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Dolphins react to Dustin Keller's knee injury

HOUSTON -- Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, who has a curious habit of not even fielding questions about injuries, had no choice late Saturday but answer questions about the right knee injury to tight end Dustin Keller.

Philbin said it is too early to determine the seriousness of Keller's injury, although sources within the team are fearing the worst. Philbin said he's hopeful the club gets Keller back sooner rather than later.

The mood in the locker room wasn't nearly so upbeat. Players saw the replay. Some heard Keller writhe in pain when he took defensive back D.J. Swearinger's helmet to the side of his knee. They saw Keller have to be helped up to get on a cart and leave the field via that cart.

"Really painful," receiver Brian Hartline said. "Guy worked his tail off. He was going to be a big part of our offense. It hurt. It's a shame. It's part of the game. There's not much you can do. It's part of playing the game. I'd like to see a higher tackle but you can't blame a guy for trying to make a play."

"It's just an unfortunate thing that happened out there," receiver Mike Wallace said. "Big part of our offense, but that's football. Things happen all the time but it's unfortunate. He's a great guy. Great player. I hate to see that happen. It looked pretty bad. I'm pretty sure he'll be out for a while but it's next man up. Play for him, through him. He's going to watch us, I know that. We just have to keep playing."

If Keller is out for a significant time, perhaps even the season, as expected, the Dolphins might turn to rookie Dion Sims. Or they could go with Charles Clay, who is more a hybrid H-back type player but is closer to the seam threat that Keller was. He may have to move to tight end now.

Clay says he's ready.

"It's been something I've worked on a lot, not only last season but this offseason,"Clay said. "It's something that I feel comfortable doing. But it's something I also feel I need to work on as well. If I'm the next guy up, I'm going to go out there and give it everything I have."

Clay says he benefitted from Keller's presence the last few months in that the veteran gave him tips on how to do his job even before the snap of the ball.

"I've been learning the little things that separate the good players from great players," Clay said. "That's the things I've learned from Dustin -- reading coverages, knowing what to expect before the play starts, things like that. I'm still working on it but that's probably where I've made the most growth so far. I've been working really hard on my blocking. I feel like I've come a long way."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who quickly built a good chemistry with Keller, was optimistic other players would fill the role.

"Those guys are going to have to step up and fill the void," Tannehill said. "I think we have guys that can do it. Now, it's just a matter of making it happen."


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2 watt, serious question. Are you an alcoholic or genuinely brain-damaged in some way?

I mean, pretty much all you do is write at the level of a child (followed by 'lol' as if any of it is actually humorous) and occasionally throw in some comment that gives away your imbecilic racial prejudices or some other indicator of loser status.

Are you actually this incapable of writing ANYTHING even remotely intelligent or coherent? Do your conversations with actual human beings (if you have any) also occur at this borderline retarded level?

Judging from a few comments I've seen you are probably a middle-aged guy. And THIS is what it's come to? Jesus.

The Cuban Has joined the League...
Let the trash talking start.....

Truth, Have you Joined the League????

Tannehenne is a bust. He cant poop

Cuban is just like tannehenne.he is bust because he cant through or run.

Guy's is Kellers salary going against the teams Salary Cap?????

A mosquito went up my pee hole and out my mouth.


Odrick is turning into the real deal. Unfortunately he was not drafted correctly as a 3-4 DE. I think he is clearly better suited as a 4-3 DT. Fortunately for him the team had a coaching staff change and Coyles is pushing the 4-3 more. He can play both systems but I think his athletic ability will serve him really well in the 4-3 DT role for years to come.

I am really hoping Jones and Clemmons can take it to the next level this year. A strong Safety tandem would help the team tremendously. I think Jones has the talent/potential. I am just not sold yet on Clemmons. But they are playing together now for their 3rd or 4th year so we should expect their chemistry to be much improved.

No Cuban, IR = Cap relief. 4.5M or whatever it is rolled to next year.

Even 2 watt (dumb as he is) isn't THIS moronic. This is a troll faker doing a really bad job.

Mark, So Yes it is on this years team...(His Salary that is)Kinda suxs....

Yeha, he will get paid but his salary doesn't count against the cap if he gets IR's. Now the team may get out of it depending on contract language by giving his outright release. Interested to see how he gets designated.

That's not 2 watt. He is genuinely a smart guy. I 100% support and stand behind 2 watt. Maybe I am 2 watt. I'm sorry guys. I can't stop.

Yeha, he will get paid but his salary doesn't count against the cap

Yeah that's what I was trying to figure out, I know they gotta pay him but was wondering if it went against there salary cap..,

ETF, Thoughts on the fins playing "BACK DOOR" football this year?????

The guy posing as 2 watt is definitely interested in back door anything ...

But the phins are cleared of his cap hit..

Aaron hernandez is a free agent ...

The Jets had Keller last year. Were they good?

Hmmmm. Apparently Keller is not a difference maker.

uhm, they didn't really have him all of last year and when they did, their record was actually kind of respectable ... and he did play in two afc championship games ... hmm, maybe it's worse than I thought ...

Mark, It shows the draft at 11 am Monday which actually works seeing how it's Labor day..

I know, some options didn't work so well on my "smart" phone so I have to ammend them later when I get home (I'm blocked at work). The draft will be on Sunday September 1, at 6 pm.

Mark, I need to make an e-mail for the league. Can't do it at work right now. I'll get it you tomorrow most likely if that works.

That works NeMo.

Either day works for me........

Aj Jenkins traded for Johnathan Baldwin ...

And Dolphins followers thought Ireland made some funky first round picks ...

What kind of league u guys doing here? I want in if its fantasy football.

(unless one of you actually wants to win if, then I would understand why you dont invite me).

Either day works for me........
Posted by: Cuban Menace |

Phillie, the league is currently full and DC is first in line in case of dropout... a lot of people seemingly wanted to do it... maybe someone can start a 2nd league??

Draft Dodger, holy fawk, how old are you to use Vietnam war references??

I thought you'd be in line for the early bird special at Ponderosa by now...



2 watt and ETF have got to be the two biggest imbeciles on this board, and that's saying a LOT considering the competition they have around here.

Guys, a public airing of your racial bigotries and 12-year-old level of sexual maturity exposes both of you as complete losers. You should get back to your jobs as custodians or Wal-Mart greeters.

Posted by: Twin Geeks | August 19, 2013 at 01:19 PM

Ahhhhhhh, but that's the beauty of it. They're dumb on purpose and more than likely the same person. Look back on page 11. People were having an interesting conversation then all of a sudden 2 watt and a few other names show up all talking about the same thing. No one responded to the nonsense and talked around them (it was great for a minute or so). Then they/he felt left out so they figured they would amp it up. That's when the racism and hateful comments started. And then you acknowledged them for some reason.

Here's the beauty of it. 2WATT is a character made up by a regular who has a whole cast at his disposal. His 2 watt character is uneducated. He purposely misspells words and abbreviates and/or text talks in his posts. Writes "lol" with no follow up (never know what he's laughing about).

But that's not who he is, that's just a role he's playing. And his sole purpose in playing this role is to get someone to respond to the craziness or stupidity.

So no 2watt and etf are not imbeciles. They're playing you and trying to play anyone they can. They/he know(s) exactly what they/he are/is doing. If you are new no one expects you to realize this. If you are a regular poster and still don't see what's going on,,,,,well I don't know what to say about that.

Draft dodger? That would make Mark around 60 years old. I'm not seeing that.

Phins78, I wouldn't even know what that meant if I didn't watch Mad Men ...

(for those of you who haven't seen this news) Pro Football Focus has Jonathin Martin as the Dolphins highest rated offensive linemen. People are starting to feel a lot better about the left side. And THAT is why I HATE reading all of this doom and gloom and speculative BS before the season starts. Utter nonsense.

Hahahaha, I figured that Mark.

I am martin's biggest detractor but even I have to say the way he's played the last two games - if he can hold that up during the season, the o line will be fine. All the pressure is coming up the RG position and that guy is 3rd strign for us right now.

still not over losing keller and any shot at playoffs. offense was gonna roll

better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

wow,going 2 the sb from watching p/s bs.

dusty, that was a bitter pill for me too. I'm hping the coaching staff finds a way to make up those 80 recs and almost 900 yards I saw him get here this year ...

And even worse for Keller, he stood to make a pretty little contract after this year. Might have seen $20M go up in smoke. Tough break

its a season killer mark. thill was gonna connect with this guy big time

I agree, it's a tough break. Stands to be seen how it shakes out. he also has very good chemistry with Gibson who stands to beneift a lot between the 20s from that loss

OK Guys, Gotta hit lunch soon, You all have a "PHINTASTIC" Morning....

maybe miami could trade for dj williams

Ahhhh Freakin Omar. The guy hates Tannehill and his wife for some reason. I've speculated as to why but who cares. I just find his hypocrisy annoying as hell.

"NO EXCUSES"! That's what he says EVERY TIME someone asks him 'what happens with Tannehill behind a bad line?' If the line is bad how can he be properly judged'? Omar says "NO EXCUSES"! 'If the wide recievers don't catch',,,"NO EXCUSES!"

But here's what he says about Matt Moore who's been playing qb for 13 years. Readers question; "Is Matt Moore regressing or has the JV offense just not found it's groove yet?"

Omar's answer; "The line he worked with is horrible, he has no chance. Also there were dropped passes, he was rushed, and the coaches were calling plays to test the other players to see who they will keep".

But Tannehill who only has 3 years experience as a QB, (1 year as an nfl qb) according to Omar isn't allowed those same excuses. Complete hypocrite.

"Channing Crowders Celebrity Poker Championship"

Remember when this guy used to play football?

Remember when the Phins cut him and Porter said they were stupid?

Remember how people in here were so upset over losing the great and powerful Crowder? And remember how they said the Patriots would sign him and he would win a Super Bowl?

Hope they weren't holding their breath. And on a side note PFF already has Jake Long ranked in the 111 range for linemen in the nfl. How will we ever get by without him!? Hahahaha

It was clear that Keller was Tannehill's safety valve. It will be interesting to see who steps up to take that role. Yes, Gibson will no doubt get more production from this but here are the other contenders and my observations on each.

Clay- makes big plays on occasion but those are mostly downfield and seldom on short routes. He seems to create speed mismatches but I he doesn't make guys miss on short catches.

Egnew- he is inconsistent but is showing he can make plays on the ball in intermediate routes. He also doesn't seem to be able to make extra yards after the catch.

Rodriguez- doesn't see much action for the Fins but his college tape suggest he works well on short passes and can make someone miss in the open field. My knock on him is he isn't a power blocker and has to rely on quick footwork to get into blocking position. Our zone scheme may help him cover his weaknesses.

Sims- looks like a solid power blocking TE with a big catch radius. He could be a good target but can he make YAC?

Daniel Thomas- a solid pass blocker and can catch out of the backfield. He appears to be more elusive than I previously thought he was. He could be a solid safety valve for Tannehill but he will have to stay back on pass protection so he can't be consistently targeted on 3rd down.

Lastly before I retire for the night. Gabbert beat out Henne for the starting qb position.

Remember when some idiot was in here screaming about how Henne would show us all what a big mistake it was to let him walk? HA! Peace.

Lastly before I retire for the night.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 19, 2013 at 04:28 PM


The night? Where are you posting from? Moscow?

I don't understand.
What did I say that makes me an imbecile?

Long time yo.
Let's start with a definition:
BACKDOOR Football: That which occurs when a team's QB cannot execute an NFL offense like a man and so the team has to invent an offense to cover up for the QB.eg. NoodleArm and the WildCat.

When Chad Henne threw the bomb to Ginn on Monday Night Football to beat the Jets as time expired that signaled the end of the BACKDOOR era in Miami and returned manhood to the team, it's employees and it's fans.

Tony Soprano took BACKDOOR football with himself to the Jets last season; neither have been heard from since.

I never turned my back on Chad Henne and I will not do so now.
True on saturday night the Jags came out and ran the no huddle from play 1 and Gabbert did well with it. 13/16 for 165 and a TD. 85 of the yards were yac on balls throw behind the line of scrimmage.
That despite the fact that Henne was 65% completions all camp and Gabbe was 55%.
The Jax franchise needs Gabbe to be good the same way that Miami needs Tanne to be good.

Regardless at the end of the season we will add up how Tanne, Henne, Gabbe & White all did.


Henne: 65% completions in 11 on 11
Gabbe: 55% completions in 11 on 11

Even mando proclaimed Henne better than Gabbe after he saw them both in the exhibition but whatever it's a long season and Henne is an UFA afterwards.

I agree! You would think he'd change the name to "One watt" because he isn't bright enough to be 2.

Chad Henne can't even win the starting job on arguably the worst team in football with the most feeble, least accomplished competition imaginable.

The guys is a forgettable, robotic dud who nobody on Earth is still thinking about aside from you.

The Dolphins moved on from him. Wisely.


How many times have you been arrested for "Exposing the Fraud" in public? And, you really should consider getting that trenchcoat washed! I mean, Colombo isn't on the team anymore...


Your long rant on the trolls shows how even though you know about them, they still have you wrapped around their fingers. How many times are you going to tell people who they are and to ignore them when YOU are the one always giving them a heck of a lot of attention?

I know you aren't as dumb as Kris, nobody is, but you are sure trying.

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