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John Jerry back on the field today for some work

The Dolphins are back working at an 8 a.m. practice today and are in their shorts and helmets. And John Jerry has on his shorts and helmet. And he's taking part in at least part of the drills, at least in the walk-thru portion.

And he's linining up at starting right guard.

And suddenly the world is looking brighter for the Dolphins offensive line.

Jerry, starting the fourth week of what I reported would be a two-to-four week regimen to return from a knee injury, is seemingly right on schedule. He will be limited today and for a couple of days. He will not play against Houston on Saturday. But if he avoids a setback he might be able to play some in the Dolphins fourth preseason game next week vs Tampa Bay and be ready for the start of the season Sept. 8.

Jerry is dealing with multiple issues. Yes, he has to be full-go with the knee but he also needs to regain whatever conditioning he can and get in football shape by the opener. For Jerry, who historically struggles with his weight, getting in shape and avoiding a setback are the biggest questions now.

But he has taken a positive initial step.

This seems to be right on time as Nate Garner, who had been working at starting right guard earlier in the week after Josh Samuda struggled at Jacksonville, is not present at practice today. Samuda is working with the the reserves but will get some first-team reps when Jerry sits out drills.

Samuda had three weeks to win the RG  position and although he headed the pack of candidates for a couple of weeks, the poor Jacksonville outing was an eye-opener for coaches. He nonetheless will get first-team reps while Jerry is limited because, well, the team is short on bodies at that spot. Lance Louis remains mostly on second team.

[Update: Garner suffered a "bad" shoulder injury Monday and is out indefinitely, Jeff Darlington of NFL.com is reporting.]

The Dolphins re-signed quarterback Aaron Corp today. Why?

Well, Pat Devlin is not at practice for some unknown reason having to do with health. He is obviously injured again.

DT Randy Starks continues to be out with a knee injury.

DE Dion Jordan is not practicing today, either -- at least not in full throttle mode. He will continue to be held out of most drills as the team is being careful with his surgically repaired (and retweaked vs. Jacksonville) shoulder. Do not expect him to play Saturday vs. Houston.

[Practice update: Remember yesterday I posted a column noting how little Ryan Tannehill throws to Mike Wallace in most practices? Well, today Tannehill targetted Wallace more than perhaps any other practice this training camp. The two combined on at least two deep TDs of 45 and 50 yards.Both seemed to have fine practices today. Message received? Maybe.]


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I'm sure Wallace got more thrown at him today because of your article. I know Philbin must read it everyday to see how he is running things. Good work!

But complaining about having too many good players at a spot is a good problem, no? At least it wasn't a long term deal.

Next Season don't expect Incognito or Jerry back. And even Clabo might be gone.

Philbin is rebuilding the team, the right way. Some parts have priority over others. Play makers have priority over O-line. Draft picks over Free Agents.

I know some of you still want Parcells back and the fins to spend a ton of money on Old FAs. But that is not the way we do things now.

Posted by: Dashi | August 14, 2013 at 09:58 AM

So you are saying they will dump 3/5ths of their oline next year? That would be sheer stupidity. That would be going backwards. Great olines are not made in a season of picks and trades, it takes years playing together for them to establish cohesiveness

Nothing like a bunch of hindsight posters at the beginning of the day...it's always 20/20 on your end...right???

Posted by: Jack! | August 14, 2013 at 10:27 AM

If this is directed at me, my response is this:

This isn't about hindsight being 20/10. It's about a bunch of blabbermouths here insisting Odrick wasn't big enough to replace Starks. When it looks as if his transition back to his natural DT has gone smoothly.

In reality, Starks was a luxury we really didn't need to spend that kind of money on when Oline was more important.

I was & still am confident in Jonathan Martin at LT but, it's been no secret we need more athletic guards to run Sherman/Philbins WC system.

We could have signed a guard long term, who could start for a few years, for less than what we're giving Starks for 1 year to be a rotational DT. And it would have filled a more pressing need, not a luxury.

That's not hindsight, it's fact.

great news on RT17 and wallace.

hope the dolphins start using a pick some where in the drafts on a project QB. Delvin's not a future starter for us so lets groom someone that might be.

Jack! It was splurging on a position of strength that created a position of weakness. It was a mistake, but it was made back when we were most likely targeting a o lineman in the first round. The Jordan trade up was a pick of opportunity not design.

Why in the world do we need another depth Qb? We have two of those already. What we need is for Tannehill to continue to improve and we can pull a New England and not worry about Qb for 10 years.

My point IS we could have franchised Starks AND gone after an OL if they thought they needed too...I think the lack of pusuit of another OL in the offseason points more towards their belief in the OLs current players...and has NOTHING to do with starks 8.5 tender...Folks are imlying we paid $8 for an apple and didn't have any money left for an orange...and that not the case...we had/have money for an orange we just didn't want an orange..and now all of the oranges are spoiled...

Franchising Starks looks bad now, but at the time for me it didn't seem to bad a move. They clearly wanted to see who between Soliai and Starks deserves an extension at the end of the season.

I agree that Odrick always looked likely to be a top player for us on the interior of the line. Especially after how well he did in relief last season.

To me the Stark signing was insurance and they were happy paying that for one year. At the moment it looks like Soliai will be the one getting the offer, and a 2 year deal would allow us to look for the next young DT to slot into the Dline.

It was a mistake, but it was made back when we were most likely targeting a o lineman in the first round. The Jordan trade up was a pick of opportunity not design.

Posted by: Darkoak | August 14, 2013 at 10:36 AM

Obviously we weren't. The only two they would have considered went one and two, they didn't want the guy picked at 4 or anyone else later.

Im just really confused on how franchising Starks was a mistake??? Especially if someone on the DL goes down...It was not a mistake...was it absolutely necessary...well at the moment...no but you can't say it was a mistake...well...you can say that but just because we say something doesn't make it truth!!!

Sounds as if Louis was getting more work today, and made a nice blitz pick-up (not sure if that was with the second or third team).

Depth wise we are fine at guard as we will have Jerry, Louis, Incognito, Samuda, Thomas and maybe Garner. I would be happier if LOuis was fully up to speed as he would be our starter at RG and Jerry would be the main backup. Maybe in another few weeks.

Luke we don't know that, and there were two very capable guards in that 4-12 range. Do you think Ireland's plan when he franchised Starks and couldn't resign Long was that he would try to get the 3 pick and get Jordan? Like I said I don't think it was, that was an opportunistic pick based on the Raiders accepting below book value for the pick. If Jordan had been picked 2 we would have Joeckle almost certainly.

Nice update Verb...good thing we have a few weeks to see what comes to light...

Next Season don't expect Incognito or Jerry back. And even Clabo might be gone.

Posted by: Dashi | August 14, 2013 at 09:58 AM

So you are saying they will dump 3/5ths of their oline next year? That would be sheer stupidity. That would be going backwards. Great olines are not made in a season of picks and trades, it takes years playing together for them to establish cohesiveness

Posted by: dashIdiot observer | August 14, 2013 at 10:34 AM

Cogs Clabo are still in their prime. Jerry is doing better than Louis who everyone raved about. Philbin knows who is best for the oline more than any dumb blogger trying to tell him what kind of players fit his system

It was reported after the draft they were targeting Eifert at 12. They had no intetion of drafting oline in the first round and there was a good one they could have taken at 3 who went 4.

I I I ..... get off your high horse Mando...WGAS whether what YOU reported four weeks ago came to fruition...and do you honestly believe the players GAS what you say in your column, to sit there and say they heard your message in narcissistic. You need to reread your column before posting and double check...your ego!

I'd have to disagree that Cogs is in his prime...last season he did look like a BEAST for the first half of the season...then he started playing like crapola...

Incognito will be allowed to test FA next offseason. Dallas Thomas has not been good at T, but he is not an NFL T, he is better suited to being a pulling guard. I think we may try to resign Clabo, maybe to a 2 year deal.

As for Jerry doing better than Louis, of course he is because we are not rushing Louis back. It would not surprise me if he does overtake Jerry once fully fit as he is perfect for the zone blocking scheme.

Am I right in thinking Louis is just signed on a one year deal. If I am remembering that correctly don't be surprised if he gets an offer at the end of the season.

So, everyone's heard that the World Famous 1972 UNDEFEATED Miami Dolphins are getting honored at the White House in beautiful Washington, D.C. next week, right? Guess who will be in attendance to welcome them correctly? YUP! You guessed it, yours truly. One of the most exciting honors ever bestowed on me. I can't wait. Trying to decide how tacky it would be if I brought a hat or jersey or something to get signed (and if Secret Service will let me through with it). #BestTeamEver


I hardly consider our depth at Guard as good. Jerry has been decent but, if he gets hurt, then what?

Thomas, Garner & Samuda are not starting quality players. If Jerry or ANY of our starting olineman for that matter, go down for an extended period, we are screwed.

Armando said it best in a tweet & I agree 100%. Other teams backups struggle to be starters. Our backups struggle to be backups.

Why do you think Philbin is shuffling bodies everywhere on the line? None of them are good enough! I expect at least 2, if not more, lineman get claimed off waivers to replace the dead weight we have.

Louis will still yet push jerry. he's only 9 months removed from ACL surgery. He won't and isn't expected to be at full strength yet. he will at some point though this year. nice ace to have up the sleeve and a guy who can play four positions on the o line at a higher level than Garner. Wise spending of $1.5M even if it is for 3/4 of the season.

Luke I beleive the Dolphins depth chart went


or Austin - Eifert.

.. from what I was able to collect.

Going to the White House next week to honor the '72 Dolphins. Can't wait. Will be one of the best days of my LIFE!!!

We'll never really know now Luke, it's all just guessing. But where there's smoke there's fire and the Albert talks show Ireland was looking to improve at LT. I stand by Jordan being the BPA pick on Ireland's draft board not some designed move.

I thought Dallas Thomas did pretty well at right tackle - he's working right tackle today. I think he may be groomed there to replace Clabo next year.

Nice DC, that sounds amazing...

Buoniconti and Warfield are the next two frameable autographed jerseys I buy to put up in my man cave wall of fame. never saw those guys first hand but read a lot about that team and those guys sound like they were all world.

LOL, Philbin wants guys who can play multiple positions along that line. Unlike many other teams we do not want players who only play LT or RG.

That desire to have versatile players has led to some of the experimentation we have seen. If we hadn't we would not know that Samuda is not ready to play Guard or that Thomas is not ready to play tackle.

Dallas Thomas will be a very good interior lineman. I was not saying that we had excellent depth (and apologies if that is how it sounded) but we have plenty of bodies, and plenty of young players with whom Philbin is persevering. I therefore trust that he sees potential, and trust him to make them better, which is the opposite of how I felt with Sparano.


I'm trying to find out if I can bring a jersey or hat or something to get signed. Not sure Secret Service will let me in with it or not (also, they don't always mingle afterwards I'm told, sometimes the teams just come and go). Either way, it will be nice to see a Dolphins team that actually WON a SB (even though it was a year before I was born).

yeah, two years before me too. Wear the hat and jersey, if that's the case. I hope you do get to mingle with those dudes.

Gary Stevens agress with Dashi

Are the Dolphins so HIDEOUS on the offensive line that the return of JOHN JERRY (WFT!?) is considered a net positive.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- a properly filled bag of potatoes is, arguably, a better option at RG than Jerry. The best adjective I can use to describe Jerry is that he is 'less terrible than Samuda'.

So as of right now the Dolphins have bona fide NFL starters at C, LG and RT (if Clabo rounds into form) along with an inexperienced and overmatched LT, and a bunch of replacement level ham-and-eggers at RG.

Ryan Tannehill's jersey is going to get very, very dirty...

Gary Stevens is done

Jerry is back.
The OL is saved!

Gary Stevens is done
Posted by: Gary Stevens | August 14, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Is this how you climb off the ladies??? Wheres the romance??? Did you even see the disappointemnt in her eyes???

fin4life WINS with his answer of "Pink Flamingos."

I do not trust anyone who does not love that movie.

Jeff Ireland spends hours in here each day. He told the team to throw a couple deep ones to Wallace while Mando was watching.

You can get a hell of a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking your head up a bull's arse...but wouldn't you rather take the butcher's word for it...

The roster or position flexibility is a return to the soprano years.

If you have a bunch of guys who play multiple positions you really have no one who is proficient at one thing.

You're seeing this along the line right now. Your starters do 1 particular thing & they do it pretty good.

Surely, it's not a coincidence or a surprise that when you bring in a bunch of backups who don't excel at 1 thing, you see a major drop off.

When we play Houston this week:
- Who will cover De'Andre hopkins?
- Who will cover Andre Johnson?
- Who will cover Keyshawn Martin?

Our team does look pretty good on paper.
The Texans look good on paper AND on the field.

We are making progress; I'm looking forward to the Houston game.

Kubiak will play his starters for the first half, our OL should be able to hold up for a half.

Going to the White House next week to honor the '72 Dolphins. Can't wait. Will be one of the best days of my LIFE!!!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 14, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Then you have had quite a sad and dull life. Here's to better days.

When the Texans line up with 3 WRs (Hopkins/Johnson/Martin) and 1 RB (Foster) and they are in the shotgun do you think they will run the draw play?
We need to be prepared for that.

Sure, Armando. Tannehill is throwing to Wallace more frequently because YOU said he needs to. Sure. Maybe all these losing seasons are the result of you NOT telling the team to win more. Maybe that's why the fins haven't won...hmmm...seems like an easy fix, then.


Only Andre Johnson to worry

Dolphins are looking more and more everyday as a "weak sister" in the NFL. And I refuse to believe Tanneghill is a franchise QB. Some of the stuff he tells the media is pure poppy-cock.

Performance in the preseason has never been an indicator of performance in the regular season.

So as of right now the Dolphins have bona fide NFL starters at C, LG and RT (if Clabo rounds into form) along with an inexperienced and overmatched LT, and a bunch of replacement level ham-and-eggers at RG.

Ryan Tannehill's jersey is going to get very, very dirty...

Gary Stevens is done

Posted by: Gary Stevens | August 14, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Did you watch the Jaguars game? Martin looked much better against them than he did against the Cowboys, even dominant at times. He looked better than Jake Long looked against the Browns.

I think the problem with all the movement has been the miscommunication between Claybo,Samuda and Pouncey.

Jack! Tommy Boy!!! Can't get that one by me!!!

Movie was funny as fukkk

This blog never ceases to astound me. I have read no less the 15 posts from people complaining that Jeff Ireland didn't address the O-line this past off season.
Truth is he did. He Drafted Dallas Thomas who was the #6 rated tackle in the draft. He brought in Lance Louis from Chicago who have a great season in 2012 until being injured. I suspect Lance Louis will be at RG by game 2-4 of the season. His injury will be completely healed barring further injury.
But the reason it cracks me up is every time Ireland has used a 1st round pick on a lineman 3/4 of the fans in Miami lose they're minds and start screaming "What about play makers? Who's going to catch and run the ball? Bla Bla Bla"....
It's no different when Ireland drafts D-line guys. I remember when he drafted Odrick and Odrick broke his leg in the first game of regular season against Buffalo. People were all posting about how Odrick was a bust and how his Bones were as brittle and chalk.
..............WRONG AGAIN!!!!...........
Then Ireland drafted Pouncey... "Wasted Pick... Why didn't he draft so and so or who's and who???" Pouncey will NEVER amount to anything... he can't snap shotgun snaps... Bla Bla Bla
...............WRONG AGAIN!!!...................
The guy is considered one of the top 5 centers in the NFL.....
So now it's Dion Jordan..... His shoulder is going to be chronic (who ever said that smokes too much chronic)... he has an injury... not a chronically recurring issue. Some guys take longer to heal. Truth is... until Jordan is coached up and can set an edge he's a liability... But he's WAY too talented not to develop so long as the work ethic is there...
It seems those people constantly calling out Ireland about these picks would get a clue. How many times do you need to be proven wrong? EVERY TEAM misses on players... Even NE's God Bellcheat... In fact... Bellycheat misses a BUNCH...
This should be the #2 game of the preseason. That glorified scrimmage against Dallas was a practice for all intent and purpose. We'll know more about Miami after the August 24th Tampa game. By then... Miami needs to start showing they have they're act together.

De'Andre Hopkins, Keyshawn Martin???

Who cares??? One of those guys is slower than Darnell Ellerbe and the other one I never heard of. I hear of Keyshawn Johnson, I heard of Curtis martin .. but not that guy.

Houston??? Who cares!!!

@ JIMBO 8:59 am

You say Ireland has a habit of drafting injured players in the 1st rd? You named TWO. Name the other 1st rd injured players that have been drafted that constitute a HABIT? How are two players a HABIT?

Personally, I think Hopkins has the chance to be a VERY good WR in the NFL. Time will tell but, he has the size.

Doesn't hurt that he's learning from Andre Johnson.

LOL, maybe in time, who's to say but regardless he's a rookie and the chances of him being a major problem for our defense is not high.

The last rookie WR to be a major threat was who ... Randy Moss? Anquan Boldin?? Maybe I forgot one but they are few and far between.

Do you know what the prime of a players career is?

Usually from 24-29. In football.

So saying someone that is over 30 is in their prime is WRONG!!


3/5 of the O-Line?

Aren't we replacing 3/5 of the O-line this year? RT, RG, LT.

Next, Nimrod.

All 4 players that I said will already have 1 year of NFL experience. It is called developing the talent you draft. Unlike Spo, Philbin coaches his players up. He allows them to reach their full potential.

SO IT WOULD ONLY BE 1 ROOKIE STARTING. IF WE DRAFT A RT, NEXT SEASON. 4 of 5 players are already on their team.

But I know the Fins have done a Decade of Losing and you are so narrow minded you can't see pass this season.

Who are the 2 first round picks Ireland drafted that have been hurt when we drafted him?

I can only count 1. Unless we want to say T-Hill was injured when we drafted him.

And it is Idiotic to think because a guy is hurt once he is prone to get hurt again.

Getting hurt is part of the game. You heal up and then you go out and play.

Most injuries happen by accident. But you wouldn't know that. Since you never played A game. Not just this game.

Hey Dashi

Was that you I saw sweating profusely at the bus stop in Hialeah yesterday? Waiting on mass transit here sucks. I'd have offered you a lift but I had just been cleaned.

And the Gull of this guy.

That he tells people something and they automatically take his word as Gospel.


You just started paying more attention to them. Or finally figured out what number M.Wallace wears. Because everyone else has been reporting T-Hill and Wallace Connecting. We know you are always late to the party. Just didn't know you were this late.


Even a scumbag like me doesn't live in that hell hole.

Hialeah is basically Cuba North.

And a guy that drives a little red 94 Honda civic shouldn't be joking about people taking a bus. At least a Bus has A/C.

I'm a 2008 S2000.

Miami to my eyes has three parts. Coral Gables, South Beach, and the rest is Hialeah regardless of what name they try to hide it with.

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