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Dolphins start roster trim with starter Lane

It didn't look good for Jorvorskie Lane last March when the team signed multiple wide receivers, making the likelihood of a three-receiver, one back set tangible. It looked worse a couple of months ago when the team started actively pursuing fullback Vonta Leach.

And although Leach was not signed, it still looked bad when Lane, a starter in 2012, was demoted behind Evan Rodriguez at one point in camp.

Well, where there's smoke ...

Jorvorskie Lane was cut by the Dolphins moments ago.

Lane tweeted, "Great organization thanks for the opportunity much respect! *backtothedrawingboard."

He's among the nine players the Dolphins will cut by 4 p.m. today. Also among the group are linebacker Michael Clay and wide receiver Julius Pruitt.

Stay tuned as more cuts are coming.


The Dolphins announced they have terminated the contract of RG Lance Louis.

I would not be surprised if the Dolphins revisit with Louis after the first game if he is still available. You re-sign him at that point and don't have to guarantee his salary for the entire season. Had he been on roster the first week, team would have had to guarantee $1.6 million.

They have also cut WR Jeff Fuller, DE Emeka Onyenekwu, WR Andrell Smith, LB Nathan Williams, LB David Hinds, and the aforementioned Pruitt, Lane and Clay.


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niners bengals was one of the ebst Super Bowl games ever. Poor Boomer, thought he had it ...

Then Montana to Taylor.

SB prediction? Dolphins or bust!!

"they be my team, son"

That shows what I know about Canada Mark...

I had a good time tho...

the only thing I know for sure was that I was in Medicine Hat...


I like Bdalton. I think he has it in him. Denver and the Pats have question marks, IMO. Texans might e the most complete team. I'm going out on a limb with the Bengals. Time will tell.

Kris, the food sucked because Canada is too busy giving away their money for social assistance to recent immigrants and not paying enough attention to defense.

Now there's my right wing rant for the day.

Seriously though, this country is waaaay to left wing. Make your democrats look like straight up cut throat capitalists.


FIN and 9ers...

I hate to say it....but I think Wilson is the most likely of the big 3 Sophmore QB phenoms to sufer a Newton like slump...not because of work ethic...but physical limitiations...

he will be back in full force the year after...


P. Manning falls of a CLIFF skills...and record wise...due to arm strength...

my BOLD predictions...

Kris, food for thought on Russel Wilson.

he accomplished everything he did last year while getting no first team reps in camp. Those all went to Flynn...

Pretty amazing when you think of it for a rookie. Likes of which we've NEVER EVER seen before.

Agree with Manning though. He will eat that division but the creaks really showed themselves last year when faced with real competition. he wasn't up to the task.

Mark...Wilson will be great...I am a HUGE FAN...


I think DC's play him a bit different this year...make his height work against him...make him throw from inside the pocket v. running outside of it...

but the good news (imo)...is that Wilson figuers it out after another off-season...and then the HAWKS are a next level team...he is to talented/smart/driven not to...

The ONLY QB who when I saw him get drafted (phone call)...who looked like he knew his journey was JUS STARTING...as opposed to those who get drafted...and look like they just "made it"...

I'm IN Beetches! 72 Undefeated out for blood. And nobody touch Tannehill, Miller, or the Miami defense, THEY ARE MINE!!!


I bought for PS3 and I read Sony would allow you to upgrade to PS4 version at a highly reduced cost,if its alot better and the reduced cost is under 20 I might (Gld I preordered my PS4 early)


I typically play Madden every other year and after playing one game and messing around with the skills challenges(which is minigames, that familiarize you with the controls) I find the game to be a step up from the last version I played, which Madden 12. The passing seems better and the new run modifier is awesome, you can fake someone out of their shoes like crazy.

I think by this weekend, I will know how much I like it. Although i will play the crap out of it regardless!

Not sure about the Niners, guys. Good, deep and talented but I think they'll miss Crabtree. I also wouldn't be surprised if Kaep is the guy who has the sophomore slump. All the pressure is on the Niners to get back to the Bowl again this year and teams will be gunning for them. I have them as a WC team but don't have them winning the SB.

Dolphins have too many questions. Border-line playoff team, IMO.

DC, you just stole Dashi's first three picks.

Kris,good point. I can see your scenario. The guy is so special. If he had just been granted a few extra inches (height wise, teehee) we may have been subject to something extremely special ... instead of just special.

Kaep is the one guy of the new brood I really don't believe in. Guess I just don't like his mental makeup from what I can see. Just the way he presented himself at the ESPY's left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Looked like such a douche...


You'll be playing for the basement grabbing those three guys. Pick with your head and not your heart. I'm not even going to be able to pick 'live' Sunday night and I'll still beat most of ya.......lol.


Totally agree on Kaep and he and Dalton ere the two guys I wanted the 'Phins to draft.

I think it's you and I showing our age, unfortunately, it how these young guys roll these days, I guess.

I did a random NFL fantasy league one night, I ended up with 2 Dolphins Lamar Miller and the Defense, now granted I have no kicker or back up QB LMAO

Well, kicker might be my first pick. 5 POINTS for 50+ FGs? That's more than a passing TD. Kicker more important than QB? Must be a CFL league (hardy har har).

Mark, Buster

Tannehill is actually an interesting talent after his College Station Pro Day workout I googled as much info. as I could on him and came away with the impression he was a raw but very physically gifted talent. The problem for us all was how well that would translate given it takes more than physical ability to play QB at the NFL level. The mental make up of your signal caller his ability to read-n-react, feel his way through the pocket under pressure, quick decision making with eyes down field and not on rush or what some call intangibles. The things that had made Luck & Griffin stand out carrying their respective programs which was the only real difference given Tannehill was every bit the great caliber athlete as well.

His Bio reads is impressive he played DB his Soph. Yr. of H.S. and took over at QB his Jr. Yr. were he took Big Springs to Texas H.S. Playoffs (No easy feat in Tex. were they really eat and breath Football at the H.S. level) Was recruited at QB by Tex A&M were upon arrival was proclaimed the #3 QB behind Stephen McGee (Texans back up and former Cowboy) and Jerrod Johnson. New H.C. Sherman wanted best available talent so he moved him to WR, nothing to do with injury just using his Fr. talent somewhere else.

Tannehill broke all kinds of receiving records at A&M for Fr. players so he was kept there till Jr. Yr. but once on the field at QB for slumping Johnson led Aggies to upset of top ranked Oklah., Nebraska, Baylor blew out Tex. Tech ect... He then followed it up with close to 4,000 yds as Sr. tossing 29 Tds. he also was the back up punter pooching a few in close for the Aggies ect...

Great talent with 20 College starts as well as 2 Yrs. of H.S. Thing was his team didn't post the types of turn around Stanford and Baylor did back from the dead on their QB's respective shoulders also since H.S. had only really 1 1/2 Yrs. of College play at QB. Again all the talent is there no question what were waiting on is the mental part to kick in with him (the lights to come on!!!)The thing that separates the Jeff George's of the world from the Manning's!


I'd love to see the Dolphins in the SB this year but I don't think you and I truly believe that will happen. I think we both still have unanswered questions on T-hill. He's got a long way to go before he does what Flacco did last year. Playoffs this year would real progress and I believe we have a chance for that. To do it we have to beat teams like NO and Tampa nd take at least one from the Pats. We'd need to go 5-1 in our division, for example. Possible but I don't believe it will be easy.

I actually have my eye on a couple of Dolphins. Be interested to see if my ramming help me get them.

Craig, maybe showing our age but you see the way Wilson presented himself? Totally opposite - gave off class and maturity. May be something in it - time will tell.

Still can't believe Kaep wore those shoes and pants to the ESPY's. puke...

Hardy har DC, that's teh standard scoring system as per NFL.com.

I don't even know the details to be honest ... I know, some commissioner I am ...


Tanne wants to be treated like a man which means he will fail or succeed on his own, he does not need you to make excuses in advance.


I never read the scoring for my fantasy leagues, I just fly by the seat of my pants. I usually end up in the top half of the leagues. I won 1 league last year and was the Number one ranked team going into the playoffs and lost to the last seed LOL


Wilson and even Tannehill are in a different class. Kaep is a freak! He's got God-given talent. The test for him will be whether teammates believe in him enough to lead long term and whether he can get it done, I felt the same way about Newton coming out. Is it about them or the team. Time will tell. Think about the Jamie Foxx character in 'Any Given Sunday'.

Kris, Mark

The guy I see having the Soph. slump is RG3. No action up until Season plus a Yrs. worth of tape. Teams will hold lanes more not allowing him up inside the pocket (underneath) their lanes. Probably some inside blitzes forcing him outside with the OLB'ers and even a Safety forcing contain to the sidelines. Another over the top zone on Garcon and you force him to beat you with the rest of his supporting cast. I got a feeling he'll be the one a smart kid who will catch on later in the Season but rough sledding out of the blocks.

I watched Wilson's tune up Vs. the Pack and he never really looks to run 1st only as last option with nice safe slide avoiding injury. Also moved the ball up-n-down the field at will Vs. G.B. without Harvin or Rice, impressive!! I haven't seen Luck any the Pre-Season but addition of Ahmad Bradshaw will only make him better given he didn't have the run or play action really last Yr. We will see but my money is on Griffin having the Soph. slump!

Yeah, kaep sure looks like a Hollywood character come to life. Joe Namath was the same way in the 60s and 70s and but for one year never did much....

BUt man, what a one year..

Where's Suzy Kolber? I want to kiss you ...

f4l, whether it makes you happy or not, Jason LaConfora also thinks RG3 has the biggest risk of falling back as per what I heard on local sports talk radio last night.


We all see it different ways. Some see Wilson, some see Kaep, some see RGIii for the sophomore slump. I think we all agree that Luck will continue to get better. To me this was still the prize of the QBs. This guy just says 'climb on my back and I'll carry the team'. .....same way Manning and Favre did. Pure winner, as far as I'm concerned, forget stats. Newton can have all the stats he wants. Only stats that matters is WINS.


Whether it makes me happy or not??? No stake in that race.

Just an opinion on Griffin for reasons I posted as far as making me happy, I mean really! That would be Tannehill throwing for 4,500 Yards and 35 Tds.

E.T. Please explain Rolling Stones story on your baby daddy Aaron Hernandez.

Lane was a good story but he never developed the conditioning and strength to dominate and become the next Polite. Sad. We need one. Hope we acquire Vonta Leach.

I expect them to re-hire Lance Louis after the season begins. We need the OL depth. At least re-hire him when healed convincingly.

This whole idea that everyone who does not make the team is a Bust is absurd. Completely mis-understands the concept of Bust. Lots of players get brought in, only a minority stick. Some who do not stick just don't fit your needs or system or are injured but do fine in another team with different needs or a different system or after they heal up. Leaving the team does not mean you are a Bust. As I see it a Bust is a player that you bring in with a high degree of confidence that they will make the team (e.g. you put a very high valuation on them in terms of first or second round draft pick or a salary with up-front money in the upper quartile of salaries for that position) who remains healthy but simply does not have the ability or will to perform. If Wallace turns out not to be a star WR and is booted from the team this year or next, that would be a bust. Keller getting injured is not a bust because it was not a failure in selecting the player, it was an injury and injuries can happen to anyone. Lane is not a bust because he cost nothing. Ginn WAS a bust as was White - high pick and no performance. Lance Louis is NOT a Bust as he just never healed up enough. As noted, I think he will be back on the team later since it is obvious we need a backup to Jerry.

All stories need an end.

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