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John Offerdahl to the Honor Roll

Old-time Dolphins middle linebacker Nick Buoniconti is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Latter-day Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas may someday be considered for the Hall of Fame. Both are in the prestigious Dolphins Honor Roll at Sun Life Stadium.

And in a couple of hours at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Kickoff luncheon, the Dolphins will announce that the middle linebacker who was something of a link between Buoniconti in the 1970s and Thomas in the 1990s is also going to be inducted into the Honor Roll.

John Offerdahl, who played for Miami from 1986 to 1993, will be announced as the 26th member of the Honor Roll.

He will be inducted on Thursday, Oct. 31 at halftime of the primetime game between the Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. There are 24 individuals and one team -- the perfect season team of 1972 -- already on the Dolphins Honor Roll.

Offerdahl, 48, is a deserving choice.

Although his career was way too short for the liking of most Miami fans, Offerdahl was a five time Pro Bowl player from his rookie year in 1986 to 1990. He struggled with injuries throughout his career but when he was healthy, he was the anchor to a defense that definitely could have used more players like him.

Offerdahl went to the Dolphins as a second round pick out of Western Michigan. When he was picked (he was the first player the Dolphins selected in '86 because they didn't have a first-round selection) most pundits said, "Who?"

Offerdahl quickly made a name for himself with impeccable tackling. He was an excellent run-stopper and solid in pass coverage. So, yes, he was a three-down linebacker.

Offerdahl, who is a successful restaurant chain entrepeneur, is having a very good year. He was inducted into the Mid-American Conference Hall of Fame earlier this year.



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He definitely deserves to be up there. I remember him having an excellent Senior Bowl. We drafted another great player from a small school who had an excellent Senior Bowl, his name Jason Taylor. Oh and by the way we missed on another sleeper who had a great Senior Bowl, lucky for us we just acquired him , that would be Mike Wallace. Please let that pattern continue for our Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!

I never went to the CBS Sports website before today.
First I see that they have the Phins defense ranked 21st overall last season.
Then I see they have us ranked 23rd in power rankings.
Now i notice that Jason LaCanfora and Jeff Ireland have completely opposite opinions of how Mike Wallace is doing this Summer.

I LaCanfora did baseball...


E-mail me the league. Rdubs2010@gmail.com

I dont want to miss your post

No worries, rdubs, took down your email. i will set something up this weekend and by monday I will have more firm details...

Mark, my email is krazybone86@yahoo.com

got it Truth

I still love playing the original Tecmo Superbowl and I always played using John Offerdahl, I never will forget his hits and tackles. Not a big sacker or pass blocker, but he had tremendous hits and great solid tackles, many many for losses. You almost never saw a running back or tight end ever have much success on yards after catch if the first person to hit them was Offerdahl. Great choice for the ring!


I'm good for September 1st. I'd like to see reserve a spot for Phins 78 and Kri but only condition is Kris needs to draft Mallett. To not draft Mallett third round or earlier would be hypocritical.

I'm assuming this would be an online/live draft?

Gotta head out for the night guys but looking forward to it. Be good!

What football pool and the #4 seed is not in on it?!?!?

I don't know if he most deserving but Tim Bowens should be in the Ring. That guy was so big and dominant it made that cover 2 we ran work.

Darkoak, you want in, you would be spot #10

Craig, I assume you are being sarcastic about Kris because I believe he said he doesn't do fantasy football. But i would coonsider saving a spot for P78...

It would be a live draft I believe online of course. i believe yahoo is the place for this stuff...

I'm in for sure.


Mark, have you ever eaten grilled moose bladder?

I have already spent over 800 dollars today and I am not done.

Fantasy Football????
Where and when?

Fantasy Football???
Where and when?

online, Yahoo most likely although to be confirmed this coming Monday after I can set up a league.

Draft day will be Sunday Sept 1, let's say 6pm

If you are in and can't show up live, I believe the site will ahve an autodraft feature but I think autodraft = last place more often than not

10 members already in are ...

Craig M
Exposing himself ... er the Fraud
Mark in Toronto

2 spots left

Yahoo league should be good. I filled in as GM for a buddy last year and I think that was ESPN. It was pretty decent.

Esther Rolle (November 8, 1920 – November 17, 1998) was an American actress. She is best known for her role as Florida Evans on the CBS television sitcom Maude and its spin-off series Good Times.



Armando looking for Mexican Food in Houston is like Looking for Cuban Food in Miami.

I have a Cousin that lives in Houston that I visit from time to time . The thing that amazed me from Houston was we went to the Supermarket(J.E.B.) and as soon as you walk in they had this old Mexican lady making fresh tortilla's. I'm not going to lie, those were the best Tortillas that Dashi ever ate. And when you go to the Mexican Restaurants the Chips and Salsa are Fresh.

Only problem with Mexico, I mean Houston is that the women there are real healthy.

Im in with my TROLL NAME. You idiots will never guess which I am.


Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan likely isn't going to be a full-time player in his first season. All in all, that's OK as long as he's able to make an impact as a pass-rusher. However, he's really got to make that impact, or he'll be seen as a waste after commanding such a high pick.
The Dolphins drafted Jordan as a pass-rusher, even though he spent a ton of time at Oregon doing things like chasing-and-tackling as well as playing in coverage. He's a multidimensional player who's being shoehorned into a role that may not fit him.

It's just not good when the rookie kicker is outshining a team's first-rounder.

Houston was the scariest place I ever visited.

But Dashi is right, mexican food done right and fresh is awesome. Never forget how well i ate in Alcapulco on new years week in 1998

I am really interested in the league guys, Just not sure about the date yet, I am on vaca the week before, not sure if I am home on the 1st...

I have millions of Dolphins cards autographs and memorabilia; :)

I am interested in the league, but not sure if I am hope for that date of the draft...

home that is

Mark, Count me in


Even without your troll name, we will probably but you in. And that is the truth.

But just 1 Team.

I'll be taking your money whenever you gain the balls to wager.



We'd know it's you when you try to draft Russ Jackson and gayle Sayers

Whats up "PHINLAND"??????????????
I see they got rid of Carpenter, Great move, Who in there right mind would sign a kicker for 2 mil. a year??


So with my troll screen names I can have more than 2 teams right? LOL....


I would say we know it is YG, when he switches his team's name every week.

Plus, each name for his team will have some homoerotic meaning.

Mark, Room for one more player????????

Poizen and YG are the last...

Poizen, we will put you in and if you decide to back out, let us know.

And if it comes right down to it, I believe you can rank your players and the site will autodraft for you...

at least that how these things used to work the last time I did it when Michael McCrary was good for 10 sacks a year

so the 12 are

Craig M
Exposing the Frauf
Mark in Toronto

You'll know its me when you hear the sound of cha-ching and its not your pockets. LOL....

Dang Cuban, we just filled up I believe but I will put u first in line in case of one guy backing out.

Mark, No viruses, ok? LOL

Dang, A day late and a dollar short.........
Story of my life...


I posted that earlier. Reason we should do this year for bragging rights. We need to figure out how many teams you want to run.

We know you have more than 1 E-Mail address. And we know you like to have more than 1 Tab open on your Browser.

How do we know? You-already-know. Haha B'tch!!

Cuban can have my YG spot since Im already in. LOL...

Mark, Just in case..

Mark, Cuban committed before I did, You can gve it to him, I will be the fan club of the league. :)

Dashi knows exactly how to troll.

Who would have known........ LOL...


You have YG twice. Or 3 times. I think Cuban can join. If YG tells the Truth.

OK Cuban, ur in ... darn this guy ...

Craig M
Exposing the Fraud
Daryl Dunphy
Cuban Menace
Mark in Toronto

and no viruses Poizen ....

Thanks Zen....


Im already in. So Cuban can have my extra spot(YG). LOL...


Send the draft link to pricemaster@outlook.com but I can only log on from home so I cannot answer emails during the day.

Poizen should only be allowed in on the condition that he drafts Henne.

Mark, if anyone backs out, put me on the reserve list. I'm already in a few leagues myself, but it never hurts to beat up on a few more sorry saps that think they know football (from a Fantasy perspective).

When you say the women in Houston are 'healthy' do you mean fat?
Or do you mean too upscale for the likes of us?

DC, This grop is to smart, Henne will be gone in the first 5 rounds... lol

Truth be told, I would take a flyer on him as my backup, Had him last year for the second half. won 2 weeks for me... lol


nfl.com has the best free to play fantasy league with up to the second scoring. easy to use also.

Mark, Can you go to facebook and like my Pat Did It band page. I will send you my email in a message...

Will that work?

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