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Joe Philbin answers all your questions

You have questions about the Miami Dolphins. Coach Joe Philbin is the man with the answers.

These are his insights from Thursday's post-practice press conference:

(Opening Statement) – “I thought we had a good week of practice in our preparation of the game against Tampa Bay. I’m excited to see our guys compete. As I mentioned to you guys earlier in the week, we formatted the week much like we will do in the regular season in regards to lifting, meetings and practice. I thought we had a good week of preparation.'

(On if Saturday’s game will give any separation with the tight ends)– “Potentially. We are going to have to see how the various tight ends perform during the course of the game. Certainly every game gives us a chance at another 50 plays, depends on how many each tight end plays..but it gives us more information on decisions about play time. Certainly I think it will help to a certain degree."

(On if he worries about negative off-the-field stories reflecting on the team) – “As I’ve said many times, I’m concerned at all times that our players represent the organization the right way on and off the field. At the present time, my entire focus is on Tampa Bay and getting our football team ready for the 2013 NFL season."

(On if he talked to Richie Incognito about the reported incident) – “As I’ve said, my focus is on Tampa Bay and preparing my football team for the 2013 NFL season."

(On how he would gauge he will get on the team after Saturday’s game) – “I think again you learn about your team every single week in the NFL. That’s kind of the beauty, challenge and the exciting part about it. As a coach and a player, you are never quite sure what’s going to happen during a course of a game. They kind of each have their own storylines. I’m sure we are going to learn more about our football team. As I’ve said, I think we had a good week of preparation, and I’m excited about seeing us compete against a good Tampa (Bay) team."

(On position battles and how Saturday’s game compares to a week of practice) – “We have devoted more time. Again, if you look at the schedule we have invested more time in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and this particular game plan than the preceding practices and the preceding games. We want to see cleaner, faster, better execution from everybody who steps onto the field."

(On if Dustin Keller’s injury gives him pause of how long guys will play in preseason games) – “Not necessarily. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of football. We do our best to put players in a position to condition them well enough where they can go through and play a game without getting hurt, but it’s a hard thing for a coach to control or a player to control, for that matter."

(On if he puts more stock into practice or game performance) – “We look at the total picture. We’ve roughly averaged 115 snaps a day out here on a typical day. A particular player may only get 15 in a game. He may get 30 in a game. I think we look at the whole spectrum of things, and hopefully by the time the end of next week rolls around we’ve got enough information to make good decisions."

(On how Brian Tyms has performed in camp) – “I think he’s improved. There’s no question about it. I like his play speed. He’s doing a better job blocking. He’s trying to be more aggressive in that area. I think he’s caught the ball better. There’s definitely signs of improvement."

(On what he is looking for with Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas versus Tampa Bay) – “They are skilled athletes, both of these guys. They are versatile. They can run the ball. We both feel like they have good hands. They are good route-runners, and we obviously want to see them pass-protect when the time comes and when there number is called in a particular blitz or pressure, those type of things. We are looking for good solid, sound overall performances from those guys, and ball security as well."

(On how both running backs are doing in pass protection) – “They’ve done well so far. They haven’t been challenged a ton, but they’ve done well."

(On how Mike Wallace’s run blocking) – “He’s improving. I think you should use his words as opposed to mine (laughs). No, he’s improving. There’s no question about it. We spend time on it, it’s an important part, especially the way the safeties play in the NFL. Maybe a few years back maybe it was different, but you have to get good blocking from your receiver position if you expect to get explosive runs.  It’s hard for running backs to make two people miss on a play. "

(On who are two or three players in particular who need to show something in the next week) – “I don’t know that there’s any particular individual who needs to show it. Again, we’ve devoted a lot of time to this ball game.  As I said to the staff and I said to our players earlier in the week, we’re looking for us to get lined up, for us to execute our assignments quickly and confidently and for us to be able to make adjustments in game by the players, not necessarily waiting until the sidelines.  If there is a different formation that they line up in offensively we have to be able to make the adjustment, if it’s a different front that they line up in defensively that we didn’t anticipate, we have to have our players make the adjustments.  You’ve been to practice and sometimes here coaches yelling, do this, do this, it’s time for our players to really take charge."

(On how much he needs to see John Jerry in Saturday’s game) – “As coaches we’d always love to see players play, we’re going to make final decisions in regards to play time before the game. We haven’t come to that conclusion yet.  It’s always good to have additional information, I don’t care how many years you’ve played football, it’s still good to get some game snaps under your belt before the season starts."

(On how tough it is for rookies who miss most of the preseason when the regular season begins) – “It’s tougher, there’s no question about it, there’s a lot of value in the practice field, there’s no doubt about it.  There’s a lot of value in the snaps you can get in preseason, as I’ve said many occasions, we spend a lot of time planning practice and we do it  with the expectation and the hope that every player will be able to practice.  We know that’s sometimes unrealistic but, missing practice reps, I don’t know that it benefits players."

(On if he’s seen rookies be successful despite missing some of preseason) – “Oh I’m sure there have been, again nothing comes to my mind at the present time, but yes it’s possible, sure.”


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Well that was a lot of nothing.

Sparano > Philbin

Closet Queens that haven't figured it out yet:

dashi (swallow this swallow that in ur mouth)
odin (gaylord this, on your knees that)
phins78 (acts more like odingay everyday)
kris (bitter man with wife isn't getting what he needs)
zonk (has nothing to do ever)
etf+ (back door and swallowing is his game)
craig m (anyone this uptight can't come to terms with it)

ETF, How's that Aaron Hernandez will be a free agent today thing working out for you so far?

Well it's working out better for me than it is for him.

Q. Is water wet, or is it dry?

A. In my experience, sure, there's usually a significant degree of wetness I associate with water, but I'm mainly focused on Saturday's game against Tampa Bay.

Sparano > Philbin

Posted by: True | August 22, 2013 at 05:12 PM


False > True.

Spumoni could'nt spell CAT if you spotted him the C and the A.

Sparano could'nt spell CAT if you spotted him the C and the A.

I wonder, when the presser was finished did Philbin end it with a fist pump?

Good post Mando. No point at all asking Philbin any meaningful Q's. Totally pointless.

Phibin knows how to do team PR and he's probably a decent guy. It would be a bit refreshing to see a more candid news conference:

(On how Philbin feels about the Keller injury)
I told Jeff Ireland that it would be better to sign one of the better TE's on the market, but Jeff wanted Keller so we could save some money for our multi-Billionaire owner. We used that money to try to get some welfare for Mr. Ross so he could get struggling taxpayers to finance some stadium improvements. Would any of you guys help me upgrade my house?

(On Dion Jordon not being ready for the regular season) Again, I told Jeff maybe we could use the third overall pick on someone without a serious injury issue. Maybe even on offense. But nooooo. I said the same thing about the second round pick. But nooooo.

(On what's going on with the guard position) It looks like it's going to be manned by a human turnstile.

(On the RB situation)
If anyone knows of a good RB, then please let me know! Not that Jeff will sign him if he's healthy.

(On expectations for the coming year)
One always hope for the best. Hopefully, we'll go 19-0 and Tannehill will make everyone forget Dan Marino. Of course, one has to be realistic too. That's why my resume up-to-date.

(On Egnew's improvement in camp)

(On Tannehill's development)
Well, this bright young man got his last coach fired. Sure hope history doesn't repeat itself.

(On working with Ireland)
A real team. Jeff buys chickenblank and I prepare chickenbland salad.

(On preparing for the first game against Cleveland)
Cleveland? I'm preparing for the 2014 draft.

(on the secondary)
It's secondary all right.

Who cares!!!

Just start fast and dominate TB, with no injuries!!

Hahaha hey list I couldn't agree more about your list, don't worry when they get off to usual 2-6 start I wonder what the excuses they'll be using again !! They'll be ordering their Kiper blue book on the usual Thanksgiving and the holiday season.Time to hear the typical excuses about this and that typical in this site !!

sigh, you are on the wrong site. Go to the Jet blog you moron.


With some good fortune, the Phins will get off to a 4-2 start. And you will be hit by a car by week's end.

I've actually been a Dolphin fan for a very, very long time.

Just tired of the losing and questionable decisions by the GM, owners, and coaches. I have nothing personal against Philbin or Ireland. I do not think Ireland's track record is good insofar as building a championship team.

I hope the Dolphins do well. But I doubt that they do given all the choices made to this point.

Time to go mobile!!!!!!!

Sigh that was classic lol.

Well, you can infer that Lamar Miller is not picking up assignments quickly specially in blocking and both Miller and Thomas are not securing the football.

oscar, Why haven't you joined the fantasy league, there is one spot left.

You might also infer that whoever is aligning the D line is late on his calls.

Another sad fan enters the room...somewhere in the forest a tree dies while pity ferries are collecting tears of the forsaken...


This is not a fan friendly franchise.

You cant infer those things Oscar...you can speculate...or opinionate them...but infer them???


hernandez have fun in jail

The post time around here is slower these days...maybe going through some filter???



Eat much crow, fool?

Well WTF is going on???

He11 people...I'm excited for this year...if your not then take of your tear filled goggles and get a clearer picture...exciting time!!!

I have the Ability to infer, Jack.

Now, now, you wouldn't be filtering our comments, would you?

Why does Philbin even have press conferences? He may as well let a robot take his place, we might get more insightful answers from a robot.

Watching RG3's interview where he mentions he doesn't want to "Belichick" interviews, I think Philbin is a more boring version of even Bill Belichick, it kinda sucks I want the Dolphins to succeed, but I want Philbin out of here

Time to go mobile!!!!!!!

Posted by: Bane | August 22, 2013 at 06:16 PM

Do you feel in charge?!!

Philbin isn't worthy of carrying Sparano's jock.

We have no depth and very little talent. Different year, same old crap.

Joey that is a pretty poor assessment...sure Philbin has his beliefs of what he should and should not talk about...the things he does spreak of...which I personally think is a lot...is well thought, well spoken and often insightful...sure he imploys "coach speak"...he is a coach!!! Damned good one too I think...

Philbin is a more boring version of even Bill Belichick, it kinda sucks I want the Dolphins to succeed, but I want Philbin out of here

Posted by: Joey | August 22, 2013 at 06:57 PM

If we go 3-2 in the SB for the next decade he can be as boring as Bill and then some as far as I'm concerned!!

DT fumbles in my assessment were mostly due to...too much effort...kind of a catch 22 statement...but at times he needed to just go down and stop fighting...that's when those D guys start atttacking for the ball...and you lose it...the real concern with DT is injuries...Miller and RT botched 1 hand off on the 1st play of 5 preseason games...hasn't happened again...non-issue...
The D-line alignment...you're really reaching on that one bruhda...

Miller has dropped several passes both in Games and practice. That's also considered not holding onto the ball. As far as the D alignment, that's what I read from Philbin's statemnt but it could be the 2ndary that's not calling the plays right according to the opponents O alignment.

Schiano is a rigid fundamentalist Coach. We can expect great battles along the O and D lines.

“I think again you learn about your team every single week in the NFL. That’s kind of the beauty, challenge and the exciting part about it. As a coach and a player, you are never quite sure what’s going to happen during a course of a game. They kind of each have their own storylines. I’m sure we are going to learn more about our football team



What statement were you reading???

Of course reading comprehension is more than likely lowest it has been in 50 years...

Sometimes, these Football Players, for many reasons. are not the brightest Luminaries in Humanity. What they have to learn to play effectively should be drilled thru constant repetitions into their muscle memory. A la Lombardi and Shula.

Why does it take so long for the posts to appear? TMH not paying their bill? Or maybe they are censoring more heavily.

Shula was also very lucky at that time besides being a great Coach. He had 4 Players on D with above average intelligence for Football Players, Buonicanti, Doug Swift, Dick Anderson and perhaps Jake Scott. On O he had Griese and perhaps Warfield. Awesome.

No, they haven't censored at least me here, Rudy. But it would be a good thing to know if any commentaries here can be reproduced intact or at all in another Blog.

Interviews with any member of this team that is allowed to do an interview all sound like the teacher from Snoopy.

I miss Bryan Cox just for telling it like it is... "We played like a bunch of girls," etc. No holding back. So tired of the pointless drivel. Basically, shut up and play. Fix what's broken and quit saying the same thing every week.

I don't care if I never hear another word out of Philbin/Coker/Lazarus. And the only words I want to hear out of Ireland is, "I've decided that it's time to spend more time with my family..."

Oscar they don't censor you because nobody understands your posts. You may be in another space/time continuum.

Eating nothing but crow today.
Not the first time.
Probably won't be the last time.


Any compliments for ETF tonight? Let them flow......

OMG, Ted (Sideline)Ginn just returned a punt all the way for Carolina......I wonder if the rest of his family took another trip to the east coast???????

Reggie Bush 5 rec 103 yds early 2nd Qtr

Exclusively based on past evidence, we have three Players that have above average intelligence as compared to most Football Players. Jonathan Martin, Tanehill and Nolan Carroll. The past evidence is that JMart graduated from Stanford, Tannehill completed pre-Med and Nolan Carroll comes from a prominent Florida politician family with obvious high education. Not everybody can do what these 3 have done therefore they are above average in intelligence as compared to most Football Players. This Exclusively based on their past performance and education. We'll see.

I hope the Dolphins do well. But I doubt that they do given all the choices made to this point.

Posted by: Sigh | August 22, 2013 at 06:13 PM

Compared to what, the choices you would have made eventhough you know next to nothing about football compared to the guys currently making the choices?

Posted by: Joey | August 22, 2013 at 06:57 PM

You're an absolute moron. That is all.

Who has Ginn now, Jim Harbaugh? Ted should be better than he was here.

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