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John Offerdahl to the Honor Roll

Old-time Dolphins middle linebacker Nick Buoniconti is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Latter-day Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas may someday be considered for the Hall of Fame. Both are in the prestigious Dolphins Honor Roll at Sun Life Stadium.

And in a couple of hours at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Kickoff luncheon, the Dolphins will announce that the middle linebacker who was something of a link between Buoniconti in the 1970s and Thomas in the 1990s is also going to be inducted into the Honor Roll.

John Offerdahl, who played for Miami from 1986 to 1993, will be announced as the 26th member of the Honor Roll.

He will be inducted on Thursday, Oct. 31 at halftime of the primetime game between the Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. There are 24 individuals and one team -- the perfect season team of 1972 -- already on the Dolphins Honor Roll.

Offerdahl, 48, is a deserving choice.

Although his career was way too short for the liking of most Miami fans, Offerdahl was a five time Pro Bowl player from his rookie year in 1986 to 1990. He struggled with injuries throughout his career but when he was healthy, he was the anchor to a defense that definitely could have used more players like him.

Offerdahl went to the Dolphins as a second round pick out of Western Michigan. When he was picked (he was the first player the Dolphins selected in '86 because they didn't have a first-round selection) most pundits said, "Who?"

Offerdahl quickly made a name for himself with impeccable tackling. He was an excellent run-stopper and solid in pass coverage. So, yes, he was a three-down linebacker.

Offerdahl, who is a successful restaurant chain entrepeneur, is having a very good year. He was inducted into the Mid-American Conference Hall of Fame earlier this year.



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Here's a gift from one of your buddies:

Oh YG you and your cut and paste crap. Amongst your many names are you Odin too? Cut and paste crazy?

Posted by: Darkoak | August 15, 2013 at 09:04 PM

Brady 7-7, bad news for fin homers............

Now 8-8, td Amendola..........

Brady's Brady and looks like he has a running game to boot.

Now 2pts conversion. Doesn't look like we gained any ground on the Pats. At most, we may have pulled away from the Jets and Bills just a little......

Brady looked lie a rekng machine that 1st drive. Made Amendola look like an "ALL_PRO" wr.......

like a wrecking machine.....

Well, the only TV program of Tom Jones I recall was when Janis Joplin was there. She started rocking all around Tom and when she got to his front she stuck har asss on his dikkk and started rubbing while still rocking. Jones didn't know what to do and only smiled. True episode. See if you can find it in any archive.

Bucs couldn't even slow the Pats down that 1st drive...
Now Josh Freeman sacked 1st offensive play. WOW...............

Damn, I wish Tom Brady could have been a Dolphin qb.....................

Even Marino couldn't hold Brady's jock strap.............


Did you foresee as a young man that you would grow up to be an old man and spend your time bickering with a poor uneducated island boy and a burned out loser with nothing but babble and fantasy stories?

Tom Brady, the best ever.

Well, if TB sukkks that's no benefit for us at all.

It's official, qb Josh Freeman is hot garbage.........

Maybe Brady and Co. are putting things in clearer perspective? Apparently we still have some gap to close.

Numbers don't lie and they don't drink kool aid or whiskey.

I sorta liked Schiano last year as 1st year HC of TB. Do they have any other QB besides Freeman?

Where is Kris Kry to tell us how great Mallet can bounce a ball?

It is pretty amazing how someone can be always wrong for so long.

Not even the great Nostradamus could predict when Kris Kry will be right. Sometimes never is never. LOL

..That first Pat drive was concerning. I know it is preseason..blah blah blah. We all get it. The difference. They have a guy that is in full control of the offense. What would be the excuses given for Tanny if he had Bradys receivers right now? Anyway back to why I am concerned. NE gets to hone their offense because the leader of the group has a full grasp of system. They are just rehearsing. Us..We have a ways to go before the playbook can even be installed. It isn't a case of Philbin doesn't want to show his hand. It is a case of we can barely execute the basic.

..I still think we will win some games just because I think the defense will be so good. But IMO we are not close to having the offensive efficiency needed to be a real contender. Perhaps by mid-season we will. But right now, from what I have seen. ?????

..Vegas 7.5...I have to ask. Is 7.5 the over-under for the Phins?


Optimistically speaking our team has gotten better. That doesn't mean that the teams that were better than us last year haven't gotten better as well. One key advantage these better teams have is being in the same system with same coaching staff, stable oline for years. That is what it takes to put up points.

The data doesn't suggest we can keep up. Our only hope is our defense having a stellar year. Then maybe we squeak in as a Wild Card.

Good. The SS is reporting that JJ Watt will play. Best way to compare Tannehill from last year to now. If he gets 3 passes batted down by Watt again, we are in the same circumstances.

Mallet compared to Brady is like Damon Huard compared to Marino.

It looks like Mallet is solidifying his position as a back up.

...Vegas..I am excited for this season on a lot of levels. I'm not sure how good we will be as a team. I think we have a chance to be pretty good by the end of the season. Whether it will be good enough, or if our early season schedule puts us behind the 8-ball to far. We will see.

I'm excited because I want to see if Tannehill can come into his own. I want to see if some of the younger Ireland guys start to develop, even become factors(they will have too if we have any chance of competing) I want to see this defense. I just think it is going to be a struggle early this season. To many new pieces, to many inexperienced players to be a fully operational mothership against some of the better teams we play the first 5 weeks.

My prediction is that we have another slow start, pick up steam towards the end of the season, but only enough to establish ourselves as a convincingly better team in 2014.

2015 will be the magic year.

John Oferdahl was the best lb we ever had bar none;Duhe was second,Nick was third.Nick & Zach were simalar players (more smart than talented)great players.i have seen them all since 1971.John is the best to play for us so far!He deserves to be honored.

...Philbin said the other day that we had only installed about 40 percent of the offense at this point in camp. Think about that. We still have 60 percent of the playbook that hasn't even been touched. Gotta crawl before you can walk.

Now this isn't necessarily an omen. Teams with young QB's(unless your name is Luck) usually take some time to get through the full playbook. Think about Seattle last year, they never did. Go back To Bradys first few seasons..They(NE) weren't close to executing their playbook. Takes time. That is why the whole team was stressing the importance of the run..It takes a lot of pressure off the playcaller, the quarterback if you can run it.

Sean Smith???

good lord the pats are a machine. amedonala may catch 200 balls

We have acquired so many good Players that schedule and all we should have a better record than last year. Me=9-7.

YG is a pats fan???

so sick of brady, when is this guy gonna get old

Of course NE is a well oiled machine where you can insert diff parts in it without losing any efficiency with Brady guiding it. DD is right, we are some distance from being that now.

Todays QB's are making Marino ancient history. I guess that is true for every era. Progress.

Of course also, more than Brady is the great Coach Bill Belichick.

You can't be owned by a nicer guy than Andy Pettitte.

If you're gonna lose Andy makes you feelgood about it.

Oscar...you can frame those words...Belicjick is in a special stratosphere when speking of today's coaches...

speaking *

Whenever Brady retires Mallett will beat us twice a year.

We saw how great Belichek was in Cleveland with no Brady. He was fired. Without Pioli guiding the team, he has not won again.

Am I the only one thats noting Ryan Tannehill in these two pre-season games has showed NO improvement? Despite all the hyped talk during practice? He actually looked like has taken a step backwards. It doesn't help him that the o-line has played like p_ssies. Has he connected yet with Wallace on a deep pass, (that I somehow missed)? Weedon, Kaepernick, Wilson, how did they screw this up yet once again? Will this team ever again have a probowl quaterback?

Elii/Coughlin exposed Brady/Belichek. Once could have been a fluke. Twice? No more argument.


Your rant is tired. We hope very soon you will be too tired to come back.

pioli,lol yeah piloi showed how great he was in kc

Ireland cant draft a QB to save his life.

Tannehill is running the same offense he ran in college under Sherman what is DD posting about only 40% of the offense is installed?? Tannehill should know the whole playbook/offense by now.

KC has a couple pro bowlers, the problem was Pioli was looking at the Belichick coaching tree. Pioli is a good talent evaluator. Horrible Coach picker.

Laugh but Belichek has not been able to build a championship team without Pioli.

If you think that a great GM can just turn any team into a contender in 5 years, you are just exposing how little you understand. Look how long it took the great Ozzie to get his team to win a second title.

Belicheck sucked in Cleveland without Brady. He has fallen short every season since Pioli left. Both irrefutable facts no matter how many lol's you type.

More than 1 player needs to know the offense for you to install the whole offense as a coach. That is the truth, Truth.

Ross should offer Belichick 10 mill/yr.

First off, the Pats are playing the **Pre Season** Bucs. Not exactly the greatest measuring stick.

Second, Brady is Brady and there's just no down playing the fact. The Bucs are trying to improve, some of the Pats players are trying to stick, blah, blah, etc, etc. The one constant in all of that: Brady!

So of course he's going to look great(he is)and make those around him look good.

It's just not a good situation to compare. We have a Sophomore QB that showed some good things and some not so good. If he wasn't a 1st round pick from last year, it could be argued that he hasn't earned the starting job for this year.

The team is in a major rebuild, the offense particularly. The O-Line, which is being revamped has gotten STUNG by the injury Bug! All things we'll have to deal with regardless.

I said all that to simply say, Brady's play today, tonight or any other time for that matter, is nothing to use as a comparative tool for the Miami Dolphins.

Brady was great last year when we played them. He'll be great this year as well. His slide has begun, but it's almost imperceptible. I just hope we get it together quick enough to dominate him and the Pats before his skills diminish entirely.

piloi was awful in every single thing he did. draft,coaches,free agents. guy was an idiot

Now with that said the whole playbook has been installed. But the coach is running his base plays in Preseason.

Philbin and Sherman know what they are doing. Tannehill will be alright.

Well..Tanny should play at least three series tomorrow nite....his performance is under the Coach's microscope, no question..

..if there is no improvement in one of the following QB areas of concern, we are in trouble with the season opener just a couple weeks away: a) accuracy...b) receiver progression, and c) patience (staying in the pocket long enough to allow the receivers to come open)

....and if there is no pocket to be patient in, then we're in deeper dung altogether....because that one O-line prerequisite affects all 3 of those QB areas of concern..

Go Phin!! Just do it!!!

im hoping thill plays first half


KC had at least 5 Pro bowl players last season, he acquired all of them.

The problem was Pioli wanted to sign a coach he already knew. He should've scouted a better coach like Ireland.

Ireland is a complete GM. He can scout coaches and players. Look at the list of Coaches Ireland wanted. He knows what it takes to be a coach. Spo wasn't it.

The Dolphins will beat the Browns 24-0. Comandante said so.

Dusty....if he plays the entire first half, I'll be pleasantly amazed....

pioli def didnt acquire charles,hali,johnson,etc quit lying and making stuff up

Also from earlier.........

YG said the same thing earlier. YG, you can't just have 1 starter out of 11 knowing the offense and expect the entire offense to fire on all cylinders.

I would think you would know this for being an NFL Football fan for so long.

You said many times that Mallett is a lock for the Hall Of Fame. But do you really think he could do it with a team full of guys that don't know the playbook?

When will you figure it out YG? NFL Football is a Team Sport-PERIOD!


pilouis first rd picks while there= t.jackson=horrible, e.berry=mediocre, j.baldwin=beyond garbage, d.poe, tbd

T-Hill should play about 1.5 Qtrs tomorrow.

2 Things.

1. This is obviously the Fins 3rd game out of 5.

2. Devlin is Injured. Meaning they will play T-Hill and M.Moore longer than they would like. T-Hill should play 1.5 Qtrs and so should M.Moore. giving Corp the 4th qtr to himself.

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