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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Buccaneers right here

I don't like the term, but many NFL teams call it the dress rehearsal -- the preseason game in which starters typically play at least one half and often go into the third quarter.

That's what the Dolphins are playing tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The big news on the injury front is that right guard John Jerry is dressed and will start for the Dolphins tonight.

Jared Odrick will start at defensive tackle ahead of Randy Starks.

 OK. let's meet on the little thingie below for the chat at kickoff. See you there.


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Need some 2nd team guys to step in this half. These guys are a little disappointing.

like Freeney...he is quick...real quick

How did Ross get all his money when he is so clueless?

Get out of the booth Mr. Ross

I like what I see from Gray too....tough decision between him and Gillislee

don't get too high or get too low. This is still preseason. kinda like practice. you practice so you can get better. fans will love you when you do what they think you should. and yell for a trade on any mistakes.

Orlando, I hope you do realize you know nothing, maybe less.

I absolutely LOVE the Dolphins uniform...it looks fantastic and one of the best ive seen....very good

Francis is getting dominated by the First team Offensive Line of the Bucs.

Our staring defense gave up less than 70 yards of offense. They probably would have had a shut out if not for the turnovers. Tannehill was pretty good. The WRs looked good. Running game and TEs were pretty bad. We need to trade for a TE.

That's ok benz, practice makes perfect. Just ask the dolphins.......oh wait a second.

We have no viable TE.

Well at least our team defense is very good
If they stay healthy all year long. And the offense facing them every other day makes them better. Or is the defense that bad going up against a mediocre offense...or is Tampa offense just suck. Or is Tampa defense the worst in the league. Man can't wait to the opening day and the first 5 games to see the real true colors of this team...,well we all know the colors sucks!! Logo is as gay as it can be, maybe Ross is gay! But anyways
Saw some improvement on offense really.

They are going to kill Devlin there from the backside.

Devlin really hasn't shown much so far. Now's a good time for him to step up and extend our lead.

Orlando is that dickwad Michael Knowles on the twitter feed.

After 4 pre season games nobody can say we don't have a playoff team either. It's freaking pre season everybody knows they don't show anything close to what they will do in the regular season. I would give it at least 8 games to see what we have. very tough first 8 games if we can go 4-4 or even 5-3 we WILL make the playoffs.

I hope cuts and some more weeks of practice can help special teams...not too impressive so far...

We will not see much of the starters at all against the Saints on Thursday. I am guessing that the starters will play maybe one series. That game will be a lot like the 2nd half of this game. Sloppy and boring. I am ready for the regular season to start.

Devlin more accurate than Tannehill. You'll publish this?

Orlando, you are terribly boring. Why not go watch some reruns of Sex in the City?

McNutt making a case...



Bumphis do anything?

Hey bad axe why don't we just wait about 16 games to see if they are going to be any good this season after then?

Okay, after that drive, I'm not seeing what McNutt's size is bringing to the position. Does he make the 53? The 75??

Ryan Tannehill folks!!! Get on board before its too late...

"McNutt making a case..." For which WR? 0 for 3 is a case?

Would like to see some throws to Bumphis, just for comparison.

Bumphis 0 for 0...
Tyms 3 for 27...
McNutt 1 for 17...
Matthews 1 for 5...

He looks decisive and shows presence on the field...that case...you don't have to agree...its okay...

Thanks for the welcome ETF. Been a year or two since I posted. Still read the blog a lot though.

Seems like a lot here are in agreement that:

Tannehill is not accurate. My take is that the best I see in him from last year and this preseason is maybe 3/4 of a Dilfer.

Keller was a much bigger loss than the people who said "Each of the other three have skills that Keller did so its not a big deal." There is an obvious problem with that statement. Best TE on the team IMO is Sims. Time to go get a vet - may be past his prime (Boss, Heap, etc.) but brings savvy that the current crew doesn't have.

The top three receivers are good (despite the slow start tonight)

O-line lacks depth.

THills pocket awareness isn't there.

The new uniforms are sharp but that logo... That is just awful. Thank goodness I havecll my own gear. There'd be a good business opportunity in selling gear with the old logo and new player's names.

Why haven't we seen a pass to Egnew (or did I miss it?) Have they given up on Bumphis? have barely seen him.

Jack I hope you're talking about the Ryan Tannehill train that's headed one way, out of town.

Jack, that's cool, but looking good nets 0 yds.

Nope...I'm not...mr sucks...

Should you look anything into Matt Moore not starting? Sure you should.

63% is inaccurate??? With at least 2 or 3 drops...right...

Not getting the "15 yds to go, let's pass to Gillislee" theory.

Yeah where the heck is MM??? I'd guess they know what they got there...trying to determine what happens to Devlin???

1 for 17 yds...

That's too bad Jack! I was hoping you were on it. Such is life I guess. I. (like Mr odin) have a life, and I am now headed out for the evening with real life friends. Later Losers.... 4 and 12 at the best this year. Deal with it!!!

Terrible coaching for the Dullfins.

I miss dick Stockton in the booth, this jesse agler just is plainly one suck up dud of a commentator....Bob and Nat with their usual dumb insights...very tough to watch...and listen to

Well welcome to the pre-season Kaddu!!!

Matt Moore is now trade bait. They will take a 3rd round pick for him.

Other than that. I do not see a playoff team here. Let's be realistic.

Pray for new ownership.

Are you able to see that Devlin places the ball better in the receivers hands than our other QBs?

Have a good night sucks...don't forget to turn your head when your friends get close to completion...

they know what they have in devlin and moore.....INEPTITUDE...INCONSISTENCY....UNINSPIRING...and in big trouble if these guys ever take the field in the regular season....

Yes superPHIN I agree

That's not even close to being true Oscar...

You don't see it, Jack!

Rodriguez? Pruitt? I expect to see those names in a brief wire report next week.

Tannehill looked sold tonight, easily could ave been 3-4 more completions and another TD with better hands by receivers. Defense is a top ten group withouta doubt. The offense will start slow but get better each week, but they'll hit stride for a playoff push.

9 cuts to make by Tuesday...

Jack do you mean like the dolphin receivers do or your mom?

Guess the real-life friends didn't work out.

Jonas will be cut

I don't see a playoff team here.

Whoever thinks that Gray is ahead of Gillislee is crazy.

Loser always find a way to lose!!! 3 and 13 at the best this year!!! LOL

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