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John Jerry back on the field today for some work

The Dolphins are back working at an 8 a.m. practice today and are in their shorts and helmets. And John Jerry has on his shorts and helmet. And he's taking part in at least part of the drills, at least in the walk-thru portion.

And he's linining up at starting right guard.

And suddenly the world is looking brighter for the Dolphins offensive line.

Jerry, starting the fourth week of what I reported would be a two-to-four week regimen to return from a knee injury, is seemingly right on schedule. He will be limited today and for a couple of days. He will not play against Houston on Saturday. But if he avoids a setback he might be able to play some in the Dolphins fourth preseason game next week vs Tampa Bay and be ready for the start of the season Sept. 8.

Jerry is dealing with multiple issues. Yes, he has to be full-go with the knee but he also needs to regain whatever conditioning he can and get in football shape by the opener. For Jerry, who historically struggles with his weight, getting in shape and avoiding a setback are the biggest questions now.

But he has taken a positive initial step.

This seems to be right on time as Nate Garner, who had been working at starting right guard earlier in the week after Josh Samuda struggled at Jacksonville, is not present at practice today. Samuda is working with the the reserves but will get some first-team reps when Jerry sits out drills.

Samuda had three weeks to win the RG  position and although he headed the pack of candidates for a couple of weeks, the poor Jacksonville outing was an eye-opener for coaches. He nonetheless will get first-team reps while Jerry is limited because, well, the team is short on bodies at that spot. Lance Louis remains mostly on second team.

[Update: Garner suffered a "bad" shoulder injury Monday and is out indefinitely, Jeff Darlington of NFL.com is reporting.]

The Dolphins re-signed quarterback Aaron Corp today. Why?

Well, Pat Devlin is not at practice for some unknown reason having to do with health. He is obviously injured again.

DT Randy Starks continues to be out with a knee injury.

DE Dion Jordan is not practicing today, either -- at least not in full throttle mode. He will continue to be held out of most drills as the team is being careful with his surgically repaired (and retweaked vs. Jacksonville) shoulder. Do not expect him to play Saturday vs. Houston.

[Practice update: Remember yesterday I posted a column noting how little Ryan Tannehill throws to Mike Wallace in most practices? Well, today Tannehill targetted Wallace more than perhaps any other practice this training camp. The two combined on at least two deep TDs of 45 and 50 yards.Both seemed to have fine practices today. Message received? Maybe.]


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Been there, 100% agreed. I haven't been there but would love to and would also ignore the so-called 'travel ban.'

It is hard to believe that stupid embargo still exists. It has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

A bit of a hypocrite? No.

Making fun of a "guy who rides a bus". Then doesn't want that guy to make fun of your car.

Go ahead make a Bus Pass joke. I won't cry like you.

Who else do we know will rehash an argument from a year ago?

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Again, I don't like to talk about what I drive or where I work cause I don't want you to feel disappointed of yourself.

Please dont tell me you root for the 'skins Kris...please...folks around here talk about Miami fans being the dumbest in the country but that aint even close...Redskins fans got 'em by a landslide!!!

I moved down here 12 years ago from Long Island because I liked the way it looked when I drove through and I thought my kids would enjoy growing up here.

I've since come to believe that people that get to live in the Roanoke-Blacksburg area are very fortunate.

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The only thing missing is diversity. My children are hispanic and they never had an hispanic class mate after we moved here.

NO Jack...

I only have ONE LOVE when it come to football...and thats MY FINS....

and my mistress is whoever is playing the jets....

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The pessimism and trolling on this blog is mind-boggling! I wonder how some of you can even call yourself fans! Yes, I know you're all disheartened by the fact that we've been a bad team for years, but continuing to find fault with every move the Dolphins have made is getting boring! It has become a habit with most of you for so long that you refuse to see anything else! Progress has been made even if you refuse to see it.

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I hear you Dashi, one day ..

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Looks like this blog topic isn't really news worthy except that our RG position's presently unstable enough, even the return of John Jerry is a godsend.

Maybe tomorrow there will be something better to read than posters babbling about their personal lives. I mean, it's a internet bog, none of these reports of posters can neither be substantiated or denied.

It's human nature to stretch the truth when they know a thing can not be substantiated. Basically, totally useless posting or reading.....

I put my cat in the blender this morning.

I put my cat in the blender this morning.

Posted by: Mrs. Doris Goldberg of Cinnaminson, New Jersey | August 14, 2013 at 03:06 PM

You made this same post last season Doris. Either your blender's blades are unusually dull, or, you're going thru quite the few litters of cats.

You give new meaning to term: mangled-pussie.....

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Hey YG...if you don't care to take part in the useless conversation...then why make a comment at all??? And by rule 98% of all conversation is pointless...not much new news today so folks are having a little TOM foolery...its okay to do that ya know...

Kris is in the military??? LOL.

That explains everything.

It also confirms how dumb he is.

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Now if the conversation turns political...ahem @ 316...then I am out...

Don't oyu know, if YG has nothing to add then the current conversation must stop and we must talk about about what he wants...

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I love Monsanto and Haliburton. Made some good money on both those stocks in my time. Dupont, never caught that one at a good time I don't think ...

Next time it will be YOUR cat I trap and puree.

The fact you think your "message" has any bearing on what the Dolphins do speaks to your narcissism AND unprofessionalism.

Worst beat writer in Miami.

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These 2 are twisted.

And I would expect comments like that @3:16 coming from a coward. Must come from a long line of Cowards. 2-3 Generations worth of Cowardice.

Maybe tomorrow there will be something better to read than me babbling about my personal lives. I mean, it's a internet bog, none of my reports of posters can neither be substantiated or denied.

It's my nature to stretch the truth when I know a thing can not be substantiated. Basically, totally useless posting or reading.....my post.

Posted by: LOVE TAKING 17-P0LES-IN-MY-ASS! | | August 14, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Looks like Brady left practice with a knee injury. I heard some dude talking about the ghost of Odin Lloyd haunting the Pats the other day. lol

Wallace said that Tannehill believes in his arm and takes some chances and when he's on he's very difficult to stop. Completely different QB from Roethlisberger, he said.

Looks like Brady is a little nicked up to say the least. I want him healthy. I want the Dolphins to beat the patriots with no excuses. 2008 was hollow ...

Tom Brady limps off field.

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dolphins have cut Kicker DAN CARPENTER!!! He's outta here

Let the Stargis ere begin!

Carpenter officially cut. Guess that happened when Sturgis nailed a 58 yarder on Friday. Just checked to see it wasn't a fluke and now Carpenter can enjoy retirement with a few mill in the bank. Not bad for four years of kicking a football..


Room for add LT

Y'all know I'm the greatest of all time.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 14, 2013 at 04:06 PM

Totally agree!!!

Trade More to Patsis

I want to talk to my grandma

@3:48. I agree. 17-POLES-IN-HIS-ASS does post a lot of nonsense.

What is wrong with Randy Starks?

Are these guys made of glass? What do they eat? They cant hit (hard) during practice so whats the deal, its all over the NFL players are getting injured and some teams schedules are in jeopardy before the seasons begins. Lets hear it for 4 preseason games. Or are players saying their hurt to get out of camp, then show up on game day read to play?

why would fins sign another defensive end is dion Jordan's injury more serious than believed?

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