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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Buccaneers right here

I don't like the term, but many NFL teams call it the dress rehearsal -- the preseason game in which starters typically play at least one half and often go into the third quarter.

That's what the Dolphins are playing tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The big news on the injury front is that right guard John Jerry is dressed and will start for the Dolphins tonight.

Jared Odrick will start at defensive tackle ahead of Randy Starks.

 OK. let's meet on the little thingie below for the chat at kickoff. See you there.


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When will this comatose offense ever wake up? Charles Clay needs to be released first thing tomorrow! I would put a trade package together that would include Clay, Daniel Thomas and next year's second round and fifth round pick to the Jags for Maurice Jones Drew.

hey Jeff....."Griese and Moore are homers"?--seriously?--do you think?--think about that for like 2 seconds

Basmati, Dolphin RAY, Jimmy Jam, BigAlfy,
Welcome to the blog all 4 of you.

It was very convenient that you showed up tonight because 4 of our regulars are playing hottub periscopes with each other right now.

Hey Odin where you taking your right hand out to?

at least he rebounded nicely....

Alfy....agree.....Tannehill has been solid, not super sharp but solid.....WRs have to help him out some too.....Gibson had drops, Clay too.....cant have that--catch the darn ball when its in your hands

Benz...or TE's are not good enough and that puts pressure on the Wr's ...its a trickle down effect....Egnew is unsighted, Clay poor, Havnt seen Sims...Ive had a good look at Egnew before...looks soft, slow and hesitant...I think he isnt up to it...soft

Just leave, Odin, you Jets troll. You have nothing to cheer for in your pathetic life. GO PHINS!

Not as conventional play calling as I like, I would have called a time out there. But it worked.

it looks to my like gibson is going to take keller's routes more than any of the TEs. he's been running that seem route a lot.

clay having a really bad night. drops and bad route running.

Damn good night for T-hill. 17 of 27 for 150 yds and a TD gets it done in this league. Save me the silly inaccurate talk. The guy has thrown zero picks all preseason.

Benz...agreed Tanny is ok but not a STAR showing tonite...but we have few weapons on offense and we lost a good one in Keller...

Better. Negatives = special teams, clay, line run blocking. Positives = line pass blocking, Millar blitz pick up, defence looks good

tired hearing about Clays "versatility".....yeah, I see some skill, can see where he creates matchup issues.....I get it....but the dude cant catch the ball well, bottom line.....simple (unfortunately).....doesnt have good hands.....cant catch....thats, uh, a problem for a TE/FB, regardless of how versatile you are......fundamental.....cant....catch.....=.....bad

We Got A Quarterback!!!!!!

We have no fukkking TE, man.

wish had Cook now instead of Rams

We need another catching weapon....imagine if Wallace gets hurt

We are not going to be the typw of team that blows people out, we need Tanne to take care of the ball and he has done that so far, play tough "D" and win games in the 4th quarter. If it wasn't for the special team F ups tonight they would be dominating.

Don't you trolls wish your team had a quarterback as good as TANNE!!!!!!!!!!

I think Clays biggest issue is his overall awareness...it just isn't there...and he looks like he's out there in a walk-thru...just don't see the effort like he's playing for a job...

JerMicheal, where are you?

The St Louis game is aired here too. Jake Long is playing like a ProBowler again. Dominant.

May need to give up the blocking experiment on Egnew and just see what he can do as a receiver! I know he desperately needs to work on it but we need those catches down the middle if he can do just that for us it'll help the offense tremendously and we can just replace him next year.

Not bad so far. OL looking slightly better though they still aren't creating enough space for an effective run game. TE play is dismal, makes Keller's injury all the more tragic.

180 yds. to 63.......15 to 6 FDs Nice. Lots of mistakes but a good half of football.

More practice for Tannehill. He's getting the hang of it.

I have seen a few posts about Hanne well the Jags had a total of 63 yards of passing at halftime. I will take Tanny any day. Go phins


benz you make me chuckle

It could easily be 20-0...but its not...no ifs...just gotta clean up the mental mistakes...

This is shaping up to be one h*ll of a defense.

Not able to watch the game but am following on computer (ESPN) Any info as regards to individual players would be much appreciated.

TE can't catch=bad???did you think about that for like 2 seconds??

IMO we won this game no matter what happens. It is our #2s now against the bucs #1s. I hope Buc fans don't get too excited if they start winning.


" http://firstrowus1.eu/watch/203093/1/watch-tampa-bay-buccaneers-vs-miami-dolphins.html "

DL needs to produce more pressue...LBs are all over the field...CBs look OK but Freemans accuracy is a big help tonight...

Nice DB blitz sack...but DL still needs to win matchups and produce pressure...

good start...3rd q

Progolf667, Solia is doing damn well so far. 2 tackles for loss on runs that I saw.

Logo looks great......for seaworld


17/27 63% 150 yards 1 TD in 1 half...plus several WR drops...pretty darned good T-Sizzle...

thanks Jeff......I feel better now


poor pass location by tanny is making the wr,te look bad. clay had the LB and safety beat and tanny throws the ball behind and in a straight line. the only spot where the defender can get a hand on it. Greasy is all over clay for not running a double move on quick hitting routes. TE's run routes to help open up the field for the other receivers. You gotta look at the whole and not one area to see what is really going on.

They may need to find a spot for Gray on the 53...

We need LTs.

Henne 12 play drive to start 2nd half TD
Game: 11/18 106 2TDS Int

After 4 preseason games, nobody in their right mind can say we have a playoff team.

Numbers don't lie.

It is time for the scrubs. It must be really hard on a guy like Gray. He is trying to make the team and he has to play with this horrible second string line, Devlin, and the putrid back up receivers we have.

the 2nd best player on this year's team is the punter


Trolls gotta troll. Good T-hill practice.

If only the Phins had someone like Wes Welker and Chad Henne

Dolphins have become SUCH A BORING TEAM TO WATCH......short passes,very predictable plays,harmless in the red zone & a busty QB running for his life...!!! TURNOVERS AFTER TURNOVERS....!!!! IM FRUSTRATED ALREADY!!!.......I BELIEVE THIS YEAR MATT MOORE WILL DO BETTER (since he is a natural QB)WITH SUCH A DEFICIENT OFF LINE......

Jeff....thought about it for 9 seconds.....no, actually 11 seconds.....because Im not as smart as you.....the guy that called Griese and Moore homers (almost hard to even type that)

SMH this guy (Ross) can come with his hand held opened for taxpayers dollars while he is a freakin Billionaire. He has no shame does it with a straight face.

Why do the call the fins a 'storied franchise'? They only had 3 great seasons in their 40+ year history. BFD.

We should try to win the game at least through the first 3 quarters. I agree with taking Tannehill and Wallace out but why not put in Moore and keep most of the starters in for 3 quarters.

Gray runs hard.

Oh good to hear mr ross no need for any dollars from us then

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