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Dolphins react to Dustin Keller's knee injury

HOUSTON -- Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, who has a curious habit of not even fielding questions about injuries, had no choice late Saturday but answer questions about the right knee injury to tight end Dustin Keller.

Philbin said it is too early to determine the seriousness of Keller's injury, although sources within the team are fearing the worst. Philbin said he's hopeful the club gets Keller back sooner rather than later.

The mood in the locker room wasn't nearly so upbeat. Players saw the replay. Some heard Keller writhe in pain when he took defensive back D.J. Swearinger's helmet to the side of his knee. They saw Keller have to be helped up to get on a cart and leave the field via that cart.

"Really painful," receiver Brian Hartline said. "Guy worked his tail off. He was going to be a big part of our offense. It hurt. It's a shame. It's part of the game. There's not much you can do. It's part of playing the game. I'd like to see a higher tackle but you can't blame a guy for trying to make a play."

"It's just an unfortunate thing that happened out there," receiver Mike Wallace said. "Big part of our offense, but that's football. Things happen all the time but it's unfortunate. He's a great guy. Great player. I hate to see that happen. It looked pretty bad. I'm pretty sure he'll be out for a while but it's next man up. Play for him, through him. He's going to watch us, I know that. We just have to keep playing."

If Keller is out for a significant time, perhaps even the season, as expected, the Dolphins might turn to rookie Dion Sims. Or they could go with Charles Clay, who is more a hybrid H-back type player but is closer to the seam threat that Keller was. He may have to move to tight end now.

Clay says he's ready.

"It's been something I've worked on a lot, not only last season but this offseason,"Clay said. "It's something that I feel comfortable doing. But it's something I also feel I need to work on as well. If I'm the next guy up, I'm going to go out there and give it everything I have."

Clay says he benefitted from Keller's presence the last few months in that the veteran gave him tips on how to do his job even before the snap of the ball.

"I've been learning the little things that separate the good players from great players," Clay said. "That's the things I've learned from Dustin -- reading coverages, knowing what to expect before the play starts, things like that. I'm still working on it but that's probably where I've made the most growth so far. I've been working really hard on my blocking. I feel like I've come a long way."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who quickly built a good chemistry with Keller, was optimistic other players would fill the role.

"Those guys are going to have to step up and fill the void," Tannehill said. "I think we have guys that can do it. Now, it's just a matter of making it happen."


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Lost the game and lost Keller. Same ole crap Dolphins.

Lamar Miller and Ryan Tannehill have both been dissapointing.


He averages 3-4 catches/game and 40-50 yds/game for his whole carer.


Magnifying the loss of Keller is the disturbing realization that we have picked 3 TE's in the last 3 years and none of them appear to be anything but backups at best.
Posted by: Greg | August 18, 2013 at 07:35 AM

Ireland is a draft MORON

Wanted: Right Guard, must have ability, from the Miami Dolphins

loved thill 9in game. but biggest loss in keller for fins that i can remember in a long time. sad he will never even play a game for the fins. just killer loss. makes that awful trade up look even worse now.

yeah i agree, i would love to see ireland get fired. but highly doubt that happens

Wanted LEFT TACKLE. Must be willing to play for peanuts. Contact the Miami Dolphins.

Just saw it again..If that's not an illegal hit on Keller it should be. Swearinger could have broke his neck on the play. Keller could be a loss but let's wait to hear MRI results.

Players with rough games...Will Davis had a bad game and was beat a lot. Hard to make it on the first team playing like that. RG again!! Matter of fact a lot of the second and third teams players struggled. Which is a little surprising. I thought those guys would play better.

Without Keller the offense will be pathetic....AGAIN!

i dont think pathetic but avg at best. keller could of made this offense really go just plain sucks, so pissed off

ETF fraud suckers in so many of you stupid losers. It is impressive how many bullsht posts this guy generates.

98% of you can't seee his posts are nothing but nonsense to stir the pot of fools (you all). Doubtful he ever remotely believes a thing he says.

You are all nothing but his play toy.

Should've kept Fasano, Bush, Long, and Bess.

Day in and day out you stupid fools respoond to this guy as if he was remotely serious.

I don't know how so many of you can be so unaware.

Maybe its the GMO?

Who is going to pay $ to watch this garbage team?


He averages 3-4 catches/game and 40-50 yds/game for his whole carer.


Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 18, 2013 at 09:39 AM

Dude really? Who cares? Different team with different weapons. WATCH THE GAMES! Tanny was a huge benefactor from a new force that could run the seam and get open like a speedy WR. Something the fins have lacked for YEARS at the TE position. The dude was lighting it up. Get a reality check. It was a BIG LOSS unless one of the newbies can learn how to play the position.

That's BS...Martin was hardly a problem on the Left side. Had a solid night. What sack did he give up or TFL? These pretend fans always lack facts.

Oh Brother....

Good Morning YG.....

eat some bran....and then BEG Fin4life for forgiveness like you did earlier this morning....

"its not me"...its not me"...."please believe me".....

Yeah right....your the common denominator in EVERY blog altercation.....

If it smells like SH@T everywhere you go.....i'm sure you have heard the rest....



You've managed to keep some of societies most stupid, ignorant and otherwise useless people off the street with your blog. It is a playground for fools. You have single-handledly confirmed Americas grand plan to dumb down society has worked.


@ 10:04....

Here is blog idiot Kirs, with his daily paranoia about another blogger.

Just in from Mando. Dolphins optimistic that Jerry can get back to practice this week. Phew. I'd be thrilled to get him back on the field. Hopefully L. Louis will come around too. Not ready to give up on that guy either after watching Samuda play last night.

Good things as well. #1 Only 6 penalties. #2 We won the turnover battle. #3 Fields and Sturgis both did well.

This Kris character is so delusional that he insists every Bing, Ling and Ming in the Chinese phone book is really YG.

Tannehill to me looks "lost in space" He still overthrows almost everyone and his arm angle is the reason for blocked passes. I dont see franchise QB, theres not but a handful in the NFL. Dolphins are a lousy team, the OL cant block anyone, the RB situation is, well, in flux as Mondo puts it. TE, in flux, OL in flux, coaching, in flux.
I am, in flux.

Hmm an off-target, high, throw from an inexperienced QB gets a veteran player severely injured. Tannehill will get all his receivers injured. He's got no accuracy. 90% of his passes over 3 yds are behind the receiver. We said this last week that he's gonna get his receivers killed.

I've like Keller since he was at Purdue. Hope he returns this season, but that hit looked nasty. People are blaiming Swearinger, but Philbin has to take some of this heat. 2nd and 3rd stringers are trying to make the team so they overcompensate. Getting a few cheap throws against the Houston #2 defense wasn't worth the risk of injuring a starter on offense.

Nobody on the team will replace Keller, though by the end of the year Sims might be solid. The wr's will pick up the slack. Those seam passes will go from Keller to Gibson. This also might be good news for Bumphis who seems to be a slightly quicker version of Bess.

Also, I just moved to Houston. Couldn't go to the game but I watched it on tv. It was embarrassing hearing the local reporters talk about the Houston backups compared to the Dolphins. Both of Miami's 2nd units looked like garbage. Moore was running for his life. I have no idea why he never kicked every single one of his o-line in the nuts. I expect a lot of roster churn once other teams start cuts.

Tannehill does have a tendency to hold on to the ball a long time. 2things we can only help he gets better at. His pocket awareness and accuracy both are a stage to below average at best.

Btw the happiest person Keller is injured is Egnew he"ll make the team this year. I understand he can't block but I'm sure he knows how to run routes he caught a lot oddballs at Mizzou. Just rotate him and Sims in and make Sims the primary blocker .. Clay can also catch some. Keller is a big loss but I gurantee you losing a Mike Wallace would be much worse. Also we finally have a legit WR in Wallace, I don't care what anyone says a bigger playmaker than B Marshall

The pesky facts...as long as these people post fantasy BS I'll post facts. Tannehill widely reported on many sites to have a good game and was 10 of 15 for 141 yards and a TD. Add in 2 dropped passes and the guy could have been 12 for 15. Reality sucks for the pretend fans once again.

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tanny's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

Blog of fools, please enlighten us with a highly Intellectual post.

Because your mention of America and your troll personality makes you appear carnal.

Even the simple minded can understand why one would joke on a BLOG.

Dadsmith, Tannehill played fine, not sure why po, are complaining

So Samuda is upset that everyone is unhappy with his play. He should use it for motivation instead of going after the media and fans. We critique what we see and he was beat like a drum all night. We better hope he does not see the field all year. The question is who are your back up guards assuming Jerry comes back healthy. Dallas Thomas and the others are horrible and counting on a former bears OL (Lance Louis) is scary. If it makes Samuda feel any better Yeatman, Dallas Thomas, Breener, etc. were also horrible. Get healthy fast John Jerry.

For all of the conversation about Tanny it really boils down to this.

Ireland needed a savior... The Fins reached on Tanny because they needed to save the franchise. He would normally been a lower 1st or 2nd round pick unless a team was as desperate as the Fins for finding a franchise QB.

Nobobdy knows at this point whether he was the right pick and the shotty OL line play hasn't helped his development. But great QB's learn the speed of the game and figure it out. So far I haven't seen the consistency on many counts- Pocket Presence, going through his progressions, and knowing when to use his legs. This year will tell us a lot about whether the Fins think they have their man or not. For now, we all just have to wait and be patient... something that I am not accustomed to doing with the state of this franchise these days. But it's required and I'll deal with it.

Philbin is now 1-6 in preseason. YIKES!

So what, Sporano was 4-0 and where did that get us?

All games Philbin is 8-15. Even Sparano was never that bad!

Mike Wallace separates from any DB. Jonathan Joseph was running behind him the entire 1st Quarter. Hartline still allergic to the end zone. To me there's nothing dynamic about Hartline

Texans should be worried as the Phins stout defense handled that playoff offense with Schaub. Just wish they hadn't pulled the first team defense so early. I enjoy that style of attacking defense..that dares teams to pass and will make you pay for doing so.

Yeah dads, they should cut all that camp fodder ASAP and concentrate on the 53 they are going to play.

Dont forget Sparano waa 11-5 one year.

Blog of fools, please enlighten us with a highly Intellectual post.

Posted by: what say you? | August 18, 2013 at 10:19 AM

I've tried that. Doesn't work. It takes an intellectual to recognize intellectuality. This blog is clearly comprised of the quase illiterate lower class of society. Football just doesn't attract much of the erudite crowd.

The fools here only want to agree with each others ficticious knowledge or use some pundits observation as their own.

Lol. OK

The score does not matter in the preseason. I thought that the Dolphins starters on D and O were as good if not better than the Houston starters. In fact, the Texans scores came against the backups. The one glaring weakness continues to be RG and the lack of depth on the OL.

Next week's game will give you an idea of what the fins will look like early in the year. The starters will play 3 quarters as that is the dress rehearsal. The Bucs are a pretty good team. The score at the end of the 3rd quarter will let you know if we win or not. A healthy John Jerry next week will be crucial for the offense to click. The offense will suffer if Samuda is back in for 3 quarters.

orlando stop man, the bucs suck balls. lets go out and dominate them. still cant get over losing keller

Keller was the only Dolphin I was considering for my fantasy team. Without Keller this team is in big trouble. The 3 TE’s Ireland drafted are all useless.

Won't cry in my beer if we lose Keller for the year. It's a loss no 2 ways about it. If it were T-hill I would. But injuries will happen in this league and nothing can be done to avoid them all.

My question is what's next? Can Ireland/Philbin make a move to bring in someone ASAP at TE if so? Never know who is available in a trade until you ask. And who might get released we might be interested in?

Reports are Keller out for the year & Miami already calling around for TE help.

Considering what Keller was supposed to bring, it could be a big loss.

Our reserves are embarrassing to say the least. If ANY starters are lost to injury, this team will be in bad shape.

Need more proof? Egnew & Clay would try to replace Keller, not 1 of them can do it alone. Neither is a good blocker & both have suspect hands. Hope Dion Simms is ready to play!

Other example is right guard. Samuda is a practice squad player & he is starting without Jerry in the game. And to think a blogger here last week Samuda is in Philbins plan for the future of the oline.

Let's hope Egnew, Clay or Simms can come through for Keller.

I'd be happy if you would all just stop responding to these bloggers doing nothing but making fools out of you with their posts that are only bait to trigger a response. They work and jerk so many of you like wind up dolls.

It only serves to clutter the blog with more senseless garbage. It's gotten to the point where if you removed all the garbage, their might not be a blog left.

Oh well.

The loss of Keller is a big deal and a real shame. He was looking good off an injury and wouldd have been really productive this year. I think he out all year but I hold onto a little hope that he can make it back later this year.

Anyone saying THILL caused the injury is an idiot. Anyyone suggeting Ireland should have taken Eifert is an idiot.

TE's go over the middle and they run drag routes, which lead them to getting bad hits. It's part of the position. The defesive player hit him low but it was legal and it's part of the game today.

Ireland took Keller before the draft and knew he didn't need to take Eifert. If he took both the fans here would have killed Ireland. He took Keller and that has looked brilliant. The injury could not have been predicted. Taking Keller and a projected sack artist like Jordan was the rigth play.

If Irleand moved up to take Johnson at Guard this board would have flipped out that Ireland took ANOTHER OLINEMAN in round 1.

Stop all the complaining about Ireland, he did a very solid job this offseason. It's time to see Players and Coaches do their job.

I'd be HAPPY if you signed in under ONE NAME....

but we can't all get what we want...can we...

agree kris, thats the main reason nothing means anything coming from clowns like him

Keller was going to be a huge factor on 3rd downs moving the chains. Without him(or R Bush), 3rd down conversions will be elusive putting more pressure on the D and time of possesion. I just dont see this team winning 6 games this season.

vegas mike i agree huge loss. sure wish bess was here. i see 7 wins now instead of the 8 i had. hopefully next year they can add a solid te

I'd be HAPPY if you signed in under ONE NAME....

but we can't all get what we want...can we...

Posted by: Kris | August 18, 2013 at 10:45 AM

This coming from the guy with the keyboard and mouse malfunction. We remember KRis, kRis, KriSs, you got busted changing your name so much and tried to blame it on the keyboard!

The Dolphins are a minor league franchise. Ross and Ireland have no clue how to build a competitive team. Pray for new uwnership soon.

vegas mike i agree huge loss. sure wish bess was here. i see 7 wins now instead of the 8 i had. hopefully next year they can add a solid te

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 18, 2013 at 10:49 AM

so losing Keller is a huge loss but, huge enough to only cost us 1 win in your mind?

LMFAO! yea, 1 game difference sure sounds HUUUUUUUUGE!

It's a tough injury for sure. Keller was quickly becoming a serious weapon.

The thing is, with billions of rows of data and perhaps millions of calculations, the probability of injury to each player, and how many injuries per each team, are factored in to the final result.

Two weeks ago some of you were thinking 11-5, 12-4.

Today, it's back to reality.

The most objective prognosticator is looking more and more accurate.

A couple of Vegas books now have the Fins win total at 7 down from 7 1/2. Dusty, Bess didnt play this past week I dont think.

With no Vonta Leach and the change in kickers, Ross is now spending LESS than he did last season! He is a cheap SOB that will never have one winning season!

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