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John Offerdahl to the Honor Roll

Old-time Dolphins middle linebacker Nick Buoniconti is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Latter-day Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas may someday be considered for the Hall of Fame. Both are in the prestigious Dolphins Honor Roll at Sun Life Stadium.

And in a couple of hours at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Kickoff luncheon, the Dolphins will announce that the middle linebacker who was something of a link between Buoniconti in the 1970s and Thomas in the 1990s is also going to be inducted into the Honor Roll.

John Offerdahl, who played for Miami from 1986 to 1993, will be announced as the 26th member of the Honor Roll.

He will be inducted on Thursday, Oct. 31 at halftime of the primetime game between the Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. There are 24 individuals and one team -- the perfect season team of 1972 -- already on the Dolphins Honor Roll.

Offerdahl, 48, is a deserving choice.

Although his career was way too short for the liking of most Miami fans, Offerdahl was a five time Pro Bowl player from his rookie year in 1986 to 1990. He struggled with injuries throughout his career but when he was healthy, he was the anchor to a defense that definitely could have used more players like him.

Offerdahl went to the Dolphins as a second round pick out of Western Michigan. When he was picked (he was the first player the Dolphins selected in '86 because they didn't have a first-round selection) most pundits said, "Who?"

Offerdahl quickly made a name for himself with impeccable tackling. He was an excellent run-stopper and solid in pass coverage. So, yes, he was a three-down linebacker.

Offerdahl, who is a successful restaurant chain entrepeneur, is having a very good year. He was inducted into the Mid-American Conference Hall of Fame earlier this year.



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Many bloggers think the rest of us don't read all the same things they read. Then they come hear posting things as though it was their opinion, fooling nobody, boring everybody.


You say you need to see more out of Tannehill. To see him play better.

What more do you need to see out of him? Where does he need to get better, Genius.

Specific you Clown.

T-Hill needs to have a Better TD to INT ratio. The Yards were OK with No WRs. Even his Passing Pct. Was OK. 1.7% higher and it is 60% for the Season. Meaning if they dropped less than Half his Passes he would've been 60+% for the Season. All this while being a Rookie that needed at least a year carrying a Clipboard.

Everything is hanging on Tannehill.

Tannehill's play decides Everything.

All is lost without Tannehill.


That's the Beauty of what Philbin and Ireland have done so far. Yeah, it all comes down to Tannehill's play. For now.

Actually, Philbin and Ireland have corrected our cap problems and are obviously keeping our options open with an eye towards the future.

They are on the verge of fielding a lights out, dominating Defense. Always a great thing when building an NFL team. They've reduced the average age of our players and as promised, are now focusing on building with and DEVELOPING young talent.

The O-Line was supposed to be fixed and had it been, it would be more obvious in understanding exactly what it is there doing. Zone blocking with newer, young studs across the Line. Topped off with power(and FAST)running that fits the scheme.

Then the top WR, with legitimate Receivers to help(Especially when compared to the recent past). Gibson, Hartline and Keller. Not to mention the marked attempt at shoring up the H-Back/Tight End position in Clay, Egnew and now Sims. All specifically intended to fit Philbin's Grand Design.

So, what we have is the obvious and overall upgrading of the roster with speed and youth. Not a bunch of aging, over-priced vets. We have(or will have soon)a strong run game with a dominating Defense. With the ability to move the ball vertically when needed.

So yeah, it all comes down to how well Tannehill responds this year. But that reads: **THIS YEAR**. It seems obvious to me that Philbin is(or at least trying too)put together a team that almost anyone can Quarterback into the Playoffs.

Quite a few teams come to mind in this regard. The 49er Teams(Yes, Joe and Steve make my argument). The Packers(Farve and Rodgers). Also the Ravens(Dilfer is the perfect example in my opinion).

Save for some troubles along our O-Line, I would almost expect this team to be good enough to "Plug and Play" this year. By "Plug and Play" I mean where can almost plug in anyone at QB and still manage to challenge for playoff appearances.

I give Philbin and Ireland one more year and they will have this team good enough to challenge yearly and that's with or without Ryan Tannehill. I'm convinced that will be good enough very soon for Matt Moore to handle it if Tannehill can't.

There may be a waiver acquisition at WR that we may have a high interest in.

dashe has yet another new name. How many times has he told us he only uses one name?

How are he and his two chat buddies any different than trolls? Other than being more foul mouthed than the trolls, they are no different.

I don't remember Hugh green having a impact on the PHINS defense like Offerdahl did
In Tampa he was good but in Miami didn't even make the probowl. Go check it out Only 2 pro bowls in his career all in Tampa
Disagree not a great LB worthy of HOF!


Agreed with everything you said.

This team is loaded and in the process of getting even more stacked.

Ireland also has all his Picks in the Next Draft.

If T-Hill Suck. Ireland can Move up into the Top 3 and Pick the Best QB prospect Available. What will be our big need next Draft? We can try and get the best player Available. Plus, after Clowney, no other player in the Next Draft will be worth Multiple First Rounders.

You would have T-Hill, The First RD Pick(S.Morris or T.Bridgewater), and Devlin competing for the #1 Spot.

Plus, Ireland has Cap space. Where they can answer all the other Important Holes if they have to.

odin what are all your hotties doing right now? If they are so hot, surely they have dates, no? Or will you give us the visiting family routine again?



Agreed with everything you said.

Posted by: Comandante | August 17, 2013 at 12:58 AM

Dashe agreeing with odin? My what a shocking surprise!!!

Let me make it easy for you both....

odin, dashe agrees with the next 10001 posts you are going to make.

dashe - odin agrees with the next 10001 posts you are going to make.

Don't try and Justify yourself with any of us.

How many times does Dashi have to tell you. Dashi is Dashi. Unlike you who thinks every time you use a different name we don't know who you are. Dashi is Dashi, when I post under a different name, I don't deny who I am.

God has over 1000 names, but you still know him as God.

How Old are you again? And you still act like a Petty Child.

dashe what is your take on our running game? Do you believe we will need to gain more yards than we lose?

Glad to see this APP still works, new APP is full of bugs. Odin, Ray, Darryl Dunphy, et al. Wazzup fellas? Good for Offerdahl, how about the rest of the Perfect team making the Honor Roll? Shouldn't they be up there? Is Earl Morrall up there? I can't remember and don't want to check, but he carried the team that year!

We are talking Football here.

Yet, you want to turn this into a he said she said.

You are such a Little B'tch.

dashe does life better, while waiting at the bus stop in 95 degree weather and 85% humidity for a low paying job that any bongo can do. LMFAO.

Jamar Taylor should be seeing more playing time very soon. With the positive display out of Davis, and Taylor's promiise, this is a vary lucrative situation our "D" is aproching.

Dolphan Ray,

Hugh Green came to Miami in Mid-85 were Shula brought him along he was our best player by Seasons end and the design of the D's pass rushing ability by 86. Go youtube 1st game of 86 were our pathetic D got us run out of S.D. with Gary Anderson at RB more than Fouts beat us up and it was due to Green being all up in Fouts face! He got hurt in N.Y. that Yr. before returning as shadow of former self back when they destroyed players requiring knee surgery! Your a younger fan or one who doesn't remeber at all the IMPACT Green had before injury, for GOD'S SAKE we gave up two 1's and a 2 for him but NEVER here the word BUST ATTACHED in team HISTORY given it was BAD LUCK on ONE OF THE PREMIER TALENTS OF HIS TIME!! You need to go youtube and fact checking before posting STUPIDITY!


I see alot of parallels between this Dolphins team and the Ravens of 08-2012, seriously! Flacco is the RAVE today but alot of talk surrounded early on team that coasted into Post-Season sometimes despite him all the way to Lombardi last Yr.

And you believe everything you read on the Internet, You Idiot.

Who said, she said about players from days gone by.
We have a team this year that will play football.
We have a lot of formidable players from days gone by. But SND is there nothing to be said about the players we will be putting on the field in a couple of weeks?
Hail to the yea, but damn.

Is Dion damaged or what? Maybe they just sit him until he is 100% period.

Catch you guys later!

Fin4, Flacco got a deal because his timing and contract were synced! He won a SB at the perfect moment Tannehill could be the next Flacco, not the best QB, but the right guy in the right place at the right time! It worked for Griese!!!

Aron Dion was damaged when they moved up to get him! It was a gamble then, which I hope works out.

17 you were actually being mimicked. Ragging on Odin for cut and pastes.......ah forget it you don't get it. Lol.

Odin, have you gotten too old to post at this hour? Is it past your bedtime? I'm still up and as old as you....old fart!

Odin, have you gotten too old to post at this hour? Is it past your bedtime? I'm still up and as old as you....old fart!

Posted by: redsky


You're complaining??

Since you miss his enthralling and intellectually stimulating contributions to the blog here's a sample to tide you over:

"Bla bla bla...gay reference...bla bla bla...fictional 'hotties'...bla bla bla...tedious repetition of same thing already said 19,000 times...bla bla bla...cultural reference from 30 years ago that he still thinks is contemporary sounding...bla bla bla...bwaa haa haa, ROFLMAO or similar remark last typed by a 14-year-old in 2002...more gay references and homoerotic imagery...bla bla bla...zzzz."

That about covers it.....Hilarious and somewhat accurate! Still laughing!

Gameday! There's nothing else better...a second of course is seeing the know it all pretend fans here that post non sense day and night proven wrong. That's enjoyable too.

A good showing by the team tonight will silence all the critics for a week or so. That would be awesome. Really looking forward to seeing how the defense will stack up against a playoff team. Memo to Jags fans..don't hate on Blaine Gabbert the Phins defense is for real.

Ross/Ireland wont produce a winning team in the foreseeable future. They've both made way too many mistakes for that.

How does our owner Steve Ross honor Florida Gator and Denver Bronco Tim Tebow on the Miami Dolphin and Miami Hurricane home field? Was it pure greed? Tebow beat the Dolphins on their home field to scores of applause for Tebow. One of the dumbest moves i've ever seen an owner make....along with trying to hire a HC before firing one.

I don't get posters like dadsmithwest....

I really don't....

Why are you so sensitive to what the critics and "pretend fans" have to say....

Why can't people be critical of a franchise that has underperformed for the better part of a decade....and hasn't seen the playoffs since a fluke season 5 years ago.....and when they did get in...the beat downs were brutal......

My point dadsmithwest......

You be a fan how you see fit....and allow others to do the same.....

Some of your FOOTBALL post are actually pretty good.....

But that self-righteous....."I have the blue-print on how to be a fan of the FINS". .....is pure crap....

Good morning.....

I'm probably older than you fin fan since 72...I was 7...for your info. Now even before the injury and the arrest etc etc Hugh green was a good player good pass rusher
Would of he gotten 20 sacks that year? We never know because of that injury. But to say he would of gotten double digit sacks is all speculation, and unfortunate in todays NFL society that doesn't mean nothing. It's what have you done for me lately, even at that time also, unfortunately players that Shula drafted high also did work out because of injury like example John boza. First round pick first couple of game looked very good and pop their goes the knee. So I really don't remember Hugh Green being this great player that you claim he was good agree great really and that's my Humble opinion
And that's not stupidity... I'm surprise fin4life
You have never posted like that before toward me. You need to go on the other blog
Picking up bad manors here!! Always show class even if you disagree with someone else opinion.

I don't get posters like dadsmithwest....
I really don't....
Why are you so sensitive to what the critics and "pretend fans" have to say....
Why can't people be critical of a franchise that has underperformed for the better part of a decade....and hasn't seen the playoffs since a fluke season 5 years ago.....and when they did get in...the beat downs were brutal......
My point dadsmithwest......
You be a fan how you see fit....and allow others to do the same.....
Some of your FOOTBALL post are actually pretty good.....
But that self-righteous....."I have the blue-print on how to be a fan of the FINS". .....is pure crap....
Good morning.....
Posted by: Kris | August 17, 2013 at 09:13 AM

I think they're on somethin stronger than kool aid lol

Not sensitive at all. My goal is too simply discredit the BS they post with facts. No blue print on being a fan. Key word being a fan. Are they fans? So, I feel no sense of mercy letting them know when they are wrong (which is often).

No self righteous about any of it. Funny that you criticize me for criticizing them and then say it's self righteous...LOL. What? Sounds very hypocritical.

Manuel is looking better than Tannehill right now

Manuel is looking better than Tannehill right now
Posted by: Clue | August 17, 2013 at 09:27 AM

So is Weeden and Geno Smith.

One thing you have to notice with T-hill is a will to respond and do better. One day in camp he throw 3 ints and since then he has done nothing but play better. Some perspective below.

Players with a lower preseason QB rating than T-Hill at 93.2 in 2013.
M. Stafford 73.6
C. Newton 61.5
P. Rivers 56.3
Flacco 86.1
A. Smith 73.3


There is nothing hypocritical about what I said to you....perhaps you need to brush up on your definitions.....

I get why you may be offended by what I said....and that's ok...,I can live with that...but it wasn't hypocritical....,

In short...again....my point is this....

There should be room on this blog for all types of opinions....,.homers....critics...,and everything in between... We grow (@ least I do).....when we are open to @ least hearing an opposing point of view.....I enjoy reading the unapologetic homers like Odin.....as much as I enjoy a well thought out dissidents rebuttal like tiredfinfan....

I can see both points of view.....

I like the sarcastic comedy stylings of Ireland's Republican Army...,and even FRAUD has combed out his niche here...without being to disrespectful....

There is room here for ALL types of fans dadsmithwest.....and differing angles and view point (yes...even the negative ones)....all have their place here....IMO..,,.

The only issue I have is when debates turn disrespectful.....and insulting.....like almost any conversation with YG does.....then everything just goes down hill....,

But different perspectives are a GOOD THING..and should not be discouraged.....or mocked.....debated perhaps....and even disproven if possible....but not scorned....

And that is my point..,.

Good post @ 1010
We can all do well to remember those things while mixing it up...

If the o-line can't block we won't win many games

Offerdahl was a bad ass linebacker from day one. A true pro. His demeanor was that of a good guy like someone you'd want your daughter to date.which On the field though between the lines he was a ware wolf on wheels. What a stud!
I remember he came into the NFL the same year as Bo Jackson who went #1 overall. We didn't have a number one that year and took him in the 2nd. I was psyched because I had seen him in the senior bowl. He lead a goal line stand against the South team that featured Bo Jackson. Meet Bo in hole 3 times he stuffed him and kept him out. I knew right there that boy could play it was really awesome. One of our best picks ever. No question deserving of the honor.

That's the only issue on this team


Not to take sides in this discussion (because I don't have a horse in the race) but I see dadsmithwest as a passionate Dolphin fan, as are you and myself and many others on here. He doesn't need mt to speak for him but if he's like me he is probably sick of the doom and gloom that surrounds many fans of this team, as I am. If there's 'room for all fans' then surely he should be allowed to express that opinion. I can't fault someone for being passionate about their team...in fact, I applaud it.

Thanks Jack....


Great post on Offerdahl....I loved that guys play....


You can post all the numbers you like....but my heart will always be in the Offerdahl camp....he is the 2nd biggest reason I am a FIN FAN today.....

Guy was all heart.....

I get it Kris. You want me to do as you say not as you do and extend to them a courtesy which they give no one else. Not going to happen. I'm going to be myself and respond to the BS by these pretend fans(trolls)and their bending of facts that suit their agenda which is against the team that I follow. Really if you see a need for trollish behavior and find a value for it so be it. But I'd rather have that little x box in the upper right hand corner to fix that.


Totally agree with your Offerdahl post. This guy has as much to o with me being a 'Phil fan as Marino. Great call on your part. Always thought Offerdahl never got the accolades he deserved.

Craig M......

I agree.....

And I my response to dadsmithwest was not an attack...i was merely saying.....you can put YOUR point of view out to the blog.....without discouraging others point of view....

Dadsmithwest is a fan.... There is no denying that.....but I believe the majority of others are as well....just in their own right....


Clearly we won't agree...i see what you are saying....but i am not sure you are understanding me.....

but here is some common ground.....

I agree...an "ignore" or "block" button would be a great tool on this site...I don't know why the herald hasn't installed one already.....it only makes sense....

A thumbs up...and thumbs down button or post would be cool as well.....

As o post this....I realize thar this is the slums of football blogging....

Oh well....it's all I got..

Tannehill’s only NFL records are bad ones
Yet the Sheeple refuse to acknowledge the truth

Tannehill – worst 2012 QB on 3rd down in the NFL
Tannehill – lowest amount of WR TDs in Miami Dolphin franchise history in 16 games
Tannehill – went 7 games with ZERO passing TDs in one season
Tannehill – worst home game performance in franchise history (biggest loser – against Tennessee)
Tannehill – after 16 games of NFL development cannot even get his team in a scoring drive, not even in field goal range against the worst ranked NFL defense (Patriots 28 – TanneFAILs Dolphins 0)

Matt Moore is a much better QB
Matt Moore should start and could get us to the Play Offs
Matt Moore is almost 8 yrs younger than Brady

Tannehill SUCKS!


There some good Dolphins fan sites with chat forums Kris. Then you don't have to put up with troll colored garbage.

Just in case ANYONE is still clinging to the notion that Tim Tebow can play quarterback in the NFL, here is his stat line from last night:

1 for 7, -1 yards, 1 INT.

His QB number for the game: 0.0

HOME, prove this point please, with statistics.

Tannehill – worst 2012 QB on 3rd down in the NFL

I saw Tebow last night as well, lame ducks all over the place.

How is Tebow still in the NFl, Im sure the Pats will cut him


I just don't see me as posting all over the net.....

I read other places....but Armando is my man...when it comes to posting....

That can easily change...and almost has...when Armando gives YG to much free reign in this place...with the unchecked foul language...and deleting sensible post....like he has in the past.....

But for now were good....

YG has been EXPOSED as king troll...and has been ostracized accordingly.....this blog is in better shape now than it has been in years....

I love Sky Pumpkin. He is the best.

And that's not stupidity... I'm surprise fin4life
You have never posted like that before toward me. You need to go on the other blog
Picking up bad manors here!! Always show class even if you disagree with someone else opinion.

Posted by: Dolphin RAY | August 17, 2013 at 09:15 AM

OK D-RAY Fair enough!! These ays you get alot of posts from people with little to no idea of the players there posting about which frustrates me. Hugh Green was a consensus ALL-AMERICAN at Pitt. for every Yr. of his College Career. He ws the 7th overall pickn of his draft in 81 and went to the 82,83 Pro Bowls before injury (car accident) ended his 84 Season. Remember he wore that strange facemask after the accident were he fractured the bones around one of his eyes I believe, it was the orbital or something?? He had that strange facemask and shield (being I believe 1st to actually wear the shield in NFL again not sure but believe if not 1st one of them) We picked him up in that trade were alot freely compared him and LT as the best of a generation. Your right about one thing it's a could have, should have, would have debate.

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