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John Offerdahl to the Honor Roll

Old-time Dolphins middle linebacker Nick Buoniconti is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Latter-day Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas may someday be considered for the Hall of Fame. Both are in the prestigious Dolphins Honor Roll at Sun Life Stadium.

And in a couple of hours at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Kickoff luncheon, the Dolphins will announce that the middle linebacker who was something of a link between Buoniconti in the 1970s and Thomas in the 1990s is also going to be inducted into the Honor Roll.

John Offerdahl, who played for Miami from 1986 to 1993, will be announced as the 26th member of the Honor Roll.

He will be inducted on Thursday, Oct. 31 at halftime of the primetime game between the Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. There are 24 individuals and one team -- the perfect season team of 1972 -- already on the Dolphins Honor Roll.

Offerdahl, 48, is a deserving choice.

Although his career was way too short for the liking of most Miami fans, Offerdahl was a five time Pro Bowl player from his rookie year in 1986 to 1990. He struggled with injuries throughout his career but when he was healthy, he was the anchor to a defense that definitely could have used more players like him.

Offerdahl went to the Dolphins as a second round pick out of Western Michigan. When he was picked (he was the first player the Dolphins selected in '86 because they didn't have a first-round selection) most pundits said, "Who?"

Offerdahl quickly made a name for himself with impeccable tackling. He was an excellent run-stopper and solid in pass coverage. So, yes, he was a three-down linebacker.

Offerdahl, who is a successful restaurant chain entrepeneur, is having a very good year. He was inducted into the Mid-American Conference Hall of Fame earlier this year.



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He didn't acquire Johnson, but he did acquire All the other guys. Remember Pioli has been the GM since 2008. Or as long as Ireland.

Ireland just picked a better second coach.

piloi was awful in every single thing he did. draft,coaches,free agents. guy was an idiot

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 16, 2013 at 10:21 PM

Only an idiot would call a GM with 3 SB rings an idiot.

no your lying again. he didnt draft hali, he didnt draft charles

And he did reacquire Johnson.

I didn't say he drafted all of them. Just that he acquired all of them.

he didnt acquire johnson, kc drafted him. wake up man

This dusty character is very dumb or under 15 years old. There is not a GM in history that didn't draft a whole bunch of busts.

keep lying to try and prove your pt. your more dumb than i thought, others in here were right. wow i owe them an apology

I bet that losing to Andy Petitte is a nice experience.

Dusty your right, I'm Wrong.

The job of a good Comandante is to admit when he is wrong. And kill those who are right.

I shall go back and rule the Dumbfuks on my Island. Pioli is a really bad talent evaluator. Or the coaches he was picking for didn't help him.

I agree with others though, BB hasn't done chit in the draft since pioli left.

Brady does just fine when he can dictate the tempo of the offense. He doesn't do as well if you knock him down a few times and/or pick off a pass or two. That's what the defense has to do to him; get him off balance and out of his rhythm.

A blind monkey throwing darts at a dartboard would draft better than Ireland. Really.

You should tell the other 3 teams in the AFC east then to hire Monkeys. Cause Ireland has drafted better than everyone in the AFC east the last 5 seasons.

Oh YG you and your cut and paste crap. Amongst your many names are you Odin too? Cut and paste crazy?
Posted by: Darkoak | August 15, 2013 at 09:04 PM

Boy ODIN, you are a dumbass, talking to yourself. Don't you know you're me? Your buddy Darkoak says so.

The Queens Club are so paranoid, they're beginning to accuse their own members of being me.....


Brady does just fine when he can dictate the tempo of the offense. He doesn't do as well if you knock him down a few times and/or pick off a pass or two. That's what the defense has to do to him; get him off balance and out of his rhythm.

Posted by: Tracyh474 | August 16, 2013 at 10:55 PM

Tracy this has been said over one million times on tv and every sport site. How about saying something new?

You should tell the other 3 teams in the AFC east then to hire Monkeys. Cause Ireland has drafted better than everyone in the AFC east the last 5 seasons.
Posted by: Comandante | August 16, 2013 at 10:58 PM


Tracyh474 is the dumbest poster here. The Queens Club are just the sickest posters here.......

Just sayin...................................

Great to see Offerdahl, an almost consummate traditional LB, honored. This kind of 'facemask through the body' tackler epitomizes defensive football to me.

Posted by: Type Writer | August 16, 2013 at 10:59 PM

That statement's even true for every qb that ever played the game.

That Trach474 is dumb, real dumb..............

You should tell the other 3 teams in the AFC east then to hire Monkeys. Cause Ireland has drafted better than everyone in the AFC east the last 5 seasons.
Posted by: Comandante | August 16, 2013 at 10:58 PM

Thats why we're always in the playoffs. DUUUUUUHHH

LOL. If it wasn't true Atlfinfan.

The Pats have suck at drafting since Pioli left. The Jets have sucked. And the Bills shouldn't even be in the NFL the last 5 Seasons.


Has there ever been a real qb from UF that played in the nfl? Even Steve Spurrier was a slurpee away from bust.....

Just sayin........................................

Do you remember how bad the Talent was before Ireland got here?


The only player the Pats have drafted that is any good J.Mayo. name another. Glasskowski? Ok, that is 2 players in over 60 picks the last 5 season.


The Bills?

Exactly. Ireland has been building this team up, even though he had Parcells spending on Garbage FAs his first 2 years(which we finally got rid of Cap hell this season) and had Spo as a coach, which was the worst developer of talent ever.

Take your Hater Shades off and look at the truth, Objectively. Ireland has done his job. Heck, this is the most talented Dolphins team in 25 years.

Heck, this is the most talented Dolphins team in 25 years.
Posted by: Comandante | August 16, 2013 at 11:12 PM

Put the drugs down.

Here is how I will judge Tannehill. He needs to show by the end of the season that he is our QB of the future. If there are still lingering doubts after game 16, well then we can't expect much more from him in the future.

Name a Dolphin team in the last 25 years that is as young and complete as this team.

Name 1.

Marino never had a defense, and Z.Thomas never had an Offense.

I will give him the whole season though and not hit the panic button midway.

Its a great thing you arent a betting man. LOL

Zack and Taylor never stopped a team in the 4th Qtr when we needed it. Give them stars for heart, but they cracked time and again. Overrated.

Reading a few posts from the morning and Yes! Offerdahl is VERY deserving of the honor but disagree with some about his place as best MLB in team history or NFL history. The fact is I COULDN'T DISAGREE MORE WITH THE GUY WHO POSTED UNDER D-ROD early today regarding Offerdahl. For starters in the 86 draft we didn't have a 1t-RD selection because of the trade in 85 for OLB Hugh Green (who was the other LAWRENCE TAYLOR of the ERA in Tampa along with the GREAT DE Leroy Selmon both wasted on BAD Bucs teams)Truth is had Hugh NOT BLOWN out his knee Vs. Jets in 86 KILLING his career he'd e right in any conversation regarding ALL TIME GREATS OF ANY ERA! SO PLEASE!!

In that particular draft we were looking for RB & MLB ALL THE WAAAAY! In RD-1 that Yr. the Bears took RB Neal Anderson with pick-27 (OVERSHADOWED by Payton's career given he was one of the best in his day and rarely mentioned and would have done wonders for Marino) while the Bucs took a middle of the pack DB with our pick and right before our selection RD-2 the Giants took MLB Pepper Johnson to replace retiring LEGEND Harry Carson. Pepper won 2 SB Titles with the G-Men recording 26 sacks, 14 picks and over 1,200 Tackles.

Offerdahl only recorded 9.5 sacks and 4 picks for career in contrast (BIG PLAYS) and while the Tackle average was comparable for early part of career Offerdahl really only had his 1991-17 Tackle average Yr. that I would call TRULY HOF STUFF (NOT enough Yrs. just the one!)

To say he was BETTER that Zach is FLAT OUT IGNORING STATS! Zach averaged 17 or better average in tackles TWICE! He averaged in DOUBLE DIGITS 8 TIMES!!! To Offerdahl's ONE?! Again deserving GAMER but Pepper had the LONGER CAREER wth the HARDWARE and ZACH WAS THE ALL-TIMER IN TACKLES FOR MIAMI, PERIOD!! D-ROD I respect your FANDOME but your lying to the audience given I saw it all LIVE AND IN PERSON as well and his IMPACT was felt when healthy but in reality it was a 5 Yr. career given from 91-93 Bryan Cox was pulling alot of double duty at WOLB & MLB!

While I am on the topic of traditional Lb, I am very intrigued by what I have seen out of Robinson. This guy is a proficient tackler. I want to see more of what he can do in pass coverage and see him against first string competition, but I like the way he shows up so far.

offerdahl was a good player but there are others more deserving.

Tim Tebow's stat line vs. Bucs: 1 of 6 for -1 yards with an interception

Tim Tebow's QBR 0.0.

I'm predicting right here and now he will do better his next game. Mark my words.

Zach and JT pitched about a Dozen Shutouts. Heck, they made fiedler the Winningest QB in Dolphin history(Pct Wise).

Marino never had a M.Wallace.

J.Taylor never had 2 young Guys to Delveop. Z.Thomas was 1 LB. And he went Sideline to Sideline. Z.Thomas played all 3 LB spots. He played like he was 6'4" 250. And ran a 4.2. He was always there to make the sure tackle. He Dominated LB Land. Smartest LB EVER!!

El Comandante knows what Greatness looks like. I look at it everyday in the Mirror for the past 85 years.

Ireland reaches My Standard for a GM. And I Love Dawn's Accounting.

Who here doesn't think the Future is Bright in Miami, Even if T-Sizzle's Fizzles.

I really like Tebow as a potential football talent, but not at QB. I can not help but to think that there is some subterfuge in his acquisition.

Posted by: Comandante | August 16, 2013 at 11:12 PM

I agree, Ireland has found talent at a pretty high rate (everyone misses) during his tenure. I think Sparano really did screw the pooch when it came to player development.

To play off of the Tuna's famous speech:
" You can have all the finest ingredients but it doesn't make a good meal if the chef doesn't know how to cook"

Tebow was a good College QB, Horrible NFL QB. System QB, and Worst Accuracy Ever.

For instance, Barkley was an OK College QB. But Horrendous NFL QB. Weak Arm. Real Weak Arm.

Matt Moore sucks because he has little Hands. So does Mark Sanchez. They just can't grip the ball and they turn the ball over a lot.

This quote by the "Assasin Tuna" is indictative of his sabotage of this team. Spazano couldn't boil water.

For all Zacks tackles, too many were from behind, after the damage was done. Marino Zack and Taylor were some great talents that never could do anything great beyond their own personal stats.


Spo don't know Talent.

Philbin does. Philbin also knows X's and O's.

Comandante (Dashi?)

We see the debate of GREAT MLB the same, I found it astounding that they were comparing the ELITE talent that injury stole from Dwight Stevenson to Offerdhl when the GREAT Hugh Green played for the Dolphins and lost his career in 86 just like Dwight (coinciding) with the only back-to-back losing Yrs. in the Marino ERA, see a parallel??

Another guy was making the case for OJ McDuffie who was another Blue-Chipper but in that draft I NEVER forgave Shula for ignoring UM's BERMUDA TRIANGLE (Armstead, Barrow and Darrin Smith) Alot talk of the GREAT USC Trio (Cushing, Maualuga, Matthews) playing today but I'll hold off till there done playing before comparing to the Canes Trio who all went to MULTIPLE PRO BOWLS! Had Shula done NOTHING else in 93 he could have simply taken all three which we passed on in RDS-1,2,6 giving Dolphins NFL's best for 90's!


Yes, Commandante Dashi.

Z.Thomas was 2nd Best LB of his Generation.

Z.Thomas had over

1100+ Tackles
20+ Sacks
16 Fumbles
4 TDs

And Z.Thomas Audibles and Call Plays.

Plus, Z.Thomas did Tackle behind the Line. And He Hit Like A Man!!

Z.Thomas did everything at a High Level.

If only they Had a QB. If only Zach had D.Bress for a Couple Seasons.


Football is a team sport when your team is a perennial stinker like it was during Marino's time and QB-LESS (Marino was done by 97) during Zach/JT time then individual stats are all you have and couldn't disagree more about your statement that Thomas did all his tackling from behind! I can think of alot of plays off the top of my head that were dead to rights like in his 1st ever NFL game were he sent Troy Brown to the hospital and I'd bet the team doctors who dealt with his concussions would disagree as well!

I have vague memories of Offerdahl, that was the era I started watching football. I remember when he got hurt though. His name sticks out as one of those guys that was outstanding because there weren't many on our defense at that time.

As much as liked Zach Thomas, I don't think he would've been as successful if it hadn't been for the front 4 and our CBs. He was very undersized but had great instincts, a huge overachiever if I ever saw one. That defense was very disciplined and it never was a secret on how they would play you.

Comandante Dahisimo!

If NOT for Sean Peyton getting job in New Orleans driving Brees price to then over the top 7 Yr/ 49 Mil. contract Saban signs him and maybe is probably still Coaching team but not meant to be and he could have drafted Rodgers as well instead of going Ronnie Brown in 05. Saban ran BAD DRAFTS cause he NEVER saw past SEC when selecting!


I wouldn't argue with any of the **POINTS** you make in regards to Offerdahl, Thomas and Pepper Johnson comparisons.

But I have to question the validity of using averages.

Offerdahl's injuries are what they are and longevity is one of the things the GREAT ONES are measured by.

Having said as much, do you think his injuries unfairly reduce his averages?

Do you think they jade the overall decision?

It IS true that Zack and Taylor gave up countless 4th qtr game winning drives. They could rarely hold a lead. When it counted most, they wilted. Teams drove through us like melted butter. may times. The lack of playoffs is testament to this.

I can't worship indiviudal stats when they never produced trophies. Winning IS everthing and there is NOTHING else.


Thanks for pointing out Football is the Ultimate Team Game. Some people don't understand. It is like they never played the game or ever played a Sport.

This isn't Basketball were 1 Great Player can Dominate. Or 3 Real good ones can win Multiple Titles without Coaching.

In Football more than any Sport, even Baseball. The Coach is the Most Important Person on the Team. Followed by the QB and the MLB. You need a Team.

Marino came around 2 decades ahead of his time. With all the rules protecting the QB and favoring the WR, Marino would've put up crazy numbers if he were in his prime during the 2000's. If a receiver could get his hands away from the defender, he was open enough for Marino!


NEVER a secret on how ANY JJ D would play you! Wannstedt as always simply ran the show the way BFF JJ set it up! They played there 11 on yours and dared you to beat them within there scheme and everyone playing there positions and lanes. However he NEEDED MLB's (as any 4/3 scheme would) to make it go given large responsibility of calling the D (not the Safety) setting the DL and playing sideline to sideline shooting gaps in run game, HELL OF A NUT FOR ANY PLAYER! JJ asked alot remember as good as Robert Jones was JJ benched him in favor of Ken Norton Jr. NEVER satisfied with the contributions at MLB.

Zach was a student, I'll give him that. He studied his opponents. Peyton once said Zach would be dead on calling out the play they were gong to run!

But, evidence doesn't lie. He was not enough. We have not had a complete team since the glory days of Griese/Shula.

I'm good with what Ireland has done of late. However for me one single thing will be my primary focus this season. Is RT the guy or not? That needs to be settled by the end of this season. I'm pulling for him, but what I don't want is we keep hoping year after year our QB will finally get it.. We see now the good ones get it fast.

Saban was another one. He fooled us because he was better than Wannstedt but even Spo is better than Wannstedt(I hope).

I tell you this, Ross is more informed than Wayne when it comes to the team. Wayne treated the Dolphins like one of his money Laundering Operations.

As soon as I got home after work I felt a big dump coming on. I sat on the can and within 10 seconds a giant log shot out. I thought it was one of those clean dumps where you wipe once and there is nothing, like Mother Nature intended before we started consuming processed chemical laden food. Well after the first wipe I realized I had a huge mess on my hands. I had to spin that tp several times to get most of it and then, a hot shower and fingeroo to fully clean up.

It was good though because I didn't want to head out with my girl holding a load. Nice to be clean and ready for her when she gets out of the shower.

T-Sizzle needs to have a good TD to INT ratio. That is what I will judge him by.

25TD 15INT will be good for Commandante Dashimo.

I will even be OK with 20-15. As long as he can pick up another 5 Rushing.

Plus, have him complete 60% of his passes. Hopefully, Pennington fixed his footwork and taught him how to Dink and Dunk. Heck, if he could raise Henne's Accuracy up, he should definitely teach T-Hill.


You in particular remember the ERA of Offerdahl along with his selection being a bye-product of the Hugh Green trade were we sent two #1's along with a 2 to Tampa in 85. It paid quick dividends! Nobody ran Hugh's way and was an ABSOLUTE TERROR coming off the edge. Like I said he was in the same breath in the 80's with the other GREAT MLB's of the ERA LT, Wilbur Marshall and Andre Tippett, I have no doubt were having this discussion about HOF LB Hugh Green today if not for injury.

I aknowledge the contributions of Offerdahl but someone mentioned his ELITNESS was up there with Dwight in that ERA and I disagree a SOLID MLB'er who brought his lunch pale to work but not the great ELITE TALENT, NO WAY! Hugh Green is the forgotten ELITE talent like he was coming out of Pitt. (were he was also Marino teamate) and like he was as perennial Pro Bowler in Tampa before ..and was being for us before BAD LUCK in the Meadowlands in early 86 followed by even worse luck on Marty Lyons chop of Stevenson again Vs. N.Y. in 86 Monday Nighter in OB.

To me were talking GREAT players who brought the hard hat in both Offerdahl and Thomas not ELITE! In our HISTORY I reserve that title for a list we can discuss further if you like later but in this conversation to me ELITE on late 80's Miami? Marino, Stevenson, Green. Followed by some GREAT players but not HOF'ers, remember talking 85-89, LATE 80's!

T-Sizzle needs to have a good TD to INT ratio.

Posted by: Comandante | August 17, 2013 at 12:37 AM

I'very realized why Marino can't teach T-Hill. Marino did things you can't Coach.

Seriously, Brady is great and Peyton is Excellent. Farce had an Arm. But Marino put the Ball in places that to this day I haven't seen another QB throw Such a Perfect Pass. Every throw was like the Perfect Spiral.

Some of you should think about your posts before you submit them. Many of them are equivalant to saying we need to win more games than we lose to have any shot at the playoffs.

People that are here at the blog are avid fans. They don't need to hear the obvious ad nauseam.

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