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John Jerry back on the field today for some work

The Dolphins are back working at an 8 a.m. practice today and are in their shorts and helmets. And John Jerry has on his shorts and helmet. And he's taking part in at least part of the drills, at least in the walk-thru portion.

And he's linining up at starting right guard.

And suddenly the world is looking brighter for the Dolphins offensive line.

Jerry, starting the fourth week of what I reported would be a two-to-four week regimen to return from a knee injury, is seemingly right on schedule. He will be limited today and for a couple of days. He will not play against Houston on Saturday. But if he avoids a setback he might be able to play some in the Dolphins fourth preseason game next week vs Tampa Bay and be ready for the start of the season Sept. 8.

Jerry is dealing with multiple issues. Yes, he has to be full-go with the knee but he also needs to regain whatever conditioning he can and get in football shape by the opener. For Jerry, who historically struggles with his weight, getting in shape and avoiding a setback are the biggest questions now.

But he has taken a positive initial step.

This seems to be right on time as Nate Garner, who had been working at starting right guard earlier in the week after Josh Samuda struggled at Jacksonville, is not present at practice today. Samuda is working with the the reserves but will get some first-team reps when Jerry sits out drills.

Samuda had three weeks to win the RG  position and although he headed the pack of candidates for a couple of weeks, the poor Jacksonville outing was an eye-opener for coaches. He nonetheless will get first-team reps while Jerry is limited because, well, the team is short on bodies at that spot. Lance Louis remains mostly on second team.

[Update: Garner suffered a "bad" shoulder injury Monday and is out indefinitely, Jeff Darlington of NFL.com is reporting.]

The Dolphins re-signed quarterback Aaron Corp today. Why?

Well, Pat Devlin is not at practice for some unknown reason having to do with health. He is obviously injured again.

DT Randy Starks continues to be out with a knee injury.

DE Dion Jordan is not practicing today, either -- at least not in full throttle mode. He will continue to be held out of most drills as the team is being careful with his surgically repaired (and retweaked vs. Jacksonville) shoulder. Do not expect him to play Saturday vs. Houston.

[Practice update: Remember yesterday I posted a column noting how little Ryan Tannehill throws to Mike Wallace in most practices? Well, today Tannehill targetted Wallace more than perhaps any other practice this training camp. The two combined on at least two deep TDs of 45 and 50 yards.Both seemed to have fine practices today. Message received? Maybe.]


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OK, things need to get stable here, especially the o-line in the next 2 games. Go phins!

Ryan Tannehill was the NFL's worst quarterback on third downs last season. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman needs to fix that in year two.

Wow, 1st. and 2nd?

Pray for new ownership.

This Dion Jordan shoulder injury is starting to worry me. If he was not 100 percent and likely to get it re-injured, why'd they play him against Jacksonville?


If it becomes chronic, he'll be a bust.

Ryan Tannehill was the NFL's worst quarterback on third downs last season. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman needs to fix that in year two.
Posted by: 2 watt | August 14, 2013 at 08:49 AM

Draft Johnny Manziel next year!!

jordan has left the bldg.
c u in 2014.

Dion Jordan = Damaged Goods

irecorn will panic at 0-5 and will move 2014's # 1 for couzins before the dead line.

I love what Ireland did in the offseason except for ONE thing.

Franchising starks. They franchised him to keep solid depth at DT for 1 year. Everyone knows Starks, especially now showing signs of wear & tear, will not be signed long term next year. It will probably be Soliaia. And Odrick will be much cheaper to resign when his contract is up.

Other thing I'm not liking is, Dion Jordan smells like a Justin Smiley situation all over again. I hope I'm wrong but, shoulder injuries for OL or DL are NOT a good sign & constantly get aggrevated.

First play from scrimmage is a false start from TanneHenne. HE IS A WR YOU MORONS.LMAO@UHOMERS.

Jeff Ireland has this nasty habit of drafting injured players in the 1st rd. Odrick and Jordan. The 1st rd is NOT for injured players. Will someone let Ireland know this?

wow,irecorn is just shoveling all this chiz down the phanzs' throat and u dummies just sit there and let him + ross do it.

starks is hurt, the fat pig got his $$$$ and doezn't care no mo.

Jordan is not a bust, hell be situational for at least the first half of the year. Tannehill is and will be the #1,2,and 3 question mark this year. If he digresses or stays the same this year, Miami has some real question marks at qb. Also it will be tough the first 5 games, we are lookin at 1-4. Anything better than that and we have a real chance at a playoff run. We NEED that victory in Cleveland week 1. Its important not to panic when we are 1-4.

Poizen, if you're still here, sorry about your laptop man. I'm extremely surprised you got fried. i've been watching a tonne of stuff on that site for years including that game. I don't know how that would've happened. Did you download something off the site???

2 watt, most of the stuff you say I just laugh at but the Starks analysis I have to agree. I didn't like that signing at all. now the Dolphins are paying $8M in cap dollars for a #3 DT when their o line looks like it has question marks.

"Give me more pancakes".......John Jerry

So the OL will be boasted by a fat out of shape sloth in John Jerry. LOL

Jeff Ireland did a good job but he is being so friggin stubborn with the offensive line. Because no matter how good all the additions to the team are with Wallace,Gibson,Keller or Grimes. Without a good offensive line this team will still be an 8-8 or 9-7 at best. Why didn't we get that LT from KC?

boasted or boosted??

mark, senor~ 2 watt aims 2 pleaze + amuse.

Mark, if you know what I mean why correct me, were you an english teacher once?

u definitely do amuse ...


Can We trade Starks?....

to all you dolphin bashers out there I bet you wouldn't say any of the things you say about these players TO these players. simple minded lil beothches

starks for alberts.

No truth, but my wife is. Blame her...


2 watt, I was all aboard for that Albert for Starks trade possibility. DT is a huge weakness for KC ... oh well, too bad so sad.


mark, if they go 5-0 i'll stfu 4 1 day k?

I say keep BOASTING how great a camp Daniel Thomasis having and hope he keeps poppin a couple nice runs here and there in preseason and Not fumble. Making him Nice trade bait for a Good O-line guy, not necessarily a LT but just another good lineman cuz we need One Really Good Depth guy that can play Guard. Martin seems to.be settling in at LT so we need soeone to cover for Jerry if he can't or gets hut. Just a thought cuz Daniel Thomas won't be here next yr anyway...

staks disappeared the final 4. wtf was irecorn tink'n when he $$$$$ him?

How quickly we forget. Starks was the one true pro bowler we had last year. You jackasses gripe about losing an ever injured Long and throw a great player under the bus.It wasn't Solia or Odrick who were intercepting passes and causing fumbles, it was Starks. And not just last year but for a long time.

If any one of our players deserves our faith, it is Randy Starks.

Did Garner throw his shoulder out while visiting Lobstertube. He must have been really abusing himself....

2 watt, this blog would lose half their hits if you shut up for a day. Mando would banish me if I enforced that. heck if both of us disappeared, Mando would have his Vette re-possessed.

Lobstertube related injuries are up 24% across the league. Lobstertube is no joke!!

Now someone is a John Jerry fan?

Seriously. John Jerry. The same one everyone wanted to replace pre-injury. The same one the Fins more than likely will not resign after the season.

Yes, please bring John Jerry back. The same one that can't pull for the life of him. 350+lb but is usually on the floor half the time.

Again, I rather let Samunda develop into the starting RG.

You guys want consistency, Yet, don't want to develop the future line together.

The Fins have 4 linemen on the roster which will be a part of the future of the O-Line. J.Martin, D.Thomas, Pouncey, Samunda.

This year they should find a way to incorporate Samunda at RG, and D.Thomas at LG next season.

That way all you have to do is draft a RT, next season. And if you want since Martin is already predetermined to suck. You might as well make the pick a LT and move Martin back to RT. Build thru the Draft.

Not that Difficult. Ireland and Philbin knows this.


This is Philbin & Co. Second Season. He is installing a different system for the O-Line.

While rebuilding the rest of the Team and Redistributing Salary to more important positions. Philbin and Ireland have drafted players to develop along the line for its future.

Next Season don't expect Incognito or Jerry back. And even Clabo might be gone.

Philbin is rebuilding the team, the right way. Some parts have priority over others. Play makers have priority over O-line. Draft picks over Free Agents.

I know some of you still want Parcells back and the fins to spend a ton of money on Old FAs. But that is not the way we do things now.

LOL 1 week later and theres still references to Lobstertube.

Rubber mat violence is also a problem.

Man, Kolb just finds new and crazy ways to get injured.

Starks had a bad end of the year because of his mom dying I think. He could not practice for a while. I can give him a little bit of a pass on that one.

Yeah, I think 8.45 mil on Starks was too much now looking back on it. Who knew that Odrick and Vernon would have great camps and the team would pick up Jordan though?

On the O-line front I'm glad to have Jerry back. He'll at least be able to do a serviceable job at RG.

Honestly we will know after this year if Martin is the real deal at LT or not. I'm glad Ireland didn't trade for Albert. A draft pick and a fat contract? It smelled of Andy Reid trying to screw us again.

He also apparently made Long a fair offer from everything I read. I think Long and his wife were gone when the team didn't give him 11 mil a year again. In that case, good riddance.

Chris Perkins @chrisperk
Not much bounce at all from players today. Everybody kinda dragging around. Low-energy practice.

John Jerry is no savious but he is 100% better than the next guy up. This OLine has no depth at all. Samuda had his chance, he's not ready. Thomas probably becomes the starting right tackle next year. they may draft a guard early if Martin continues to improve and Thomas progresses as planned.

Philbin and Tannehill just told Armando to STFU!!! WOOOO!!! I love it!!! You will notice Philbin usually will address all reporters directly by their name...not Armando!!!

NeMO - I think I said about 1,000 times that Odrick should be the starting DT -It was obvious and I'm surprised they threw that tag along so foolishly. If this had been a year where they were tight up against the cap that move would really be magnified.

Starks is a good player, very good player, never said otherwise but $8.5M is a big chunk of the cap. he's our biggest cap hit this year I think. That doesn't seem right.

Philbin reads the blog!! I think rdubs is Philbin ... I can tell..



Can't visit youtube at work. the gist??

According to Walker it looks like the offense is playing well today. Even Mando is complimenting it!

Yeah Mark, I remember you being against giving Starks the tag from day 1.

Posted by: Dashi | August 14, 2013 at 09:58 AM

Look clown, no one is singing Jerry's praises. The fact is, he's the best out of a rotten bunch. Of course we want him out there, he gives us the best shot at being relatively successful on offense!

Whether you like him or not is irrelevant. He's better than everyone else, including Samuda.

Samuda? LMAO A backup, that's his ceiling. You think he is a future starter on this oline? YIKES!

BTW, garner has "apparently" sustained a serious shoulder injury. He was the next best option at RG after Jerry. If Jerry isn't ready & Garner is out, Samud will get eaten alive against starting caliber D lineman.

Samuda can look decent against scrubs flipping your burgers next week but, not against quality competition!

Honey Badger dont give a shyt...

I remember VIVIDLY Mark & I being a couple in the minority NOT wanting to resign Starks & instead use that money elsewhere on the roster.

The claim from the majority of "bloggers" here was that Odrick, who even though played DT @ a high level in College at a major school, was not strong enough or big enough to play DT in the pros.

Well, looks like that theory is blown out of the water.

"Bloggers" here should stick to what they know, not what they don't!

Sorry Mark, I was away. No problem my friend, I knew you would not mean for that to happen, just sucked. Yea, they said we needed to update our viewer to be compatible and my wife just went with it figuring it was normal, obviously it isnt. :(

Poizen, never click on anything to install anything on though sites ever.

Nothing like a bunch of hindsight posters at the beginning of the day...it's always 20/20 on your end...right???

I understand the idea of Starks as insurance but that's some mighty expensive insurance. Then they go ahead and sign Vaughan Martin who very easily could've been their #3 ... and that's not even mentioning Kheeston Randall who continues to prove to be solid in part time work ...

People keep saying Tannehill was the worst QB on third down last year but it keeps not being true. Even Omar Kelly pulled that one out the other day. What is it with people making up things to bash Tannehill? He's got actual flaws in his game people could rag on but they keep using fictitious "facts". Lol



Poizen, yeah you can't download anything off these sights. Wouldn't surprise me if that ad was paid for by the NFL and meant to terrroize the people that refuse to pay $20 for preseason games.

I think the NYG success over the Patsies has something to do with the DL focus...I dont think they should have necessarily tagged Starks either but I don't think it hurt them in doing so...If they felt they needed to push to bring in another OL or any other position...then they had and still have the room to do so...of course the pool is shallow and the water has gone all green...The 8.5 will be back off the books in 2014...no big deal IMO...

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