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Fast start, sure, but Dolphins need more than that

By now you know Joe Philbin was asked what he's looking for tonight as the Dolphins play the Jacksonville Jaguars in their second preseason game. "Fast start," he said.

That was it.

Next question.

I sort of get it. Last week in the preseason opener against Dallas, the Dolphins got off to anything but a fast start. The starting defense gave up some yardage that flipped the field on the opening drive and then the offense, starting from their 9 yard line, fumbled on their first play.

The Cowboys then converted the turnover into a touchdown.


And that was after the Dolphins defense picked up a pass interference penalty in the end zone. And it soon became 17-0.

So, yes, the Dolphins don't want to make a habit of starting that slow anytime, not even in the preseason.

But as Philbin says he's looking for a fast start, I'm looking for more.

How about flipping the turnover margin? The Dolphins have invested a lot of time and energy and focus on winning the turnover battle every game this season. They preach ball security to the offense. They preach stripping and intercepting and taking the ball away to the defense. They even have footballs hanging in every defensive meeting room hanging from walls and alike so that players punch at them and get used to snatching them.

Well, last week, the Dolphins lost the turnover margin to Dallas. And two of those -- the Lamar fumble and an interception by Matt Moore that was returned 75 yards for a score -- led to points for Dallas.

So the focus the team has put on turnovers needs to start paying dividends.

From a team perspective I also would like better tackling. The tackling was bad last week. It was, as noted earlier on this blog, so bad that Dallas gained 93 rushing yards after contact on the Dolphins. That's got to get cleaned up before the season.

And then there is the rush defense. Last week the Cowboys gained 170 rushing yards. No, Randy Starks didn't play. Neither did Jared Odrick or Olivier Vernon or Dannell Ellerbe. I expect all of those except Starks to play today. With Maurice Jones-Drew not playing tonight for Jacksonville, the situation is set for the Dolphins to improve their defense against the run.

[BLOG NOTE: Check back later for the live blog and I'll update you on the status of Mike Wallace for the game.]


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I'd like a link where to watch the game without having to pay for a ridiculous package from nfl.com

No Evidence



Following in the blog is better than watching it live.

When I watch a game I see one thing. When I watch through Mando's eyes I see things much differently.

I told you guys, if mando didn't post early then he wasn't getting away from the Golden Corral buffet until 3pm. 2:30, new post. I know my writer.

LOL, the link you are looking for is


Jax defense is horrible so the Phins should romp tonight.

Mark, I knew you'd get on Mando for his post. How do you like the negativity?

You've never left this blog for hours, let alone days ... anyway...

Who's hosting the circle jerk tonight? I got some good pointers from Truth and Rdubs earlier...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 09, 2013 at 02:28 PM

Guys like you never come to self actualization of what terrible people you really are. Your wife dumping you hasn't even rang a bell. Im not saying this to be mean either....

My wife dumped me? Who was that in my bed this morning?

Anyway, awesome, my weekend just freed right up...

go finsssssss

You can listen to it on the radio for free if that helps



DC, I expected Mando to be in a better mood after eating for 2.5 hours for $7.99 at the Corral but maybe they cut him off early ???

If this team cant look good against Jax tonight, there's grest possibility we'll be "MOCK DRAFTING" in November again......

Jax defense was so horrible last season that they kept 2 or 3 guys and released everyone else.
And the guys they kept: Alualu and Babin would not start for Phins.

Hey I just said something funny: there are players in the league now that would not start for the Phins.

It was one of you circle jerkers who said their wife changed the locks on them. But I can careless whoever, whatever... whatever....

lol yeah fraud if our vanilla offense looks bad against jacksonville guess our seasons over. i dont think u really are this dumb so why do u act like it?? honest question

It's just that Dallas was better prepared than we were. Why? Ask Philbin.

Hey I just said something funny: there are players in the league now that would not start for the Phins.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 09, 2013 at 02:42 PM

Yeah, now we only need to work on the qb and lt positions. LOL....

..I will watch the replay on NFL Network. But a few things that I think are more important then last week. 1 obviously the first team offense should have at least a few more snaps to try and get in rhythm. Will we be sharp? If we are not, it isn't the end of the world. But when do the alarms become real, and not just a drill? Should we be able to move the ball. How will we be able to execute in the redzone? There are a lot of factors as to how the offense will produce. To me, can we improve our redzone offense? We have too.

..On the defensive side. I know the tackling was poor last week. No need to comment more on that. One thing that impressed me. What stuck out of the TV was the speed we have on defense And this was from guys low on the depth chart, and backups. I get it that the speed of the game in preseason isn't the same as the regukar season. But our guys looked fast. Hopefully we keep playing this way. Also..We used a lot of different formations with different guys lined up at the Mike. Was this out of necessity, or is this part of the hybrid defense we will see? I'm excited to see this defense in a real game situation. I know we won't get the real tonight. But maybe just a taste.

Last..Did anyone notice how big our recievers are last week?

Posted by: LOL | August 09, 2013 at 02:32 PM

I didn't know what you were talking about at first, but just saw the PreSeason package you can get at nfl.com. $19.99. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! For a few meaningless games. No thanks, I'll wait a day and watch the replay for free thank you very much. It's not that important.

Hoping for a solid game today. Not that I think its any big indicator or anything, but I'd rather avoid the trolls.

Well, if Ellerbe is knocked out is known now that Wheeler won't do there. Then?

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | August 09, 2013 at 02:47 PM

Tannehill was ok for a rookie qb last season. That's the Tannehill I don't want to see this season. He needs to be better than ok this year....

ellerbe should be solid. wheeler way overpaid guy whos never done a thing

What autism.

How long will the starters go tonight??? Anyone know??

I said we should romp on the Jax defense tonight. I pointed out that Jax defense was so shhtty last season they got rid of 20 defenders. They replaced them with some draft picks and some acorns.

Tonight should be easy.

relax and enjoy.

hoping thill least gets first half but i doubt it.

It's preseason and simply want the team to play well on ST, Offense and Defense. Nothing could be better for these guys to build confidence then to have a decent game regardless of the score. We should be a week ahead of these guys and it needs to show on the field.

fraud u just said that was last year and those guys have been replaced. so basically u havent a clue what kind of d they have now. very good d coach also now. i just hope we play solid injury free football. preseason tells u nothing


I believe last week's, tonight's, and the following 3 preseason games afterwards will give strong indicator of one gravely important thing. These combined performances will give strong indication of:

A. What type of Tannehill to expect coming out of the gates regular season game.

B. A preview on what to expect coming out of the gates from certain players both offensively and defensively.

If the team is inconsistent during the entire preseason. They'll probably be inconsistent over the course of the season.

So what we're really looking for during the preseason is to see this team on the right road towards building consistency and chemistry.

YG, I want to hug you. I think u need it

Truth, I think Philbin said they would play "a hair longer" than the last game.


I think you need to dig a little deeper into Philbins comment. It seems clear to me that in desiring a 'fast start' Philbins is suggesting that it will allow the dolphins to play 'on the front foot', so to speak, which will in turn correct most of the mistakes observed in the first game, the mistakes you mention in your post. football is, after all, the ultimate 'momentum' game. playing from a winning position installs confidence and confidence means passes caught and tackles mad.

I think that how much Tannehill and the first string offense plays should be based on how well they play the first couple possessions.

If they score a td 1st possession park the car in the garage. If it takes the 2nd possession do this, then when they score a td park the car. If not, a 3rd and final possession, whether they score a td or not.

sure having wallace and hartline in there instead of u and me like last week will sure help thill

But, but, that's exactly what Armando said, plsmith.

WTH does that mean? Into the 2nd quarter

YG, I want to hug you. I think u need it

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 09, 2013 at 02:58 PM

I don't need a hug, its you guys needing a hug. I'll do my thing whether any of your crew likes me or not. Intimidation doesn't work with me. Im a "FREEBIRD".

You guys should try it sometimes, instead feeling need to be a collective unti in your Star Trek Borg society...

Surely, surely, Mando was not expecting a ten-minute discourse from "Silent Joe" Philbin on his expectations, his hopes and fears, regarding this game?

Not as silly as Chris Perkins's kvetching because Ross didn't say "we must get to the playoffs!!!" ... but still, man.

I certainly hope our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is on the Dolphins side so that gruesome, painful injuries that leave players writhing and screaming on the turf in unrelenting agony and ending their careers prematurely leading to depression, addiction, enduring physical problems and financial ruin only happen to other teams players.

What's a Borg?


The 'wife leaving me' comment was directed at me. Like everything else, YG talks about things he knows NOTHING about. If he'd known anything he'd know it was mutual but was actually my suggestion. 'Changed the locks on the house?' Where do you even come up with this stuff? How is it you think you know me, having never met me in your life and without even having a clue who I am.....nevre mind something that happened 9 years ago. What world do you live in?

mark u guys need some anti bullying up there , getting kids killed

There was an article on SS.com that said the starters would play a little more than they did last week....

As far as Dallas being more prepared... Philbin stated that they had a basic game plan thrown together for the game. So if he didnt take it serious, it seems to have spilled over to the team.

Henne is probably good for a couple picks, so we should win the turnover battle if Tanny palys well.

...YG. I agree with you about Tannehill. It is time to put the big boy pants on. My point is that tonight is not the real indicator either way. But!!! Perhaps it(his play) will be another clue as to who he is. trying to come to a definite conclusion from 2-3 series(at most) is pointless.

Starters are probably in for about 15 plays tonight.

The sooner they are out the better, as far as I'm concerned. No injuries, please.

I don't think I would sit through an entire preseason game if you paid me to. Boring beyond belief.

Craig, so my wife will be there when I get home?? Sigh, there goes what I had planned for the weekend...

dusty, not sure what you are referring to but I'm all for anti bullying. Especially with social media. These bullies will haunt a kid not only at school but nights and weekends now. Little fukkers

Fast start, sure, but Dolphins need more than that.

The Dolphins need a blood transfusion. They SUCK!

Remember Mark,

You can stay married and still enjoy lobstertube.com. You just have to stay awake longer than she does, unless you watch it together? I guess some people do that, I prefer to do some things by myself LOL

Dolphins need a new owner and GM for sure. Then a QB, LT, RB, and RT.

Dolphins need a new owner and GM for sure. Then a QB, LT, RB, and RT.

Why stop there? How about replacing the entire team, the entire coaching staff, and moving the entire franchise to North Dakota?

Or we could just replace you. That seems easier.

I'm with you rdubs, those are solo missions.

P0RN with anyone else - man or woman is weird.

craig the blue jays have to be mad about wasting all that money on those bums in florida and mets deal

I don't know about Craig, but I sure am. What a load of horse manure u guys sent up here. Our GM isn't old enough to remember what good baseball players look like.

With pat Gillick we used to get Dave Stewart, Dave Winfield, paul Molitor, Jack Morris, Robbie Alomar, Joe Carter, and Devon White in trades and free agency... not these losers ... well except for Reyes. he's a fine player.

everyone knew r a dickey would suck balls

Yeah, um, I really could do without the imagery of middle-aged guys masturbating.


Dolphins need a new owner and GM for sure. Then a QB, LT, RB, and RT.
Why stop there? How about replacing the entire team, the entire coaching staff, and moving the entire franchise to North Dakota?

Posted by: Anderson | August 09, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Thats a good idea also. The Ross Dolphins have been nothing but embarrassing to S Fla. They SUCK!

Only thing that matters this weekend is it's the beginning of the end...BREAKING BAD!!!

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