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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Buccaneers right here

I don't like the term, but many NFL teams call it the dress rehearsal -- the preseason game in which starters typically play at least one half and often go into the third quarter.

That's what the Dolphins are playing tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The big news on the injury front is that right guard John Jerry is dressed and will start for the Dolphins tonight.

Jared Odrick will start at defensive tackle ahead of Randy Starks.

 OK. let's meet on the little thingie below for the chat at kickoff. See you there.


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Missing tackles?

then your team would really suck Nat

Poor field position....defense held well....

...I like what they are showing so far this preseason....

Let's face it. We are not as good as the Bucks. This is a passing league and Freeman is a much better QB than Tannehill. Freeman is accurate and has a gun.

Still only down 7. 1 good drive and the score is tied.

I'm off the bus...and I'm watching as the two drunk idiots who are sitting up front (Ross and Ireland) are steering the buss off of the road and into a ditch. Dolphins are a joke to NFL fans now...and I'm laughing with them. Was a fan since 83'. Hate this organization now with a passion. Enjoy 5-11, 6-10.

We will ignore you pathetic fake odin...

Armando....seriously, clean up your blog or just shut it down--its a joke--later

When I asked where those boys were I meant it in a good way....just a shout out to the boys that's all...

have to say that I am on the Tanny Train....but its losing steam...slowly

the phins are a joke just like their owner and gm

Tannenhill is a BUST!!!

How can every decision,pick,play call alleys be the wrong one.? We need an exorcism!

ever heard of the coaches simulating game situations, thowing and kicking wet balls??? praticing in the rain???

Odin....so you are telling me your off the bus.....and you hate this organization now with a passion.....yet your following them and this blog tonight??--wow, think about that.....what does that say about you?


Phins line = 6/10
Defense = 7/10
Spec Teams = 4/10
QB = 5/10
Play calling = /10
Penalties = 4/10

TanneBust STINKS!!!!!!!!

Totally agree accuracy either you have it or not. T-Hill just don't have it never will..

TB should just punt on 1st down. 50 yd gain!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Please pass this on to all the Dolphin haters for me

............,/¯../ /
.........../..../ /
('(...´...´.... ¯_/'...'/
..'\'...\.......... _.·´



Well posting around here during the game is an exercise in futility...

If any of you thought it was going to be good this year is dumb.
I'm a guy who bleed aqua and orange. But I knew it was a 9 win season.
Too many new players.
New core players.
Not worried.
Next year and the next 8 to 10.

I waited this long. I like what I see.

Penalties are killin us....PHILBIN...this is on YOU................

week after week dolphins came unprepared ... i think is another not so sharp game... I lost the count..

Sparano > Philbin

Wow...that is the most awesome post around here EVER!!! Wooooooo!!! Kudos to you Mr. Soiled Bottom...

Wow!!! Yall see that throw...that's big time people...so keep hating...

Tannehill holds on to the ball to long. Same old dolphins.

What does that say about me ? Says I hate the team, I've already made that clear. I hate Dee, Ross and Ireland...and I want to see everything they've ever been involved with fail. Says I'm a great American, that I wouldn't lay down for corporate greed. Says that I'm not dumb enough to be brainwashed by marketers and their propaganda efforts. New logo, new era huh ? Can't wait to see em fail. I can go off on the idiotic fans too if you like...6-10, Fireland.

Henne > TanneBust

Good pass blocking by L.MILLER.

Bucs > Dolphins

Muffed punts in the rail are on FAILbin too!!

It's not just Tannehill's accuracy, he can hit anyone if they aren't moving at the time.
His trouble is all with the throws that involve a moving target. Unless that moving target is moving directly back towards him. Those 20 yard comeback routes on the sideline are bread and butter for him. He can hit those all day. Problem is, you can't run the same pass route all the time. Accuracy is fine, hitting a moving target, not fine at all, it's horrible and getting worse as the pocket breaks down more and his happy feet wont let him plant and drive the ball. His foot work is so bad, he doesn't look like a pro quarter back. Happy feet = wobbly ducks. His TD throw last week was such a throw, but Keller made a great adjustment to a ball that the defender didn't see. It was a shoe string catch that some fans here claim was a great throw, It wasn't. It was a lucky throw that will not be happening with the tight ends we are now left with. They can't make finger tip catches the way Keller could and it was devastating to lose him for this QB that needs all the help he can get.

Dolphin stinks, Tannebust is horrible, he's slow in his progressions

The way the first string O is playing they should be playing the whole game

Observation....Tannehill has to make VERY VERY difficult throws to move the chains...there are no easy ones out there...the Wr's are not getting seperation apart from wallace....NO TARGETS there for Tanny....thats why he is holding on to the ball too long....THats the reason...its not the QB...its the WR's and the TE's ....not GOOD ENOUGH


" http://firstrowus1.eu/watch/203093/1/watch-tampa-bay-buccaneers-vs-miami-dolphins.html "

Too many penalties, turnovers, and bonehead mistakes. If you look at it the Bucs have scored after two turnovers on a short field. The Defense has not been horrible but the offense still stinks.

Jags 17-10 2nd Qtr in front of packed house in Jville.
The fans are really happy.

yes Orlando D...he has some lingering problems....hope he grows out of them...

...before he's 40 ....

Go Phins!!!

Vernon finally makes a play.

Nice seal by Misi...

Tannehill hasn't improved at all :(

jordon who???.... go vernon!!

agree, offense has not been good but the 2 turnovers by special teams are huge--cant have that--theyre not on the offense

Is this a dress rehearsal or a girls first residual?

This team will never ever amount to anything under this management and coaching. They are all over their heads. Same problems year, after year, after year. Can't tackle, can't throw, can't catch, And most of all they can't coach!!! Whoever that coach may be. I just wonder what they actually do coach on thru out the week. They are good to watch for the comedic value though. This is coming from a life long fan, since the early 70's. Good luck selling the season tickets, I gave mine up 3 years ago.

Thill announces so muchh his pass

Ignore this : blow me !!! I'm getting ready to leave and go out, so don't think that I've actually considered your ignorant nonsense. Unlike you and most of the no life losers who frequent this blog, I have a life, and you're in no position to call anyone pathetic...douchebag.

Not having a TE really hurts. We have to make a trade for a TE if we hope to make some noise this year.

The Bucs LT must suck right.

Gibson looking strong...

youre a weird dude Odin.....need to find something else to do, instead of obsessing over bashing a team that you say you dont like--thats weird

We are doing horrible in the red zone tonight.

our running game sucks......on the Oline, mostly.....Thomas has nowhere to go

We probably have more yards than the Bucs but turnovers are killing us.

Gibson just dropped that.

Jeff Fisher let Gibson go and Ireland grabbed him.

Ireland let Long go and Fisher grabbed him.

Thomas needs to be more decisive...

Gibson is really unimpressive. Tannehill looks ok but he does throw behind people a lot.

gibson should've caught that

what the heck is going on with Gibson tonight?

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