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Dion Jordan back at practice (limited)


Dolphins rookie Dion Jordan, out since Aug. 9 with a shoulder issue, is back at practice today for the first time in weeks -- albeit on a limited basis it seems from what was visible in the part of practice open to the media.

[Update 1: Coach Joe Philbin declined to say to what extent Jordan practiced. A source tells me he was limited as he's being brought along slowly.]

Jordan is still not expected to play in Thursday's preseason finale against New Orleans. And his status for the season-opener at Cleveland Sept. 8 is still up in the air.

I don't expect Jordan will participate in hitting. Today, for example, he was doing pull-ups as fellow defensive linemen were engaged in drills versus offensive linemen.

[Update 2: "Anytime I get a chance to go out there and just compete and mix it up, I get a chance to make myself better, it's a big day," Jordan said after practice. "Physically, I felt good. Mainly it's just little things, brushing up on fundamentals."]

This is good news for the Dolphins because it signals that Jordan's surgically repaired right shoulder, which he reinjured at Jacksonville, has been strengthened enough and is pain free (enough) that he is back on the road to playing eventually.

By the way, cornerback Will Davis, nursing what is believed to be an ankle injury, missed his second day of practice.

[Update 3: Head coach Joe Philbin declined to discuss Davis.]

And the Dolphins had a full complement of players at practice today. No one has been cut although multiple players will have to be cut by 4 p.m. today.

[Update 4: Philbin declined to say how long or whether starters would play in the preseason finale.]


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please, dont rush the dude


Totally agree. I'll let others write this guy off and call him a 'bust' after four pre-season games. They'll be the same guys riding his wave and buying his shirt when he becomes a star in the league.

It's whats called 'bang-wagon jumpers' and it seems we have lots of them on this blog (or at least one guy, using multiple names).

Let the dde sit...he i a future star...

we can all debate weyher he should have been taken IF Ireland knew of the injury prior to the draft...

Why not...its all fair game...

what hould be a CONSENSUS is that...now tht we have him...l;es make sure he gets healthy so wecan TRYLY see his potential...

Smart decision.

On all fronts.

Don't bring injured players back to quick. And if you can get a practice in before you cut down to 77, you do it.

The Fins have already played 4 Preseason games.

Starters or players that will contribute major minutes shouldn't play. Or only play 1 series.

Is J.Taylor practicing?

They don't need to play early in the season.

Will Jordan ever be 100% healthy? And is he worthy of a 3rd overall even if healthy? Way more questions than answers.


You really think the Dolphins will let Soliei walk next year? I think that would be a mistake. There just isn't enough guys that can handle double teams like he can.

Nat.....like Golic on espn radio says, once a player steps on the field and gets in the mix for a few plays, he wont be 100% ever again.....they get nicked from day 1, never fully healthy going forward--never.

From the last blog

Like others have said if Randy works his behind off, keeps his mouth shut, and does well he will get paid by the Dolphins or someone else.

Starks sat out OTAs and then was hurt. Odrick worked hard and improved and has done well. Its not as much Starks getting punished as Odrick getting rewarded.

Having depth is not a bad thing. I think Solia will be the guy who comes back to the Dolphins after this year. He will give the Dolphins a fair deal (the opposite of Jake Long.)

Yes in theory it might have been better to spend the 8 million on someone else or roll it over to free agency 2014. However, Ireland didn't know Odrick and Vernon would step up. If extra depth for a bit of a hefty price is the biggest criticism of Ireland this offseason he is not doing too bad.

Maybe Jordan could do some pull-ups on the sideline before Dolphins home games. It would sure make fans happy when he isn't well enough to actually play. It would be so great to see him demonstrate the athletic prowess of the third player selected in the draft.

they should keep Soliai....not easy to replace 340 lbs


Not surpised to see you jumping off when things get tough. Careful there fella, you're goin got pull a hammy with all that jumping on and off.

I agree with the consensus here. Soliai is the guy to keep. Just not enough guys in the league who can do what he can do.

yeah, let him sit for the next regime.

You mean Jordan is not chronically injured and broken but simply mending on his way to recovery??

But .. but ... what about the DOOM?!?!?!?!?

1-5 with him
1-5 with out him.

Jordan could be back to full practice next week and playing in the game. Nothing to get too up in arms about.

I don't worry about Jordan, just get a good or servicable TE off the waiver wire that's it ok Jeffrey Ireland !!

why the hatin' on Dion Jordan? was mocked as a top 10 pick (and top 3-5 for many), so its hardly like Miami reached for the guy--who went after 11 that you'd so much rather have (and that wouldnt have been a significant reach as well)?--and by the way, the few taken right ahead of him have been hit by injuries too.....Ansah, Mingo, Cooper (out for the year)....Hayden (sadly) seems like a huge risk.....Floyd is out, Eifert and Manuel have been dinged--not that unusual....they do play tackle, after all


I think the Dolphins blocked Lobstertube on the teams personal Ipads, that has probably helped speed up his recovery (I know same joke over and over, I just dont get tired of it)

2 watt,

Why do you even come here man? seriously? Is your life that pathetic that you have to make post after post about a team you don't even like? Come on....come clean. what's the deal? Do you even like football? You're obviously nbot a Dolphin fan because you're all doom and gloom....I mean ALWAYS.

Do us all a favour and join another blog or just end it all....

LET IT GO...the defense is fine, no need to worry about or rush this guy back. Maybe you should address the TE situation...now there is a problem. Has the team told you to not talk about it because usually you talk about REAL problems and i dont think anyone is worried about Jordan as much as you.

2 watt...

looking forward to you eating your word in the next 2 months...

Will you keep the same name?

Still doubt Jordan plays in the opener. Not ready. Thanks Mando.

It's a real black mark on the coaching staff and organization that they had Jordan playing in the 1st of 5 pre-season games. He obviously wasn't ready. They screwed up.

Mark, even Jordan said he would not be surprised if he won't play in the opener. Get a clue. Stop hating and catch up.

i agree with mike--unecessary and really dumb.....especially for a guy who we have a significant investment in


You really think the Dolphins will let Soliei walk next year? I think that would be a mistake. There just isn't enough guys that can handle double teams like he can.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 27, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Ross is too cheap to continue paying Solai no matter how good he is. Its all about the money. Winning is an afterthought with Ross.

Yeah, Armando, let it go. Stop reporting what is happening. LOL.


Of course he'll change his name. That's what these guys do.

1-5 kris. 2 watt as always.
i've been right since '99.

Uhm, I'm a fan over the team over a reporter and that makes me a what? "hater"?? I'm 38 years old, I don't use fake or made up names invented by kids with faux hawks and wears girl's jeans. Put away your Justin Bieber .mp3s and get a clue buddy. And perhaps a dictionary. Learn some English.

LOL @ Cynthia...

can you sign me up for XFINITY?


At least he didnt use being Canadian against you. LOL That seems to happen alot

I have had labrum, rotator and biceps tendon tears. He never re injured it, I can ALMOST assure you. What most likely happened is his rehabilitation was not yet close to complete before they rushed him. The shoulder is one of the most excruciatingly painful and delicate of all body parts. It affects your sleep, your back, neck, arms.

The Dolphins knew of his surgery, and should definitely take it slow so that he is 100% when he does step on the field, to be torn and worn down by the riggors of the game.

If Willis McGahee can completely blow up a knee in a January college bowl game, and get drafted in the 1st round later that April, being a running back, nobody should feel the Dolphins erred in taking this physical freak of nature that will be brought along as a pass rush specialist at first anyhow.

By the way, those that say he is like Jason Taylor size wise, are way off. Look at JT and DJ as rookies and Jordan is clearly MUCH bigger that JT ever was, even by retirement time.

What we do need is Taylor the 2nd rounder, to start contributing after his hernia surgery which he is starting to do. And have Davis continue to learn and hopefully continue to flash his ball hawking ways of camp.

The biggest wild cards are Sims, Egnew and D. Thomas the rookie O-Lineman. If we get above average production from any of them, it would obviously be a much need contribution.

I will say that Ireland did for whatever reason end up with an apparent affinity for injured players in free agency (L. Louis, D. Keller) and the draft (Jordan, Taylor.

Wait, I can try though. Scourt, that Mike Wallace, he's just sick dude ...

come oct. the only 1's posting here will be,
2 watt
cheap fish
nat moore
ron son
mr roarke
etc etc etc etc.

rdubs, only YG uses that against me. Home too I guess...

Two peas in a pod ...

2 Watt...

then I look forward to revisiting this 1-5 conversation in a little less than 3 months from now...

heck...we can talk again in about a month...when the FINS win of the 1st 3....

Does anyone REALLY believe the Coaches went against the trainers and doctors advice and "rushed Dion Jordan" playing him in the first game?

If so, I've got some ocean front property in Iowa to sell you.

Let the dde sit...he i a future star...

we can all debate weyher he should have been taken IF Ireland knew of the injury prior to the draft...

what hould be a CONSENSUS is that...now tht we have him...l;es make sure he gets healthy so wecan TRYLY see his potential...

Posted by: Kris | August 27, 2013 at 11:18 AM

Is this guy dumb or what? A typo I can understand but this guy is either drugged out or a flunky.

Dan Carpenter joins Jets!!!! Welcome home buddy!

lol @ 11:58...

that was pretty bad....

Good afternoon Y Gizzle...

D-Rod.....Keller and Louis were likely only available because of injuries....Keller especially--for the draft, agree that Jordan and Taylors situation is frustrating, but do you not take these guys (for the longer term) if they have what look like very manageable injuries, that they're recovering from? (I think Taylors surgery was actually after the draft anyway)? Would you pass on Andrew Luck because he had a shoulder injury, that docs felt would be fine over time?--stretch of a comparison, but how about Joeckel?--does he slide down to the teens if he had a injury similar to Jordan's?--dont think so--everybody knew about the injury and yet everybody still had him going very high......he'll heal.

Hey Scourt,

Did we trade for Felix Jones yet? Cause God knows those are the type of moves we should be making....

I guess they don't open the Library till in the "home" till noon....

to bad for us...

Why would any moron respond to 2 watt who obviously just works you fools like puppets on a string?

Do you really think he is believes a thing he writes? Its fodder for him to waste your time.

so now the jets have the play book along with the browns.
phinz r losing b4 k/o already.

or prison....

take your pick...

Would really like to see Jordan healthy vs. Saints ... the real game, not this Thursday.

With their D sucking and our D strong, we might have a good chance at an upset there. Even tho it's in the damn Superdome. Jordan in Brees' face could help a lot.


2 Weeks ago Mando said there were no deep throws to Wallace, next day they threw a couple deep ones while Mando was watching.

Mando has been complaining about Jordan not practicing and boom when Mando is watching they put him out there for a few minutes.


Kris, any way you can quantify how dumb you are or is zero the smallest number you know?


I'm thinking of taking the Jets or Bills starting QB early in our fantasy pool. Who do you like? Any ex-CFL QBs in the mix?....lol.

Don't worry Mark. First 2 watt was preaching 0 - 6, Now it's 1 - 5.


Mcgahee took a sick knee shot that game. Tressel got scared when willis finally got rolling and had his boys aim at knees the rest of the game. Him and sean payton must be buddies....

true MJZ.....and Iowa is not on the ocean (waiting to be bombarded)

are you "#"...

or are you "more evidence"...

please keep your sign-in names straight YG....

for GOD'S SAKE...have some professional trolling PRIDE about yourself...

your shift just started...you can't be making these amatuer mistakes already...

get it together!!!!

oy Craig, those teams are a mess. 3 ut of 4 minimum from those two teams.

What do you think the spread will be in week one when NE faces Buff??

And re NO: not only is there D a mess but so is there offensive line. I know Brees is Brees but what reason do we have to fear the unimpressive Saints?

Can't run, can't defend, unimpressive WRs (Colston is broken down). They will score and take their points but they are far from daunting.


I agree on the Saints. I see a lot of people predicting they'll threaten the Falcons this year and perhaps win the Super Bowl. I don't see it. It's going to take Rob Ryan and the GM more than a year to fix that awful defence.

I don't fear the Saints. Good teams step up and win that game and that's what I'm hopeful we'll do.

The blog is a joke because absolute fools like Kris keep feeding the likes of 2 watt and ETF ear puller.

What the heck to you morons expect when you feed the dengenerates? Then you complain about the bloggers.

Dumber than dumb.

If Tannehill throws the ball all season like he did in the TB game and gets OL play comparable to that game (they werent stellar, but good enough) we should easily win 9 games. I am buying into the Phins Defense

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