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Dolphins start roster trim with starter Lane

It didn't look good for Jorvorskie Lane last March when the team signed multiple wide receivers, making the likelihood of a three-receiver, one back set tangible. It looked worse a couple of months ago when the team started actively pursuing fullback Vonta Leach.

And although Leach was not signed, it still looked bad when Lane, a starter in 2012, was demoted behind Evan Rodriguez at one point in camp.

Well, where there's smoke ...

Jorvorskie Lane was cut by the Dolphins moments ago.

Lane tweeted, "Great organization thanks for the opportunity much respect! *backtothedrawingboard."

He's among the nine players the Dolphins will cut by 4 p.m. today. Also among the group are linebacker Michael Clay and wide receiver Julius Pruitt.

Stay tuned as more cuts are coming.


The Dolphins announced they have terminated the contract of RG Lance Louis.

I would not be surprised if the Dolphins revisit with Louis after the first game if he is still available. You re-sign him at that point and don't have to guarantee his salary for the entire season. Had he been on roster the first week, team would have had to guarantee $1.6 million.

They have also cut WR Jeff Fuller, DE Emeka Onyenekwu, WR Andrell Smith, LB Nathan Williams, LB David Hinds, and the aforementioned Pruitt, Lane and Clay.


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Dashi Miss 95% right

Said Jerry was done and that Louis would replace him. They cut Louis, Jerry still here.

Her poster boy Lacy had the worst stats of all seven backs to run the ball for GB, 8 carries for -5 yards.

I'd bet even I could attain a -2 yd average in the NFL.

Oscar are you prepared for 10-6? Just sayin...if you are a fan there's no good reason not believe in this seasoned defense and the offense will improve as the year goes on.

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just providing the results of super computers analyzing billions of rows of data.

They may not be always right, but they are right more than any other pundit or site out there.

It is not my personal prediction. Welcome to the technology age.

Steve, your math is horrible.

Knew your 53-man projection was wrong on the FB position. Rodriguez has more value in that he can play TE and FB, plus he has better hands. The only question now is do they keep 2 or 3 QB's? I say if Devlin has a mistake free game on Thursday, it will be 3; but if he makes a mistake, any mistake, they keep 2 (Tannehill/Moore) for the season. Risky move, but have to open a roster spot for another WR or DB that will contribute on special teams.

Win, Lose, or Tie... Dolphins till' I Die!!!

With the demise of the Jets and Buffalo, I believe if we have improved at all we should sweep them. That gives us 4 wins right there. My call is 9-7 or 10-6. I think will surprise a few of these good teams that may not be as good as the hype.

Just read off the AP wire..."Dolphins will be more exciting in 2013". Big deal. When I read a headline that says " Dolphins will win more games in 2013" then I will sit up and take notice.

GB drafted eddie lacey, they do not need any of the crap players from our team.

A better idea would be for us to sign everyone of thier cuts because their cuts are better than our starters.

Are you also Rob in OC?

Bottoms up!

The Dolphins dont have one single player that would start on GB.

Not crazy about keeping Devlin or any guy as the third QB unless they are very special. We can get by with 2 QB's. I'd rather get a promising TE or keep a guy like AJ Francis.

Are you also Rob in OC?

Bottoms up!

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 27, 2013 at 07:48 PM

Are you also PriceMaster, TheSMF, Lincoln Continental, Jack Sparrow, Cadillac Deville and Phuc Yu?

Of course....you are the EAR PULLER.

Busted again,
Your not 'busting' me because I freely admit that I've used most of those names, and others, in the past.

I am not Jack Sparrow, I believe that is Dashi.

The difference between you and I is that I use a handle until I'm done with it and then I move on to the next one. I don't use other people handles. I don't switch handles intra-page and intra-day, I leave all of that foolishness up to you.

Pray for new ownership.

The difference between you and I is that I use a handle until I'm done with it and then I move on to the next one.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 27, 2013 at 08:05 PM

Well if you believe this, you are the only one. You've said you haven't used them in 2 years. Nonsense. Your writing style and phrases are too obvious. You have used all those names quite recently.

You can be in denial just like OJ.

Not us. We know better,

You are a liar and a loser.

truth @ 7:52PM

Thats crap and you know it.

That is stll sad ETF


Don't worry. The majority of the bloggers here have the attention span of a fly. They forget things instantly. You will maintain your two or three really stupid friends here.

#, Busted Again,
I said the ear puller remark was from 2 years ago.

Regardless if you want to keep track of the handles that I use and the things that I post go right ahead.

I will not be keeping track of your handles or the things that you post.

Some of us that read can put 2 and 2 together

I'm going to do something productive for the next couple of hours, i'll check in later to see if you've made any progress improving the team.


You mean I've been wasting my time reading this blog? Say it aint so!

I said the ear puller remark was from 2 years ago.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 27, 2013 at 08:13 PM

Maybe that was when you began, but you used it hundreds of times since, which is why I bust you. You know it and I know it and WE that are not brain dead know it. So you are preaching only to the few idiots that still talk to you as though you were not low class scum. You are.

I'd rate a used condom higher than you on the scale of anything.


Don't worry. The majority of the bloggers here have the attention span of a fly. They forget things instantly. You will maintain your two or three really stupid friends here.

Posted by: Busted again | August 27, 2013 at 08:10 PM

Yeah, ya have to be an idiot to still be a Dullfin fan.

Yeah, ya have to be an idiot to still be a Dullfin fan.

Posted by: Marc | August 27, 2013 at 08:20 PM

So you are here, calling yourself an idiot.

Shula 73,

That's about 7-10 years down the road. Hope your not in a hurry to have your prayers answered....

I respect the fact that many fans think that this is the year that the Dolphins show real progress in terms of being a better team. Such thinking may well be right.

After all, the Dolphins should be able to win at least four games from the Bills and Jets alone. The Patriots are without their top five WR/TE from last season. Plus, the NFL is a league of parity.

In addition, the Dolphins appear (on paper) to have a strong front seven on defense and, perhaps, a decent secondary. If the defense is NOT in the top ten, then something is very wrong with this team.

On the other hand, the offense is a major concern. The OL and TE positions could really hurt the Dolphins, especially on third down and in the red zone.

No one knows how the 2013 draft class will turn out at this point, but the focus on defense may hurt the offense ( and the team) since the NFL is a passing and scoring league. It doesn't help that the top two picks are injured at this point.

It also doesn't help that the injury history experienced by Keller and Louis recurred this year. A little too much risk in that department perhaps.

Tannehill is the major question mark and the talent around him is also suspect (excepting Wallace). The team's depth chart does not inspire confidence if there are a significant number of injuries.

If the Dolphins finish 8-8 or worse, then they need to go in a different direction at GM. They've had six years to rebuild using the various Parcells/Ireland blueprints. That's more than enough time to field a talented and winning team.

One hopes the Dolphins finally improve. But recent history cautions against high expectations.

So you are here, calling yourself an idiot.

Posted by: Mira | August 27, 2013 at 08:24 PM

Nope. I'm no fan of this garbage franchise.

a couple things. First of all the "focus" is not on the defense. Everyone knows they will be ok. The focus is squarely on the shoulder pads of the offense. Second, Philben and company will work around the absence of Keller. Look for the tight end and fullback to alternate this year between blocking and receiving. Gibson should pick up the slack for Keller. A big year has been presented to him on a silver platter. What you said about Tannenhill is right on, he is the big question mark.

Raise your hand if you read more than two sentences of Sighs novel of babble.


There's only 2 posters here and We know it. And both are less Educated than We are. Easy to manipulate.

Nope. I'm no fan of this garbage franchise.

Posted by: Marc | August 27, 2013 at 08:29 PM

Right, so that is why you spend your time posting here. Only a fool believes.


You may well be right.

I meant to say that the draft's focus on the defense rather than the offense 'may' hurt the offense. Of course, I could be wrong. :)

I hope the WR can pick up the slack and that the remaining TE's can improve to a high level.

I think we're all in agreement on Tannehill. It will probably take several games, at least, to get an idea of what the team will do this year.

Moo don't even waste your time....he virtually disappeared!


IMO, there will be no picking up the slack at TE this year. There is nobody....I think Philben will use the TE position this year mostly for blocking, if he can. The only hope is for Sims to emerge...The FB spot will play a strong role this year. At this point, I don't see either position making or breaking the offense. As I said before Gibson will fill this role. You may see a lot of double slot sets.

Why so much focus on having a backup to the backup qb(Devlin).

If Devlin was worth his weight in a box of salt right now, he would have overtaken Matt Moore as the primary backup to Tanne, in this his 3RD SEASON.

Havent any of you gotten the memo? Matt Moore, again, has had a very lackluster preseason. Doesn't say much for Devlin, not being able to overtake him as the primary backup.

If Devlin had any iota of "REAL" promise, Matt Moore would have been on the cut list today. Devlin? Please give the rest of blog "afuckingbreak".

3rd string qb's never see the playing field any season unless starter and backup qb goes down. Exactly how often does that happen?

Probably about as often as some here get laid.

go finsssssssssssss

Yes, cut Devlin.

Moore plays for the reg season. No matter how much the coaching staff likes Devlin. naturally, Moore is the back up. But, I think Devlin can play in this league. He's better than say, John Beck ever was....IMO.

careless about devlin.

I guess Ross will be buying boatloads of his own tickets this year if he wants his games on tv.

Yes, cut Jonas Gray.


Why can't he just go down or throw the ball away?

Devlin was a UDFA. About 1 out of 100 of them ever have any impact. He might be a fine practice squad QB. He has shown he is nothing more than that.

Sometime the scouts get it right. Devlin wasn't worth a draft pick.

Yes, cut Robinson and Kaddu.


Devlin's 3rd season, cant beat out inconsistent Moore for backup job. Todays nfl states a qb should be ready for a starter role by year 3 if he has any decent promise.

Should it take another season or two for Devlin to just become a legit 2nd string backup? This means he's at or near the halfway point of his career already.

No one wants to take 4-5 seasons to groom a legit 2nd string backup. After 3yrs of service(undrafted) he becomes a "restricted fa" at the end of this year, and a fa at the end of 2014.

Who the hell wants to extend or sign a 3rd string backup to a raise in pay? There are at least 10 veteran 3rd string qb's sitting at home waiting for a call right now. Probably 2 of them could beat Matt Moore out for the 2nd string Dolphins qb job.

Gillislee hasn't impressed. He looks out matched in the NFL. Maybe give Thigpen the nod and dump Giilleslee.

Your getting us down to 53...keep going!

Can some tell me how many player JI sign as
F/A , draft picks starting with last year, that has any impact on this team so far? Well let's start with Jonas Gray from last year draft, dion Jordan Dallas Thomas, Grimes Keller

That's the way to do it Deaners, Philbin's way.

None of the fins rb's have impressed me. That includes Miller, Thomas, Gillislee and Gray.

If Cleveland upsets us game one, you are going to see an avalanche of criticism.

Lance Louis etc. just to mention a few. All hurt before they sign contracts. Is that unheard of? Or is that normal in the NFL?
I just don't get it. Can someone explain that I don't understand it... Thanks.

Cut Bumphis, Tyms, McNutt. How many more to go to 53, Deaners?

Last year Vegas had Washington @ 5.5.
Shows how much they know.

Ct Noln Carroll, Koa Misi. How many more, Dolphin RAY?

bottom line, if Devlin or anybody else for that matter other than T-Hill or Moore then we're done anyway. but I wanna know, what did Moore do to piss you off? Is he not the same QB he was a couple of years ago. Still many consider him to be one of the best back ups in the league. Not buying?

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