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Watch the '72 Dolphins at the White House here

In the spring of 1973, after the Dolphins won Super Bowl VII and completed their undefeated season, there was no White House trip to celebrate the victory for the team because, well, let's just say President Richard Nixon had other worries on his agenda.

Like the Watergate scandal.

Well, here we are 40 years later and another President with worries on his agenda -- Obamacare defunding, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, unemployment, and the NSA scandal -- is nonetheless making time for the Dolphins.

About 30 members of that perfect team will visit with President Barack Obama today at the White House and get their just recognition. Pretty cool.

The ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m. If it doesn't start on time, blame the politicians.

You can watch it live below. If the player doesn't work properly, blame the politicians:


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It was tough to watch Ross share the stage with the 72 Undefeated. Robbie never had the type of resources Ross has yet he took us to multiple SBs, two championships and the one and only undefeated season. Owner or not he simply does not belong with that group.

Sigh's post by far the most level headed one among such crap comments. Great post. I agree about Ireland, being a good scout but poor GM. Im not so sure about his cap management prowess though. Only this year he had an advantage mainly bc his poor selections of Davis and Marshall forced his hand.

Going all in for an oft-injured, undersized DE, a luxury pick no less, will come back to haunt this team.

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