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Dolphins making moves in advance of roster cuts

The Dolphins, and all other NFL teams, have until 4 p.m. on Tuesday to trim their roster to 75 players. This team isn't waiting.

Already this morning multiple back-of-the-roster players have been cut.

Two such players -- offensive lineman Jeff Braun and defensive tackle Chris Burnette -- already announced they've been cut on their twitter accounts.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins announced G Jeff Braun, G Chandler Burden, DT Chris Burnette, LB Alonzo Highsmith, and WR Kenny Stafford have been cut. More coming, folks.]

This was expected. Last year, for example, the Dolphins released nine players two days prior to the first NFL cutdown date. This is how they do business.

The Dolphins will have interesting decisions this year because the team has plenty of good players. Unfortunately for Miami, it has many more good defensive players than offensive players. So the truth is the Dolphins may keep some offensive players that are necessary to fill spots while cutting a couple of better defensive players who have earned a spot but got caught in a numbers game.

Having said all that, allow me to project your 2013 Miami Dolphins 53-man roster. This is simply a projection. It is based on opinion. Mine.

Quarterbacks (2): Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore.

Analysis: And now you're freaking because Pat Devlin is not on the team. Well, I'm sorry, but he's not on my projection. He's done nothing wrong. He's had a solid preseason. But I think some of the sheen is coming off because he's had trouble staying healthy this preseason, his improvement is hardly eye-popping and if the Dolphins are down to their third starting QB this year, I simply don't see that person being Pat Devlin. They would bring in a veteran.

Running backs (4): Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Mike Gillislee, KR Marcus Thigpen.

Analysis: Well, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said this week the team is searching for a third running back. He didn't say a third and a fourth. But as Thigpen, who is working as a third-down back recently, is also the KR you can add him to this group. The third spot is up for grabs between Gillislee and Jonas Gray. The better player the next two weeks probably takes the spot. The loser? Dolphins will try to stash him on practice squad.

Fullback (1): Jorvorskie Lane.

Analysis: The club has sent Lane multiple messages this year. They flirted with Vonta Leach. They actually demoted Lane once in training camp. And they have given Evan Rodriguez plenty of opportunity to win the spot. Rodriguez is probably a better special teams player. Lane is a better blocker. Both need to be better pass-catchers. It's a toss-up but I'm going with the better blocker to help the running game. 

Receivers (5): Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, Rishard Matthews, Chad Bumphis

Analysis: Marvin McNutt might still bump Bumphis. Saturday night truly matters for these guys. But I simply don't trust his inconsistent hands. I do trust Bumphis more. He cannot let up, however.

Tight ends (4): Charles Clay, Dion Sims, Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller. 

Analysis: Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman loves tight ends. At one point in 2012, there were five tight ends on the Miami roster. Miller is a bubble guy and has to perform well Saturday to have a prayer, but if he's not on, I see the Dolphins searching the waiver wires or trying to make a trade to add a guy.

Offensive line (10): Jonathan Martin, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito, Tyson Clabo, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Joshn Samuda, Lance Louis, Dallas Thomas.

Analysis: The fact John Jerry had the knee injury will help Lance Louis because it is clear he's getting better as he himself recovers from knee surgery. Louis is going to be better in October and better still in December. And he's already better than Josh Samuda at the position. You keep him. The backup tackle situation is worrisome.

Defensive line (10): Cameron Wake, Olivier Vernon, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Jared Odrick, Derrick Shelby, Vaughn Martin, Dion Jordan, Tristan Okpalaugo, Kheeston Randall.

Analysis: Ten defensive linemen is too many, but the fact is Dion Jordan's shoulder injury makes for much uncertainty and that's why Okpalaugo is here. Antwan Applewhite might also be an option but he's a more expensive option because if you keep him, his salary is guaranteed. Maybe Miami cuts him and re-signs after the first week. Hate to cut A.J. Francis, but he's probably one of those good defensive players caught in bad numbers I talked about earlier.

Linebackers (6): Dannell Ellerbe, Koa Misi, Phillip Wheeler, Jason Trusnik, Austin Spitler, Jonathan Freeny.

Analysis: And you're freaking again because Jelani Jenkins isn't on the team. He might be, but the truth is I haven't seen him do much of anything. He has three tackles this preseason. I'd love to find a way to get Josh Kaddu on the team as well. Trusnik is on solely because he's a good special teams guy. Kaddu is better on defense, in my humble opinion.

Defensive backs (8): Brent Grimes, Will Davis, Dimitri Patterson, Nolan Carroll, Jimmy Wilson, Reshad Jones, Chris Clemons, Jamar Taylor. 

Analysis:  Wilson can back up at safety and help in the nickel. I'd like to have another safety, however. I believe Kelcie McCray is pushing for a spot as well. Hate to lose R.J. Stanford. 

Specialists (3): Punter Brandon Fields, K Caleb Sturgis, LS John Denney.

Analysis: Speaks for itself.


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Thanks for clearing up the confusion on what FREE agent meant Fraud...lots of confusion surrounding that...

I suppose Mario Williams thought Buffalo had better chance to win than Houston also...
Paul Kruger thought he had a better shot in Cleveland instead of Baltimore...
Dashon Goldson thought he had a better shot in Tampa Bay instead of SanFrancisco...

Have I proved my point yet...

Don't mention it.
Some people are convinced that he didn't come back because the coaches didn't want him.

He didn't come back because he didn't want the coaches/gm/QB/fans.


Wallace wanted the money over being a contender.

NE - DET replay on NFL.com right now.
Mallett in game.
He looks identical to Brady.

Your opinion on the subject is Fraudulent...


NE - DET replay on NFL.com...mark that under who gives a shyt...

I would rather have seen them cut Egnew and keep Alonzo Highsmith.

The Tampa goal this game according to Josh Freeman. Start fast...What about scoring TD's? 6 of 10 for 42 yds and zero TD's this preseason. That guy is really tearing it up this preseason.

We should win this easy tonight.
We're way btter than the Tampa's and Jville's of the world.

Dolphins-Bucs preseason is a snoozefest.

I disagree on Egnew. I think he's been having an ok camp, he's getting his name called in games. Clay is the invisible one.

Egnew is the all-time Big-12 receiving leader for TE's. At Mizzou the QBs always led him with the ball. He's had to adjust to a QB that throws behind the runner.
It's taken him a year and now he is proficient at it.

Who was that idiot saying the bog is 1000 times better now? Has he read today's babble amongst 2 boners? Guees not, or maybe this is what he likes.

Paul @ 4:21

I agree. We should romp all over Tampa Bay.

I disagree on Egnew.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 24, 2013 at 04:22 PM

Well, that insures I'm right HAHA

Makes no sense...Why in the world would you cut one of your few remaining TE's on the roster for a back up to the back up linebackers? I don't recall hearing Highsmith's name being called all preseason for doing anything. Guy didn't even make the top 75 of the roster. LOL

Posted by: SMH | August 24, 2013 at 04:24 PM

Yet you come by and contribute this gem...good job...keep up the good work...Jack!ass...

Because dads...JA's come in here with retardo comments and post fraudulent material...we tolerate them because...tolerence is key...

See what I mean?

Like posting fraudulent comments about AH and how the cause of death changed...no factual real world justification to their posts...just utter non-sense...

Yes...yes we do...

9 oout of 10 posters here just babble drivel they don't even believe in. It is just a game to get fools to respond to them.

We see there is no shortage of fools here.

Slow filter on the blog today. @ 4:26 The defense should dominate..the offense well let's just see. I don't like how little game experience they all have together. What is this the fourth game and they played maybe 3 quarters? and with shaky line play.

Memo to Sherman.... start off the game by getting the ball to Wallace early and often. And maybe a pass or two to Egnew and/or Clay.

Memo to Philbin and Coyle don't pull our starters from the game while the other team has the ball in the middle of a series. After a series fine but the Texans drove the ball immediately when they were pulled.

dadsmith @ 4:53 PM,


Do injuries play fair? Injuries don't care who has the ball or when. Backup players need to come in and get the job done regardless.

They need to see the backups against the starters. This is the best way to determine what they have, who they should keep and cut.

Bought that NFL package of the preseason games for $20. Finally...this game I shouldn't have to hear the homer broadcast from the Jags/Texans while they focus on their team. I'd much much rather hear the homer broadcast of the Phins with the focus on the Phins players and coaches. Never knew you get the home team broadcast on that package trust me it's brutal.

Fins roll over Bucs! LOL!

Best qb rb and wrs belong to the Bucs.

Bucs will drop 30 plus on us tonight with ease.

The patty cake tackling employed by the Fins won't stop the muscle hamster or the big wrs on the Bucs like Vincent jackson and Mike Williams. Both can get vertical and run after the catch.

Bucs young d-line is also very aggressive. We won't score over 17pts tonight and the offense will still look sleepy. Two boring rbs and a wr core who features a good wr in Wallace and the underwhelming rest.

dadsmithwest, another out of touch out of towner.

dads doesn't know he's been talking to the same 2 boners all day now.

It will be a good first half.

Armando's blog after all these years has managed to attract:

3 - 4 wortwhile posters
4 - 8 major boners
5 - 10 extreme idiots (they think they are are the smartest)

And that's it. Nothing more.

Pathetic, no?

The coaches need to see our 2nd/3rd teamers against a playoff team to determine who makes the team? Doesn't seem all that useful.

Out of towner? What that makes me a bad fan? Lived in FL for years but moved. Anyway...I don't care about the names of the trolls and no I'm not going to not address them. It's a waste of my time figuring out who is who. I just read the content and comment about that. Can't you guys just keep the blog about football and debate that? Refocus guys..the Phins.

See, we are showcasing QBs. I just learned that EJ Manuel will have knee surgery and Kevin Kolb has suffered a head injury. Moore, Devlin, anyone?

Another heroic TD drive by Pat White capped by 14 yd TD run by White.

9 play 83 yard TD drive by White the guy who can't play NFL football.

EJ manuel had the knee procedure last Sunday. Don't worry he'll be back in time for the next 10 years.
So will Geno Smith.
So will Ryan Mallett.
So will Tanne.

Moore, anyone?





Trade Matt Moore to a division rival? I maybe in favor of going with 2 QB's this year but I don't see that happening.

2 Drives by Pat white against #1 D of Buffalo:

4/6 59 yds/2 rush 26 yds TD

So, it appears that Ireland drafted right with Pat White but Sparano didn't develop him.

Tough loss on ESPN for the Apopka Blue Darters, my old high school, 36-51. Prayers for Zack Darlington, the son of the head coach and the team's quarterback, who was carted off the field to a medivac helicopter during the game.


The only way they trade Moore to the Bills is if Byrd is part of the conversation.

With so many QB's going down I absolutely see no chance in our giving up Moore. I'll take a 14-10 or 17-10 halftime lead.

Hope Francis plays well when it's his turn.

If Byrd is part of the conversation, trade Moore, NOW!

Don't see it! If we are a playoff team, on the bubble, then if T-hill goes down we have little chance of getting in without Moore.

P.S. You'd have to be either on idiot (but who knows what a GM will do) or think your a playoff team to trade Byrd.

Can't see us giving up Moore. We may be a playoff bubble team. If T-Hill goes down that would take the playoffs off the table without Moore.

But some decisions made by GM's goes against all logic. So it's not 100%.

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