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John Offerdahl to the Honor Roll

Old-time Dolphins middle linebacker Nick Buoniconti is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Latter-day Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas may someday be considered for the Hall of Fame. Both are in the prestigious Dolphins Honor Roll at Sun Life Stadium.

And in a couple of hours at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Kickoff luncheon, the Dolphins will announce that the middle linebacker who was something of a link between Buoniconti in the 1970s and Thomas in the 1990s is also going to be inducted into the Honor Roll.

John Offerdahl, who played for Miami from 1986 to 1993, will be announced as the 26th member of the Honor Roll.

He will be inducted on Thursday, Oct. 31 at halftime of the primetime game between the Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. There are 24 individuals and one team -- the perfect season team of 1972 -- already on the Dolphins Honor Roll.

Offerdahl, 48, is a deserving choice.

Although his career was way too short for the liking of most Miami fans, Offerdahl was a five time Pro Bowl player from his rookie year in 1986 to 1990. He struggled with injuries throughout his career but when he was healthy, he was the anchor to a defense that definitely could have used more players like him.

Offerdahl went to the Dolphins as a second round pick out of Western Michigan. When he was picked (he was the first player the Dolphins selected in '86 because they didn't have a first-round selection) most pundits said, "Who?"

Offerdahl quickly made a name for himself with impeccable tackling. He was an excellent run-stopper and solid in pass coverage. So, yes, he was a three-down linebacker.

Offerdahl, who is a successful restaurant chain entrepeneur, is having a very good year. He was inducted into the Mid-American Conference Hall of Fame earlier this year.



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For those saying Offerdahl's career was to short for Ring of Honor, the same can pretty much be said about Bounticonti's "FIN" career.

He came to Miami in 1970, entering his 8TH SEASON. Basically, he had only 4-5 productive DOLPHIN SEASON, before father time and injuries took him away.

Buonticonti's true saving grace was being one of the final pieces in a championship caliber puzzle. Had Bounticonti not been traded to Miami and finished his career with the Pats. His name would forever be omitted from HOF recognition.

rdubs, my mind was in the gutter but Max Penis will not be involved...

I think it's best to do it for fun this year, if it takes .. then we can make it pay? I'm ok either way personally but just to take the "shadiness" factor away, just for bragging rights of ebing the first ever

Armando Salguero Memorial Fantasy Football Champion

last place gets the YG Plunger Award...

And YG knows about Buoniconti's career more than anyone. he was 40 when Nick got traded here...

As for Zach Thomas, love him to death, one of my all time favorite Dolphin players.

However, Bowens and Gardner were the primary catalyst to his fine and productive career. You see, Zach was smallish. Once Bowens ad Gardner were done, Zach was pretty much done too.

He was a little too small and light to get off of the humungous oline blockers on his own. Offerdahl did have the size and strength to do this.

Guys if there's room could me in as being interested. I'm not home until the 26th but I'm confident I could be you with little to no research....lol.


Best way to compliment a troll is not to respond to him.

ENUFF SAID.......................

No Offense YG but senility was already entering your brian when Zach was drafted. Stick to Buoniconti and YA Tittle stories...

Sorry guys....autocorrect is killing me. I trust you're getting what I'm saying.

I won't be doing much research either. Craig, ur in.

So far

Rdubs (Lobstertubes)

forgetting anyone? 8 more and it's a go.

We can do it week of week 1...

Probably a great compliment when "YOU'RE ALWAYS ON A TROLL"S MIND" too......................

Still ROTFLMAO...............................

im in for the fantasy league

mark in Toronto

jamesthefinfan@gmail.com let me know when you wanna draft

I say we draft before the season starts. I prefer Fri-Sun evening as draft time

sundays are good. first sunday before the season

Jet Hater is in..

5 now

7 more

"Wow that escalated quickly!" LOL


How is the date/time of the draft being communicated to us? I don't trust some of these knuckleheads enough to post my email address on here.

all the fantasy players should throw in a piece of dolphin memorabilia as an anty. winner take all

Sunday works for me too.

No need Craig, once we have a full boat of participants, I will set up an email address for the pool and post it here. I suggest anyone wanting to join to do the same using hotmail, gmail, whatever ...

jet hater team name.....Cereal Killers

I have a lock of Armando's hair to donate to the pot

anybody collect Miami dolphin sports cards?


What part of the body is the hair from?

Count me in on the Fantasy league.

I am guessing with this being all Phins fans, there will be sneaking Keller in or Dolphins D in late rounds LOL

Marino's Kid (Name of my team)

Agreed with Craig. Don't know about sharing my E-mail here. Even though YG & Mando already have it.

If I'm not mistaken, which I have already been once today. I think where you create the league allows you to search for the league.


Dashi has the balls, I will pick L.Miller First Round.

Who said we were a zone blocking offense?

Where did that come from? What game?

Go ahead Dashi, I like your optimism and I hope he becomes the number 1 fantasy back this year. Even is he isnt on my team LOL

RDUBS, put me in the league, is there a pot?

@ 2:03 - back

I don't have cards but a oouple of 8*10s autographed that I put in a frame with a jersey for some of my favourites. Just started and only four are in that group ... Zach, Madison, Ricky, Dan... hope to grow exponentially now that i am ina new place with a proper mancave.


Offerdahl was great, but his injuries would always seem to crop up at the worst times (meaning mid to late season and always before playing the Bills in a meaningful game). See: 1990 playoff game vs. Buffalo. 1992, crushed Buffalo with him in October, got crushed twice without him later in the year and in the playoffs. 1993 was a lost cause without him and Marino.

Mike Sherman Said we are a Zone Blocking Offense. We have been a Zone team for 2 years now.

He Comes from the M.Holmgrem coaching tree.

He ran a Zone Scheme at GB, then installed it with G.Kubiak in Houston, and ran the Zone at A&M.

Dashi is in. halfway there

Craig M

According to Channing Crowder we play head up.

He is challenging people to show film.


the only "pot" is what you bring with you, during the draft process LOL

no pot (this year) unless there is a movement a foot to do so. I think with people jittery about being YG'd we should build up some comfort first before we go with a pot.

Winner gets an 8*10 of Armando's profile pic above. Hopefully he's gracious enough to sign for the winner.


I usually like to pick a Dolphin player first. Usually a RB. Except last season. But yeah,I'm one of those, on each of my fantasy teams I usually pick 1 or 2 dolphin players just cause. It was usually Ricky or Ronnie and the Defense. Or Marshall or Carpenter and the defense.

The One season I didn't pick a Dolphin I got crushed. Now I do it out of superstition.


If it's Sunday I have to be out. Just too hard with the time difference and also 'Meg' flys in Sunday.....so needless to say I'll be 'entertaining'. If its any time after the 26th,I'm in.....

I always end up with more Dolphins on my team than I should and it usually bites me in the butt. Reggie Bush was so up and down, although he single handedly one me a couple games

C.Crowder is a Idiot. Seriously. The Man spent like 4 years next to Zach and didn't pick up a thing about reading offenses.

Look at the runs L.Miller has ran. Those are classic Zone runs. The RB has 3 holes to chose from. The Two to the play side and the 1 Cutback lane. Reason you only make 1 Cut.

When the whole line moves to one side. That is a Zone run. The Fins are no longer running dives. Straight forward helmet on helmet.

What the Fins don't do is Chop block. Which Shanahan loves and the Texans love to do. But it is still zone running.

I think we should do draft right before season starts if possible

I have auto marino cards and a jersey card. Jake long auto/ jersey card. Keith jackson signed card 24k gold marino card with embedded emerald and much more....


Agreed. The draft should be after the last week of preseason and before the season starts.

We need to see who else gets hurt in preseason.

Sunday September 1 sound good?

ETF, if you're going in late September, let me know, we can hook up, smoke one, drink some rum and lay a train.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 16, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Works for me. I'll steer the raft on the way to Cuba and you can steer on the way back.

I likey Mark

I'm for the league.
It was my idea in the first place.

Agreed Mark.

And I also believe for people not being Fooled. This season should be for bragging rights.

We don't want people having multiple teams and by the time we figure it out it is to late.

Personally, the 1st would work for me. I'll try to be as flexible as possible.

I'll be drafting my QB last because I know Chad Henne will still be on the board.

Isn't the Mike Holmgren coaching 'tree' an offshoot of the Parcells coaching tree?

Mike Holmgren comes from Bill Walsh.

Remember West Coast Offense. Holmgren was an Asst with the 49ers.

..I'll play.

ETF = 8. Filling up Fast

Craig M

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