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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Buccaneers right here

I don't like the term, but many NFL teams call it the dress rehearsal -- the preseason game in which starters typically play at least one half and often go into the third quarter.

That's what the Dolphins are playing tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The big news on the injury front is that right guard John Jerry is dressed and will start for the Dolphins tonight.

Jared Odrick will start at defensive tackle ahead of Randy Starks.

 OK. let's meet on the little thingie below for the chat at kickoff. See you there.


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can we get marshall back.... he had brick fingers too!!

that should be a TD....Gibson dropped it!!!

The Offensive Line has not been good tonight. That is going to be the Achilles heel of this team without a doubt.

Aahhh!!! Gibson has to bring that in...

Ya benz the rbs are getting hit pretty much as the ball is put in their gut. The line is getting abused right now in the running game.

Gibson has got to catch tha ball, Can' blame everything on Tannehill

Should have been caught. No two ways about it. I don't think he expected the ball to make it through like that and was surprised by it. That was another dart.

Threw it to the wrong guy! On the other play 42 wide open at the corner!! T-Hill cant see the whole field only stares down WR and just doesn't have the it factor to be at least a good QB in this league!

thats what we are use to FGs and no TDs that how you go 6-10!!

red zone problems....

Jack = bothered that someone would impersonate Odin. The idiots in here who act like they're all friends who know each other etc... They must be major losers in life...if they weren't, they wouldn't be in here looking for a sense of community, acceptance. Losers, jerk offs etc...Saturday night and you're in here lmao. That truly is pathetic.

to be fair, that was on the money. Poor drop

was a perfect throw by Tanny...perfect

You gotta catch that thing.

ok, Dolphin cheerleaders are smokin'

Mr. Ross you can grease Rick Scott's palm all you want. Us taxpayers are not paying for your stadium upgrades, PERIOD!!! Take out a loan, I heard the stadium and team are worth 1 billion dollars. So I am sure you can get a line of credit for a loan.

I think the line has actually been ok tonight, drops and inaccuracy been the problem

T-Hill looked better on that drive....Gibson could have caught that....unfortunate drop....

Gibson double teamed. That means someone else was wide open. T-Hill sticks to one player and just doesn't improvise his throws exactly the problem Henne has! Let's just say Henne #2

Saturday night and you're in here lmao. That truly is pathetic.

Posted by: Odinseye | August 24, 2013 at 08:51 PM

So what does this say about you?

If Josh freeman was a good QB we would be 20 points behind by now

Saturday night and YOU are in here too!!! Impersonating someone else...so congrats on being more pathetic than anyone else...


"The idiots in here who act like they're all friends who know each other"

Hey Odin...hows my best friend internet buddy doin.

Well I hope :)

Remember to stay on your meds cause went you don't take them you always have anger issues

Soiled :)

what radio station has the game on?

SMH that team has any fans left

gonna agree with Armando, and I've said it here many times.....Carroll sucks--he's a 5th-6th depth/cheap CB at best....if he gets much time at all, thats not good

I see YG has a new schtick....impersonations.....good for him....

Another frikkin penalty....how many now...10??


Both QBs sukkk.

sloppy, agree, and you can all blame Tannehill all you want, but the 2 fumbles are huge.....hard to overcome those

T-Hill doesn't anticipate his throws stares down one target, hmmmm that sounds familiar oh that's right Henne!

lol wow they suck

Behind again

did I say that Josh Freeman stinks?--and Fins cheerleaders are smokin'?

Clay sucks!

put sucknew in

That throw to Clay was PERRRRFECT....Tanny doin ok

Alfy.....if Thigpen could hold onto the ball, we might be up by now

Clays awareness just isn't there...

YES!!!Phins cheerleaders are smokin hot.

Clay looking like Keller's equal out there.

Henne takes 17-16 lead ino half

E need these younger TEs to step up to the plate...Clay isn't looking too good...

ok....Clay cant catch

Henne move the ball between the twenties also...just like T-Hill. Both sucks balls!!

now....put Sims in.....Sunday schedule.....trade for a TE



Any more compliments for ETF ear-grabber tonight? Have you considered choosing a new role model?

Jack is dumb. Clearly reading comprehension is difficult for you. If you could read and comprehend you would have understood that I already stated that I'm getting ready to go out, dumbsh*t. In five minutes it'll just be you and your internet friends. Pathetic attempt at a comeback, says you're dumb.

Behind again that god Gibson caught it!but still sucks just like JI!

can someone tell me what that last play was, have not seen one in a while??


any doubts why Clay was a 6th round pick?

2 minute drill for a TD at the end of the half...
Put that in yer pipe anf smoke it...

bob griese and nat moore are such homers

in the words of dave chappelle, clay is F-ing up!!
sims and egnew need to be in more.

So much for the red zone issues

Benz...I think Tanny has been not bad tonight....if the WR's hold the ball we are on the money...I agree Thiggy's mess was bad big time....Tanny has been pretty good...

we'll take it....but Gibson should have 2 tonight

Glad they were able to punch it in finally. Go Fins !

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