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Here's what's new at Dolphins camp

The Dolphins today worked out a couple of free agent defensive tackles as both Randy Starks and Jared Odrick missed practice with unknown injuries that the team will not report until prior to Sunday's Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. 

Starks, who missed practice Thursday but was present on the sidelines, was not even on the field today. He appeared to be nursing a leg injury of some sort Thursday. Odrick, who was healthy at the beginning of practice Thursday but had an issue midway though, worked with trainers on the side today. He similarly appears to have a leg injury of some sort.

It's obvious neither Starks nor Odrick will play Sunday against Dallas in the HOF game.

Receivers Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline were the other starters to miss today's practice due to injuries. Wallace (groin) and Hartline (calf) are making steady improvement with their issues. Wallace said as much today and Hartline was no longer wearing the compression sleeve on his calf that he wore for protection on Thursday.

Although coach Joe Philbin said he has not made up his mind whether the injured players will play or not, it seems unlikley the club will risk either aggravating their minor injuries in the first of five preseason games. Both Wallace and Hartline want to play, however, with Hartline going back to his home state and Wallace potentially making his Dolphins debut.

The Dolphins will take a tour of the Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio Saturday. And on Sunday when they play the Cowboys, they'll be using a rudimenary game plan coaches cooked up and installed on Friday.

"Play speed is really the thing we've been talking to our guys about," Philbin said. "It's not really about Xs and Os although we have a good sound plan in. I'm sure our opponent has a good plan in as well, but it's more about our guys playing ball the right way. The things we've been practicing every single day have to show up on tape."

If the Dolphins are hoping to play "the right way" Friday's practice didn't offer an example of that.

"A lot of dropped passes and maybe some sloppiness on kickoff returns," Philbin said. "You saw the same things I did."

This is what I saw:

First, Jonathan Martin did not give up a sack today. That bears prominent mention because he's been singled out every time he loses pass-rush battles against Olivier Vernon and Dion Jordan. Today there was none of that.

And it merits mention that Martin looks very good in run-blocking drills and has looked good for several days in that department.

The well-chronicled offensive line mixing and matching was not an issue today. Josh Samuda played at right guard with the staring offensive line and that's how the unit stayed throughout practice -- although Samuda also got work as a center with the second team.

Expect the starting OL Sunday to be LT Martin, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG Samuda, RT Tyson Clabo.

Dallas Thomas, a left guard part of last week, was back at left tackle with the second unit throughout practice. Nate Garner, who has played guard and tackle in games for the Dolphins in the past, worked at center today. He had one high snap and also short-hopped a shotgun snap.

On the special teams sloppiness:

It began with a kickoff walk-thru in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB). Special teams coach Darren Rizzi told undrafted free agent rookie David Hinds he had to shift over on one repetition and Hinds failed to do it.

And Rizzi lit him up.

"I just got done telling you to shift 10 seconds ago," the coach yelled. "We went over it in meetings and I just told you 10 seconds ago to do it so why aren't you doing it?"

Hinds did have a nice practice moment later when he batted down a potential TD pass in the end zone in 7 on 7 drills.

Rizzi's special teams had other issues. Reserve kickoff return man De'Andre Presley flubbed a kickoff return. Then starter Marcus Thigpen let another kickoff bounce in front of him. The ball then bounced away from Thigpen and was free for the kickoff team to scramble for. Then Presley followed by allowing the same exact thing to happen to him.

The Dolphins got a very good practice out of wide receiver Keenan Davis. Davis had the catch of the day when he rose above two defenders who were bracketting him 30 yards downfield and caught a pass from Pat Devlin. Davis paid the price as the safety playing behind hit him high and the one in front hit him low. The blow was so hard it caused the crowd watching practice to groan in unison.

General Manager Jeff Ireland, standing only feet from the play on the sideline, clapped excitedly as Davis ended up at his feet.

Everyone else had their difficult moments. Those dropping passes today included Dustin Keller, Michael Egnew, and Kenny Stafford. Julius Pruitt caught one pass and then fumbled it. Kelcie McCray, who had an interception in Monday's scrimmage, dropped an interception. Rookie Jamar Taylor also dropped a certain interception.

The kicking competition continued today with rookie Caleb Sturgis connecting on all his kicks, from 42, 47 and 52 yards out.


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Finally some good camp news about J. Martin.

Now please ignore all the haters trying to rush to conclusions and keep improving, the sky is the limit :)

I'll even go out on a limb for you. Watch these pre season games and watch Davis start turning heads. By the time the regular season starts, Philbin and Coyle will be seriously considering starting Davis opposite Grimes. I mean, as in, NOT at the Nickel.

Posted by: odinseye | August 02, 2013 at 08:01 PM

Will Davis has that IT factor that can't be overlooked! He has an uncanny ability to locate and adjust to the ball, which is just incredibly instinctive. Seeing how he has performed this past week, it's no surprise that he led college football in pass deflections.

IMO, he has the one thing that separates average starting DB's like Clemons, Sean Smith and Nolan Carroll from being very good. The guys I just mentioned know all the technical aspects of their positions and have the speed and measurements to play well. At some point though, it comes to instinct,which I believe Will Davis has.

First, Jonathan Martin did not give up a sack today. That bears prominent mention because he's been singled out every time he loses pass-rush battles against Olivier Vernon and Dion Jordan. Today there was none of that.

And it merits mention that Martin looks very good in run-blocking drills and has looked good for several days in that department.


This is what I'm talking about, **THIS** is what makes me a Fan. I just wish all your reporting could be like this...........SERIOUSLY ;)

So just when the Chicken Little faction reaches a Crescendo, we learn that Martin has been very Good at Run Blocking from his Left Tackle Spot and is now making notable progress/improvements in the Pass Blocking Dept!

That's what I'm talking about. Believe me, I was just as concerned and worried as anybody. Anybody in their right mind HAS TO BE when your Left Tackle is getting Bad Press(Torched).

Apparently there's "SOMETHING" too this thing they call Practice(This question is for those that have already thrown in the towel on the season)? Apparently going up against Martin, Jordan and Vernon is doing Martin some good.

It is hard to gauge, is Martin that bad? Is Vernon that Good and Jordan's that Bad? This latest though, that says Martin has been Very Good at Run Blocking and is Improving at Pass Blocking changes EVERYTHING in my view.

Martin was Great in College and hung in there at Right Tackle last year. Now with the latest, I have some renewed confidence. This makes me think that Vernon is on fire and Jordan needs lots of work. It also tells me that Martin still has a fighting chance.

Time is becoming a factor no doubt and Sunday Night should substantiate all of this one way or the other. That's because Martin will be going up Demarcus Ware as the Right DE in Monte Kifflin's new 4-3 defense.

This battle will be worth watching. It will tell us not only where Martin's at, but it should give us at least a reference point from which we can get a better grasp of where Vernon and Jordan are as well.

I'm getting Excited!!!!

Well I just back from the Urgent Care center- talk about quickness.

They braced my knee and gave me some painkiller scripts.

I did not fill the scripts yet, I will do that tomorrow. Everybody know that alcohol cures whatever ails you so I got some booze for tonight.

And Dashi can Suck and Swallow with the best of them.

Posted by: Dashi | July 31, 2013 at 07:02 PM

We'd like to be your friend.



Our Offensive line is better than people think. Our Defensive line is the best in the league.Quit panicking about Martin getting beat, etc...Our D ends are beasts!

Injuries always suck.......NO MATTER WHAT!

I want to see everybody, I want to see all the first teamers, I want too WIN!

Thankfully, I'm sure Philbin has more self control than I do. I'll applaud the Coaching Staff for keeping these starters on the sidelines. With this being an extra Pre Season game, there's no need whatsoever to push anything or anyone.

This is great opportunity to get our **HEALTHY** Starters some work. But I think it'll be better served as a means of getting our talented rooks and our guys battling for roster spots some work.

It's just my own personal opinion and I would rather see Tannehill and the Starters at least get in a little time. But it wouldn't bother me at all if Moore and Devlin split all the reps this week.

I wouldn't even bother with Wallace, Hartline, Odrick and Starks. If they have the slightest Nicks or bruises, don't even dress them. Don't take any chances with guys this key to our SEASON. Lets be absolutely POSITIVE that their all healed up COMPLETELY!

It sucks and it ain't Sexy, but it's my Honest Opinion!


Odin,are you drinking jeff Irelands Hard lemon-aid again?????

Not Percocets.
They gave me Flexeril & diclofenac Potasium.
I never heard of either of them before.

Anyone else tired of hearing Parcell's name? PFT keeps putting up stories about him and why he left the Dolphins. Screw him! He is a quitter and did nothing for the Dolphins.

Even the JAX fans are talking playoffs this time of year.

Things change 5 or 6 games into the season.

ETF Are you related to Odin?


You can't knock Parcells for being a good businessman. Knock Wayne for hiring him. He was old, looking for his slice of pie that so many of his players got.

Ok, he failed here. With the exception of one move....that will benefit us for decades now.

Jeff Ireland.

ETF has more names than the Chineses Yellow Pages.

Most bloggesr here are such total idiots they don't realize it. ETF is scuz with mold.....yet all those troll whiners talk to him regularly. Why?

Because they are exteremely desperate for football chat...and they are really, really dumb.

He is a quitter and did nothing for the Dolphins.
Posted by: Jake in PA | August 02, 2013 at 09:17 PM

Nobody likes a "Quitter"

What the phuc?
I've used only this handle since created it 3 months ago.

During the football season, I like to time my bowel movements to game time. Nothing is more divine than taking a long slow dump while watching the fins play.

True guys...It's just beating a dead horse.. Lets just move on and kick some ass.... It's been a frustrating 20years.

ExposingTheFraud | August 02, 2013 at 09:26 PM

With the tiny exception you have admitted you are PriceMaster, The SMF, Phuc You, Lincoln, Jack Sparrow and your other alcohol induced names.

You benefit from the fact most bloggers here are really stupid and have no memory. Too much GMO and unhealthy processed foods, coupled with a severe lack of education.

Those are my handles and so is CadillacDeville and MooreIsLess.

You stole Cadillac Deville from me after I stopped using it.

I haven't used the others for months/years.

Kris for example, would rather spend time complimenting a blogger who repeatedly dictates who is going to swallow his load, than spend time with his children.

Well, his children will learn from this and will marry low life losers of similar standards. He won't learn until his child brings home an odin or a dashe, and then...well he will only be ably to blame himself.

Hi Kris...we all know you are watching ;)

Bill Parcells proved one thing to me that he was the problem not Jeff Ireland!!

Man, haven't been on here in months and people still accusing people of using other names, etc..i wish people would keep it to football talk

Unlike the posers and fakers....

I DO know how to monitor the traffic here, and can see who is refreshing their page frequently, so I KNOW who is here :)

Vio = Odin


I understand ;)




Easy for you to say, Dashi. Would you like to join them?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 02, 2013 at 04:09 PM

I don't know about Dashi, Oscar, but I'll join them, No Problemo!

You'll have to work out a deal with my Agent first though and I'm not signing for the Vet Minimum.


Aloco what is your opinion of the following characters:



Bill Parcels engineered the greatest turnaround in NFL history with the Miami Dolphins. He is in the HOF for good reason and Fin fans should be thankful for him taking us from 1-15 to the playoffs in one year. We havent had a winning season since he left.

Parcells left us with a GM and coach diametrically opposed to each other. This breeds failure.

While Ireland will be the long lasting gem he brought to us, Sparano will forever be the worst coach in team history. A real idiot loser who can't hold a job anywhere.



But VIO, I thought Cam Camron was worse..

worst coach was cameron but sparano was horrible also

Cam was not a good coach. He was also the victim of numerous injuries to starters. Cam may not be HC material, but he is 100 times more competent than PastaBrain Sparano.

Sparano couldn't recognize talent. He sat Wake who was doing better than aging Porter. Sparano wanted his players to learn 19 positions before playing them. A real meatball head that guy.

Parcells brought us Pennington. He was good for a year. The wildcat offense and a weak ass schedule got us to the playoffs. Please don't defend Parcells. I have been critical of Ireland for years but we have one of the deepest most talented teams now.

Sparano was better then Cameron or Philbin. Ireland just never supplied him with a decent QB.

parcells drafted awful

Nat Moore,

We are on to you. Keep trying.

I'd love to bring Parcells back to our Fins.

I'd love to lick a smoking hot dry cast iron skillet.

Having Parcells is like having Shula on your team.

I'd love to lick a smoking hot dry cast iron skillet.

Posted by: MiramarDave | August 02, 2013 at 10:16 PM

I think that is easily the single best idea you have shared with us all day!

Having Parcells is like having Shula on your team.

Posted by: Nat Moore | August 02, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Yes it would be like having the 83yr old Don Shula. Not the one who coached 25 years ago.

I have to admit Parcells did a great job with our Fins..

Vio, please take that back or provide a solid reason why. Woodshed Gang we need to drink together

The feeble fools with only a right hand to satisfy them are now impostering me.

It's ok.

I am flattered I've gotten their attention. I will take it as admiration.

They can all use this name as long as they like, for I will never use it again.

Workout highlights included rookie Chad Bumphis making a one-handed catch for his second consecutive productive day; receiver Keenan Davis getting hit by Keelan Johnson but still hanging onto a pass from Pat Devlin; and Matt Moore connecting with Brian Tyms on a long sideline pass. Typical of the uneven day, Tyms’ catch would have been nullified by a holding penalty on Jonathan Martin, trying to block Dion Jordan.

A lot of lineman will be holding trying to block our d ends this year. nice update Stev

YG how Old are you?

Honest question.

This team has had more Chads than the botched vote in Florida that falsely put the devil Bush in the WH.

We know you switch names every 5 minutes.

Please respond my question. I believe you are in your late 60s.


Are you six, or seven now?

Honest question.

And Dashi can Suck and Swallow with the best of them.

Posted by: Dashi | July 31, 2013 at 07:02 PM

We'd like to be your friend.

Doooshy SMOOCH!!

Who are you fooling?

You are answering my question. So we know it is you.

You are so insecure that you won't even state your age?

You don't even have to give a definitive number. Just a guesstimate. Late 60s, Early 70s?

Or do I have to ask one of the Old timers to get my answer? Man up YG. I know that it is difficult for you.

Dashi has now made 92000 posts about spitting and swallowing and is questioning the maturity of others.

p.s. whats my ip?

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