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Dolphins react to Dustin Keller's knee injury

HOUSTON -- Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, who has a curious habit of not even fielding questions about injuries, had no choice late Saturday but answer questions about the right knee injury to tight end Dustin Keller.

Philbin said it is too early to determine the seriousness of Keller's injury, although sources within the team are fearing the worst. Philbin said he's hopeful the club gets Keller back sooner rather than later.

The mood in the locker room wasn't nearly so upbeat. Players saw the replay. Some heard Keller writhe in pain when he took defensive back D.J. Swearinger's helmet to the side of his knee. They saw Keller have to be helped up to get on a cart and leave the field via that cart.

"Really painful," receiver Brian Hartline said. "Guy worked his tail off. He was going to be a big part of our offense. It hurt. It's a shame. It's part of the game. There's not much you can do. It's part of playing the game. I'd like to see a higher tackle but you can't blame a guy for trying to make a play."

"It's just an unfortunate thing that happened out there," receiver Mike Wallace said. "Big part of our offense, but that's football. Things happen all the time but it's unfortunate. He's a great guy. Great player. I hate to see that happen. It looked pretty bad. I'm pretty sure he'll be out for a while but it's next man up. Play for him, through him. He's going to watch us, I know that. We just have to keep playing."

If Keller is out for a significant time, perhaps even the season, as expected, the Dolphins might turn to rookie Dion Sims. Or they could go with Charles Clay, who is more a hybrid H-back type player but is closer to the seam threat that Keller was. He may have to move to tight end now.

Clay says he's ready.

"It's been something I've worked on a lot, not only last season but this offseason,"Clay said. "It's something that I feel comfortable doing. But it's something I also feel I need to work on as well. If I'm the next guy up, I'm going to go out there and give it everything I have."

Clay says he benefitted from Keller's presence the last few months in that the veteran gave him tips on how to do his job even before the snap of the ball.

"I've been learning the little things that separate the good players from great players," Clay said. "That's the things I've learned from Dustin -- reading coverages, knowing what to expect before the play starts, things like that. I'm still working on it but that's probably where I've made the most growth so far. I've been working really hard on my blocking. I feel like I've come a long way."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who quickly built a good chemistry with Keller, was optimistic other players would fill the role.

"Those guys are going to have to step up and fill the void," Tannehill said. "I think we have guys that can do it. Now, it's just a matter of making it happen."


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Do NOT kill yourself....

Flipity-flops life is absolute SH@T....

This is like a living hell....every morning when he opens his eyes...his first thoughts are .....not again....

Live another 10-20 years....please....

It is tough Greg, I know. We are probably going to be in trouble at that position because even if we trade Starks for a TE chances are we are not going to get anyone as good as Keller. Starks is a pro bowl caliber DT and it would be a shame to give him up for a lesser player just because we have a need.

We do not have a TE on the roster right now to fill that void left by Keller and the reality is that anyone available in FA now will not be much better than what we have. We may have to change how we use that position. Perhaps we keep Rodriguez at FB as it seems like he catches the ball well out of the backfield and we use Simms more as a blocker. Simms will help the running game and the passing game will also benefit as he will afford Tannehill more time to find open receivers.

It's mike egnew s time oh well we hope so

Kyle miller anyone ?

Kris can you explain to the blog why you are so obsessively obsessed with a blogger? Is coming here daily to pout about some anonymous blogger better than spending time with your family?

Have you thought of finding another hobby rather than coming here daily to flaunt your bitterness?

Was Dashi wrong for saying to Franchise Jake?

Which one is it?

Cause Yes, I said Franchise Jake.

The Funny thing is that I could care less about Jake now. Yet, you have people magically appearing saying that we should've franchised Jake. When by your own account you said, Dashi was the Only One.

On the LB's. Dashi was the Only One Harping about it every Game. Some others(Not YG or his 1000+ Names) also said Dansby should be replaced. But Dashi was the only one saying Dansby could be replaced and will be replaced.

Heck. I also said L.Miller will be replacing Bush.

I'm Not saying I am Always right. And I come here to discuss Dolphin Football with other posters who also understand the game.

It is a great to share ideas with people who know what they are talking about.

But these Cowards that come here and Complain really drag this place down.

One thing is to critique another thing is to Complain like a little whinny B'tch.

A west coast offense needs a versatile tight end , do we have one I Don't Think So

Should've kept Fasano, Long, Bush, and Bess.

Ireland drafted TE's three years in a row now. Clay, Egnew, Sims. None have had much playing time. Time to see what we got. Those three will have to hold down that position now. The bright side is they get more time to develop.

Keller is a loss, but sometimes they are blessings in disguise.

Jake at 15 mil when he couldn't even get 10 on the open market? I don't think so.

He cashed out big time by us picking him first, he should have returned the favor. Screw him.



So why don't you accept?


Kellar's career is over. Tore his PCL, ACL, and MCL. You wonder if he has hard feelings towards the DB that took his knees out or Tannehill for throwing the pass behind him. Sanchez is probably telling Kellar, see the grass is not always greener on the other side.

I just wonder what is going through Dustin Kellar's head right now.



Even making him a vegetable will be too easy.

How about if I break every finger One by One. That way he will still have to live his miserable existence, but he can no longer come on here.


Right after you explain to ME the excessive need to pretend like you are somebody else....

For some "new" name....you sure seem to know me....


Keller has to be pissed he joined the Miami circus.


It would've been more like $13 Mil for 1 Year. And the Fins have the Cap space.

Our line will be OK. LT is not the problem. J.Martin is progressing well.

Our only problem is at RG.

And who was saying pre draft that we should've drafted Warmack or J.Cooper?

Just saying.


I have to say that your optimism is commendable. I would say Clay is not going to improve now. Egnew was on the verge of being cut before the Kellar injury. The only slight hope I am holding out for is Simms because he is a rookie. We know Simms is already the best blocking TE on the team; however, I am concerned that he is not very nimble in trying to turn to catch the ball.

Again, I commend you for being so positive when so many of us are in the dumps over the Keller injury.

Kris you are one frustrated and bitter sad sack. I'm happy you found a dear friends in dasIdiot and odinBwaahaaha to console you. I mean if that is the best you can do, that is the best you can do.


Can you imagine another 10-20 years of waking up....

Just think about that for a moment...

I'm sure you would jump for joy if you knew your sweet release would be in 10-20 days.....

Not me tho....I'm your biggest supporter...I'm your campaign manager...

I'm lobbying on your side....

"4 more years...4 more years".....

4 Wide.


I think your onto something with that finger post...


Am I the only one impressed with the undrafted rookie DE out of Fresno State, Tristan Okpalaugo? The 6'4" 245 lb 23 yr old has had a sack in all three preseason games! That says something about the kid to me. Too bad he'll be lucky to make the practice squad and even then, someone will probably poach him. He could turn into something special. Yes, he played against the 2's, 3's, & 4's, but still...



Another 10-20 years, Drinking Depends and Chitting on himself. Priceless.

I'm glad some of you guys attach so much damn importance to these MEANINGLESS and asinine practice games.

No doubt Dustin Keller feels he same way today, you clueless jackasses.

Marv Levy was RIGHT. Preseason football is WORTHLESS and all you risk is losing some of your most important players for NOTHING.

Can M.Gillislee pass block?

I'm watching the replay and Gillislee just got pushed into M.Moore for a sack.


I'm just assessing the situation.

All I can say is Egnew has had almost no time on the field. I'm sure its his own fault, but sometimes you have to get them on the field. Some play better than they practice. Clay, I don't know what to make of him, inconsistent. Maybe he needs more time? Sims is brand new, had dropped weight and catching the ball pretty well.

I have to believe one of these guys is better than we realize, and the other two can fill in the gaps at least for this season.

Keller was looking like our best offensive weapon. But we have been burned many times now signing players off injury lost seasons.

I don't want any of these old timers for a year. It won't be worth it. Give the time to these young guys and see for once and for all if they belong on the team.


Don't you have a Unicorn to jump up on. You Homoerotic Coward.

This whole organization is in terrible trouble. Nothing goes right. I can't say I saw anything positive about this game against the damn Texans. The negatives just hugely outweighed the positives The lost of Dustin Keller tops the list. The fact that this team still lacks a quality quaterback and quality backups. The fact that the O-line still is not a dominant one. The fact that the offense is incredibly boring, lacking big plays. The fact that the defensive starters give up huge amounts of chunk yardage, not to mention there is no quality depth for the exemption of a few players. The fact that Jeff Ireland continues screwing up drafts. And to close, the fact that Miami's scouts have to be the worst in the league. This is looking like its gonna be another long disappointing season.

The fins are good at scouting DL. I like Okpalaugo also. AJ Francis was also a beast. Keestan Randall also played well and looks like he has a future. Shelby seems to be a player. A couple of real good DL are not going to make the team. Our only hope is to hide them on the practice squad but it will be tough. I cannot understand how the fins are so good about finding players at one position but cannot find players at another. We seem to have a problem finding and developing WRs, TEs, OL.

Ireland just needs another 20 years people...just be patient.


TE assessment:

...Keller will be missed.....one less quick release outlet for T-Hill....

...would like to see more of Kyle Miller, but his injured ankle has limited his progress..

...I don't think Egnew gets it yet, but I wish the light bulb would turn on soon, 'cause we need him now...

...Simms is a work in progress which probably won't be complete soon enough to make a difference..

.....Clay seems to be the most athletic of the group, but his hands are suspect thus far...

....bottom line....things are looking a bit dubious right now....waiver wire might present an opportunity worth pursuing .....

...stay tuned.....

I will like to see that rule passed. If you hurt a player on a Dirty Play, You will be suspended until that player gets healthy.

That was a Dirty Play. The guy who hit Keller said he intentionally went after his knees. Plus, he lead with his Helmet.

He could've went high. at least to the Chest or his Back.

That is a garbage excuse. You didn't go high because you didn't want to give him a Concussion.

J.Wilson gave D.Hopkins a Concussion and he didn't go for his head.

If you go Low, you go at the feet, not the Knees.

I think I behave this way because my dad and mom used to pass me around to be used like a toilet. I really am pathetic, and nobody loves me.

Mike Sherman needs to retire both from the NFL and college, for good! Jeff Ireland needs to just leave period! Ross-WAKE UP! This team was totally embarrassed by both Dallas and last night the Texans, from beginning to end. Philbin for now has the benefit of doubt. Coyle-what a joke! Please someone with a clue come in and clean this mess!!!!!

So the first two picks in this year's draft came with current injuries? And this is after moving up and giving a pick to do it? Dallas Thomas has bust written all over! Am I the only one seeing something wrong with this? All these years of the same ole same ole?

When I was in high school all of the football players would make me sit behind a glory hole, and they would have their way with me. They told me I had a throat and mouth like a Dolphin. I think that's where all my Dolphins hate and negativity comes from. What do you think?

Agreed tiredfinfan.....the MO is getting a little worn out right about now.....

Faking 17....you want to know what I think?....I think your certifiably fukk in nuts!!!!!!

I don't really have a throat and a mouth like a Dolphin.

I put nineteen lima beans around kitty cat while she was asleep. She was so surprised when she woke up an she even meowed at me!!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!

That TD pass Tannehenne threw to Mike Wallace was way off target. Did you see the acrobatic catch Wallace made? Real fans are objective, that was a horrible throw to Wallace.

The TD pass to Wallace was a dart between defenders and right on target.

You are quickly losing whatever small bit of credibility you may have had on this blog. Your comments are ludicrously out of whack with reality.

Why does my life suck?

Tannehill should have been benched for that td pass.

You're A Fraud | August 18, 2013 at 03:43 PM

Welcome to the blog where everyone is accepted. We've had a guy tell others for months they would be forced to swallow his load yet bloggers like Kris continue to talk to him and even compliment him. Sick, but true.

That TD pass to Wallace was way over his head and off target. The one to Hartline was just as bad. Hartline had to turn around, and that's why he dropped it. What a bunch of idiots in here. Be objective, Tannehill can't throw accurately.

Pray for new ownership.

I don't have a problem with Tannehill. I'm just objective, real Dolphins fans see what I see. Tannehill threw horrible passes to Wallace on the TD, and Hartline on the would be TD. Its clear as day.

Why does my team suck?

Tannehill should have been benched for ending Kellers career.

I've never seen my junk. I need to use 2 hands to pleasure myself. First I have to lay down flat on my back on my bed. I have to do this because my stomach gets in the way. Next I have to put my legs up in the air. Finally I take a pair of plastic tweezers (metal ones are dangerous) in one hand, and in the other I use 2 cotton swabs to coax it. It takes a lot of work.

Will the Dullfins ever have a winning season?

Yeah, No.

First off you know I don't impersonate. So trying to take it out on me shows how derange you have become.

Unlike you, when I tell you more than 1 person on this blog hates you and Can't stand you, I am telling the Truth.

dar dark day in miami. such a killer. hate seeing season go before it starts, screw preseason games

Kris you are one frustrated and bitter sad sack. I'm happy you found a dear friends in dasIdiot and odinBwaahaaha to console you. I mean if that is the best you can do, that is the best you can do.

Posted by: New Name | August 18, 2013 at 03:02 PM

Watching my Boy E.Lacy do work. Guys a Beast.

Dashi would you like to take me out tonight?

When I was in high school all of the football players would make me sit behind a glory hole, and they would have their way with me. They told me I had a throat and mouth like a Dolphin. I think that's where all my Dolphins hate and negativity comes from. What do you think? Why oh why

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