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Dolphins start roster trim with starter Lane

It didn't look good for Jorvorskie Lane last March when the team signed multiple wide receivers, making the likelihood of a three-receiver, one back set tangible. It looked worse a couple of months ago when the team started actively pursuing fullback Vonta Leach.

And although Leach was not signed, it still looked bad when Lane, a starter in 2012, was demoted behind Evan Rodriguez at one point in camp.

Well, where there's smoke ...

Jorvorskie Lane was cut by the Dolphins moments ago.

Lane tweeted, "Great organization thanks for the opportunity much respect! *backtothedrawingboard."

He's among the nine players the Dolphins will cut by 4 p.m. today. Also among the group are linebacker Michael Clay and wide receiver Julius Pruitt.

Stay tuned as more cuts are coming.


The Dolphins announced they have terminated the contract of RG Lance Louis.

I would not be surprised if the Dolphins revisit with Louis after the first game if he is still available. You re-sign him at that point and don't have to guarantee his salary for the entire season. Had he been on roster the first week, team would have had to guarantee $1.6 million.

They have also cut WR Jeff Fuller, DE Emeka Onyenekwu, WR Andrell Smith, LB Nathan Williams, LB David Hinds, and the aforementioned Pruitt, Lane and Clay.


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If none of the RBs have impressed you, 17", what do you suggest?

Cut Pat Devlin, Deaners.

Ho Ho!

75 after the first cut? , and after your post to Dolphin Ray, then I think your down to 65 or 66.....give or take a few. No problem with your cuts so far except maybe MISI.

My bad I meant that were hurt right off the get go and sign them to contracts. Ok maybe not guarantee but maybe JI could of sign players not injured that could of made the team, a waste of space time and opportunity, don't anyone think so? I'm just saying man! Right now only Grimes have at least practice well played good in preseason.
But how about the rest..

Don't stop now man, your getting down to the tough cuts...the Carne and papas.....

The reality is that this team still has too many unanswered questions. TE, RB, FS, QB, OL. It is not likely we'll get it all together this year. I predict a few surprise wins, but not enough.

BTW Oscar,

I said earlier that I though Devlin could play in this leauge. Cutting him doesn't negatively affect this team in any way....I got no problem with that.

Last year Vegas had us winning 7. Right on the money....

Devlin may have had a chance 10 years ago. Not in todays league. He doesn't fit todays profile of star QB's.

Anyone else notice that the Dolphins are being assembled like a fine Swiss watch?

Anyone else notice that the Dolphins are being assembled like a fine Swiss watch?

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | August 27, 2013 at 09:44 PM

Will it be completed this century?

Carroll. Misi. Wow. I think Carroll probably would of been cut in any other team at this point last year, Misi not a impact player what do ever.. Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't remember there names mention in a lit of plays on defense last year.. Right. Oh well what I know I just hope we beat everyone on our division once or twice this year.. I was seeing NFL network this morning, and most of the analyst agree that the years defense could be top 5 overall...really! Anyone catch that this morning? I was very surprised on those comments. Any feed back on that guys.

Not picking Leach was a huge mistake. The guy wanted to be here and he would definitely helped a line that will take some time to gel and our young RBs. But the past is the past. With the hole at the seam at TE and the lack of any FA options why not bring eithe Streeter (who has the size but is raw) or Da'Rick Rogers? I feel we are one big body away from giving this offense, at least until Sims matures into the role.

I'll leave the difficult cuts up to Philbin. That's what he's getting paid for and also We have a chance to see how he performs at them.

Sorry guys they said the jets defense being top five overall. Not us. I'm sorry. Anyone catch that this morning..yes NFL network am. Serious jets top five defense! Wow I was shocked.

As you probably already know, you get about 3 years to do it these days...the is Ireland's second try. Maybe first try...he may get a gimme cause Parcells had his hands on the steering wheel the first go round.

I'll be paying close attention...

There is no problem in cutting anybody if you have an adequate substitute.

Lance Louis etc. just to mention a few. All hurt before they sign contracts. Is that unheard of? Or is that normal in the NFL?
I just don't get it. Can someone explain that I don't understand it... Thanks.

Posted by: Dolphin RAY | August 27, 2013 at 09:21 PM

To be completely honest I thought this was a Fats Tuna thing, weighing risk Vs. reward. In 08 with a NO-TALENT roster we excused it (and even justified it) on the gamble with Smiley (cost us a 7th-RD'er at Mid-Range pay) then came the Grove miss were we paid 14.5 Mil. for 12 games (10 starts) in 09 ( 6.5 Mil. in 09 and 8 Mil after release in 2010 DEAD CAP due to guaranteed cash)

The drafting of Bones Odrick (panning out but that whole osteoporosis thing had me scared to death) ect... You'd think we learned our lesson as an Org. but apparently not even close with even bigger rolls of the dice in this FA-Draft 2013 group. It seems every player we go after on the OL or DL comes with some sort of injury riddled question mark attached??

The one constant in the F.O. left from the TRIFECTA is Ireland so safe to say he buys into the gambling or was sold on it by mentor in any event at this stage his practice and his alone. I like what he did this Off-Season and feel alot on here will eat their words regarding L.Miller also the signings of our top-3 WR's will pay dividends and Keller was poised to really breakout but the constant gambling on players with health issues really is enough to give any diehard Dolfan a coronary!

Ho Ho!

Dolphin RAY | August 27, 2013 at 09:46 PM

Misi excels around the line in run D but has always looked lost in coverage. He did however (Vs. Texans starting O) have a real nice pass defense down the right sideline covering a T.E. which I thought was huge for him. Remember with the DL set in stone and Wheeler, Ellerbee entreched the one spot you could get cute with DJ could be platooning at DE and playing SOLB on pass downs leaving Misi in a contract Yr. a one-dimensional OLB, something to ponder?

Merry Christmas Oscar...you forgot a Ho!

I can see that happening Fin.....

Misi has no business on any decent team.

Thanks great inputs. I'm glad I'm not the only one that see the gambling problem with JI..lol but you right on how much longer does this team continues gambling on players they think miraculously can over come injury and become this great player again.. Make a stop to this madness Mr Ross.

Right now, Misi is the best we have on that side and until some one else steps up that's where he'll stay. and, he plays on a very DECENT defense.

Nahh, you're just young'uns and Educated in Miami, so We can have our Way with you. The key here is Philbin and we have placed plenty of baits here for him to swallow. Less see how he'll respond. GN.

Of the cuts, the one I was wondering about was A.Smith. He is not fast, but he has good hands and decent size.
I still think we will make a couple of cuts after the cut to 53. We will acquire at least two from the last cut. Maybe they don't stay, but they will get a good look.

Deaners | August 27, 2013 at 10:15 PM

I agree and think alot of the problem with him has actually lied in effort. He had the job handed day-one as the starter then had that big game along with our second Yr #1 (V.D.) that Season week-2 (2010) in Minnesota were between the two they gave Favre fits. Really breakout game for a few including Wake getting his 1st starting gig then Koa, Vontae disappeared coasting. It cost V.Davis his job on team and Misi needs to step it up with options for the team past him now as well. Deaners if DJ can stay healthy given the deep rotation up front I can see experimenting with his pass D ability which he flashed in fast PAC-Conf. Outside.

I ducked out for 2.5 hours to see if you guys could get anything worked out, how's it going?

The thing that is apparent to me about JIs recent signings of injured FAs, is that he has learned to put into the contract a place to get out clean.
We are yet to to see whether or not his drafting of injured players this year will pan out. But at this point, I don't see anything that would not be expected from the players with the problems that we drafted.


Great post.....and good memory too. I thought I might be the only one thinking about DJ at Misi's spot. Maybe wishful thinking but would love to see DJ's talent emerge as the season goes on to the point where you just cant take him off the field. If durability is not an issue with him then the sky's the limit.


Rb situation, what do I suggest? Obviously not a paid professional in the field to have these answers, I regress. The tree of answers has taken root in my backyard.

I can only suggest those professionally paid to have these answers become more astute than those of us who observe. Capiche?


Beating up on Ross/Philbin/Ireland/Sherman/Tuna is fun during the offseason but now that we are about to kick off the season let's put it to rest.



San Diego*


* The last 2 tmes we played San Diego we lost our starting QB for the season Penne&Henne

I have no inherit Matt Moore qualms. He's a quality backup qb. Funny thing about the defining of a quality backup qb, it also highly suggest he may never become a quality starting qb.

With any backup qb a great liability will always exist. Exactly why Shula replaced even Morrall when Griese was considered healthy enough to resume the reigns.

If this can be said of the greatest 2nd string qb's. Then how much less can be said for a 3rd string qb. Would we be talking '72 17-0 had 3rd stringer Jim Del Gaizo had taken over in '72?

I, for one, think not!


From your experience, which blogger has the best ears for grabbing?


Attacking the schedule is the catalyst to attacking the team. If we played the Bills and Jets 8 games a piece, even the most astute of critics would be predicting 12-4 with playoffs. Capiche?


Very interesting stat at 10:53 PM. Even I was not aware of this. Hopefully it isn't a full blown trend.

No ETF. FORMULA = Win week 1 and week 2.


Beat Bengals again, Pitt and San Diego.

Not to mention sweeping Bills and Jets, lol

durability is not an issue with him then the sky's the limit.

Posted by: Deaners | August 27, 2013 at 10:48 PM

The 64 Million Dollar Question! I try and remind some on here that when JJ drafted Taylor were alot of comparisons are made it took JT sometime to stay on the field. He had a a host of injuries through his 1st three Yrs. I remember a couple of broken hands always the fingers as well along with nagging shoulder trouble.

His rotational partner at position Lorenzo Bromell seemed more durable while a stout run defender who could rush as well leaving me early (around 99) to wonder about JT, really! It wasn't till around 01 under the Stache that he managed to keep his weight at about 260 without fading in Nov. dropping to around 245 getting pushed around all over the place.

Some forget that Darryl Gardner and JT fueded on team in that ERA because Taylor hated the lax attitude of Gardner regarding preparation but the truth was JT needed more work. This feud by the way led to the eyebrow raising release of our 60 Mil. DT with Zach siding with Bro-in-law going to Wanny with beef which I found to be the beginning of the end of Wannstedt with inmates running the show.

JT was a great pass rusher but suspect run defender till Saban arrived maxing the still in his prime Taylor in the HYBRID role inside/out. You look at the physical gifts of DJ and you see that using him in a more unique type of role might be best suited. Taylor was never a cover guy just good at dropping into zones while Jordan has actually dropped into the slot taking the inside routes away , really unheard of at his size.

Our Coaches have to be looking at the different ways of getting him into situational play that confuses Offenses and keeps them guessing or then what was the point of moving hell or high water for another pass rushing DL even with his athletic ability??

Sorry Dolphin Ray. You cant have a top 5 defense when the offense constantly goes 3 and out.


Beating up on Ross/Philbin/Ireland/Sherman/Tuna is fun during the offseason but now that we are about to kick off the season let's put it to rest.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 27, 2013 at 10:51 PM

Agreed! but can you really breakdown roster and team without mentioning them? Can you really seperate one conversation from the other??


So true about JT at the start of his career. Loved Gardner. As I remember had the back issues. But here's the kicker; are we really gonna give Nick Satan credit for the blossoming of JT that turned him into a HOF player?

Can you really seperate one conversation from the other??

Posted by: fin4life | August 27, 2013 at 11:19 PM

Sure you can choose to respond to scumbags telling others they will swallow his load, like ETF and his many names, or...you can show some dignity and refrain from feeding that sewage to fulfill your chat fixes on the blog.

Thanks for the dolphins talk...I had a couple of hours to kill and it's been fun. Have a great night....PEACE

You continue to admire me and follow me.




Sorry Dolphin Ray. You cant have a top 5 defense when the offense constantly goes 3 and out.

Posted by: Wets still suck | August 27, 2013 at 11:18 PM
One of the more cogent comments of the night.
Good to have you around, Deaners.
I agree, some good football talk amidst the mudslinging! (smile)
Oh yeah, if the FO actually has some smarts, they'll do their best to showcase Devlin, ala Matt Flynn.
Of course, in OUR case, Ireland will want to then KEEP Devlin, thinking there was actually an epiphany, instead of getting a nice 4th round draft pick for Devlin.

That is, assuming Devlin actually showed something.
Big IF.

But here's the kicker; are we really gonna give Nick Satan credit for the blossoming of JT that turned him into a HOF player?

Posted by: Deaners | August 27, 2013 at 11:29 PM

Saban was another BAD taste in your mouth because Saban as CO-GM with final word on draft couldn't see past SEC but even with this BIG drawback he managed through FA to put together a solid team. For some reason everybody says he and Speilman blew it taking Culpepper over Brees but it was Peyton and Benson in New Orleans with the then HUGE 7 Yr./49 Mil. contract which outbid our tight CAP in 06 forcing the 5 Yr./26 Mil. deal we ended up giving Dante who we traded for while Brees was a straight up FA deal. If not for the Saints then who knows what would have happened except everybody finding out what a worm Nick Satan could be!

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Indy and Pitt, no chance, and with EJ Manuel back against us (not against NE) Bills could do damage.
They 2 elite RB's, Spiller the better, one of the best all around backs in the AFC.
We don't do well against scrambling QB's. I see a split with Buffalo.
I posting yesterday my thought we'd go 9-7.
I'd like to officially change that to 8-8.


Browns only have 1 1/2 receivers.

Should be exciting...

not worried bout NO or cincy.

Darryl D,

I am very saddened by your loss bro. Though we have never met in real life I have always liked your posts and feel like I know you a tad anyways.

I lost my Dad in 2004 and you are never ready. Like a few of the other posters have told you "There is no take the pain away speeches anyone can muster." It's just a rough life experience that most all face (I.E. if you don't out live your parents)at some time in their lives.

Get your mental fishing creel of ALL the fond memories you had with him. Whenever you are having a down moment, open that creel's hatch and peer inside. Just know he would be proud of you as a son and would want you to pick up the torch of your life and forge on.

Stay strong brother.


Keller going down was a really big blow to the offense. He was poised for a stellar year. I was going to nab him in all three FFL's.

After we play Cleveland we will know a ton about this team. We are suppose to be farther along in the rebuilding process and splashed much bigger FA spending.

Their run game can be a sonamabitch to stop with Richardson but Miami is suppose to have the team to do just that.

If they can pressure and dump Weeden then it goes a long way towards winning the game.


miamidolphins.com is reporting that tannehill has improved, they even say NFL films are praising him, based on statistics, his QB rating is better and given the addition of better targets he will have a better season but...i still don't see him using his eyes and head movements strategically to mislead defenders, i don't see a sense of urgency in his foot work(drop back) that so MANY other good QB's display. sure he will have a better season, absolutely, as we now have some very nice recievers...but i don't see improvement where it should be visable and obvious. i am not a hater, i'm just pounding the table, i want the fins to be the best.

The Fish stink.

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