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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Buccaneers right here

I don't like the term, but many NFL teams call it the dress rehearsal -- the preseason game in which starters typically play at least one half and often go into the third quarter.

That's what the Dolphins are playing tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The big news on the injury front is that right guard John Jerry is dressed and will start for the Dolphins tonight.

Jared Odrick will start at defensive tackle ahead of Randy Starks.

 OK. let's meet on the little thingie below for the chat at kickoff. See you there.


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TEs have not caught a pass yet. The loss of Keller is being felt already. Shame on the fins for not having a little depth at that position. It is going to be hard to be a good offense without a quality TE.

No one knows how competetive TB will be this year...Oscar...

they gotta score in the red zone.....had 2 full sets of downs.....and for those knocking Thomas for never breaking a tackle and going down easy, Lamar Miller goes down easier than a feather--c'mon dude, stay up, break a tackle......he goes down immediately

This Dolphin team is one of the best well coach team and discipline team in the NFL!

So far....some signs are GOOD...but boy there is a looooooooooong way to go to get this team into ELITE level...Lets see if things get better

now for a 3 n out

Tannehill looks good tonight.

Tannehill is inaccurate, he's a bust.

Running plays taking too long to develop.

Ah...fake odin...you are pathetic...

Tanny throw to Wallace too high....DAMMM IT

I have been keeping my eye on Jerry and so far he seems to be getting his butt kicked a lot. I guess it is understandable. He has not played much lately with the injuries.

Good test for the Dolphins, Jack!

Big Alfy...I agree...much room for improvement..another poor throw by T-Hill on that last pass.....ACCURACY is the issue......seems to have better pocket presence tonite...but not on the money with his throws...

2 gimme passes not converted....Gibson drops 1st play of the game (brutal) and Tanne misses a wide open Wallace--15-20 yards given up, gotta convert those

Where are CraigM and Fin4life, Mark in T..Kris, Odin, Rob in Oc?...Beerphin, at least Orlando is in....

Some of them for sure Oscar...looks like the RBs are looking for the hole the OL isn't opening on some plays...that TB run D is stout though...for sure...
Passing game looks pretty crisp so far...

Like I said....A SNOOZEFEST!

anyone need 2 club level tickets for tonights game?

Gotta hand it to TB defense...boy they are STOUT

No idiot, the Dolphins and their fans are pathetic. Tannehill is inaccurate, he will be a bust. Anyone who doesn't know this is a loser.

Spitler can flat out tackle...beautiful....!!

free ticks tonight.

Tannehill cant score. YIKES!!

Dolphin Ray, having a little trouble with the English language?

Tannehill has no idea how to throw out in front of the receiver. It is the most basic skill to play QB at any level. When the receiver always has to reach back or even stop running and reach back to get his hands on the ball, they can't make plays that go very far. Every catch is quickly followed with a tackle. The only completions Tannehill can make are when the receiver is stopped or running back towards him.
That is so sad for a first round pick in his second year to not be able to lead the receivers. If he can't do it now, after a full year of practice, he probably never will.

Many if not most fans here don't even notice how important it is to lead the receiver. They seem to think if the receiver can get his hands on the ball then it was a good throw. All QB's miss from time to time but Tannehill makes every catch over the middle, a reach back catch and those spell doom for a receiver over time. They will be dropping more than just passes, the will be dropping to the ground and staying there. If you get a chance to watch the top ten QB's in the NFL or college, you will see that the ball lands in front of the receiver to run into. No need to adjust and reach back and get killed. I love the team, always have but Tannehill just can't play at a high enough level to win many games. He is back up quality and a nice guy but just doesn't have the skill to throw to a moving target.


Josh Freeman is not very good

Tannebust 1-4 in 4th quarter opportunities. Looks like a franchise qb to me lmao...

Billfis...we know how important accuracy is...most fans are hoping like heck that the guy improves in that department...

Odrick was a good pick by Ireland. I remember him getting criticized for it but those players from that draft are starting to develop. It takes time.

The Dolphin offence is pathetic.

gotta get these slow start out of our system! defense is playing great had it not been for the fumble on the punt.

uh, guys......at least Tannehill is not.....Geno Smith

T-Hill = Henne. Only T-Hill can play WR.
Hahahahaha. ROTFLMFAO!!! Defense good but going against a sorry a s s team
PHINS had a better record than Tampa last year that goes to show you, you go figure!

wow jack, you realy seem chipper tonight.

Ms. Ross,
How are those season ticket sales going?

Wow we just keep turning the ball over. Philbin cannot be happy with that.

Davone Bess, where are you?

boys......my 11 yr old has friends who use ROTFLMAO....what weenie dude uses that?--uh, and Thigpen sucks tonight

In two years the Dolphins will have a new qb, a new GM and another new coach. Get another owner and another logo/uniform and maybe I'll be a fan again. Until then, it's fun to watch this train wreck of an organization and its delusional fans toss each other off over hope and glory delusions of grandeur.

Ball security......OUCH!!!

are u freaking kidding me.... ST coughs up another gift!! 6-10 season coming up.... fish SUCK!!

The Dolphins are very poorly coached. Lots of turnovers, penalties and missed asignments.

sorry but that fumble by Thigpen, after the miscommunication earlier, is inexcusable......costing your team big time Marcus

thigpen....oh my God.....terrible mistake....2 weeks in a row what jumps out to me is the ERRORS that Miami accumulate....many are routine errors....basic ones that any pro wont cmmit...Carroll, now Thigpen....NOT GOOD and this shows me POOR COACHING....Philbin, I expected better from you.....!!!!


Special teams, is special alright.

FAILbin is over his head!!

Agreed that accuracy is an issue.

How sad for Dave Wadnstedt. He goes from NFL coach, to college coach, to Defensive Coordinator, and now Special Teams Coach. Poor Dave. He is a nice guy but he keeps losing credibility and money. Poor Dave.

Anybody who thinks this is a 10 or 11 win team is kidding themselves

Plus Tampa last year defense ranked against the pass 29th. Oh boy we in trouble. PHINS lose against the browns. You see. I guarantee you. Plus Weeden way better than T-Hill. Nice offense and running game..PHINS 6-10. That's it Boys

Accuracy doesn't improve. Did it improve with Henne ? Frerotte ? Fielder ? Guys either have it, Marino, Pennington. Or they don't. Tannehill doesn't have it...

Odin....or fake Odin.....nobody is asking you to be a Fin fan.....feel free to get off the bus.....please

Time to fire jeff ireland yet? NO It's past time!!!

time for the d to fold!!

Where are CraigM and Fin4life, Mark in T..Kris, Odin, Rob in Oc?...Beerphin, at least Orlando is in....
Posted by: BigAlfy | August 24, 2013 at 08:13 PM

Funny how when one isn't here, none are here... Things that make ya go 'hmm'

I'd take Geno Smith over Tannehill any day.

Alfy.....how the heck does a Thigpen fumbler equate to poor coaching....gents....everybody.....players have to be accountable.....Thigpen fumbled that, not the coaches

what a fraud jeff Ireland is

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