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John Jerry back on the field today for some work

The Dolphins are back working at an 8 a.m. practice today and are in their shorts and helmets. And John Jerry has on his shorts and helmet. And he's taking part in at least part of the drills, at least in the walk-thru portion.

And he's linining up at starting right guard.

And suddenly the world is looking brighter for the Dolphins offensive line.

Jerry, starting the fourth week of what I reported would be a two-to-four week regimen to return from a knee injury, is seemingly right on schedule. He will be limited today and for a couple of days. He will not play against Houston on Saturday. But if he avoids a setback he might be able to play some in the Dolphins fourth preseason game next week vs Tampa Bay and be ready for the start of the season Sept. 8.

Jerry is dealing with multiple issues. Yes, he has to be full-go with the knee but he also needs to regain whatever conditioning he can and get in football shape by the opener. For Jerry, who historically struggles with his weight, getting in shape and avoiding a setback are the biggest questions now.

But he has taken a positive initial step.

This seems to be right on time as Nate Garner, who had been working at starting right guard earlier in the week after Josh Samuda struggled at Jacksonville, is not present at practice today. Samuda is working with the the reserves but will get some first-team reps when Jerry sits out drills.

Samuda had three weeks to win the RG  position and although he headed the pack of candidates for a couple of weeks, the poor Jacksonville outing was an eye-opener for coaches. He nonetheless will get first-team reps while Jerry is limited because, well, the team is short on bodies at that spot. Lance Louis remains mostly on second team.

[Update: Garner suffered a "bad" shoulder injury Monday and is out indefinitely, Jeff Darlington of NFL.com is reporting.]

The Dolphins re-signed quarterback Aaron Corp today. Why?

Well, Pat Devlin is not at practice for some unknown reason having to do with health. He is obviously injured again.

DT Randy Starks continues to be out with a knee injury.

DE Dion Jordan is not practicing today, either -- at least not in full throttle mode. He will continue to be held out of most drills as the team is being careful with his surgically repaired (and retweaked vs. Jacksonville) shoulder. Do not expect him to play Saturday vs. Houston.

[Practice update: Remember yesterday I posted a column noting how little Ryan Tannehill throws to Mike Wallace in most practices? Well, today Tannehill targetted Wallace more than perhaps any other practice this training camp. The two combined on at least two deep TDs of 45 and 50 yards.Both seemed to have fine practices today. Message received? Maybe.]


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OK, I am going to again explain the genius of picking Dion Jordan with the third pick in the draft, and why Jeff Ireland runs rings around other GM's.
First, keep in mind that the Dolphins are completely stocked at every position, and obviously a perennial playoff contender. This puts them in a position to draft the best available player. You need this when you are picking third, as the two sure things are sure to be gone by the time the Dolphins are on the clock. Now how to determine the best available player - first is the player injured? Check. Does the player need to remake his body and add about 30 pounds in order to have any chance to play in the NFL? Check. Will every other team in the NFL be baffled by picking Jordan in this slot? - check. Is the player drafted going to compete for a position where he probably won't start? -check. Will the player be best suited for the first couple seasons after the injury heals to play special teams? check
As you can now see, Jordan fits all the criteria for a great draft pick, a contrarian pick that blows away all expectations.
With a little careful analysis, Jeff Ireland's acumen becomes more and more apparent. Well done, sir!

On the resigning of Starks.

The Fins didn't know they would have a chance at Drafting a Franchise DE, until the days leading up to the draft. After Free Agency.

They had a feeling they would have to use Odrick at DE for 1 more season. While Vernon develops. Vernon and Shelby have developed faster than even the Coaches Imagined.

Plus, Starks fits the system more than Soliai. If we were to keep 1 of the 2, I would rather keep Starks.

Cuba North? yeah, sounds like a heckhole. The cool Cubans stayed behind. Going to Havana in a few weeks, load up on cigars, taste the local ... uh ... flavour.

Seriously, you guys don;t know what you're missing out on down there.

If you did, you guys would stop paying stupid prices to party on South beach and Vegas.

Has anybody analyzed Mike Wallace's stats?

Last season he had 64 catches for 836 yards with a long of 82.

His overall average was 13.2 yds/rec but if you take out the 1 reception for 82 then the average of the other 63 receptions is 11.96/yds/rec.

So of the 64 catches 63 of them were definitely not over the top of the defense.

Why is Mando trying to sell us 'long bombs' to Wallace when it is just not his history.

Keep Starks over Soliai? Dashi .. WRONG!

Soliai is a brick building in there. Takes up two blockers, frees up Ellerbe and basically while Soliai is on his game, teh other team follows one basic commandment ,,... thou shall not run it at us!!!

Starks is a good player but he's not a human blockade like Big Paul ... players like him come around rarely .. Tim Bowens, Ted Washington, Sam Adams .. this is the ilk of Big Paul ... probably my favourite current Dolphin.

ETF, not all of Wallace's long plays will be over the top bombs..

in fact his bread and butter play is the crossing route where he catches the ball in stride and in space. he gets this, turn out the lights .., it's game over.

By the way, 51 yard pass was a crossing route against the Giants in the meadowlands. I was there.

Are you one of those lechers that prey on 12 y/olds, Mark? Before going there, I advice you to check the regulations; they have changed, drastically.

ETF, did you only look at last year stats, you have to factor in all of his previous seasons as well, the guy is a flat out playmaker

Armando tries to sell shyt sammiches from his shyt sammich stand erryday...nothing new here...thats why one must constantly disregard anything he says...he is like a ticked off teenage that got turned down at prom...except this is the 20th reunion and he still can't get over it...

easy there oscar, all the ladies are of legal age. It's not Bangkok or Manila for crying out loud...

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Why is the Dirtiest part of the County, your part of the County. The Corrupt Part of the County. You guys give Miami a Bad Name. Not all of you, some of you are very respectful people. But most have little class.

oh, like in 40 year Old Virgin ...

Anyone watch the Incredible Burt Wonderstone? Movie was funny as heckkk

Seriously, you guys don;t know what you're missing out on down there.

If you did, you guys would stop paying stupid prices to party on South beach and Vegas.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 14, 2013 at 01:37 PM

Very true, but keep in mind all of South and Central America have the same benefits or better. I go as often as I can.

MIT & Truth,
I know Mike Wallace is a playmaker.

I know that if he gets in space he has the speed to outrun the D.

I'm not complaining.

I'm simply pointing out that mando keeps selling us 50 yard bombs like that is his usual play but according to the stats his usual play is a reception about 10 yds downfiled.


I beg to differ.

Soliai is a good run stuffer but that was it. He can't play 3 Downs like Starks.

And both are about to reach the end of their Career. I believe Starks decline will be less drastic than Soliai.

Hopefully the Fins can resign Both at a Reasonable price for 2-3 Years. But if not I prefer starks. He is more complete.

valid point @ 1:54. Just that Havana is also very cheap because of no USA involvement. 4 days in a 5 star in havana .. $500 including tax and flight. Can't beat that with a bat!!

But you're right, other places you've mentioned have similar benefits.

EFT in Wallace 4 year career he averages 17.5 YPC and 8 TD per year thats the most imporatnt stat. I never thought Armando was trying to imply Tannehill constantly needs to hit Wallace with a 50 yard bomb...

ETF, yeah, you will get maybe 5-6 "bombs" from Wallace per year. The rest is the slant and button hook variety that average 10-15 yards.

Dashi, wrong! Soliai's game is pure power .. power is the last physical attribute to leave. His game projects better as an older player. Think Casey Hampton, Ted Washington .. very long careers if they keep theiir knees clean.

Starks a better threee down player?? If an extra two sacks a year makes it so... give me SOliai every day and twice on Sundays ... when it counts!!

Starks is a marginally better pass rusher but Soliai is twice the run stopper.


I have a Friend who is a Captain of a Yacht and every time he goes down there he comes back with some good Cubans to smoke. And agreed, from everyone that I know that vacations down there, tells me the same thing. The Cubans over there are better than the Cubans over here. People are more humble and more serviceable in Cuba.

On the Child prostitution. I heard that is usually reserved for Old Degenerate Cubans that Troll football blogs.

Whenever I have $500 to squander I have never been tempted to squander it flying to Havana.

S2000's have become colletors items. They hold their value. The are way more fun to drive than a Miata, but nothing gay about either car. The are great cars. You rationalize against them because you have no car. Envy. Jealousy. You'd love one if you had one.

I'm not whoever it was with an old civic, although I did have one years ago, put 140,000 miles on it with no problems ever.

If I do decide to go to Cuba I want to go there on a homemade raft.
Can you recalculate the cost of the Cuba vacation if I float there rather than fly?
Also when i am crossing the ocean will the GPS tell me when to paddle and when to coast?

S2000's have become colletors items. They hold their value. The are way more fun to drive than a Miata, but nothing gay about either car. The are great cars. You rationalize against them because you have no car. Envy. Jealousy. You'd love one if you had one.

I'm not whoever it was with an old civic, although I did have one years ago, put 140,000 miles on it with no problems ever.

Burt Wonderstone was just plain painful to watch.

Some parts were slightly humorous but, overall it was awful.

Gandolfini was great however.

ETF, hot young cuban women, cheap booze, and the world's best cigars are not everyone's speed .. I get that.

And Dashi, you're right, Cubans in Miami and natives are just different people ... not saying one is better or worse because that's all subjective ... was just making a joke earlier. Just different

Gandolfini was great and that scene with Carrell and the hot chick was awesome ...

I said no offense so therefore, you can't take offense!!

If I had to chose between Solia and Starks, I'd take Big Paul. I like both players. Then I would try to sign the younger Odrick to play the Starks role.

I like all 3 guys, I just don't think we can afford all 3. Then again, maybe I should focus on this season.


I've spent time in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Santiago, north coast of Brazil, and have rented these little temporary furnished apartments for the equivalent of $500 - $700 a month, including maid service. Plus with all the wonderful local benefits. All on the up and up, nothing illegal, and totally safe environments.

You're right. Why waste money in South Beach. You get way more bang for your buck elsewhere, no pun intended.

Soliai over Starks. It's not even close.

Starks has been in the league 3 more years than Soliai even though they're the same age.

Give me the guy with less wear & tear on him. You can already see Starks missing time in training camp.

3 extra years in the trenches is A LOT!

Jeff Ireland's acumen becomes more and more apparent. Well done, sir!

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | August 14, 2013 at 01:34 PM

The pun should definitely be intended!!

That does sound like a great experience tho.

I'm consulting for a Brazilian mining company right now. Keep wishign they'd send me down there. After 16 months, I should give up that ghost ...

Am I the only one around here that wished RGIII would STFU...
Seriously dude...train...practice...shut the front door!!!
8 months I have had to listen to story after story about this cats knee...and his recover...NO CARE!!!

His leg is going to fly off in a game like that kicker on the Simpsons .. that will be hilarious to watch...

Starks is very effective when playing With Soliai. Their strengths compliment each other. They cannot replace each other.

The question is Starks or Odrick. Odrick needs to prove this year that he can replace Starks.

AS LOL said Starks has some wear and tear.

I'm not ripping Irelan...

bit....the post @ 1:24 is too funny...

Well played...lol....

S2000 Collectible?

Just cause the car is discontinued doesn't make it collectible.

And again. That Car screams Mid Life Crisis.

2.2L engine. HA!!

That is basically a street legal Go-Kart.

Now if you were to tell me a RX-7. A Corvette. A Camaro. Heck, Even a Mustang.

But a S2000. Seriously, that isn't something no grown man should be proud of. Might as well drive a Fiat 500. At least you can say it is European.

And How many "Collectible" Japanese Cars do you know?

And last I checked a Car has to be over 25 years old to be considered a Collectible. There are levels to Car Collectivity. Age Groups if you will.

Unless it was a Limited Edition. And You don't have S2000 GT or Type S. Else you would've said so from jump.


Congrats on the invite to the 72 FINS....how did you pull that off....

I tried to go to the White House for easter egg hunt last year...DENIED....

As a proud conspiracy theorist....I felt justified in writing it off to some of the "questionable" websites that I may visit...and gather information from...

I don't believe I have a snowballs chance in HE!! of getting anywhere near the White House....

Ask President Obama how it feels to have a hand jamed up his @ss for 8 years....and if he will ever be able to sleep @ night (without medication) after helping to undermine and sellout the "American people" into futher poverty nd slavery....

Sorry...got off topic....


Kris, didn't you serve in the military? Sad that they wouldn't let you visit what you protected ..


Try living hear...in Northern VA....lol...

RG Arrogant is what they should rename him...

He has definetly put some real (undo) pressure on himself this year....

apperantly he didn't get the memo...

the heiarchy is HC/GM...then star player....

If I were him...I woudn't say a word without shanny in every other paragraph....

My catch phrase would be...

"I'll play when Coach Shannahan says I'm ready"

next question...

Any comments on 2 deep passes from Thill to Wallace? 40 and 50 yards each.

Dashi is riddled with envy. S2000's are not porche's or race cars but they are very popular amongs car enthusiasts of all ages. They handle great and rev nicely. Comparing it to a Fiat 500 is silly. Mid life crises talk is nonsense. What kind of car is a midlifer supposed to have? Some fashionable sedan? Fun is fun. To each his own.

What is obvious is you are too eager to put down someone's car because you don't have one. I use this name because you've judged people time and again by the car they drive, which is already super childish, yet you don't even have a car. That makes you lame and stupid and infantile.

I drove a FIAT Punto when I was in Portugal. The freeway had no real speed limit so I gave it. I swear the car was swaying like crazy at 150-160 km'h. I would've liked to have either of my autos from here down there ... shame.

I don't even think the Punto would be legal in Canada or the USA. piece of junk.

And both for TD

Still serving Mark...and got a brother who retired after 22 years...

I'm heading to Germany in NOV (thought is was Hawaii...put it got pulled)

and yes...I thought the same thing....

#bitter lol...

But HAPPY for DC....

As I approach middle age I fully intend to drive a Ferrari sometime in my 40s. Call me crisis or you can just call me the dude that drives a Ferrari...

My girlfriend bought a 'repairable' 2004 Z06 Corvette with a salvage title for $13,000.
It cost her $6000 to fix it.
The title has been restored and so she owns and drives a 2004 Z06 corvette with 35,000 original miles for $20k. manual trans.
The original owner put a lot of custom chrome under the hood and the underneath of the hood is signed

Of course I know that all you 3 guys that write here work for TMH, live in Miami maybe one in Hialeah and much less writing from Canada. Of course also, thru different tactics your purpose is to keep this Blog alive. But you're trespassing your boundaries. Right, Armando?

I'd be bitter too but what you do is very noble. I regret not getting into the military when I was younger but then again, military in Canada is kind of a waste ...

What's TMH?

Awesome ETF, always loved the vettes , well done indeed

Oh, I lied about it being red, it's silver....

I have nothing more to say now that I've exposed your reasoning for ridiculing anyone's car. You're in no position to laugh at anyone but yourself.

I have been to Cuba multiple times (all over the island, not just Havana).

I could care less about the moronic U.S. travel ban. I simply go through Nassau or Montego Bay and the Cuban authorities know not to stamp an American passport.

Also, the Cubans no longer impose any restrictions or limitations whatsoever on where you may visit and when. I rent a car and go where I please (except in Old Havana where a car is completely impractical).

The stupid embargo and travel restrictions exist solely because of a few (thankfully) now dying old troglodytes in Miami that everyone was afraid to upset in the past.

The hell with them. I will go to Cuba whenever I damn well please.

KRIS...I do live there...not NOVA...Central VA...you couldn't pay me 6 figures to live in NOVA!!! I hate the Redskins...didn't have an issue with RG until this year...needs to get over himself!!! There are a few teams I root for to suck arse cheese every year...Redskins are one of them...

LOL @ Mark...

and thanks...

I will say...I have been to Canada a few times (for training)....

and some of your Male Soldoers are pretty tough....and thw women definetly have curves to my liking....was never hard getting a piece up there....

Dark and curly hair seemed to by my sweet spot up there....

Good times....

Germany is better tho...


The most racists organization in the history of the league!!! With a deragatory name!!! But it is hard to find enough folks to speak out against it...when the nation killed 90% of them!!!

Agreed Jack....

RG3's Arrogance has turned me off quite a bit....but he will win me back with some stellar plays...if he can continue to make them...we will see....

mocking someone's car is childish, and if you don't even have a car, well it's like a virgin telling you that you need a cuter girlfriend.

dashi is wrong here.

This is true, US currency is accepted everywhere in Cuba. They're glad to have it.

So how do you say it Fraud??? ROW-NOKE...or...ROW-A-NOKE???

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