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A look at the running game with Miller, Thomas

I've been saying for several weeks the Dolphins have not decided on a starting running back. Yesterday, Joe Philbin said it. And in my column for The Herald's print editions, I detailed how it is that perhaps Daniel Thomas is now ahead of Lamar Miller for the starting job, and how it is Miller hasn't snatched the opportunity that was presented to him.

Mike Sherman, Miami's offensive coordinator, believes if the regular-season started tomorrow, the Dolphins would basically have a platoon system because neither Miller nor Thomas has earned extra carries. 

"I think Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas are competing neck and neck," Sherman said. "They both have their strengths. I think their competition has brought out the best of them on most occasions. I'm anxious to see how we play this season. Obviously, I think, if we were playing tomorrow, both guys would get plenty of snaps in the ball game."

So why is this running back competition so important in a pass-first, quarterback driven league?

Well, for the Dolphins, it's important because they want balance in the offense. It's important because the offensive line needs protection from rushers just teeing off, and it's important to help quarterback Ryan Tannehill do his job.

“It’s huge," Tannehill said. "It is a passing league but if you can run the football effectively, it takes so much pressure off a quarterback and an offense in general. If teams know you’re going to throw every down, they can throw their rush at you. They can tee off on our tackles and it kind of limits the deceptiveness of anything you can do. So it’s really important for us. And we’ve done a good job of it so far."

Really? They've done a good job?

I know both Miller and Thomas are averaging 4.1 yards per carry this preseason. But a couple of years ago, Reggie Bush averaged 5.0 yards per carry and last year he was at 4.3 yards per carry and the Dolphins still finished 7-9.

Miami needs to do better than 4.1 yards per carry which is just .1 yards above the traditional league average.

 “It could be better, just like the passing game could be better," Tannehill admitted. "But that’s something we’re practicing for. We’re going into preseason week three. It’s not going to be perfect right now. We’re working on it. It will continue to be better.”



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... 4.1 YPC over 9 and 12 carries respectively. really you want to draw conclusions on that sample size?

This punks Houston sports radio talk show hosts are talking crap about how Keller got what he deserves and if the Dolphins had a half way decent QB, Keller knees wouldnt be mush

Arian Foster had 4.1 YPC last year. 5.0 YPC is something that happens about once every 5 years even for elite backs.

I'd actually be content if they averaged 4.1 YPC for the year.

Kris, saw your post from the last blog. LOL. I don't care if the trolls know who I am, they can jerkoff to my sex appeal all they like.

On the RBs, anyone feel Mando is making a mountain out of a molehill here? Name one other team (other than the Vikings) that doesn't use some sort of RB carousel? They ALL do, because you need multiple RBs throughout a Season to protect from injuries. I'm not worried about that (I'm more worried about making up for Dustin Keller).

Meh, sports talk radio hosts, bunch of nobodies... who has time for em?

DC, there's plenty of carries for the both of em. If Thomas proves himself to be useful, all the better. Who takes 300 carries a year anymore? Not many ...

170 carries or thereabouts for both is actually to the benefit of the team.

Some teams are susceptible to big backs, others to speed backs, nice to have two capapble backs that have contrasting styles.

Not 1 article or Post about the Dirty Texans or the Refs swallowing the whistles.

C'mon Man!!

The Keller injury was Dirty.

The guy ripped Incognito's Helmet off and Swung it at him. That is reason to get kicked out the game or at least a 15yd penalty.

T-Hill gets his facemasked yanked and they pick up the flag because he gained yards. A Facemask call on a QB is Automatic 15yds added to the end of the play.

There was also multiple other cheap shots and penalties not called.

Now, I wouldn't complain if they were non calling both ways, But they weren't. You couldn't touch a Texan without the refs throwing a Flag.

J.Wilson gave a legal hit on D.Hopkins, that gave the WR a concussion and he gets a flag. For hitting the guy to hard. Nothing else. Because that was shoulder pad to the numbers.

And Mando is a Narcissistic Hypocrite. I This... I that...

What about all the times U got it WRONG.

Dolphins will suck regardless of YPC...

I also love how Mando just doesn't post L.Miller stats.

Miller averaged 5 yds a Carry last season(when Reggie and D.Thomas barely reached 4 ypc). Averaged over 6 yds a carry in college. Yet, in this article and in the other one Armando Salguero wrote, he conveniently forgot to post that Info.

Oh, and Both have a better average than Reggie this preseason.

Why do so many people on here give Armando a hard time? Just don't come to the blog if you don't like what he writes. I guess all the haters have much better sources of daily Dolphins writing, but I do not. I come here a few time a day, eagerly awaiting some some good writing about my beloved Phins.
Thanks Armando!!! Keep up the good work brother!!!

tj, mark + homers say sb 'cuz thenne comp. a paxx in p/s.

Mark, exactly.

Dashi, I was surprised they didn't call that Tannehill (hit to the head) penalty too. What's up with that? He's a QB, that gets called all the time. That call was BS!

11:41 jp. ditto.

Dashi, welcome to the dark side. Expect to get bashed by Mando sympathizers - they're everywhere.

Hartline was on Joe rose yesterday I hear giving his 2 cents on the Swearinger hit.

Walker covered it for ESPN, mando did not.

And yes 2 watt, I'm a homer, thus the reason I'mm on a homer site , "Dolphins in Depth", not "NFL in Depth" - a site for Dolphins fans ...

Dashi, you going to sign up for fantasy? Got most fo the spots filled. Waiting on only a couple more then we roll.


When you think about it they are both about the same size.

L.Miller 5'10" 218lbs

D.Thomas 6'1" 230lbs

mark, the light will come on 4 u b4 halloween.

Guy's the only way to get rid of Ireland is to get rid of Ross, I've got $ 345.00 in my checking account, That leaves about 900 million to go, Hey Mark, Being from Canada you got t have a few Million just laying around...
Please feel free to chip in....


I was getting ragged during the game for calling it out. By some "Alleged" Dolphin fans here.

A facemask is a Facemask, specially on the QB. That should've been added at the end of the Run.


Yeah, I got the E-Mail. Will sign up when I get home today.

Any other fans impressed by Jeff Ireland protecting Dion Jordan from the coaching staff?

Guy's the only way to get rid of Ireland is to get rid of Ross, I've got $ 345.00 in my checking account, That leaves about 900 million to go, Hey Mark, Being from Canada you got t have a few Million just laying around...
Please feel free to chip in...

Dashi, I don't know what it is but Thomas looks so much more bigger in pads ... I think it's more upper body size. Thomas across the shoulders looks beastly. I can't quite point my finger on it unless Miller's weight stats are fudged ...

IRA, LOL, Might be the post of the day..

If you come here to only read Armando, then you should only stop by once a day. So don't be an Ass you Clown.

Being hard on Mando?

Nah, we are just being Objective.

2 watt, I predict you will have to find something else to complain about by halloween, maybe our RG, 4th WR, but it won't be our QB

By the way, with Keller going down, McNutt may also get more work. He's a huge WR target on short routes.

Mark, Was thinking the same thing, I'd bet that Mlller was no more then 200lbs.......

"Arian Foster had 4.1 YPC last year."

That is a pretty convincing statistic.

I'm not quite clear why we have to have a set starter. Let 'em get out there & compete. It's not like the Sanchez/Tebow psych-out.

Good for Dan Carpenter signing with the Cards. Dosplaced Jay Feely twice. he won't be getting any Christmas cards from him, I'm sure.

Guy's the only way to get rid of Ireland is to get rid of Ross, I've got $ 345.00 in my checking account, That leaves about 900 million to go, Hey Mark, Being from Canada you got t have a few Million just laying around...
Please feel free to chip in...

Also, can someoen tell me why Omar Kelly wastes column space by telling me which song is being played during stretching exercises?? Am I the only one who doesn't care??

Omar Kelly, The fountain of Misinformation...........

mark, the only players to not* complain 'bout r grimes, wallace, pouncey, coconut, fields,ov, denny + jones.
open season on the rest.

What about all the times U got it WRONG.

Posted by: Dashi | August 21, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Speaking of which..........What about all the times U got it WRONG.

Usually you run and hide for awhile, rarely do you own up to it. That would be a lot of owning up to do...

Thomas is 236. Miller is 205. Real weight.

2 watt, you have a problem with Wake?

is it because he lived in Canada???


I agree. D.Thomas has a bigger upperbody. L.Miller carries most of his weight in his lower body. L.Miller is built more like F.Gore.

I rather have my RB have a stronger lower body.

What about all the times U got it WRONG.

Posted by: Dashi | August 21, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Speaking of which..........What about all the times U got it WRONG.

Usually you run and hide for awhile, rarely do you own up to it. That would be a lot of owning up to do...

As I said before, Armando = Negative Nancy. With an extremely inflated ego.

oooops mark. wake


Every one knows the more carries a RB gets the more he can produce. You cannot compare Reggie Bush in regular season to Miller and Thomas in preseason. In last years regular Reggie had a 4.3 average and Miller had a 4.9.
Seriously! You got to be kidding me with this stat comparison.

No doubt, lower body weight is more functional - especially in a RB

Thomas is 236. Miller is 205. Real weight.
Posted by: Tim Couch | August 21, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Timmy, Where did you get this info???????


216lbs. He lost 2 lbs from last season.

But you are right.

And A.Hernandez didn't do it.



Dude, seriously I just don't understand why "reporters" like Armando get so worked up about nothing, we haven't seen anything yet from the Dolphins, I'll start getting concerned if we lose the first game and are down at half time in game #2...OF THE REGULAR SEASON!!!!!!!

This team could go 10 and 6 or 4 and 12.
Just cant figure them out, But with Jeff Ireland picking the groceries I]d bet on the latter.

Oh, one more person I met yesterday I forgot to tell you guys about, Andy Cohen (he writes for miamidolphins.com). You guys rag on him for being an eternal optimist. He's pretty much same in person and you imagine reading his blogs. Nice guy though.

I think Mando has to do it for the blog hits. It would be a big boost to this team if Miller can show us some of the potential we think he has. It might be just as important that Thomas steps up plays as a good #2 and change of pace back.

Team will be depending on the RBs a bit more now with Keller gone imo.

ya Dashi, I saw all the sources list 216, but it just doesn't pass the eyeball test... he could win a lot of stuffed animals at those "guess my weight" games at county carnivals...

uh oh, where's 78?
78, u can't bring u'r purse to anymore nfl games this season.

It doesn't matter who starts. Just create a game plan playing to their strengths and opponent.

Its a long season. And there are plenty of carries for everyone.


dc,u'r say'n ac and i will not get along huh.?

Mark in Toronto - if Omar reads this, he'll give you a "SMH" and a point to the corner. I'm not sure which is worse, Salguero or Kelly? At least this site is free....

If only Armando learned to do his job better than those he always criticizes.

SMH.. makes me want to punch someone in the face

Only thing worse is YOLO ...

Douchebag's everywhere rejoice in teh splendour of these ultra ghey acronyms ...

2 watt, if you were there you would have gotten kicked out because you would have fought someone. I thought I was a huge Dolphins fan, but guys had Dolphins ties, a lot of people had pins (with the new logo), Dolphins socks. I need to step up my fan accessory game.

I never could figure out what some of these acronyms were.

Not a big poster, but need to point out an observation:

Didnt sign Jake Long, oh no Martin is terrible

Martin gets better in preseason, oh no RG is terrible

Jerry gets healthy, oh no Miller is terrible

Miller will be fine, with Thomas being a back up

This Yahoo will find something else to say about this team.

God forbid, that we actually get better and actually take the ACFE and actually make the playoffs. Mando will have nothing to write!

FP4, I had to ask myself ..

You Only Live Once

Somewhere there's a douchebag shirtless at a rave with that tattoed on his stomach...

me - that's the usual pattern Mando and his legion of trolls take .. they just find the next question mark and harp about it until it's solved. They had a field day durign Wannstedt and Sparano because those guys couldn't coach anyone up.

These guys already shown they can ...

Miller is due to bust out some big runs. He has home run speed; just needs more carries. He hits the hole near full speed...
Thomas looks better this year. Quicker and more decisive. If he can protect the ball better (and stay healthy) this season I believe the Fins will have a dangerous RB duo.
Tannehill seems to be improving. Needs to use his legs more. Still the occasional accuracy issues, but his receivers need to catch the f'ing ball!
Gibson has great hands and should be lining up outside, with Hartline in the slot, IMO. Hartline is allergic to the end zone, unfortunately.
Defense will be much better this season, especially in the turnover dept.
The main concerns are RG and TE. Someone needs to step up.
Pats are goin' down! That's just my opinion; I could be wrong.

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