He's had a solid preseason. But I think some of the sheen is coming off because he's had trouble staying healthy this preseason, his improvement is hardly eye-popping and if the Dolphins are down to their third starting QB this year, I simply don't see that person being Pat Devlin. They would bring in a veteran.

Running backs (4): Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Mike Gillislee, KR Marcus Thigpen.

Analysis: Well, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said this week the team is searching for a third running back. He didn't say a third and a fourth. But as Thigpen, who is working as a third-down back recently, is also the KR you can add him to this group. The third spot is up for grabs between Gillislee and Jonas Gray. The better player the next two weeks probably takes the spot. The loser? Dolphins will try to stash him on practice squad.

Fullback (1): Jorvorskie Lane.

Analysis: The club has sent Lane multiple messages this year. They flirted with Vonta Leach. They actually demoted Lane once in training camp. And they have given Evan Rodriguez plenty of opportunity to win the spot. Rodriguez is probably a better special teams player. Lane is a better blocker. Both need to be better pass-catchers. It's a toss-up but I'm going with the better blocker to help the running game. 

Receivers (5): Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, Rishard Matthews, Chad Bumphis

Analysis: Marvin McNutt might still bump Bumphis. Saturday night truly matters for these guys. But I simply don't trust his inconsistent hands. I do trust Bumphis more. He cannot let up, however.

Tight ends (4): Charles Clay, Dion Sims, Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller. 

Analysis: Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman loves tight ends. At one point in 2012, there were five tight ends on the Miami roster. Miller is a bubble guy and has to perform well Saturday to have a prayer, but if he's not on, I see the Dolphins searching the waiver wires or trying to make a trade to add a guy.

Offensive line (10): Jonathan Martin, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito, Tyson Clabo, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Joshn Samuda, Lance Louis, Dallas Thomas.

Analysis: The fact John Jerry had the knee injury will help Lance Louis because it is clear he's getting better as he himself recovers from knee surgery. Louis is going to be better in October and better still in December. And he's already better than Josh Samuda at the position. You keep him. The backup tackle situation is worrisome.

Defensive line (10): Cameron Wake, Olivier Vernon, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Jared Odrick, Derrick Shelby, Vaughn Martin, Dion Jordan, Tristan Okpalaugo, Kheeston Randall.

Analysis: Ten defensive linemen is too many, but the fact is Dion Jordan's shoulder injury makes for much uncertainty and that's why Okpalaugo is here. Antwan Applewhite might also be an option but he's a more expensive option because if you keep him, his salary is guaranteed. Maybe Miami cuts him and re-signs after the first week. Hate to cut A.J. Francis, but he's probably one of those good defensive players caught in bad numbers I talked about earlier.

Linebackers (6): Dannell Ellerbe, Koa Misi, Phillip Wheeler, Jason Trusnik, Austin Spitler, Jonathan Freeny.

Analysis: And you're freaking again because Jelani Jenkins isn't on the team. He might be, but the truth is I haven't seen him do much of anything. He has three tackles this preseason. I'd love to find a way to get Josh Kaddu on the team as well. Trusnik is on solely because he's a good special teams guy. Kaddu is better on defense, in my humble opinion.

Defensive backs (8): Brent Grimes, Will Davis, Dimitri Patterson, Nolan Carroll, Jimmy Wilson, Reshad Jones, Chris Clemons, Jamar Taylor. 

Analysis:  Wilson can back up at safety and help in the nickel. I'd like to have another safety, however. I believe Kelcie McCray is pushing for a spot as well. Hate to lose R.J. Stanford. 

Specialists (3): Punter Brandon Fields, K Caleb Sturgis, LS John Denney.

Analysis: Speaks for itself.


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Dion Jordon....let's not forget...was considered the top defensive player in the draft on EVERY board I saw. It's not like Ireland rolled the dice on a long shot, the trade was also considered a BARGAIN by every analyst.

Dam dude....

do you just sit by your computer waiting for me to show up....so you can type that over and over again....

man are you pathetic....

you want a compliment to baby...is the baby jealous....

her you go...

the BLOG has operated 1,000 TIMES better since you (YG) has limited his post to about 15 insults a day....

that the best I can do for you....

feel better baby....

kris u didnt read what i wrote. u said if we had picked somebody else i would of been mad about not getting dion. no kidding irelands radar is what matters and sucks

LIGHTBULB!!! ..."Paging Armando Salguero!"

Why not try Keenan Davis at tight end!!!

He definitely has the size and although he has sub par speed for a WR, he should have above par speed for a TE! He looks pretty built and strong enough for blocking assignments too! Why not just try it out in practice??? Can you ask the coach, Mando?
Give me your opinions too, Dolfans.

PS: Swearinger is a filthy player. He has a track record of lethal hits in college. Kubiak has been a dirty coach since his Denver days. I personally believe Kubiak was behind that disgusting helmet first spearhead, aimed directly at Keller's knee!!!
Consider this...At half time, Kubiak was griping to a reporter about an(unintentional)shot by Jimmy Wilson that took his star rookie WR Deandre Hopkins out of the game.


On a very short come back route Keller was standing still with his back to the secondary. No serious threat to advance as he was still trying to make the catch. He could have easily been wrapped up anywhere along his body. Dive into him fine but shoulder first!

It way, way, way too to reflect on the draft and come up with conclusions on whether players were a good pick. The bottom line is it is a done deal and looking back at this point is a waste of time. You can do that every year but it never changes the present situation. I wasn't happy about the draft either when we didn't stockpile talent on the offensive side of the ball but you move on. Move On Fellas

If I were Jeff Ireland, I would call the Jags and try a trade for Maurice Jones Drew.

There is zero hope for this team until Jeff Ireland is fired.


Henne should put up a good showing vs Phily tonight and I wouldn't be surprised if afterwards he is traded to the Raiders for Matt Flynn + drft pick.


- Everyone that has seen both Henne and Gabbert play know that Henne is the more accomplished QB at this point in thier careers.
- Jville HC and GM said there was a true QB competition but it turns out that was a lie, they need to play Gabbert to make a final decision.
- Henne is an UFA and will probably leave Jville anyway since he's been lied to.
- Flynn is closer to Gabbert in skill and Flynn played for Gus Bradley's team last season.
- Flynn is under contract.

One week to go until the final cut down to 53. I believe Ireland will make some moves but not at RB. MJD..First question is do the Jags really want to trade him? Probably not so there's always that..plus what is his value after putting up 414 yds rushing last year and being injured?

Ireland probably will be and should be looking for TE's and OL.

It is what it is …

The hit was legal, yet intentional

The playa knew exactly what he was doing, … trying to take Kellers’ legs out

Guess what

He did it
If Tannehill thinks more of those sissy slow passes are going to be allowed by viscous defensive players, than several more of our receivers will also have season and career ending injuries

Next time a TE or receiver will think twice and look over his shoulder b4 catching one of those suicide passes by the inexperienced and inacurate Tannehill.

trade for jones drew awful idea. how bout addressing our problem areas. te, oline

Maurice Jones Drew is used up. He will be out of the league next year.

If Miller would get some attitude, Drew could not carry his jock. I'm hoping that attitude will come with the regular season. These coaches will not use up our backs in pre-season, hopefully. Playing running back is hard on your body.

Looks like I was wrong about Lacey. It is amazing how much difference NFL D-linemen are from college D- linemen. You don't just bowl them over, huh?

Someone made a good point that one of our CBs knocked thier rookie WR from the game, perhaps Keller was payback.

ETF, Let me get this straight.

Not only is Henne a franchise QB, but the coaches in Jax are conspiring to keep him from making them a better team? They will look better if they keep their high draft pick, but dud, quarterback and trade away a franchise QB?

OK got it. Makes as much sense as some of the things I've seen.

The Dolphin season is over before it began. THE HEAT IS ON SOON!!!!!!

Kris Kry takes the bait EVERY time! Like feeding the pigeons!

The blog's dumbest blogger retains his title - Champ Idiot.

Who is it that says "Politicians LOVE people like him"?

Jville has the shhtiest talent in the NFL although they do have some nice offensive pieces.
They cut 36 players from last year's team.
They know they may get a top 2 pick again with Gabbe, what good would it do t have Henne win 5 games and they pick 8th instead of 1st?
Henne is in his UFA year which means he's going to leave anyway.

Yes they are conspiring but not to screw Henne. They are conspiring to find out if Gabbe is the real deal. They have a new GM and HC so neither are tied to Gabbe or Henne. They are not purposely trying to screw Henne, he is just getting screwed.

Go back to the SS Home...you aint got a clue...

What to watch tonight...Well all of it of course. A good or bad game will decide the future of many guys tonight on both teams. What do we have 30 or so guys to cut in 7 days? The intensity will be turned up tonight. Meaningless game? Who saw the first team defense come back on the field last week to end a drive for the Texans?

MJD held out due to Jax not paying him, got hurt early, then told Jax to go F-themselves and didnt come back (essentially getting his money for laying on the couch watching his fantasy players). Before that injury, Mojo has been a beast and never hurt. I know we are speaking hypo, and it probably wont happen but, I give Starks, D.Thomas and a late pick for Mojo all day! Contract year, last chance for a big payday for him. He will run hard this year.

Mojo/Miller backfield most definetly makes our offense waaay better than a Miller/DT backfield. Anyone who knows football knows that.

On 2nd thought Henne is not getting screwed because he is getting paid the contract he agreed to.
It'sjust that it could be better for everyone if Henne were on Oakland and Flynn were Gabbe's backup.

2 benefits:
1. The coach/gm do not have to hear the crowd chanting for Henne.
2. If they end up having to play Flynn he is as bad as Gabbe so they could still pick top 2.

Home has things twisted. Swearinger is a straight up punk.

MJD is in his UFA season also.

henne is by far one of the worst qbs in the nfl in the last 25 years

So, if Oakland gets Henne but doesn't play him this year, They can pick collapse for Clowney AND have a franchise QB.

WOW, what a way to start a franchise.


The tight end solution is right under their noses...

Keenan Davis!!

Not good enough WR speed but plenty good enough TE speed. Big and strong enough to block. Good hands. Before waiving him, try him out at TE in practice!!

vfan76 says: Aug 24, 2013 9:44 AM

These are the same two guys that you Packers fans were saying are going to be the best ever and comparing them to AP right…. You must have been thinking of the old Bears AP I guess.


DETROIT -- Running back Reggie Bush had five catches for 103 yards to help the Detroit Lions rout the New England Patriots 40-9 on Thursday night.

Saw this on NFL dot Com. We let a lot of productivity just leave and go to Detroit.


Letting Reggie walk away when he was the ONLY playmaker on the team was IDIOTIC! This team needs more talent NOT less!~

These MORONS got rid of their only playmakers Marshall and Bush. And then they wonder why they stink.

I liked Bush a lot...VERY hard worker and very good professional...but we have his replacement...and we don't need Bush anymore...he is going on the wrong side of his RB career and if he wanted to stay in Miami he should have accepted a small contract...if it was offered...Bush failed in his decision making...he will be hurt by week 4 on that turf...Reggies body DOES NOT like artificial turf...thats why he degraded in NO...then started improving in Miami...he will be a non-factor for the Lions before a quarter of the season is up...bank it...

What were our records with Marshall and Bush ON the TEAM...OHH YEAHH...still losing...Jack!ass...

I wonder if Reggie and Jake are setting up leadership councils with their new teams...

Reggie will be another Wes Welker...

The Dolphins are like the Marlins getting rid of their best players every year just to save a few bucks...

And just to clarify some of the stats posted around here...Bush did have 5 rec for 103 yards...one of which was a 67 yarder...so the other 4...4 rec for 36 yards...how about the runnign stats??? Reggie Bush is a RB no??? Hmmm lets see here...6 carries for 1 yard at a blistering 0.2 yard average...Good luck in Detroit Reggie...that turf is going to end your career...

His long carry of the game was 6 yards too!!! Know what that means...dancing in the backfield...no more dancing in the backfield in Miami...

Everyone on the Dolphins is great and everyone not on the Dolphins stinks. You get that?

So, Reggie Bush was THE star of the game in a nice win and Jack! is trying to knock him down. Hilarious!!

DETROIT -- Running back Reggie Bush had five catches for 103 yards to help the Detroit Lions rout the New England Patriots 40-9 on Thursday night.

Saw this on NFL dot Com. We let a lot of productivity just leave and go to Detroit.

Posted by: JackSparrow | August 24, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Wouldn't the Lions be better served if Reggie was running for that many yards? Last I checked, Stafford had a record high number of pass attempts but only managed 20 TDs and a 4-12 record. I don't see that changing because Reggie Bush isn't a consistent gainer on 1st and 2nd downs. He will fall in the backfield on 3/4 runs and make a 40 yd gain to deceive you into thinking he is a good starter.

How thrilled are the Lions to have Reggie Bush? 103 yds receiving and a 40-9 win = Happy, Happy, Happy

Ongoing battles...........

If Thomas outplayes Miller again, he could win the starting job.

Clay, SImms, Egnew...can one separate from the pack?

RG wiill just come down to who is healthiest next week, Louis or Jerry.

Patterson is probably a lock to start at CB, but either of our two rookies are not far behind.

Reggie Bush is huge in Detroit. He's also rocketing up in fantasy drafts.

You run right out and draft Reggie. Good luck with that.

The Thomas -Miller battle is surprising. Miller has not stepped up. Maybe tonight.

Everyone on the Dolphins is great and everyone not on the Dolphins stinks. You get that?
Posted by: Jack! | August 24, 2013 at 01:42 PM

Imposter Jack!!! D-bag...

So, Reggie Bush was THE star of the game in a nice win and Jack! is trying to knock him down. Hilarious!!
Posted by: Shula 73 | August 24, 2013 at 01:44 PM

Try again D-bag...Pretty sure I stated SEVERAL times how much I liked Reggie...but we are not worse off without him...in fact...I think we are BETTER off...as a team...really like Reggies work ethic and leadership...rnning style...not so much...except the half dozen he breaks a year...which are amazing...but the don't make up for the 6 dozen tackles for loss he gets during backfield dance moves...keep reaching for straws Jack!ass...maybe you will get a long one...

Reggies RUNNING stat line for the game was 6 carries on 1 yard...Detroit has NO ONE to haul the rock for them...Reggie cant RUN the ball on turf...they are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E...though the REAL reason they are in TROUBLE is because Schwatrz is a HORRIBLE coach...probably the worst in the league IMO...

Reggie did not want to accept a reduced role. He only wanted to sign as the #1 every down back. Good guy but selfish. He is still trying to live up to his draft status, which will never happen.

Reggie did not want to accept a reduced role. He only wanted to sign as the #1 every down back. Good guy but selfish. He is still trying to live up to his draft status, which will never happen.

I like Players that are exciting to watch, Reggie Bush, Golden Tate. But I most prefer Winning.

I know there is(or was) a spot available in that Fantasy League of yours. But I can't play any competitive Game. I react very badly to Losing. Thank you for inviting me to participate anyways.

Happy Saturday to you Oscar!!!

Where are all the mofos at today...it is a game day...no???

I don't know which affects me more, if Losing(negatively)or Winning(positively). Probably losing.

I am a Winner.

Winner Winner...Chicken Dinner...

All answers about team are revealed in time. o the patient, come blessings.

Reggie was a 'free' agent which means 'free' to choose which team to play for among those willing to pay his price.

Obviously he feels stronger about Detroit's chances than ours. Same for Long in StL, Smith & Fasano in KC.

Dolphins favored by 3

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