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Dolphins react to Dustin Keller's knee injury

HOUSTON -- Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, who has a curious habit of not even fielding questions about injuries, had no choice late Saturday but answer questions about the right knee injury to tight end Dustin Keller.

Philbin said it is too early to determine the seriousness of Keller's injury, although sources within the team are fearing the worst. Philbin said he's hopeful the club gets Keller back sooner rather than later.

The mood in the locker room wasn't nearly so upbeat. Players saw the replay. Some heard Keller writhe in pain when he took defensive back D.J. Swearinger's helmet to the side of his knee. They saw Keller have to be helped up to get on a cart and leave the field via that cart.

"Really painful," receiver Brian Hartline said. "Guy worked his tail off. He was going to be a big part of our offense. It hurt. It's a shame. It's part of the game. There's not much you can do. It's part of playing the game. I'd like to see a higher tackle but you can't blame a guy for trying to make a play."

"It's just an unfortunate thing that happened out there," receiver Mike Wallace said. "Big part of our offense, but that's football. Things happen all the time but it's unfortunate. He's a great guy. Great player. I hate to see that happen. It looked pretty bad. I'm pretty sure he'll be out for a while but it's next man up. Play for him, through him. He's going to watch us, I know that. We just have to keep playing."

If Keller is out for a significant time, perhaps even the season, as expected, the Dolphins might turn to rookie Dion Sims. Or they could go with Charles Clay, who is more a hybrid H-back type player but is closer to the seam threat that Keller was. He may have to move to tight end now.

Clay says he's ready.

"It's been something I've worked on a lot, not only last season but this offseason,"Clay said. "It's something that I feel comfortable doing. But it's something I also feel I need to work on as well. If I'm the next guy up, I'm going to go out there and give it everything I have."

Clay says he benefitted from Keller's presence the last few months in that the veteran gave him tips on how to do his job even before the snap of the ball.

"I've been learning the little things that separate the good players from great players," Clay said. "That's the things I've learned from Dustin -- reading coverages, knowing what to expect before the play starts, things like that. I'm still working on it but that's probably where I've made the most growth so far. I've been working really hard on my blocking. I feel like I've come a long way."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who quickly built a good chemistry with Keller, was optimistic other players would fill the role.

"Those guys are going to have to step up and fill the void," Tannehill said. "I think we have guys that can do it. Now, it's just a matter of making it happen."


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Posted by: fin4life | August 18, 2013 at 02:03 AM

I do this. Like I said, you've allowed the wrong potters to lure you into snake convoluted den. Seems everything they accuse others of, they are 10 times worse.

With them its never what's good for the gander is good for the goose. Heck, they'll even attack me with no provocation at all. These are the kind of people you have allowed to deceive you.

They cry for peace, but it isn't what theyre really looking for. What they really want is for the Herald to pay for them having their own personal blog of 6-8 posters. That's never going to happen...

Good Sense,

I said promise, meaning he could be very good(with more time). I just haven't seen signs of future greatness.

LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 18, 2013 at 02:03 AM

I wasn't hoping for Tannehill a former College WR turned QB (who played against his College QB tonight) to be ELITE! If he was his College Coaches would have had him on the field instead of going with McGee whose now a back up in Houston after being in Dallas for a few (The name rings given we play Dallas in Pre-Season it seems every Yr.) I was hoping for Flacco though or even Dalton who is middle of the pack really but gives his team a shot! If this kid is a flop all the Off-Season moves are for not on another good team but not great with marginal QB play which will get this Coaching staff canned! Something I may not agree with but the nature of the NFL BEAST!

On the power throws they will shoulder up and drill it. Our boy needs to develop this technique.

Posted by: Good Sense | August 18, 2013 at 02:07 AM

You know I was NEVER a BIG FAN of messing with mechanics to much but your post about the hitch in Tannehill's gitty up is spot on! Good post Mr. Sense!

As I've mentioned before...We'll all know what what kind of team The Dolphins are around Game 6 of the regular season.

...and with that I'll say

Goodnight Fellas !


At #8 overall, I want a damn elite qb. Henne, I hoped could be very good.........


In your last blog post, you began with, "The Miami Dolphins have never beaten the Houston Texans..."


In 2002, at Houston, Miami defeated Texas 24-3. It was the Texan's 1st game ever at Reliant Stadium as an expansion team in Preseason!

See...Preseason games don't really count!!!


At #8 overall, I want a damn elite qb. Henne, I hoped could be very good.........

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 18, 2013 at 02:14 AM

NO DOUBT! But when we bowed out of the RG3 LOTTO and the writing on the wall said Tannehill, "A player with minimal College starts and less tape but with ability" You hoped for the best while remembering (Brady and Griese Mich. teamate) forget the name? The rocket armed QB who also played baseball but flopped?? He was in Dallas for a few Yrs?? You get the point!

I agree with many here. Ireland going all-in for an undersized Oregon Duck defensive player, with a potential serious and chronic injury, for a position of no immediate need was preposterous. He is a mediocre GM, this team is NOT winning SBs with him. He is a good scout, someone you would consider his advice when called upon but that is it.

How many more blunders does Mr. Ross need to see? It is utterly embarrassing when media people make fun of the personnel decisions this team has made (Tuna or not) since Mr. Ireland became the GM.

Yes the right pick was Eiffert at 12 and Watson or another T in the second round. Or he could have traded down and grab Kyle Long, who today is the best T of the entire first round. Worst case you could argue that trading up to the 3rd overall should have yielded the biggest position of need: LT, and should have picked Lane Johnson.

This never ending carousel of experiments (Will Yeatman being the latest at LT, and I really like the guy but he is NOT an LT), and mediocre draft choices go hand in hand with the putrid final product we see every year. The 2011 class yielded ONE starter, ladies and gents WTF! New England, who typically selects after us has had much better choices. Should I even begin how many times Mr. Ireland has either drafted or via FA tried to build the OL and we still do not have a solid one?

Pathetic. I can only see Tannehill saving Ireland's arse but at this rate chances are he would not make the season in one piece.

BTW, DJ Swearinger has a long rap sheet of ill intentioned injuries to opposing players. There should be no room for players like that in the NFL.

TigerSam | August 18, 2013 at 02:20 AM

Another good post, agreed Sam!

Good night fellas.......................

Likewise,I am not ready to proclaim greatness in Tannehill or to restructure his delivery, but on short to intermediate passes a high release with a soft touch is the consummate protocol. It does not require a restructure of his throwing motion. It only needs for the QB to recognize the need for a touch pass as opposed to dart.

I find it embarrassing to see the ignorance I've read here.

Tannehill didn't get Keller hurt, Keller got hurt because that's football. You go over the middle and a guy goes too low and that is that. Who's fault would it have been if JJ Shelby's knee would have been blown out when Houston's TE was called for clipping? The Tooth Fairy? Did you see how close to a major deal that was? Had the Shelby not seen it coming there would be two players out for the season.

As far as this game went... Houston didn't score a single point against Miami's first string D. In fact they gave up a Sack, two Hurries and got reamed for an INT. The first Houston scoring drive came with 1's on the field for Houston and 2's on D for Miami.

Tannehill's QB rating was 119 tonight and 108 last week... idiots. He hasn't thrown an Int all year... IDIOTS.... Your observation about Ryan "Staring down receivers" goes down the toilette with everything else you've said. Staring down receivers? Really? So... You have bionic eye's... you can see through his face mask from a camera mounted 100 yards away on 2X zoom? You clowns crack me up.... Not one damned one of ya knows who or what RT was looking at... Your just running your drunken pie holes to make a fuss at the rest of the douchbags on here.....

Dallas... Glorified practice game. Jacksonville got blown out just like they should have. Houston... Miami's 1st string O put 14 points off a 119 QB rating and several good runs on Houston's 1st string defense...

Everything else was trash... Man to man... Zero zone... Rookies on an Island against 1's and 2's. Once everyone's 3's came out in the 4th NEITHER TEAM SCORED... they just ran up and down the field like rookies not knowing what to do to close the deal.

This blog... These so called fans.... Embarrassing... Pathetic... Weak.....

Lights the fuse...Turns out the lights.. and slams & locks the door ......


We are going to have to grind out every game this season.

Looks like we lost the biggest piece of a mediocre offense.

There is a Player in Next Years Draft who is rated as a
"Once in a Decade" prospect...

Johnny Manziel


On a serious note, I'm happy that Dustin Keller is hurt and I hope it's a season ending injury. Of the free agents that the Dolphins signed, he was the most likely to be a significant contributor. If Keller had performed well he would have helped young Ryan Tannehill gain much needed confidence. Losing him will be devastating, his potential contributions cannot be replaced by the Phins back up TE's. The only person happier than me about the situation is Michael Egnew, who just made the team (again). Defenses can double Mike Wallace now and force Brian Hartline to beat them. Didn't work when he was opposite Brandon Marshall facing single coverages in 2011...won't work this year. Garbage team, garbage organization (ownership and GM). 6-10...AND THAT'S BEING KIND. Enjoy gay logo fans.

Blogging with idiots is the king idiot. Dolphins suck dude...deal with it, rose colored glory boy

Whilst injuries are part of the game, i would like to see no contact below the hip/thigh first in preseason and if it works bring it into the regular season. Tackles made around the knees are career threatening and a lottery every time a player is hit there whether they will get up or not. The game still should be physical but not with dangerous hits. As stated in another blog, they did it for Brady when he got hurt!

Also people need to settle down as continually criticizing the team in preseason is not needed when we are still in trial/testing mode. Why play all your plays in preseason? No point, need to 'clean up' a few things but I'm more positive than negative at this point.

The stats prove a different picture than what's mentioned above regarding T-hill. TANNEHILL 10/15 141 YDS AND 1 TD ZERO INTS. Damn pesky facts.

Phins don't suck their first team defense was very good and the offense scored as many TD's as the powerhouse Texans. Maybe you saw last years game while we saw this years game?

As far as Keller goes just going to wait until we hear more about the injury. BTW...Last time I checked there are still 52 other players on the team. If he's out there's nothing we can do about it...guys are going to have to step up. Not going to use it as an excuse or reason to panic.

I knew things were going to be bad when Omar said Watt would line up over Incognito and our own bright diamond here f4l said JJ on Martin then up to the Keller thing. Terrible.

My concern after the game is the same as last week at RG with Samuda. That guy is not ready. Hopefully Jerry or Louis can finally go this week.

If this Team is going anywhere significant then we have a long way to travel. Our D is good period

Somebody said yesterday that Houston is not one of the premier Teams in the League but they certainly looked so against us. Once again, another Team's backups looked far superior to ours=we have no depth overall.

Better face the Truth now than later. 1- I believe Tannehill is not the answer for our Team as QB, at least for now. 2- I have serious doubts about Philbin being a Good Coach. 3- I believe Ireland might not have the ability to draft great Players on an adequate basis. Feel free to respond to this and we'll debate it. This Season=7-9 at best.

The Fact is Houston was a playoff team and the 3rd seed in the AFC (not premiere..hahaha). I wouldn't agree the Texans looked premiere against our #1 teams. We played them tough without a doubt. What game did you guys watch?

Our D is good, dad. Our O, not so much, Wallace and Thomas looked very good period. You cannot over charge the D or it will happen as last year when they ran down.

Only 2 explanations for Tannehill consistently throwing behind his receivers. He is afraid to make a mistake or he is just plain inaccurate.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. What's to debate? You have an opinion I have facts and the facts I don't have I can wait on to conclude anything. Too many "fans" around here with the glass is all empty attitude. 10 and 6 is my prediction.

As far as T-hill goes he has to have an open lane and blocking to make throws...he's does much better when given those. RG was a turnstile again last night. that has to be fixed ASAP. Not buying the inaccurate thing for a second..Now I could believe T-hill is trying too hard to avoid mistakes.

Magnifying the loss of Keller is the disturbing realization that we have picked 3 TE's in the last 3 years and none of them appear to be anything but backups at best.

Clay, Egnew and Sims at their best aren't anywhere close to Keller at his worst. They are project players.

Debate was a wrong word on my part, dad. Discuss, You can discuss opinions.

I can wait on the Keller MRI results before worrying about the teams options. It's not like it's going to change the situation if we get all worried about it now. I would like to say I felt it was a low blow on Keller and a bit dirty.

When and if Jerry returns, the pass protection will be better from that R side of the O line(he's a big body) but the run game will suffer. Result =.

Spot on...JW has a great article on the Phins game observations last night. He saw what I saw. I forgot about the 2 drops by Phins players that could have made T-hill 12 of 15 last night. Tannhill under pressure constantly and in spite of the drops still finished 10/15 for 141 yds and that long anticipated Wallace TD.

Feeling more animated now. See, dads, discussion is healthy. You ventilate your feelings and in turn might get some + feedback for them. I will go do my groceries now.

Later Oscar. Discussion is very good. Planning on watching the game again in a few mins. Probably just the first half though... the second half with mostly guys that won't even be on the team this year was boring and unwatchable.

DANIEL THOMAS is the starting RB of your Miami Dolphins. Not only is overhyped UM joke Miller a paperweight who goes down in the backfield if a fly lands on him, he has brick hands (low intelligence). Did you see the drop on the first down pass by Tanne on the 2nd possession? Tanne was actually 11 of 15 for 150 yards and who knows what else.

Thomas has come back stronger and sharper. You'll recall that Thomas rushed for 2 straight 100 yard games to begin his career; you naysayers should acknowledge he's been injured since then.

Until now.

Plus Thomas is a better blocker and MUCH better receiver.

Daniel Thomas will take us to the promised land.

1. If the NFL is going to continue to force teams to play 33% of a full season as preseason, coaches need to *really* not play stars, like, at all!!!

2. That being said, the injury is 100% on Tanne, who led his star TE into that result with a useless pass that was going to gain like 3 yards anyway. That's all on the QB, that injury.

The TE position is critical now, D.Sims is going to have to step in a hurry, as for the QB let him grow period !! No excuses Dolphinsfans, evety team has injuries just do it this year dolphins. Put up or shut up, I don't wanna hear the built in excuse S.Ross is building in"I just wanna see progress" mantra is B.S. !! You spend $200 mil in f.agent and resigning guys who don't produce touchdowns like Hartline is beyond me. It's playoffs or bust for this franchise. I wanna clowns like Dashi and Oscar and all the other losers in this blog. Fin4Life is right on the money, you losers in this blog love being mediocre&irrelevant. I'm tired of looking at draft prospects before Thanksgiving !! Just make the DAMN PLAYOFFS PERIOD DAMN IT !! No S.Bowl title in 40 years, No S.Bowl appearance in 29 years, No A.F.C. title game appearance in 21 years, 1 playoff appearance in 13 years and 1 playoff victory in 13 years ENOUGH ALREADY DAMN IT GEEZ !! Don't you sorry a** people ever get tired of being laughed at by ESPN and the NFL NETWORK ? You Dolphinsfans really enjoy overhyping your nobody players and being irrelevant then enjoy being the gold standard traditional 7-9 and a new regime beginning next season thank-god for the HEAT thank-you P.Riley a executive who talks the talk and walks the walk 3 titles and counting Dolphinsfans !@

Blogging with idiots..nailed it..well said
the way i see it..we went 7-9 last year with a rookie qb and some major holes in the defense.
today, going into RT's second season, he looks much improved from the eye test and the secondary looks better..maybe not much better, but better nonetheless and the defense as a whole looks much improved.
i think we go 9-7 at worst and compete for the playoffs...next year need to focus on the o-line and strengthen the DBs..

just awful last night, watching season go down in flames sucked

Here come the pretend fans. The injury isn't on the QB. That's silly. No one could have planned for the Texans player to make a spearing tackle going to the knee of Keller with his helmet and shoulder pad.

Al 5 RB's on the squad played yesterday. Miller had the lowest YPC.

Agree dad, as said earlier really don't see why he needed to do that type of tackle. The fact he went over to Keller after it doesn't make it ok


I agree...you don't blame the QB for a knee injury for another player...but you dam sure can hold Goddell and his dumb rule changes culpable....

This is something that any fan or even former player of the sport on ANY level could see coming...even if you only played back-yard "kill the carrier"....

If Goddell is going to Fine and possibly SUSPEND players for hits in the CHEST area...cause the big over-sized thing we call a helmet may come in contact with the offensive players helmet...who...BTW is lowering his head in anticipation (bracing) of the hit....

The coaches will coach thigh-level tackling (best case)...and @ worst....knee level....and besides...the side of the knee is way less intimidating then then a BOULDER sized thigh that you may bounce of of....

This is the NEW NFL....and players careers and lively hoods are in jeopardy NOW...more than ever....

this is the new normal....and I hope they can find a happy-medium to allow football to be a contact sport ABOVE the waist again....

It won't look good if Philbin doesn't award the starting RB position to the player who easily has performed the best. He will lose credibility and then the locker room.

Furthermore, Thomas earned the right to start next week. 6.3 avg trumps 2.0 avg. I hope Philbin is a man of honor and doesn't play favoritism.

The good players last night...Wake, Wallace, T-hill, Gibson, D. Thomas, Grimes, Robinson, Fields, Odrick, Jones.

Question...Why was first team defense pulled after playing only 10 mins of 1st quarter espcially when the other team is driving the ball? I understand the injury thing but you can't play scared of injury. These guys need time on the field against quality teams.


Remember 4 months ago when I compared the production of our outgoing players with the procduction of the incoming players?

Well Keller had the lowest production of the incoming players.

If our remaining tight ends can produce 35 yards/game then they've replaced Keller. If our TEs can produce 50yds/game then they've replaced Fasano.

Keller is a good guy and we'll miss him but it's not that big a loss.

LOL @ Fraud....

have even looked @ the production...past Keller's half year last year....

or are you just looking for conversation.....because that post is ridiculous....

dads, it is preseason. The idea was to give the second stringers a chance against a charging first string offense. See who steps up, see who is worth keeping. It isn't about winning the game, it's about making the right choice on the bubble players.

Sneaky. Watching the game again. The first team defense went back in there for a couple plays in the 2nd quarter near the 50. Result..defense holds..incomplete pass Texans punt. I have to think if they had stayed in there the whole time. The score is Phins 7 Texans 0 halfway through the 2nd quarter.

How much production are we asking each skill position to contribute this year?

If Tanne throws 35 times/game and completes 60% then that is 21 receptions per game. They need to be distributed to Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, TE, RB, 4th WR.

So that being the case how much were we counting on Keller?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud

Couldn't be further from the truth. Keller looked like the biggest addition to the entire offense and was developing real chemistry with Tanny.

Don't kid yourselves folks, this was a REAL SERIOUS BLOW to an already mediocre offense. I've seen just enough to know that the defense will need to be keeping the Fins in games again.

Same old, same old. Really tiring to watch.

keller was such a hugeeeeeeeee loss. was thills security blanket. dont see how we can replace him

There are some real dumb posts on this thread!!
We should have taken eifert at 12?? He went in the 20's and we have Keller. I guess you all knew Keller would be hurt in preseason? Ireland did take care of the TE position. He signed a great one in Keller and drafted Simms. Heck even Egnew, the Ireland bust seems to be playing better.

Also Martin has had two straight games without a sack. The whole line, with the exception of RG has been doing well. Samuda is not doing well in the pass protection. Hopefully Jerry is ready soon. So Lane Johnson, who was abused be Wake, was not necessary.

Finally, on Dion Jordan. Every mock draft had him going 3rd to 5th at the very latest. I'm not sure I've ever seen a team give up less to move that far in the draft. We stole that pick from Oakland. Just the year before the skins gave up three 1st and move to move from 6th to 2nd. You act like Jordan's career is over because he is recovering from a shoulder injury. At maybe 80% the guy looked awesome in the few plays he"s been in. I hope he's 100% soon because he is so unique as an athlete. Within three years he will be the oe getting doubled instead on Wake. The guy can take the edge, or drop and cover TEs, and do it well. Not many DEs could do both. It was both a steal and a great pick.

All the Ireland hater should actually watch the games and read the practice reports.

Haters call Thomas a bust, from what I've seen thus far he looks like the guy who should be starting. Miller has looked not ready for the job. Fumbled the first touch and dropped two passes in limited time. Thomas has been killing it both running and catching.

Haters have been dumping on Martin. Not sure why, he has done very well even in the Dallas game. Most of the awful play at LT was the rookie Thomas. He has already been moved the guard.

Haters really dump on egnew, and he is by no means starter material at this point be he has made a huge improvement from last season. He can get open and even though he got a holding penalty, he was really moving the guy with a great block just held at the end. Last year he was a complete sieve.


If Tanne has 21 completions in a game, and 8 of those go to the RB, and the top 3 WRs catch 3 balls each then that leaves 4 catches for the TE.

Keller averages 12yds/rec for his career which would be 48 yds game.

If his replacement averages 8yds/rec then we lose 16 yards/game.

I think the loss is more psychological then real.


He averages 3-4 catches/game and 40-50 yds/game for his whole carer.


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