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Watch the '72 Dolphins at the White House here

In the spring of 1973, after the Dolphins won Super Bowl VII and completed their undefeated season, there was no White House trip to celebrate the victory for the team because, well, let's just say President Richard Nixon had other worries on his agenda.

Like the Watergate scandal.

Well, here we are 40 years later and another President with worries on his agenda -- Obamacare defunding, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, unemployment, and the NSA scandal -- is nonetheless making time for the Dolphins.

About 30 members of that perfect team will visit with President Barack Obama today at the White House and get their just recognition. Pretty cool.

The ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m. If it doesn't start on time, blame the politicians.

You can watch it live below. If the player doesn't work properly, blame the politicians:


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Does anyone really care about these old geezers??

I see TanneHenne is back to throwing picks in practice, gosh this guy sucks.

I sure care about them. I grew up watching them.

Get a close up of DC Dolfan at the reception!!


2013 griese > thenne.

He doesn't care but yet he's still here. Is your life that bad?

this feed is the closest thenne will ever get 2 dc.

Dos anyone want to watch any Dullfins anymore?

Tannehill is an exact replica of Chad Henne.

can't wait 2 0-5,
the gallows r gonna full,
the homers r gonna have 2 pix a #.

2 watt, these got daym homers dont know how garbage the Dolphins will be, blind mices LOL

Reality bite me. They are legends.

Who cares about honering the 72 Dolphins! We drafted a QB that was a WR his junior year, he sucks homers why cant u see it

Legends in your own minds fukkin losers, there old geezers who time is UP! LOL You losers are pathetic

Dont sleep on Barry-O


hope you make the blog....

Believe it or not Im a Dolphins fan just telling you homers the reality. Tannehenne doesnt have it, Ireland sucks and the 72 Dolphins no one cares about. Thats the reality...

2 watt will finally shut up after Cleveland. YEA!!

Tannehill will be a CFL backup in 2-3 years. If anyone on the Dolphins had half a brain they'd trade him for a 3rd-4th rd pick before he becomes as worthless as Henne did.

Charles Clay is new TE?
I have not heard Clay's name called once in a game this summer.

i was a homer back in '84......was.

I wonder which receiver Tannehill will get injured this week with his errant passes..


I gotta admit....i'm not cised for the 72 FINS...before my time man...

I want to see a WINNER now...in the present...or very near future....

Still tho...I would have went if I had the chance...but...not cised @ at all...just would have enjoyed the experince...been there done that...got the T-shirt.... sort of thing....

martini,that brown game is their only shot @ a w ' til the bye,
+ clev. has only won 1 opener is the past 11.

gruden,ripping errant qb's 4 the damage they do to their recievers.

I guess Egnew still stinks.

2 weeks ago Tanne threw the TD to Keller by putting t behind him and everyone in here went crazy with what a good throw it was.

Same throw the following week and Keller ends up hospitalized.

The only reason Tanne threw it behind him that 2nd time was because of the standing ovation we gave him after the first time he threw it like that.

Kris, yeah I'm with u. I read the book, saw the video, going to get some memorabilia and hang it. Otherwise I have no emotional attachment with this team. Actually the only major pro team to wina championship in my lifetime that I was a fan of were the 92 and 93 Blue Jays. life's been hard ...

who are these jack-offs posting on this blog? are you kidding me the 72 dolphins did something that has never been done since, can you imagine the hoopla that will ensue when the next team does it?

Dave Winfield

jack-offs??? o, 2 watt, he's talking to you


Does anyone really care about these old geezers??

Posted by: Reality | August 20, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Most ignorant post I've ever read.

I heard that the reason Grimes went on IR last season was so that he didn't have to face Vincent Jackson twice a year.


You losers are just a bunch of 10 year olds and NYET trolls mostly both. Exactly why Miami is hands down the worst sports fan town on earth. Steeler fan , Raider fan or Packer fan would kill their own if they ragged on their sacred teams of the past. Lucky for you half the ral fan base is out of state or you'd be face down in a parking lot with your chiclets spread out on the ground around you. Don't get to excited that you riled up a real fan... You didn't ... And you won't because we already expect the you to be the loser non fans you always will be. No past and no future. I'm outta here.

1972? Fin fans are still living in the past.

Lol @ that guy...

If you are that emotional about 1972...

then you are FAR to OLD to have a PRAYER of whipping my @ss....


go take ypur blood pressure medication...and sip some lemonade...sugar free of course....

The Ross/Ireland Dolphins have converted many homers into trolls that are fed up with the losing every year and the totl incompetence in the FO.

2 weeks ago Tanne threw the TD to Keller by putting t behind him and everyone in here went crazy with what a good throw it was.

Same throw the following week and Keller ends up hospitalized.

The only reason Tanne threw it behind him that 2nd time was because of the standing ovation we gave him after the first time he threw it like that.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 20, 2013 at 01:45 PM

Back shoulder throws in the end zone are routine. You gotta be a moron.

Not too mention, the throw for the TD was while he was on the run.

The throw against Houston, you see that same EXACT pass 2 times a game. It's called a stick route. Receiver runs his route and then stops to grab the ball & head the other way. Vernon Davis in SF does this multiple times a game!

Watch the replay you jack&ss. He catches then turns to head upfield. Only difference between that throw & other throws qb's make to their te's the exact same way was the manner in which he was tackled.

Get informed or get lost dope.

That was nice

Herald Staff...

pretty cool of you guys to do that....

It WAS nice.
It was good to see most of them standing there with
their Hall Of Fame Coats in the front row.

Wow people who are not even Dolphins fans come on this blog to post their BS. What does that tell us? I'll reserve judgment on this team until half the season has been played, then we will have a better idea of how this team will fair, until then, keep the faith all others F*&$^ off. Peace!

Pretty cool...

Coach Shula struggles to his feet for a MOMENT in time that will be forever immortalized....


whis he could box that stuff up...and sell it to the NEW class of athlete....they don't know pride...but they LOVE entitlement.....

It will be nice when those guys finally pass the torch .. they have always represented the Dolphins well..

Good point Kris...and it was neat that Csonka was one of the people that supported him as he stood (just like in 72.)

It's always a pleasure watching excellence and integrity.

Perfection is Perfection is Perfection. But, that's one of the main reasons we Live for , no?

Cooz...definetly thought it was a defing moment of just who Coach Shula is....

Coach Philbin...

If you can't use that snapshot (or something like it)to inspire an opening day win...we got problems....

You have a lot of HISTORY to carry this season....let's not embarrass this franchise further....

Smith Suspended, thanks guys.

Was that DC in the white shirt..with blue stripes?

Did you catch that out pattern by Mike Wallace that left Joseph in his wake? It was Warfield-esque. I am officially sold on Mike W.

The 1972 team was special. In those days the money was very good but not totally outrageous.

The Patriots came oh so close to 19-0, but finished 18-1. Bet Shula had an extra tall glass of Champagne after that one. Lol.

In the current day, the Dolphins have been disappointing for a long time. Terrible personnel decisions over the past 10 - 15 years have really hurt the Dolphins.

Wanny, Saban, Cameron, Parcells, and Ireland have destroyed what was one of the elite NFL organizations.

Ireland is a good cap manager, but he cannot manage to field a winner or a contender. He takes risks on injured players and is shocked when...they get injured again. The draft has become a circus. With deep flaws and a lack of talent on offense, the team focuses on the defense (even the DL) - again with injured players being picked.

Tannehill may or may not be the answer at QB -- that answer will probably come in 2013 if he does not get hurt.

The Dolphins of the past were a good team, even when they did not win the Superbowl. The Dolphins of today are boring and losers until they prove otherwise. Given what has happened the past six years, it's difficult to see things improving very much any time soon.

Out of respect they gave that signed t-shirt to Ross but he had no business there. One of the Robbie boys best.

@ArmandoSalguero There were fivefumbles and six interceptions in practice today.
yeap, they're ready for 0-5.

How many has Tannehill thrown in 3 games? yeah, thought so.

You must've missed the call for jack-offs a while back there 2 watt


Oh no, Mr. Swearinger won't last the Season, Texas. Guaranteed.

I honestly think Joe Philbin too nice to be a head coach, he was pciking up trash off the practice field like some sort of janitor in Hard Knocks, looked like he was going to cry when cutting Ocho Cinco, I wish we had a hard nose tough OSB like Coughlin as head coach, he'll set the players str8!

uh mark, when u over throw and get the ball batted at the los, u can't trow int's. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they will come.

what a hateful fan base. Where are these jerks from? Jet fans; surely not Dolpfans

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