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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Buccaneers right here

I don't like the term, but many NFL teams call it the dress rehearsal -- the preseason game in which starters typically play at least one half and often go into the third quarter.

That's what the Dolphins are playing tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The big news on the injury front is that right guard John Jerry is dressed and will start for the Dolphins tonight.

Jared Odrick will start at defensive tackle ahead of Randy Starks.

 OK. let's meet on the little thingie below for the chat at kickoff. See you there.


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They are not a playoff team yet but they will be by seasons end.

nat moore liked gillislee.....and then he fumbles....LOL*Poetic Justice anyone????

Well, MY mind is made up on Gray vs Gillislee. Thanks. TB could actually win this now.

Meant Jonas Gray****

No I don't see it at all Oscar...Devlin can't hold Tannehills jock strap...
RT 63%
PD 61%
And you realize RT played against more difficult competition...
And RT could easily be at 70%...

i love the people who say that daniel thomas is awesome and the tanne is terrible. you people are comical. you are not fans, just a bunch of idiots who know nothing about football. i cant believe the negative comments on this blog. almost every comment is negative. what is wrong with you people. grow up. you sound like a bunch of whinny little kids. this is the best team we have put on the field in 13 years and you guys are bashing them before the season even starts. pathetic.

Oh heeeey sucks...still here eh...guess they haven't showed up yet huh...

I say forget Clay and Egnew, we can see they are busts. Give Sims a chance to develop.

Greg +1.

Miller will rush for 1000 yards and Wallace will push for 1000 and probably end up with 8-10 tds. Hartline probably leads team in catches but has less yardage and catches maybe 3-4 tds. Defense is bad ass folks how can you argue against that

they both stink at this point Oscar, but that pretty much seals Grays fate with this team....

it was gray who fumbled....

The DAAAFINS blue jersey is the same color as they use in tampon commercials. Coincidence?

Well, we have 1 min.

Skip ups??? Hahahahah!!! Nice...WTF is a skip up???

who cares at this point....the scrubs are in....with little to no chance of making the team!!!!

The 'stache is such a douche...

Well, we won the first half.

But, Jack, Tannehill also had Gibson, hartline and Wallace (catching the balls he threw late or behind) while Devlin has Tyms, Matthews, Bumphis, etc. So, not a fair comparison either way, really. Except that Devlin leads his receivers. I don't really care who is better. Neither will lead a team to a Superbowl. Maybe manage one to a Superbowl like Dilfer, but not lead one like a great QB would.

Still think that Oscar???

Devlin+Offense= Horrible

Moore+Offense= Horrible

Take your pick folks!!!!



I don't think it, Jack!, I know it.

Such a bunch of negative, whiney fans...whatever...that's a you problem...thanks for the shyttie blog tonight folks...hope to not see you again...

Devlin and moore are trash....devlin has little to pocket awareness...his throws are ill timed and non catchable and his decision making is poor....I honestly don't see why Miami still thinks this guy will amount to anything better than possibly beating out moore for the backup job which says nothing

Tanne's year


Team. 12-4

Sorry not to be at the game - was Bumphis not getting open, or did Devlin just not throw to him?

They could cut Devlin now with no regrets.

Not too bad a night for the first teams. Odrick, Vernon, Solai and Ellerbe played very well on the defensive side of the ball. The Bucs only had 70 yds passing.

Objectivity is key.

Only way they go 12-4, Bo, is if you take a boatload of HGH and come out of retirement

Love my team but you are a homer!!
Defense I think will be good not great, offense will probably be at the middle of the pack, we still need a RG and a accurate QB to have a top notch Offensive team. Running game who knows probably bottom if the league Thomas Miller hasn't proven s h I t. So that =
Another year of no playoffs. Bye bye JI. That's the only good thing out of it


I think that's exactly the problem why bumphis,tyms and mcnutt are stuck with little hope making a spot on the team because of guys like devlin throwing them the ball....Devlin plays scared and his accuracy stinks as a passer..he had 4-5 batted balls tonight and his throws were mostly dumps to his RBs....

He doesn't look like practice squad material honestly...Miami should really cut ties, they shouldn't be invested in this guy as much as they are!!!

They cut down on the turnovers, 8-8.

I think we do without Devlin, K. Miller, Gray and maybe Carroll. These guys are all bubble players.

All these newly-acquired players learning to mesh ... tough schedule ... I'd be happy with 9-7 this year.

How does LV knows these things 2 mo before the Season starts?

DAAAFINS fans are lining up right now for season tickets. Not!
Loan me $50.

no matter how people want to read into it,Tannehill at QB is miamis best bet at the playoffs folks....the offensive line showed a glimmer of average tonight which is progress and the defense is certainly season ready after watching them tonight

Remember no depth on offense and only depth that's any good is on defensive line...
Where else anyone knows?

D Thomas 7 carries for 3 yds??? WTF??

superPHIN: good points, and the best reason why Moore should've played a quarter.

Did I see that we have to cut to 53 before the Saints game? Yikes.

So after tonight Philbin is 8-16. He SUCKS!!


Bucs > Fins

We don't have an alpha RB
We don't have a starter caliber TE. Clay has had his chance, time to move on, let's not waste time with time.

Never mind, forgot Saints are Thurs ... hope to see bubble WRs getting lots of shots.

Prefer how we lost tonight to how Jets won tonight!

Jesse Agler has a great Future, only not here in SoFla. He's too good for us here.

Another home loss

Hell, we have to play NO in the regular Season also.

Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither.

While you all struggle to string together 20 pieces of random data taken from the unreliable media, the Vegas machine crunches billions of rows of data, matching every opponent of each position for every game of the season, taking into account injury probabilities, weather factors, and thousands of other data items none of us think about.

So how did Tannehill play?

Even if you wanted to be negative about the Phins you've got to love our chances when you see the absolute disastrous season the Jets will have with either Sanchez or GS, tonight's game against the GMen was funny as shirt, Rex is a complete moron. BTW Bills trying out Matt Leinart and mission boy John Beck LOL, and the Pats getting trashed, hey this was a good weekend for us after all.

No offense but all of your opinions are subjectively based on emotion and personal favorites based on nothing but media fodder. They are not remotely informed or objective, they are completely useless.

Dwight Freeny is killing it in SD

At least Tannehill is the second best QB in the division.

I watched a lot of QBs play tonight. Tannehill was the best I saw. He threw 2 bad passes all night. Wallace dropped a high pass. Gibson dropped 2, 1 of those a touchdown. If Gibson had caught that TD pass the numbers would have been big. Even negative Armando thought he played great.

We said going in that if Tannehill played great we would be happy. Well he did and I am.


Henne + White + Tanne = Great Game!!!

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