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Dolphins start roster trim with starter Lane

It didn't look good for Jorvorskie Lane last March when the team signed multiple wide receivers, making the likelihood of a three-receiver, one back set tangible. It looked worse a couple of months ago when the team started actively pursuing fullback Vonta Leach.

And although Leach was not signed, it still looked bad when Lane, a starter in 2012, was demoted behind Evan Rodriguez at one point in camp.

Well, where there's smoke ...

Jorvorskie Lane was cut by the Dolphins moments ago.

Lane tweeted, "Great organization thanks for the opportunity much respect! *backtothedrawingboard."

He's among the nine players the Dolphins will cut by 4 p.m. today. Also among the group are linebacker Michael Clay and wide receiver Julius Pruitt.

Stay tuned as more cuts are coming.


The Dolphins announced they have terminated the contract of RG Lance Louis.

I would not be surprised if the Dolphins revisit with Louis after the first game if he is still available. You re-sign him at that point and don't have to guarantee his salary for the entire season. Had he been on roster the first week, team would have had to guarantee $1.6 million.

They have also cut WR Jeff Fuller, DE Emeka Onyenekwu, WR Andrell Smith, LB Nathan Williams, LB David Hinds, and the aforementioned Pruitt, Lane and Clay.


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philbin stresses a FAST START, their must be a disconnect somewhere between him and tannehill, so far this preseason tannehill is still dropping back like he has all day. why can't he buy himself more time to throw by putting some urgency in his footwork? QB's like payton manning set the pace(play speed) of their offense with their footwork, have you ever seen payton drop back WITHOUT a sense of self imposed pressure...play speed and tempo, it's what philbin has been preaching all year and i still haven't seen it...it all starts up front with the QB, can someone please make a connection with tannehill. maybe he thinks "taking time with his reads" actually means to slow down, well, simply put, the less time it takes you to dropback, the more time you have to survey the field...

Does Philbin have sh*t for brains? Why even HESITATE to say the starters aren't playing this week? They say Tannehill is young and still needs work? Against WHOM? The backups and 3rd-string defense of the Saints? How's that work? And then if you play him, you need to play the 1st-string oline. Anyone want Jerry or worse Pouncey to get hurt during the final Pre-Season game (remember Jake Long)?

There's is absolutely, 100% NO good reason to play starters this week. Any "work" they need will have to come during live action. Get to the Season HEALTHY!!!

The Dolphin offense will be more pathetic than last year. 5-11

if tannehill can make one improvement this year, i'de like to see it in his footwork, if he can put some URGENCY into his DROPBACK he would look like he means business, he would look aggressive, attacking and confident as would the entire offense, he would indeed be setting the pace and tempo, dictating the terms to the defense, he will have taken philbins instruction to START FAST and defined it. because as it stands, right now, the phrase "START FAST" is some mystical lore that is undefined, some guru stuff that can only be enturprited by great teams with great coaches. it all starts with the QB tanny! taking time with your reads does NOT mean to simply take your time, and that confidence that everyone expects you display only comes from taking matters into your own hands, buying time with your feet to mislead defenders with headmovements and playaction. take control and set the pace. it all starts with the footwork.

Seriously Herald IT dept?... You deleted my comments this morning? For what? Having an opinion? Seriously?

There was nothing in there offensive to anyone. You gotta be kidding me. What a joke!

F-ing pathetic fellas....truly!

I short what I said was:

I don't get the hate for the Jordan pick. Guys complained when we didn't draft JPP. Potentially the next JPP, and you can't say he isn't.

Guys complained when we didn't sign Brees coming off shoulder surgery. Same thing here.

So which is it guys?

And for THAT my comments get deleted. sad!.....

22 more need to be cut. Here are those I see as Gone and those who need to Shine Tomorrow in order to stay.

J. Adams T
A. Applewhite DE
C. Barker G
S. Brenner C
A. Corp QB
K. Davis WR
K. Johnson S
D. Jones CB
A. McDonald T
J. Posey CB
D. Presley CB
L. Robinson LB
E. Rodriguez FB

That is 13 Gone so there are 9 more cuts needed. So, the game tomorrow night should determine their fate. I really don't want them to get rid of Devlin, I am not even putting him on this list (but he could be on it for sure).

Here are the 15 that need to Shine tomorrow but based upon my review here only 6 can survive. (XX) for those I am pulling for.

The one I really want to see make it after a long recovery from a bad injury is Gray. Kid runs hard and is good out of the backfield. I just worry Ireland won't let Jenkins go after investing a draft pick in him recently.

C. Bumphis WR (XX)
J. Gray RB (XX)
A.J. Francis DT (XX)
J. Jenkins LB
J. Kovacs S
RJ Stanford CB
V. Martin DL
R. Mathews WR
K Randall DT
T. Okpaluago DE (XX)
K. Miller TE
M. McNutt WR (XX)
K McCray S
B Tyms WR (XX)
T. Robertson DT

The Herald tells me this morning that library hours are being slashed. Anybody know if YG will be greatly affected by this?

DC, if you are still here, I didn't get your email address, try again at


or if you feel comfortable leaving an email address here, I will send you an invite.

j phil said last week he wants 3 qb's.
yday he said he wants 2 qb's.
losing it.?

Mark, when is the draft for the fantasy league?


Good list. I have Matthews making it over Tyms and McNutt. Martin makes it over Francis IMO. The rest I think you've done a god job on. Not sure what they'll do with Devlin. Could they try and sneak him on the practice squad and keep a guy like Rodriguez? Maybe.

Kheeston Randall as a potential cut? Are you serious???

That guy is a lock. So is McNutt given he was the next guy up after Gibson who caught any balls of consequence from Tannehill in the preseason.

Truth, Sunday at 6

Budtki...good point...but T-Hill is only a QB for the past 3 seasons...before that he was a WR...the instinctive and / or reactive things a QB finds / learns only can be identified through time and experience.

T-Hill MIGHT develope these necessary skills with time, but how much time? A QB who began playin the position at the HS level or younger has reached a level of understanding that T-Hill is still trying to attain.

Whether he EVER gets it or not is anyone's guess. All we can do is hope and wait.


Mark, wonder if RBs or QBs will be the first off the boards?

RBs are usually the higher ranked players...

Where did this myth that Tannehill was only a Qb for the last three years come from? He was most certainly a QB in high school. Recruited as a Qb to T A&M. He volunteered to play WR when injuries struck the WR corps and he was a backup in college.

Mark...my bad if that's the case...however, he did have less college starts than most..

...okay....so if he has the necessary experience, then I'm more concerned because he doesn't seem to be playing at the same speed as guys like RG III and Luck...

.....so maybe picking him in the 1st round was a bit of a reach?..out of need?...succumbing to fan and media pressure..?...maybe?????

Mark, just sent it again. Let me know if you don't get it in a few (the wifi in my office is pathetic).

....re: the TE position.....we need to find a qualified TE in the next two weeks...

We must be a good team because we are going to have to cut some good players.

Some of the guys that are going to get cut, I was thinking about maybe we shouldn't play them Thursday so they didn't get hurt. Wow!

Matthews? Jenkins? Randall? McCray?

I think we might try to sneak Gray and McNutt by for the practice squad. McNutts release by Philly and Gray's fumble may help that.

DC @ 8:51....

I think Philbin's statements...or lack thereof is just an indication of where he beleves we are offensively....

Its cause for concern to say the least...perhps buys him some chips with which to keep the practice tempo pressure on....

but I doubt the starters go more than a series...perhaps two @ most....

Hope so Kris. I don't want to see anyone tweak anything for nothing.

Craig M....

your comments probably got deleted for your 9:18 comments....lol....

and I I don't think YG is affected @ all...e is outsourced....its either a prison library..or an old folks home library...

Buster, I think the excuse is that Tannehill didn't have the number of college starts the others had. Tannehill is just fine. His progression very much mirrors that of traditional QBs.

Tannehills #s in some ways were superior to Luck's - fewer INTs, completion %. But Luck had more yards and wins (thanks Dan Carpenter)

Obviously I think Luck is further along but Tannehill is not as far behind as most think.

The read option Qbs seem to have acclimated much quicker to the NFL. Time will tell if the guys that run these types of offenses have staying power or if the league can catch up. We all saw how confused Newton was for the first half last year and his passing is still erratic - maybe because he relies so much on the run??

Tanne was playing fast enough that TB's good D-line could not get to him.

Brady does not look like he is playing fast. His footwork is subtle not dancey like Manning. And if your head isn't bouncing on your drop, you can see the defense while you are dropping. I always thought Peyton Manning looked like was ready to panic. Eli does not play that way.

When Tanne looked deep on that one play, pulled it down and still got a completion, I thought it showed he had grown tremendously.


your email address is so...YOU....lol..

if nothing else...you have been the model of consistency...

DC, it's sent. And I agree, I don't want to see any of the starting 22 and Gibson on the field tomorrow.

haha, Kris, that isn't my real e-mail. Just a play one set up for instances like this.

that name was one made up on a summer long weekend over way too many drinks when hanging out with the boys long ago...

miss those days sometimes ...

wife is everywhere now, what gives??!!?!?

the dolphins offense will be better this season but, are they playing with a sense of urgency? are they capable of STARTING FAST? have they demonstrated this ability at all this preseason? have you seen it? the answer is NO! this notoriously sluggish offense has been a problem for years, philbin has deemed to change the culture and goes to the extent to publicly announce prior to a game that he wants his team to start fast, it has been the theme from the offseason. sure the skill players can run faster and get open quicker but i haven't the one player that is responsible for setting the pace demonstrate this ability, is tannehill incapable of displaying this urgency with his legs(dropback)? if tannehill looks slow, the offense will look slow, if his footwork is fast, the offense will look fast. he's had all offseason to work on this, and now with a week before the regular season if he tries to adjust it may throw off his entire timing...if you have seen just about any preseason game other then a fins match-up you will notice the disparity. if philbin wants urgency(as we all do) he will have to sit down with tannehill and explain what he means by a sense of urgency and starting fast.


welcome to prison...

I mean wedded bliss....

who was the insecure gent who thought one woman for the rest of your life would be a GOOD idea....

who ever he was...he sure EFFED us all.....

Dolphins must at least win 2 of the first 5 games for a shot at the playoffs or this season will get ugly. Cannot start 1-4 or worse.


My comment @ 9:18 came after my comments were deleted. It's possible they didn't recognize my IP address after me posting from Scotland......who knows.


Kris, I agree, godly sometimes I wish I can trade my wife to a different team. HAHA

budtki...I like your theory...

each QB has there own way of doing things...

but it does seem like the Maning...Brees...and even Rodgers get back in the pocket in a hurry...and there sense of urgency seems to wash over everyone else....

and I also agree with Mark...Brady on the other hand doesn't seem to work with that "urgency"...but he is mor succesful than the other 3 combined...

what has Brady been to...6-7 SBs...man...that is sick...

lol @ Truth...


You're I making me think twice about how things are moving with 'Meg Ryan'......lol.

By the way, absolutely the best choice having her join me inScotland. We had a ball together.

I don't know Craig...you had nothing else to compare it to...

seriously tho...i'm glad you had a good time...

but my question is...

what do you do for a follow up date...PARIS???

I do't think a trip to that indoor water park that Canada has is going to cut it....

As a matter of fact...I think its just a water slide....or a few water slides...been about 7 or 8 years since I have been...

the one in the hotel...

Anyone get Madden 25 yet? Its pretty good, but I suck at defense right now. First time playing on PS3, usually XBOX for me


My guess is you're talking about the Delta Chelsea in Toronto but maybe you're talking about Niagara Falls.

Yeah I've already told er it's all downhill from here. We both loved Edinburgh and I'd sell my business and move there in a heartbeat if not for my kids. Maybe in a few years.


picking it up today or tomrow...

Anybody got any Super Bowl predictions yet? I'm leaning towards the 'Hawks beating the Bengals in the SB. Yeah I know it's kind of crazy but I like these two teams going in. Thoughts?.....

Craig M...

just emailed one of my ld buddies...

th name of the place is Medicine Hat....

we used to train there...the hotel we stayed in was the Medicine Hat Lodge...ever heard of it? Mark?

Rdubs, check out my site? are you getting a PS4 or Xbox One, gamerspeek.com, in a few days Ill have a review on Madden 25! I hear the running game is crazy

Bengals are a CURSED team...

I predict the NEVER in a SB in my life time...

I haven't heard of it, Kris. Alberta, right? Did you mention you were in the military at one point? Betcha that was hard training, right?



Kris, have no toruble living the rest of my life with one woman (one is more than enough for that) but man sometimes I just have a craving for a burger instead of the usual healthy cooking. Does that make me a bad person?


They went about 25 years ago against the Niners. If Tampa can make it, then Bengals can make it.





Rdubs, I haven't gotten a Madden since Madden 08. Thinking about getting 25. Should I go for it?

Craig M, thinking the Falcons from the NFC. Not completely sure though. The AFC seems pretty weak. Denver, New England, and Baltimore all got weaker. I think we have an outside shot believe it or not.

yeah....Alberta...long drive to the place...

Tunnel training...and it was a biach...but we did it with the support of "her queens men and women"...and I built up some good bonds with some of your Servicemen and women...

but your food sucks...so bland...feild chow any way...

haha, Kris, Niagara is a last!

me thinks he's tlaking about Great Wolf Lodge... or maybe the West Edmonton Mall, who knows?

You guys are too funny!where do you have the time to play video games? My life is pretty crazy as it is and I couldn't jam any more in. Still catching up on three episodes of Breaking Bad and Low Rising Sun(I think that's what it's called). Saw No television when I was away....wink....wink.

Medicene Hat, Alberta?

That may as well be a different country than Toronto. never been west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

That is about as close as Montana is to New York City

Craig M...

I thin Boomer Esiason was hour they're best shot...they can hang up any SB asperations for another 50 years imo...

that division is just to tough...and like the QB...they are just RED-HEADED step-children IMO...

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