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A look at the running game with Miller, Thomas

I've been saying for several weeks the Dolphins have not decided on a starting running back. Yesterday, Joe Philbin said it. And in my column for The Herald's print editions, I detailed how it is that perhaps Daniel Thomas is now ahead of Lamar Miller for the starting job, and how it is Miller hasn't snatched the opportunity that was presented to him.

Mike Sherman, Miami's offensive coordinator, believes if the regular-season started tomorrow, the Dolphins would basically have a platoon system because neither Miller nor Thomas has earned extra carries. 

"I think Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas are competing neck and neck," Sherman said. "They both have their strengths. I think their competition has brought out the best of them on most occasions. I'm anxious to see how we play this season. Obviously, I think, if we were playing tomorrow, both guys would get plenty of snaps in the ball game."

So why is this running back competition so important in a pass-first, quarterback driven league?

Well, for the Dolphins, it's important because they want balance in the offense. It's important because the offensive line needs protection from rushers just teeing off, and it's important to help quarterback Ryan Tannehill do his job.

“It’s huge," Tannehill said. "It is a passing league but if you can run the football effectively, it takes so much pressure off a quarterback and an offense in general. If teams know you’re going to throw every down, they can throw their rush at you. They can tee off on our tackles and it kind of limits the deceptiveness of anything you can do. So it’s really important for us. And we’ve done a good job of it so far."

Really? They've done a good job?

I know both Miller and Thomas are averaging 4.1 yards per carry this preseason. But a couple of years ago, Reggie Bush averaged 5.0 yards per carry and last year he was at 4.3 yards per carry and the Dolphins still finished 7-9.

Miami needs to do better than 4.1 yards per carry which is just .1 yards above the traditional league average.

 “It could be better, just like the passing game could be better," Tannehill admitted. "But that’s something we’re practicing for. We’re going into preseason week three. It’s not going to be perfect right now. We’re working on it. It will continue to be better.”



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Mark, Im in....does it hurt?

I was a Te'o fan until Lacy made him his B'tch in the Title game. Te'o preferred to be blocked by a Linemen than to meet Lacy in the Hole.

Everyone raves about that Crackback Tackle Bostic made the other day, but Bostic was another LB that was scared to tackle Lacy.

I simply can't understand why everyone just loves to hate on Daniel Thomas!! Everyone hates that Ireland traded up to get him. The guy runs very hard and his style has caused these injuries. If he stays healthy he can be a very very good back. Easily a 1000 yard rusher.

Wasn't Ricky and Ronnie a good two back system???

So we have a strong two back system!!! What is wrong with that?????????

How anyone, especially Armando, can say this is a bad thing is mind boggling to me!! Just another sports writer with very little real football insight writing an article to get fans nervous, and people on this blog but into it!!

Sorry, BUY INTO IT!!

Sorry, BUY INTO IT!!!

Funny thing is Mando was raving about how Gillislee will supplant both of them. And Never mind the Countless articles the past couple seasons insulting Ireland for picking D.Thomas.

Why the Sudden Change?

Rdubs, really? C'mon man!

I was saying it last season, and will say it again this season since we don't have Reggie to stop it from happening.

Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas are Thunder and Lightning.

The Perfect Compliment to each other.

Come on Poizen, you know it was funny!

Brings out my skin tone Dusty, I'm an olive skinned fellow of European descent. Don't judge!!

Nice to have you in Poizen!

Lol @ rdubs....

Ok my bad - bad choice of words about Miller dancing. Just in his limited carries this year, instead of exploding thru, he seems to have trouble some in the backfield after getting bounced around like a pinball machine. OL problems I know, but I just have visions of Reggie last year tackled for loss and don't want to see Miller go the same route, either for dancing, which he isn't doing or not having any blocking. Thomas seems to have the ability to make his own hole some, while to me Miller seems to be about the speed, which he does have if he can get thru. No more concussions for Thomas hopefully and just use them both.


I guess my post at 2:29 kind of put gas on that fire!


Good points....

Thomas doesn't suck...I just don't think most are comfortable with him being the man.....

Well... As it stands now...he's not....

And there is nothing wrong with that....

The hit on Keller was legal by the letter of the law. Still it was dirty imo.

Crap artice Armando...good job per usual...

No Lube for you Mark, I want it to be special...for me

Actually,I thought this was one of Armando's best articles in quite a while. I've said for a while now I don't see Miller being a guy who will start for us all year. I think duties will be split between these guys this year. And I've contended for a while now that if we can't run the ball, the offence and Tannehill will end up struggling.


Can you tel me how I get signed up for the pool. Not sure I want to post my email address on here, with some of these knuckleheads. I can email you somewhere off site if that works for you. Thanks.

Mando, we're talking about PRE-SEASON, right? Nevermind the fact that the Offense isn't showing much of their Zone Blocking scheme where the RB makes one cut and then takes off down the field, right? So, you're concerned that we've not named a STARTER in the backfield? What's the matter, you can't decide which RB to start ripping on? C'mon, man! You didn't have this problem when Ronnie & Rickey were running the ball! You ripped on both of them! Maybe you should start with Thigpen, Gillislee, and Gray and work your way up. That way, you've covered all your bases since you care more about be right than being correct!


Yall realize that the crap talking in this Fantasy league is gonna be nuts. I am always in these leagues where people dont want cursing or inappropriate humor, which is all I am good for, well that and disappointing my wife when she lets me!

LOL, Mark, See what you created Rdubs. CLEAN IT UP! LOL

And Mark thanks for the kind words, its appreciated

Problem...Tannehill cant hit Wallace on the long ball.
Solution...O-line gives him more than 2 seconds for a play to develop to Wallace without him getting rushed or sacked. The rookie needs time for his plays to develop, the o-line provides no time.
Problem...RB's not doing very well running the ball.
Solution...O-line creates holes for the RBs to run into. No RB would have a good year with this o-line, sad but very true.
Overall solution, dont expect much from this offense untill this o-line is actually coached better or we find better players to make it work.
Bottom line...this team will be horrible on offense again unless this o-line comes together.

Craig, send me an email at hughjreckshun@hotmail.com

I am hoping that Thomas will not have to be thunder too often, although he certainly has the power.
Too much thunder in this league will net you headaches and concussions.
I am pleased with the backs we have. Gillislee is smooth as silk and has great vision. I am predjudiced, he went to school in DeLand where I live now. Great kid. Grey is a banger with some quickness.
If our tight end group had the upside of our backs I would be happier.

rdubs, this will be fun ... the fantasy - don't care much for the lubeless sodomy ...

I'd like, as Kris said, to help build some kind of Dolphins fan community here, get rid of the merda that exists here and bring it back to how it was once and how it's been for most of today to be honest. A Dolphins community and not one where posters are pitted against each other.

Next year, hopefully we have multiple leagues, etc. And maybe other things start up from here ... Phins Nation!

I do not trash talk often, So I will be laughing, no problems with language on my end, using or reading.. lol

I know this will probably never happen and I am not sure its a good idea.

But doesnt Daniel Thomas look like he would be a good tight end. I mean he has good speed, he's strong, he can block, he has really good hands.

I could see it working out for him, what do you guys think?

and for the record...Anyone in the league feel free to use "Lubeless Sodomy" as your team name.

Mark to your point. Wasnt their a pwerson on here TXMEDIC who went and started a fan forum? he had good posts, althoug I never followed him to his site. Is it Phinsider?

Le'Veon bell has a serious foot injury. he's awarded to rdubs for not using lube!!

Did Swearinger tackle Le'Veon's foot?

Doesn't ring a bell but I know Ohio Dolphan did one until parenthood struck.

Ha, too abd I named my team already.

The punchlines write themselves. This week, you face LUBELESS SODOMY!

You know that team will bring the pain!!

Rdubs, I don't see DT as a TE. I really think he can be a A rb in the league. The main thing is the concussions. the fumbles can be fixed, see tiki Barber. But TE, RB or WR, if there are concussions it's over.

Swearinger is a terror

Miller 1, Thomas 2. Agree with LOL's assessment of Thomas... However, he has obviously improved his game and I figured him for a bust. Still don't agree with the trade up for him, but he is better than I thought he would be.

I also hav to admit that I was dead wrong about Hartline. He has turned into a nice finesse receiver.

My worry now is TE. I am of the belief that Keller was several tiers above the next guy. I'm excited about Sims but he is a rookie. Clay? Meh. Decent, I guess. Egnew? I'd favor picking up a vet just to shore it up and add a knowledgeable presence. Boss (not cleared yet medically), Heap, McMichael, (I love Randy but I not know how much he has left).... The rare a few more:, Evan Moore, Dante Rosario (not sure if he signed w Dallas or not), Chris Cooley (ret'd), Travis Beckum (not medically learned yet).

Hese are all guys who are at least as good as those we have on the roster nd have loads more experience, making them better help for RT - who needs it now Keller is gone.

I'm afraid that, without Keller, we are looking at 6-10 or 7-9. I do believe he was that important. Miami has not rated the TE position high enough in importance since Shula and haven't had someone of Keller's caliber since the uber elite Keith Jackson (no, I m not putting Keller in Jackson's class at all but he is better than Troy Drayton, for instance). And Charles Clay is no Keith Byars.


Have you noticed Daniel Thomas in the preseason?
He seems to be very aware of his fumbling issue, he has his arms wrapped tight around that ball, especially when a defender makes contact

I hate blacks.

Mondo, how about explaining how a RB is supposed to make yardage behind one of the worst OL in Dolphin history? Could be a reason why neither RB has grabbed the position? Come on folks Tannehill cant throw TDs while laying on his back. A quote from Y.A. Tittle, QB NY Giants 1958,,(I think) after losing the NFL title vs Phil Eagles,( I think),,,,I was about 10 yrs old,,,guessing. My point, and should be everyones point, the Dolphins will go as far as the OL takes them. They might win one or two games off the defense, but OL will take them to the playoffs, how deep they go into the playoffs is anyones guess or not...The current OL wont take them to .500.

2 watt,

Interesting point...hmmmmmmm


Just sent the email. Looking forward to the league.

Is Kris in? He'd better take Mallett third round or sooner.

AR, who was a better D line?

The Fearsome Foursome of the LA Rams


The Purple People Eaters of the Minnesota Vikings?

Kris doesn't do FF but YG is in .. under some other name - not sure which one it is ...

Biggest letdown of doing this pool so far, found out DarylDunphy's name is not actually Daryl...

Sent it Craig...

Still need ppl mit?

Ok Mark, I'm in. Canadien Bacon for YG....

Not Daryl Dunphy? What? The outrage!,,,....

matty, we have a couple of empty spots which are currently being held for people. However, if they don't register by midweek or so, I will open them up...

I don't want to run the risk of having robot teams when there are so many people interested. Wish i would've started this earlier, could've set up multiple leagues.

Pass by the blog to see if those spots open up.

And Craig, yeah, not Daryl, I feel lied to!!!

Is MattyB actually DD???????


At the very least I hope he goes by DD...

I see Incognito punched out a security guard. Geez....do your fighting on the field Richie....

Im registered and ready to go!

Lol cm mattyb is mattybfromnc always have been always will be

Tannehill had a rough practice. Threw a couple picks, threw low on endzone on what should have been a Wallace TD
right on target for that 0-5 start,

also threw plenty of tds 16-0!!!

Craig, Dunphy's Dry Humpers or something to that effect.

Guys are really taking to this thing... should be fun.

Al Sharpton for president! End Stop & frisk! More free stuff!

10 of 12 signed up and ready.

Only Dashi and Jet Hater (I think) left.

Dashi said he's signing up tonight, so should just leave jet Hater. i will give him until next Wednesday

BREAKING NEWSSSSSS!!! Richie Incognito apparently got in a fight a bunch and knocked out a guy at the Fountain Blue in Miami. This is real..

I don't think the Dolphins are going to "suck" this year as so many people seem to think. their record most likely won't be as good as some would like , mainly because of the tough schedule especially the first 8 games. 4 of the teams we play are already in the top 7 in pre-season power rankings ad besides the Browns and Bills no other team is lower than 16. While we sit at 23 at this time. If we can go 5-3 the first 8 games that would be a "HUGE" accomplishment and provided injuries don't get too bad we will be going to the playoffs and have double digit wins. The first 8 games are big and that will tell all we need to know about how improved we are, even 4-4 would be great.

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